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Being A Select Few by BellaRose
Chapter 5 : Inauspicious
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Disclaimer: I wish, i dream, i hope, i don't own

A/N: hello my lovely readers, first i would like to say i am sorry for the long wait but being in my last year of school and all, sometimes it's hard to find time to write. just so you know, instead of doing an ancient history assignment i finished and posted this chapter. That's how much i love you all! 

Inauspicious: Promising failure or Bad luck: suggesting that the future is not very promising or that success is unlikely.

I am sitting on my bed finishing a History of Magic essay when I hear an owl tapping on the window. I sigh and make my way over to the bird, annoyed at the distraction, it’s probably for one of my dorm mates, all of whom are downstairs watching Kate Dobson and Benjy Thomas have a very public break-up, again. Their fights were always worth watching as they both are very creative when it comes to hexes and charms. I remember their last fight, Benjy had ended up as a giant orange toad that sung the school song instead of croaking, and that was dull in their comparison. 

I let the bird in and it flies straight to my bed where it drops the parcel it is carrying and flies straight back out the window. That’s odd, who would I get a parcel from? Especially at this time of night? That’s not the family owl so it can’t be mum and dad, and I don’t remember asking them to send anything from home. I sit back down on my bed and unwrap the parcel. Inside there is a cloak, a very nice cloak in fact. It is black with purple satin lining the inside of it and the clasp at the front is a small silver G. I gasp as I run my fingers over the beautiful garment. I pick up the letter that was sitting on top of the cloak, eager to find out who it is from, although I think I know already.


I would rather you not freeze like you did last time we went flying at night. This cloak is now yours so make sure you wear it so you won’t die if pneumonia. I would rather not be murdered by Scarhead, Weasel, and the Know-it-all, thankyou very much.

Besides that, you need to tell your team that they should be prepared for an attack by Beauxbatons. Hufflepuff heard them plotting, seriously, if Hufflepuff over heard them plotting then Regenta is even stupider than I gave her credit for. If Slytherin had overheard them they wouldn’t be in such great shape right now.

Pick-up is 10:30 sharp. Make sure your dorm is empty, we don’t need anymore rumours going around. As I said already, I don’t feel like being murdered by Weaslebee.


I roll my eyes, he is such a dickhead, but still the cloak is very nice. I glance at the clock and notice there is only ten minutes until he will be here. I am still in my school skirt so I quickly pull on a pair of jeans and the jumper my mum knitted for me last Christmas. Thankfully, my jumper never has a letter on it anymore, my brothers used to tease me and say it was because you couldn’t tell I was a girl so I needed to be labelled. I pull my hair back into a pony and glance at myself in the mirror, no boyish features look back at me anymore and I smile. I had grown up last summer and the boys of Hogwarts had started to notice me, much to my brothers displeasure. I have just fastened the cloak around my neck when Draco flies up to the window. I open the window and get on the back of the broom without saying a word, curling my arm around his waist to stop myself falling off.

“Where are we meeting Galloway?” I ask after a while.

“The negotiation clearing in the forest” he replies. I nod and rest my forehead against his back, trying to escape the wind. The negotiations clearing is a small clearing on the edge of the forest that belongs to nobody and is where most negotiations between schools take place. We are silent until we touch down into the clearing where a Durmstrang boy is leaning against a tree.

“Where’s Galloway?” Draco asks.

“Right here” Galloway says. We look up and see that he is standing on the lowest branch of the tree. He jumps to the ground fluidly and lands directly in front of me.

“Ginevra Weasley, what a pleasure to meet you” he says, meeting my eyes and kissing the back of my hand. I blush and tug my hand away, though I don’t break eye contact, just like in the hall earlier that day.

“What did you want, Galloway?” Draco asks. Galloway breaks eye contact and glares at Draco. I smirk, that’s the second time I have won one of out staring contests, it’s also the second time that Draco had interrupted.

“I want to talk about Regenta” Galloway answers.

“That idiot? Why?” Draco snorts. Galloway rolls his eyes.

