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At Least there is a Happy Ending(oh no was I supposed to say?) by whisky
Chapter 1 : At Least there is a Happy Ending(oh no was i supposed to say?)
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ok, i was soo bored, cuz i didnt have any books to read, so i wrote this while listening to my droning teachers. enjoy.

Zora hated her life. This time she had a broken nose to go with her black eye, both gotten from Billy. What a typical bully name. Billy the Bully.

‘AAAAHH’ Zora screamed, as the nurse applied a splint on her nose, bending the bone too harsh.

Nurse Handel winced in sympathy, and gentled her moves, ‘Is your eye still hurting you?,’ she asked sweetly, in a tinkly voice. She had large doe eyes, and big plush lips. All the boys loved getting sick, and even some of the teachers faked a cold in her presence.

‘I’m ok,’ Zora whispered hoarsely. Nurse Handel picked her up by the arms, and lowered her to the floor. Zora gave her a hug, burying her face in the folds of her nurses coat on her stomach. That was still only the highest place she could reach, even though Zora was ten years old.

Nurse Handel rubbed her shoulders. ‘It’s time to go back now sweetie.’

Zora just groaned. ‘Do I have to,?’ she asked pathetically.

‘Yes,’ Nurse Handel said, giving her a little push out the door, and handed her a tea biscuit.

‘Tastes like a graham cracker.’

Hhhmm??? Does it?

Zora walked to her fourth grade classroom, and entered meekly. Mrs. Applebee was writing on the board. ’Why thank you for joining us, Miss Geneeve,’ she exclaimed, sarcastically. The class all snickered. Zora saw Queenie giggling with her friends, and a pang went through her. She slid quickly into her back row seat, and sunk down low, her cheeks reddened.

The clock ticked slowly, and Zora sighed in relief when the bell rang. But then stiffened up. Lunch time the teachers leave. Billy’s favorite time to bully her.

There was really no reason to torture her. Zora was small, with long plain brown hair, always worn in two plaits. Her dresses mostly consisted of worn, patched up jumpers, that were always slightly too big. Zora couldn’t fend for herself really. But you know those boys. They always have to be in control. And the fact that Zora accidentally threw up he lunch on him in second grade. Long story.

Zora stepped out of the classroom, and walked cautiously into the lunchroom. She sat down at her usual empty table, and played with the end of her plaits. She picked at the plate of food in front of her, set up at every place in the lunchroom. Everything the same day. Peas, and mashed potatoes.

Billy walked in, his to cronies following. He was strong, his father a minor league football player, and him in a little league since the age of three. And he had the worst temper in the world. Once triggered it never fizzled out.

Zora slid down in her seat, until she was practically under the table. But since it was her regular, Billy spotted her immediately, and whispered something to Josh, and Jake. They all guffawed, and everyone around them laughed too. Well, that’s what you get when you are popular.

Zora saw Queenie batting her eyelashes. Good, Zora thought. I hope she keeps him busy. She darted from the room, and ran to Nurse Handel.

Nurse Handel was sitting by her desk, sorting files, occasionally shoving a forkful of salad into her mouth.

‘Hello? Umm, can I sit here?’

‘Of course, sweetie,’ Nurse Handel nodded at the chair across from her. When the bell rang for the end of lunch, Zora still stayed, and until the end of the day, shoved cookies from a jar on Nurse Handel’s desk into her mouth, and assisted her in her filing.

Zora walked home, her body angled against the howling wind, hands wrapped around her petite form, which was encased in a thin jacket, she reached her house, and slipped in through the front door, the warmth of her home enveloping her.


Her mum walked in. ‘Why are you late?,’ Mrs. Geneeve said furiously. ‘You were supposed to be home half an hour ago!’

Her mother didn’t even notice the splint in her nose. Then again, she never noticed her wounds.

To the excuse of, ‘I was walking against the wind,’ Mrs. Geneeve waved away angrily.

‘Alright then, supper is on the stove, Nicky will be home soon, go pick him up. I’m taking Mellie out, those shoes were looking a bit dusty…’

Zora glanced down at her worn, holy shoes, but said nothing.

