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Verità by i_forgot_my_name
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6
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Tittle: Verità
no way in hell am I good enough to own Harry Potter, it all belongs to J.K. Rowling, but the plot and a select few character are mine. Cheers!

Summary: Ginny has been hiding the truth for most of her life. When she is drawn to a certain blonde haired Slytherin she realises she is not alone, but is it true, or just another well spun lie?

Chapter Six

Ginny sat in the Potions classroom late Friday afternoon in her normal appointment with Snape. She was currently halfway through making a potion that Snape had assigned her, but today she lacked her normal want to please the Potions Professor, she lacked the need to do better and improve the potion.

Snape, who had previously sat at his desk at the front of the room marking essays for his third years,  now stood opposite Ginny, looking down at her potion. Ginny was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn’t notice him standing there until he took the cauldron away.

“There’s something wrong,” Snape said, not really needing to ask the question, the fact was plain to see.

“With the potion?” Ginny asked, confused having just been bought back to reality.

“It’s exactly what I would expect out of any my Seventh year Potions students,” he told her as he inspected the cauldron carefully. “It’s not quite up to your normal standard, Ginevra,” he told her as he placed the cauldron back in front of her.

Ginny looked at the potion in despair, she hated that Malfoy was affecting her so. It had been two nights since the act that had left her confused and detached from the world around her. Ginny was angry at him for affecting her ability at Potions, not once but twice. Ginny dropped her head to the bench before her as she groaned, annoyed at what was happening.

“I’m going to kill him!” she proclaimed loudly as she sat up again to see Snape looking at her with interest. She shook her head as she stood and started to pace, not wanting to stay still for too long as the anger in her built up.

“I’m going to go out on a limb here and say you’re talking about Mr. Malfoy,” Snape said as he watched the agitated girl before him.

“He’s just so...Ah!” she yelled in frustration when she couldn’t find a word for it. “Insufferable!” she yelled in delight when she could find a word to describe how Malfoy was making her feel.

“What, I dare to ask, has he done to you this time?” Snape asked carefully, not wanting to anger the girl any further.

Ginny stopped her pacing and turned to look at the professor, obviously deciding what her next words would be. She took a deep breath before she spoke. “We may have kissed,” she told the Professor, shrugging and helplessly motioning with her hands as she scrunched up her nose.

“I’m going to assume that I believe you, and that that’s all that happened,” Snape told her simply.

Ginny nodded. “Assume away,” she told her as she leant against a near by bench. “So we... we kissed a few night ago and since then... since then he’s ignored me, no smirk, no nothing. It’s as if to him I no longer exist, except for the few passing comments about my family,” she told Snape. “ mean, I get the whole needing to ignore me thing but...but this has gone to whole new level,” Ginny told the Professor helplessly.

Snape nodded, showing that he was processing what he had just heard. “How are you acting towards him?” Snape asked, already knowing the answer. He watched the girl carefully as she winced at his question.

“I’m ignoring him,” she admitted quietly. “But he started it,” she added quickly, knowing full well she sounded like a five year old.

“Have you considered that he is not ignoring you, but giving you space to process. From what I can see you still are unsure about the whole situation,” Snape told her simply.

Ginny nodded as she sat down at a near by bench. She rested her head on her hand, deep in thought. “I didn’t even know what to think before and now... now I’m just even more confused,” she admitted as she sat up properly.

Snape nodded knowingly. “I think you need to talk to Draco about this, he may be just as confused as you,” Snape told her.

Ginny nodded slightly as she stood. She collected her belongings and hung her bag over her shoulder. “Thanks,” she said to the professor before she walked out of the room.


Ginny sat between Harry and Ron the next afternoon in the stands at the Quidditch game. She tried as hard as she could to focus on the game and the strategy that Ron and Harry were talking about either side of her, but her thoughts continued to make their way to one blonde Slytherin. It did not help that the game they were watching was Slytherin versus Hufflepuff. She would try to focus her efforts on watching and studying the Slytherin Chasers, finding their strengths and weaknesses, but then she would catch a glimpse of his blonder hair and be lost again.

His hair was half up, half down, just as he always wore when he played Quidditch so he could keep his hair from his face. He made the Quidditch uniform look like a fashion statement and all Ginny could seem to think about was how he looked without the uniform. Ginny played unconsciously with the thin back band that was still on her wrist, not having been removed since the few nights before when it got there.

Ginny sat, feeling as though she was in pain until Malfoy caught the Snitch after one hour and thirty-two unbearable minutes. Ginny escaped as quickly as she could, not wanting to have to avoid looking at the blonde Slytherin Prince any longer. Ron and Harry followed her closely as they continued to pull the game apart behind her in excited voices. She knew that Collin would still be taking photo’s of the after game celebrations, and Beth would be with him, so she would not see wither of her friends for at least half an hour. 

When they arrived at the Common Room Harry and Ron sat at the couch next to the fire, not noticing as Ginny escaped to her room. Ginny walked in and pulled out her Potions essay that was due in two weeks. She lay on her stomach on her bed, the essay before her. She struggled to keep her eyes open as she reached the three inch mark. She fought with her tiredness, knowing that if she slept she would dream of the Slytherin Prince.