“Obviously you two have some kind of a past together” Draco tries to interrupt but Galloway holds a hand up to stop him and continues, “I don’t care what kind of a past it is, or whether or not any of the rumours are true” Rumours? What rumours? I want to know the rumours! “I just want to know if she is usually this, how do you put it?”

“Idiotic? Unintelligent? Aloof?” I supply. Galloway chuckles and nods his head,

“Exactly, is she usually this dumb?” My suggestions were better, more creative.

“Well, she’s always been pretty stupid, but I suppose she does seem a little bit more idiotic recently.” Bingo.

“That’s what I thought. I don’t think that is Regenta, at least, she isn’t the one making the decisions. She knows all the rules, boundaries and etiquettes that are written in the books, but she doesn’t know of any of the things that... just are, you know? Things that get passed on from leader to leader and things that have just become natural. Yesterday, she asked me to meet with her on Saturday night.” Galloway explains. I crease my brows,

“Saturday night? But everybody knows that Durmstrang play poker on Saturday night, just like we play truth and dare on Mondays and Beauxbatons have a spa night on Thursdays.” I blurt. We don’t actually know whether the Durmstrang boys play poker or whether the Beauxbatons girls actually do have a spa night, but it was the polite way of saying that we all know that they are having a secret meeting with their entire group, pointing out important changes in boundaries and things like that. We have our meetings on Monday nights, only we actually do play truth and dare after discussing important things, George started it when he was in the SO.

“Exactly, so what’s the deal? I can’t work out if it’s because she is idiotic and a crap leader or if there is something bigger happening.” Galloway says.

“So what do you propose?” Draco asks.

“I propose we watch, lay low for a while and just check it out. If you see anything strange, let me know, I’ll do the same for you. If we see nothing, then it’s probably nothing and I’m overacting.”

“How do we know this isn’t a ploy to distract us? You could be the ones behind this, Durmstrang is the school for dark arts” Draco accuses. Galloway scoffs,

“And what’s Hogwarts? School for Goody-Goody people who can’t handle the power? Besides, how can you talk, Mr Death-Eaters-Son?” I see Draco tense and hope he doesn’t blow up, I really didn’t want to get caught in the middle of a duel between these two. Obviously the other Durmstrang boy is thinking the same.

“Come on, Morgan, you said what you wanted, let’s go. It’s late, and I’m tired.” he says.

“Then you go back, I need to settle this” Galloway snaps. The other boy rolls his eyes and huffs.

“Like hell I’m leaving you here by yourself, Gibbons would kill me!”

“Shut the fuck up, Maxworthy” Galloways says, taking out his wand. I see Draco taking out his wand as well and decide to step in before things got out of hand.

“Draco, it’s time to go. Galloway, we’ll heed your warnings, but don’t expect too much from us, we still don’t trust you.” I say, trying to sound as intimidating as Draco always does.

“Oh, I’m not finished with you just yet, Ginevra. I have a very specific reason I wanted you to be here tonight. Your brother, Charlie, have you spoken to him recently? You probably should, I have reason to expect he will be having visitors soon. Visitors who might be interested in dragons for a reason your brother may not be too happy about, it would be a shame if he was unprepared.” Galloways says, staring straight at me.

“What visitors? How would you know?” I yell, inside I am terrified, the attacks from Voldemort were becoming worse and worse and in large numbers.

“Just believe me on this, send your brother a letter, tell him to go away for a few weeks. I can’t tell you how I know, I just do.” he says, almost pleadingly. I am surprised to find myself nodding and believing him. This is the enemy, you can’t trust him! Then again, Draco was the enemy, you trust him, a traitorous voice in my head says. I shake those thoughts and turn back to a glaring Draco, I tug his hand and pull him over to the broom. I get on the front and sit him behind him, he is obviously troubled by Galloway’s comment about his father. We don’t say anything on the way back to the castle and we are almost at Gryffindor tower when I take a sharp left, away from the castle. Draco suddenly notices we aren’t headed for the castle anymore and leans closer into me to talk.

“Where are we going, Ginevra?” he asks. I just shake my head and keep the broom on course. We touch down after a few minutes in a beautiful garden in the middle of a grove of trees.

