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The New Malfoy. by life_writtendown
Chapter 14 : 14
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ok so i took like a two month break...honestly this story is losing the "oomph" it had a year ago..but I'll continue if people want me to.

The remainder of the trip was filled with many awkward silences, bursts of laughter and the obnoxious devororing of sweets, for both Hermione and Draco. The couldn't help but feel detached from the hustle and bustle of excited students. They glanced and dazed off into the distant. Harry and Ron could not help Hermione. Neither could Crabbe or Goyle, for that matter.

Draco's Cabin-----

Draco sat in an empty cabin. His belongings piled on either side of him. On his lap were the remains of the shredded document that Hermione had just given him a week ago. He had just escaped his "friends" who were nagging him greatly about his new appearance. Draco could not wrap this around his head. He took pride in his appearance, it was his trademark. And when your best friend since you were six (Blaise) does not recognize you, its just bizarre. He refused to look at himself in the mirror. He had seen everything but himself in the reflection. So Draco drooped off into a heavy sleep when his compartment door rattled and a rather familiar voice shrieked from the other side.

"Malfoy, I know you’re in there!"

"What is it Granger" Draco moaned. "We surely can't be there yet, we've been on the train for about 15 minutes!"

"How do you know that?" Hermione chided. "Oh wait, you have a Muggle watch!"

"No I don't" Draco said quickly sliding the watch off his wrist. "Granger! How dare you accuse me of such nonsense!”?

"Oh are you serious Draco!" Hermione sighed. “You checked your watch back at the mansion; you checked your god damn watch!"

"Oh whatever Granger, just tell me what you want."

"The meeting, the stupid Heads meeting."

"Oh, be right there then." Draco replied shortly.

"You see, that would be a proper response if the meeting hadn't already started 10 minutes ago."

"Oh alright, quit your whining, I'll be right there."

Draco slid out of the compartment and quickly started towards the front of the train, with Hermione at his heels. The two moved wordlessly to the compartment of Professor McGonagall, the newly instated Head Mistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She appeared the same, but her years looked numbered and her stare was blank. A harsh comparison to the twinkling eyes or Sir Albus Dumbledore. She cleared her throat as the two near adults stood in the doorway waiting for an acknowledgment. The two seated themselves in the strange cabin which was quite similar to the office at the school. Hermione could find know difference. McGonagall gave a rare smile.

“The minute you stepped through the door, you were transported to the school.” McGonagall sighed. “Moody gave us this gift right before he died.”

Hermione’s eyes welled up. Draco didn’t know that he had passed.

“Well, let’s get down to some business.” She began.

“You both are given the very difficult task of keeping the school in line. Filch has been fired and now it is up to you to create an effective yet humane discipline system to put Hogwarts back on the charts. The school has suffered a lot since the presence of Harry Potter and though he is a person of great importance. The school must come first. We need more students and more teachers. You are going to visit all three other institutes of Magic and convince a special group of interested and talented students and professors to come to the highly respected school Hogwarts.”

Hermione and Draco were flabbergasted. Hermione new of Ron’s older brother (Percy) being a Heady Boy, but the job had definitely not included this.
“So are you ready Head boy and Head girl?”
“Yes” they replied in unison.

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The New Malfoy.: 14


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