A very pretty 13 year old girl, with long shiny black hair, descended the steps, her handbag swinging, her body swaying gracefully. But she still passed by, and shoved Zora hard on the shoulder. She could feel a bruise forming there.

‘Yes,’ said Amelia, Zora’s adopted sister. ‘I’m going out with Aunt Nancy,’ which is what she called Zora’s mum.

When Nancy, and Robert Geneeve first got married, and went to the doctor when they couldn’t have children, he said there was no hope.

So they adopted a sweet tempered newborn(whose mother had died in childbirth, and no one knew the father), Amelia, and showered her with love.

Then, they had Zora 3 years later, by some miracle. Afraid that the adopted child should feel neglected, they continued to pour adoration into Amelia. But, by doing that, they mistreated Zora, who was at the most competition with her, Nicky not being born until 7 years later.

The girls hated each other. Zora was jealous of all the love that Amelia got, and Amelia was jealous of Zora that she was not adopted(although she never showed that, claiming that being adopted you can get away with murder, since your adoptive parents will be afraid to hurt you. Although she never said that in front of either of them).

Also, with Amelia’s looks, she could be quite charming, and Zora was treated the odd one out, getting hand-me-downs, and always the worst of the worst. In Zora’s opinion, Mr. and Mrs. Geneeve went to far to prove their love to their adoptive child.

Zora bounded with an extra spring in her step toward her classroom. She had successfully managed to avoid Billy on the way to school, and walking through the hallways, she hadn’t seen him lurking anywhere.

Maybe he’s sick, Zora though hopefully. That would be a first. Billy was never sick, and was always there to torment her. She remembered those nights praying that he would get hit with a terrible sickness. She knew it was terrible, but how could she help it?

‘I know!’, Zora consoled herself. ‘I’ll ask Nurse Handel later’As she walked into the room, she bumped into Queenie.

Zora really wanted to be Queenie’s friend. She was the most popular girl in fourth grade, with soft blond hair, and dark blue eyes. Get in with her, and you’re invited to everyone’s sleepover.

‘Hi Queenie,’ Zora said happily, still giddy from not encountering Billy

Queenie looked confused. ‘Er, um, hello, umm, Zora.’ she made to brush past her, but Zora latched onto her arm.

‘Do you want to sit next to me by lunch?’ Queenie looked seriously confounded by this question.

‘Er, ok,’ then tugged her arm out of Zora’s grasp, and hurried to her seat. Zora skipped happily to her place at the back.

Queenie fiddled unhappily with her home lunch, glancing around the lunchroom constantly. Zora babbled on about nothing in particular, thinking this would be her big break

An older boy passed the table. ‘Queenie?,’ he said incredulously. ‘What are you doing here? Isn’t this the freak Zora?’

‘Steve!,’ Queenie jumped up. ‘She, umm, forced me!’ Zora listened to her story in shock and embarrassment.

‘Bloody hell Zora! I am her brother. No one forces her to do anything! ‘cept for me,’ he smirked, and grabbed onto her right arm, squeezing it way to hard. Zora felt the blood in her arm stop. It was way to hard. Her twig of an arm was going to snap off. Steve was still talking.

‘Ok? You catch that?,’ and swaggered off.

Zora collapsed into her seat, from where he was holding her unintentionally off the floor, and the tears streamed down. She tried to move her arm, but there was no response.

Maybe it’s broken, Zora thought frantically, her breaths coming in gasps.

She staggered up, clutching it with her left arm, and exited the lunchroom from the nearest door, full out running the familiar route to the nurses office.

Someone unfamiliar was applying a plaster to a little boys head. She had a unibrow, and was heavy set. She looked menacing.

‘W-wh-where is Nurse Handel?,’ Zora’s voice broke, and she collapsed on the floor in agony

‘She took a holiday. I’m here replacement, Nurse Toyer,’ she said gruffly. ‘Now get up child, what’s the mattah?

Zora didn’t move just continued sobbing on the floor. Nurse Toyer hauled her up by the arm, and Zora gave a yelp, and started crying harder.