“Where are we?” Draco asks as he hops off the broom.

“It’s the Extension Herbology garden. This is where all the most rare and expensive plants are kept. It can only be accessed by students who take Extension Herbology.” I answer.

“You take Extension Herbology?” he asks incredulously, appalled that anybody would choose to do more Herbology than they needed to. I laugh and shake my head.

“No, but I found a way around the wards a long time ago. There is no wards on the top of the garden because the wards restrict some sunlight access and that damages the plants. I accidentally found this place when the wind took me off course when I was flying one day. I had no idea where I was or what this place was until I overheard Neville telling Hermione about it.” I explain. Draco just nods and starts to look around the garden.

“It looks like one of my mother’s gardens” he says quietly. I sigh and move towards him.

“Draco, Galloway’s comment, it’s not true. Well, it is, you are the son of a Death Eater, a disowned son, but still, you are the son of a Death Eater. You aren’t a Death Eater though, and that’s the difference. You chose the right side, over your family. Your father, he chose the side that will lose, over his family. That isn’t right, a father should never choose anything over his family, especially anything that will cause harm to his family, he’s messed up, Draco, and you’re not.”

“But everybody still sees me as the Death Eaters son! That’s all I will ever be!” Draco cries out in frustration, turning to face me.

“Then change it! Let them know who you really are! Show the rest of the school the Draco Malfoy that I know, the strong leader, the caring side, your strange sense of humour that I seem to have picked up during SO meetings. Would the Death Eaters son be talking to a Weasley about problems? No. Would the Death Eaters son lead a secret organisation founded by Dumbledore with Muggle borns as members? I doubt it. Would a Death Eaters son-”

“Okay, okay I get it!” Draco says, cutting me off.

“Think about it, Draco, you’ve already been disowned, what’s the worst that could happen?” Draco is silent for a while as he watches an Ever-Blooming Rose open.

“Why are you being so accepting of me? I teased you mercilessly for years, I’ve insulted your brothers, your family, your best friend and your boyfriend. Why would you still accept me?” Draco asks, troubled.

“Because you’ve changed, I know you have. Besides you haven’t teased me half as much since I joined SO and you haven’t insulted me anywhere near as much as my brothers have over the years and lastly, Harry is not my boyfriend.” I reply. Draco looks at the ground.

“Others won’t be accepting” he mumbles.

“Then I’ll make them be” I say defiantly. Draco chuckles.

“You really think you have that much power over the entire school?” he scoffs.

“No, but think about it, the other members of SO will accept you, because they already have accepted you as their leader. They will try and influence others into accepting you and as for the rest, all I need to do is convince Harry and the rest of the school will follow him.”

“Boy Wonder will be the hardest to convince”

“Then we’ll try extra hard to convince him”

“Look, Ginny, as much as I’d like to, I just don’t think it will work. I’ll never shake the image of the Death Eaters son.” Draco sighs. I frown at him, disappointed by him giving up.

“You’re pathetic. What happened to the strong Leader who was going to lead us to victory? You need the same approach now, a goal is in sight, you just have to try and try harder until you’ve reached it. Tomorrow, at breakfast, you will sit with me and we will show the school that we are friends and that you can act like a normal person. Not just the cold, Slytherin Prince.”

“At Gryffindor table?” Draco squeaks. I think this is the first time I have seen him look genuinely scared. I roll my eyes.

“Oh fine, tomorrow I’ll sit with you at Slytherin, but you will sit at Gryffindor eventually.” I say. Draco raises his eyebrow,

“If you think you’re up to it” he says, arrogant attitude back again.

“Oh, I can so handle it.” Draco just smirks and hands me one of the Lilies from the muggle flowerbed. I take it and he leads me back to the broom, a silence enveloping us until we returned to my empty dorm, both dwelling on the consequences of tomorrow. 

I am nervous as I walk down to breakfast the following morning. Even though I had said all that stuff last night to Draco, I wasn’t actually sure how the school was going to react to the new Draco Malfoy. I knew some people just wouldn’t believe he had changed, but you can’t please everyone. Draco meets me in the entrance hall and smiles at me, I can tell he is also nervous.

