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love your enemies. What if she did exactly that? by endless_epolgies
Chapter 17 : Laura snooping.
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A/n: next chapter Quidditch! Read and Review.

Soon enough Grant had to be dragged towards Defence against the Dark arts by Annie who had too answer all his questions like “why are we going there?” Once they had arrived at Defence Against the Dark Arts Annie had to travel up to professor Lupin too explain. But just as Annie was opening her mouth Lupin intervened.

“Don’t worry, I have been already informed by professor Flitwick although I don’t really see a difference,” he added smiling in an undertone.

Grinning Annie sat down beside Laura silently. Although they had both fallen out of favour with each other, they still sat beside each other in this class only occasionally speaking if they were forced to work in pairs. 

But today for the first time in months Annie was paying Laura extra attention.

Like why was she staring at that mousy haired boy across from her? And why was he staring dreamily back? 


“Good afternoon class, today were going to talk about Grindylows…” Lupin started but Annie wasn’t really paying attention her focus was all on Laura. Laura’s hair had got gotten blonder, and there was no way the things sticking out of her shirt were real either. Annie was sure that the guy that had his eyes so fixed on Laura was a Quidditch player but who was he?

Soon enough and without Annie really paying attention the bell rang signalling for freedom and lunchtime, but Professor Lupin had other plans.

“Miss Lovegood!” Lupin beckoned from his seat at the front of the classroom. Slowly grabbing her belongings and telling Grant too walk on to the Great Hall she made her way towards him. 

“Annie I understand the reason why you were dazed in my class is because of Quidditch?” Lupin asked and for a moment a slight feeling of terror raised through Annie’s skin realizing a match was on tomorrow, Annie however nodded in response. 

“Well although you against my old house tomorrow I just want too say good luck,” Lupin smiled. 

Annie felt like she was going too cry she was used to people wishing her good luck before a match but from Professor Lupin It seemed like a father figure was wishing her well. 

“Thank you, I really should be going,” Annie said awkwardly and Lupin sensing her discomfort nodded and let her go.

When Annie had finally entered the Great Hall she found Grant trying to convince Roger that he was back too normal.

“She was good, but not that good,” Grant said mockingly, Annie threw an orange at him in response. 

“Are you sure, are you confused in anyway?” Roger asked concerned. 

“Yes what am I supposed to DO with this?" Grant asked, and in response Roger shot Annie a dirty look.

OI he’s joking!” Annie said exasperated. 

“Miss Lovegood?” A voice called out. 

Annie looked around and saw he brother and Oliver staring at her in a mock sadness.

“Time for us too split up until after the match,” Oliver started.

“And for us to stop being siblings also until after the match,” Aldair piped in.

“Well let the best team win,” Annie said fairly and smiled evilly.


Then a sudden uproar from both the Ravenclaw and Gryffindor houses broke out into insults for the other house, they all knew this match was a decider on who would be playing the finals so naturally anyone remotely interested in Quidditch was tense. Everyone knew from now on that it was War between the houses. The Slytherins’ had sided with the Ravenclaws proving to be very good allies and terrific at terrorizing other students. 

Whilst the Hufflepuffs’ had sided with the Gryffindors easy to see when Ravenclaw happened to be their competition. Annie was thankful that she had no classes that afternoon so she could Laura snoop. 

“Grant?” Annie said questioningly. 

“Annie,” Grant said raising his eyebrows. 

“Tell me this who’s the guy sitting beside Cedric Diggory?” Slowly Grant raised his head and scanned for Cedric then after doing so, looked at the guy beside him.

“That is Annie my arch enemy – Herbert Fleet the Hufflepuff Keeper,” Grant answered in a very solemn voice. 

“Has he got a girlfriend?” Annie probed however Roger interrupted. 


Then he put his head down and started scribbling on his parchment.

“Holy mackerel,” Grant mouthed. 

“So does he?” Annie asked when she was sure that Roger was completely absorbed in his work. 

“No… but there are rumours,” Grant said dramatically. 

“About who I think it is?” Annie asked her heart beating. 

“Yes, come I shall tell you in the common room. I have a free period too,” 

And with that Grant finished his juice, and got up and waited for Annie to say her goodbyes to Roger, who took no notice apart from a look of annoyance at the disturbance before going back to his precious piece of parchment.