‘I think(sob) it’s broken.’

Nurse Toyer felt it, and nodded, and tutted. ’What’s your name child?’

‘Zora G-Geneeve.’ Nurse Toyer looked through the draw, and found her folder and dialed a number

‘What are you doing?,” Zora hiccupped.

‘I’m ringing your mother.’

‘No!,’ she said forcefully. The one time she told her mother about the time Billy tripped her, she screamed, ‘Why can’t you stick up for yourself?,’ and sent her to her room. Zora really never told her again, and coming home with black eyes, and such, her mom never noticed.

Nurse Toyer looked confused. Then she heard a voice on the other end.

‘Oh-erm. Hello,’ and she spoke more confidently. ‘Yes I have your daughter here, and she appears-no, no. Zora. Yes she- child come here!,’ Nurse Toyer directed her bark at Zora. She got up

‘The pains gone,’ Zora said defiantly. ‘ Tell my mum I am fine,’ and she walked out of the room.

Zora wasn’t joking. She really was feeling ok. She moved her arm experimentally. No pain shot up it like before.

This is weird, Zora muttered. She turned the corner and bumped into someone’s pudgy back.

‘Oof,’ she said instinctively, bouncing back to the floor. Then she saw Billy’s face leering down at her.

‘Aha!,’ he said ferociously. ‘Miss me? I was at the dentist. Sorry I couldn’t hurt you more today.’

He snapped his fingers at Jake, who pulled Zora up roughly. Then Billy cocked his hand back.

‘Get ready,’ he sneered gleefully.

Zora braced herself. But the blow never landed. She peeked upward cautiously.

Billy was staring at her with a horrified expression. Then, with no explanation he turned and galloped away from her, followed by his 2 confused henchmen.

‘This day is just getting weirder,’ Zora muttered to herself, but nothing out of the ordinary happened for the rest of it.

January 11. Today was Amelia’s birthday, well really the day she was adopted, because they didn’t know when she was born. A huge party was going on downstairs. Zora was confined to her room.

She lay on her bed, arms folded on her stomach, legs dangling off the edge. Amelia was having a sleepover-saying parties were so childish, she was turning 14- and the trilling shouts of 6 girls could be heard.

Zora really didn’t have to stay up here, but Amelia said that if anything went wrong, she was blaming it on Zora. But if she stayed in her room, how much trouble could she get in?

The tears came suddenly, and violently, and Zora blubbered into her pillow.

‘My birthday is in just a month,’ Zora sobbed. ‘But will anyone make a party for me? Will anyone just say happy birthday? Will anyone even remember my birthday?,’ and she cried herself to sleep.

The days passed slowly. Zora endured all of Billy’s taunts(he had miraculously recovered from the weird episode from before), and was in Nurse Handel’s(who had returned after only a few days, much to everyone’s relief)office, far more than she was out.

The day the whole class threw spit balls at her, Zora fled the classroom, hair splattered with white spots.

‘Why?,’ she cried to Nurse Handel, who just continued washing her hair in the sink. Then she wrapped Zora’s hair up in a spare jumper, twisted it let it back down again, and plaited it again.

‘What doesn’t brake you makes you stronger.’

‘What doesn’t brake me, makes me stronger.’

Zora chanted it over, and over again.

It was February 13, 11:31, by the digital clock on her bedside table. In just 29 minutes, Zora would turn eleven.

Each minute felt like an excruciatingly long hour. She didn’t know why she was so excited, but the wait was killing her.

11:58. Zora started counting seconds. 11:59. 30...31...58...59... The little alarm chimed for the hour. Downstairs Zora heard the front door burst open.

‘’Ello,’ said a voice. ‘Oim Rubeus Hagrid.’

Then Zora realized graham crackers are not the same as tea biscuits.
now everyone who gets this far listen. just review! it will take you like what? the most FIVE seconds long?!?! just tell me what u think, and u could nake someone happy!!  i always review, and if u write a story, i will review for u 2. PLEASE?!?i am begging on my hands and knees!!

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