“Shall we?” he asks, nodding his head in the direction of the great hall.

“Of course” I reply, smiling at him. Now that Draco is here I suddenly feel a lot less nervous. He takes my hand, squeezes it and drops it again, we’re in this together.

“Ready to shake Hogwarts?” I ask him as we make our way over to the large wooden doors.

“Hey, I should be asking you if you’re ready. You are the lion walking into a pit of snakes.” he smirks at me and I laugh as we enter the hall. When we first step inside nobody pays us much attention, it could just be coincidence that we entered at the same time. When we continue to talk and laugh as we make our way to the Slytherin table however, the whispers and stares start. Draco chooses a spot at the table near Brentley, the Slytherin SO member in my year.

“Draco, Weasley” he greets. Slytherin’s can hide their emotions so well, there is only a slight look of surprise in his eyes and apart from that he seems totally calm. I wish I could do that, feign indifference. Mum has always said that I wear my heart on my sleeve. You can always tell exactly what I’m thinking.

As I start to pile food onto my plate I hear someone say down the table,

“I told you they were sleeping together”

“He wouldn’t! Would he?”

“Maybe she’s kinky?”

“Isn’t she going out with Potter?”

Whispers fill the hall but I ignore them and continue to eat, but there is one voice I cannot ignore.

“Drakey! What are you doing with her! Why is she at our table? You’re not sleeping with her are you?” Pansy Parkinson says in a shrill voice, sitting herself beside Brentley and opposite Draco. Draco chokes on his food and starts to cough, he regains control and I nudge him slightly.

“I am with Ginny because she is my friend and friends are allowed to sit with each other at breakfast aren’t they? Oh, and no, we are not sleeping together.” Draco says defiantly, staring down the table, daring somebody to challenge him. Nobody does and I understand how he has controlled his house for so long.

“Also, I have been disowned and am no longer considered a Malfoy, just so you know” he continues. Still, nobody challenges him, I am very impressed now, his declaring his disownment shows that it isn’t just because of his father that he is in control. I suppose there had to be some good reason he was chosen as Leader. At Draco’s announcement, which the whole hall was listening to, the room bursts into a flurry of shocked conversation.

We are halfway through breakfast when a tomato faced Ron Weasley bursts through the doors. Followed shortly by Hermione and Harry.

“Ginevra Molly Weasley! What do you think you are doing!” he yells. I stand up to face my brother and put my hands on my hips.

“I’m sitting with my friend for breakfast. Have you got a problem with that, Ronald?” I yell back.

“Actually, yeah I do! He does not count as a friend, in fact he’s the furthest thing from a friend, Ginny! What the bloody hell are you thinking?” Ron suddenly whirls around and faces Draco, pointing at him.

“You! You did something to my sister! I’ll get you for this you great sodding bastard! What did you do to her?”

“Ronald Weasley don’t you dare accuse him of doing anything! I am sixteen and perfectly capable of making the choice of who my friends are! Draco has done nothing to me! Nothing! If you dare accuse him of bewitching me again I swear you will regret it! You know what I’ll do? I tell Fred and George exactly what happened last summer!” Ron pales and takes a step back from me, I suddenly thank whoever it was out there who blessed me with the ability to yell like my mother.

“You wouldn’t, you promised me, Ginny” Ron says quietly.

“Just you try me” I say coldly. The hall is silent until Dumbledore suddenly steps in.

“Miss Weasley, Mr Weasley, Mr Malfoy, I would like you all to come with me please” he says gravely. Ron shoots a glare our way before stalking off behind Dumbledore, shaking off Harry and Hermione. Draco stands and leads us towards to the doors, leaving behind a mill of new rumours and speculations

A/N: Well? What did you think? Once again i'm sorry for the wait and i'll try as hard as i can to get the new chapter up soonish. Please review!

This chapter is dedicated to all those people who lost their lives, family members, homes and everything they have in the Victorian bushfires. It is also to anybody who helped as a volunteer or helped in the relief fund. you are beautiful people.

Birdie xx

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