Twenty minutes later both Grant and Annie were seated comfortably in the common room in front of the fire. 

“Well I heard from Cho’s friend Marietta that Laura had been with Herbert in the dead of night,” Grant started but Annie was already picking faults. 

“How would she know?”

“Cho is dating Cedric isn’t she? And Herbert and Cedric are the best of friends, and so Marietta being friends with Cho who is dating Cedric, and Cedric being best friends with Herbert, and Laura supposedly fumbling with Herbert it’s obvious she would know…Oh and Marietta is severely jealous by this as well as everyone knows she loves Herbert,” Grant said feeling proud that he had managed to get that out without messing up the information, however Annie hadn’t caught it at all.

“Run that by me again…” 

Half an hour and unbeknownst to them their conversation was being listened too by Luna, who had no intention in interrupting anytime soon. 

“I still don’t see why your doing Flint a favour,” Grant asked who was lying sprawled out in front of the fire. 

“Because it would mean he will be in my debt. A Slytherin in debt to a Ravenclaw mwahaha that’s why,” Annie replied lazily not even bothering to open her eyes.

“Ah I see. That could come in useful,” Grant concluded. 

“I seen Laura Mainsbee with that sick looking Hufflepuff keeper,” a dreamy like voice called out. 

Almost instantly the two seventh years shot up and looked for the source of the voice. And there was Luna Lovegood sitting in the corner smiling serenely at them. 

“Can you be sure Luna?” Annie asked with an edge of sharpness in her voice.

“Of course they meet under the Grand Stair Case after dinner every night,” 

Although Luna continued talking, Grant and Annie were now staring at each other each with a maniac grin on their faces.

“Luna can you show us the spot?” Grant asked sweetly, and only Luna who seemed only to notice his presence jumped slightly then replied. 

“Yes, could we go now. I am rather hungry,” Luna said indicating with her hand to her stomach that gave a low growl that seemed too agree with what Luna had said. 

Grant and Annie both agreed and went to throw their books on their bed then go down together to the space underneath the stairwell. Once Annie got there, she felt a little let down she had been almost expecting a tiny door that lead to a love nest but all it happened to be was a secluded space for a bit of upper body fondling.

“Well this looks cosy,” Grant, commented – he had to crane his neck downwards so he could fit in.

 “Of course, we’ll shovel our dinner down and go and wait behind one of those statues just at the entrance of the Slytherin Staircase,” 

But of course Roger Davies had other plans.

“I want the whole team, in the common room tonight from seven so we can go over plans for tomorrow,” Roger said forcefully. 

“Make it eight o’clock and I’ll be there,” Annie pleaded, Roger slammed down his fork.


“But it evolves around you,” Annie muttered only loud enough for Cho to hear.

 “You need to be there,” Roger said quietly. 

“And Grant and I will we just need to get something from the library for our Charms essay,” Annie said smoothly. 


“Yes wasn’t that not what I said?” Annie said confused.

By now Roger was turning blue. 

“Fine … eight o’clock sharp!” 

Annie beamed. A battle won. 

Annie and Grant got up shortly afterwards and went to there hiding positions behind the statues.

Annie thought they were almost found out, for Professor Snape lingered around the area just a bit longer than necessary but finally receded down the stone steps letting Annie’s heart to regulate again. 

Half and hour later and when Grant had started complaining about it being a waste of time, a blonde figure in a Ravenclaw uniform walked out of the Great Hall and towards the space underneath the staircase. 

Although Annie couldn’t see Grant, she could almost sense him keeling over in excitement. 

Once Laura had got to the space underneath the stairs started fidgeting with her hair, and too Annie’s disbelief opened a few buttons of her shirt. 

Within minutes the sickly Hufflepuff keeper appeared and no sooner started kissing Laura. Within seconds Annie was beginning to feel nauseated by it for a number of reasons.

It sounded like a squid was trying too un-glue itself against a windowpane.
Annie was trapped and couldn’t escape.


Though as soon has the kissing has begun, it stopped and the le smiled sloppily before departing and going their separate ways. 

After what Annie counted as ten minutes did she and Grant step out of there hiding places. Grant bore a facial expression of “wow”

“I never knew she could do that,”

“Why would you?” Annie snapped.