Ginny was woken by soft tapping on the window near her bed. She sat up quickly, shocked by the sudden noise. She looked down at the scrunched parchment before her sadly before attempted to straighten it out. She gave up after a few attempts and rolled it up to put away again. She looked over to the window to find a large black school owl tapping on the window with a small piece of parchment attached to his ankle. Ginny carefully opened the window and let the owl in.

The owl flew in and perched itself on Ginny’s Trunk at the end of her bed. Ginny took the parchment off of it’s leg and walked over to the draws next to her bed to get an owl treat. she fed the owl before sitting on her bed and unravelling the rolled parchment.

Don’t Go to Hogsmeade tomorrow.

Ginny turned to parchment over to see if there was anything written on the back of it, but it was blank. Ginny lay back on her bed as she continued to study the parchment in her hands.

Ginny had already considered not going to Hogsmeade the next day, she didn’t want to have to face Draco Malfoy until she was sure what to do. She knew Snape was right, she needed to talk to him, but her mind was still so fuzzy over everything to do with the blonde boy that she wanted to have her thoughts in orders first.


Ginny sat the next day in the library, it being completely empty apart from the odd second or first year. Beth and Collin that morning had tried to convince her to join them on the trip, though if truth be told, Beth didn’t try too hard. The thought of spending a whole day alone with Collin was too good for the girl to pass up. Ginny easily persuaded Collin to go without her before coming down to the library with her Potions essay.

She had decided the night before that she needed some of the text books located in the library to complete it, though she knew Snape would have easily lent them to her, but she wasn’t too keen on venturing down to the Dungeons at odd times when she did not know the whereabouts of a certain Slytherin.

Ginny was down to the fifth inch of the twelve inch essay when someone pulled out the seat opposite her and sat. She did not need to look up to see who it was. She continued to ignore them, hoping they would leave, as she continued to write her essay.

“That’s mine,” Draco told her, amused, pointing to the thin black hair tie that was currently holding her hair up and out of her face.

Ginny huffed before reaching back and pulling out the tie. She held it out to Draco, finally looking up o see his beautiful smirking face. He had his hair down today, meaning his hair carelessly hung over his face in a way that made him totally irresistible. Ginny ignored the feeling at the pit of her stomach as she held out the hair tie, no expression gracing her features.

“I don’t want it back,” Draco told her as he softly pushed her hand back towards her. “I just wanted to see you with your hair out,” he told her, smirking again.

Ginny rolled her eyes as she placed the tie around her wrist and returned to her essay. Ginny knew full well that she could have put her hair up, and she hated that she didn’t.

“I hate you,” she informed the boy, not looking up from her page.

“No you don’t,” he told her simply, not seeming troubled by her proclamation. “You’re just angry with me,” he told her sadly.

“Really?” Ginny asked sarcastically, still not looking up at him.

Draco took a deep breath before talking again. “Ginny will you please say something?” he begged. Ginny went to make a retort but Draco cut her off. “Something of substance,” he confirmed.

Ginny slammed her quill on the desk and finally looked up at him angrily. “You want me to say something?” she asked indignantly. Draco nodded, not seeming fazed by her anger. “Yes, I am angry with you. Do you know why?” she asked but Draco remained silent, letting her continue. “You ignored ignored me after we,” she tried to say before her voice broke and prevented her from going further. She picked up her things and placed them in her bag before standing and walking in the direction of the exit. Draco made no attempt to stop her, he simply watched sadly and followed her quietly out of the library.

Once they were a few hallways away from the library Draco gently took Ginny’s arm and led her into an empty classroom. He silently performed a silencing spell on the room as Ginny slammed her bag down on one of the desks.

“How could you ignore me after that?” she asked angrily as tears formed in her eyes and threatened to fall.

“Aren’t you the one who said that all you have to do is go up and ask someone to talk?” Draco asked her calmly. “It went both ways you know,” Draco informed her simply.

Ginny was angry at the fact that he was right. “Why couldn’t you have come up and talked to me?” she asked, annoyed that he was right.

Draco shook his head slowly. “I wanted to give you space after what happened, so you could process what happened,” he told her simply. “And I needed to think about what had happened also so...” he told her.

“ didn’t even look at me, I had no hint that you didn’t hate me, that all you had wanted...” she broke off as the tears fell down her pale cheeks and her throat closed, preventing her from speaking.

She helplessly leant back against the table that had her bag on it, closing her eyes in despair. She felt a pair of strong arms wrap comfortingly around her. She began to fight them, but gave up when she realised how safe she felt in them.

“I still hate you,” she told him again as she buried her head further into his chest.

Draco chuckled softly before he gently placed a curled finger under Ginny’s chin and lifted it so she was looking at him. “Really?” he asked her, smirking. Ginny just glared at the boy. Draco grinned before leaning down and kissing her softly on the lips. “Are you sure?” Draco asked her, smirking into her lips.

“Yes,” Ginny replied feebly as she waited for his lips to return.

Draco chuckled again before kissing her. Ginny attempted to hold back the moan that escaped her as she felt his lips against hers. This caused Draco’s smirk to widen as he continued to kiss Ginny softly.

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Verità: Chapter 6


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