Annie had so desperately clung to the hope that Flint was wrong, but now it was inevitable he was right. And when a Slytherin was right, then hell wasn't far by. 

“So when are you going to tell Flint?” Grant asked.

“After the match. Have you got the time on you?” Annie said absentmindedly; she was wondering how no one had caught Laura and Herbert together especially so close to the Slytherin Entrance?

“Annie we need to go,” Grant stated – the colour on his face had paled considerably.


“Were ten minutes late,” Without needed to be told both Grant and Annie sprinted off in the direction of the Ravenclaw common room, not taking time to catch breath or even apologize when they bumped into someone – they simply couldn’t Roger was going to fry them as it is.

When they finally entered the common room they found the rest of the team seated near the fire, but Roger was missing.

“Where’s Roger?” Annie asked between breaths.

“Looking for you in the library,” Cho commented, both Grant and Annie looked at each other with wide eyes. 


“WHERE WERE YOU TWO, I LOOKED EVERYWHERE!” Roger shouted – his face turning red and his nostrils flaring.

“In the library mate,” Grant said innocently.


The whole common room had gone quiet watching the Quidditch Captain loosing his cool.

“Have a bit of faith in us Roger, were an awesome team!” Duncan piped up, obviously riled at being shouted at.

“We need to win,” Roger said quietly as he slid onto a chair beside Annie.

“And we will, just keep the faith,” Cho said simply.

Roger just nodded but said nothing more.


Two hours later Roger demanded the team should go too bed, but not before calling Cho over.

Annie thought no more of this, and walked up to her dormitory the butterflies fluttering more poignantly in her stomach. 

When Annie entered her dormitory she found it empty bar Laura who sat engrossed in a book called “spice and entice your wizard” - who seemed to not notice that Annie had walked in.

Annie didn’t mind though, as she was now looking forward to opening her trunk to get her Quidditch kit. 

Opening the trunk attentively she placed her hands in the trunk and carefully rummaged to find a sign of light blue among her belongings, as soon as she had her kit in her hands she had a wide smile on her face. This was what she knew, and this was her last year of doing it. 

With a pang of sadness she hung the kit over her bed, undressed and climbed in, not feeling an ounce of tiredness.

Instead Annie decided too listen to Laura.

Laura pottered around, sneezed, coughed, whispered under her breath- nothing that interested Annie.

So Annie pulled back the covers, reached for a piece of parchment and a quill that always sat beside her bed a quickly wrote a note to Flint.


I found out your request, and your right. Laura’s is cheating on Terence with the Hufflepuff keeper. Please don’t involve me in this anymore than I already am.



Folding the parchment, Annie got up and travelled too Grants’ dormitory where she knew his owl would be most likely resting.

 With a timid knock, she let herself in; too find the room in darkness. Who knew the boys went to bed early? 

Squinting, Annie tip – toed taking a look at each boy snoring in their bed when she finally thought she found Grant, she stopped and stared to make sure.

“Grant, I need to borrow your owl,” Annie whispered but received no response.

Please Grant it’s urgent,”

Yet again no response.

“I need to tell Flint!” Annie hissed.

“What are you doing Annie?” a voice said not bothering to keep it low. There was Grant standing at the door looking thoroughly confused.

“I WAS looking for you, who’s that?” Annie said pointing to the guy in the bed that she thought had been him.

“Duncan,” Grant said simply before stalking towards his own bed.

“Can I borrow your owl then,” Annie whispered.

Grant in response opened the owl cage and stretched his arm out, to which his soot coloured owl sat on.

“Take this too Marcus Flint in Slytherin, but don’t wait for a reply please,” Annie said whilst attaching her letter to the owl. 

Grant then proceeded to the window and let his owl out into the darkness.

 Annie now felt suddenly awkward, standing in her nightdress in a seventh year boy dormitory, so much so Annie practically squeaked a good night and power walked to her bed, where she lay down taking extra care not too look at Laura, because Annie now felt guilty for blabbing.

I mean it wasn’t really her business but yet she interfered and now she had to pay for those consequences whatever they may be.


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love your enemies. What if she did exactly that?: Laura snooping.


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