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Mum Sends her Regards by LynnBlack123
Chapter 1 : Ramble on and on and on...
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Disclaimer: The charazters are not mine but J.K's. Only the conversation is of mine. :D enjoy.

Lily Evans is considered a very short tempered red head, with a very short height to go with it. She enjoys reading and writing and if James Potter allowed it living her life in peace.  James Potter on the other hand has a large ego with a large head and height to go with it. He enjoys playing quiddtich and mischievous acts and if Lily Evans allowed it spending the rest of his life with her.


Lily Evans woke up on a Sunday morning stuffing a yawn all the way to the Great Hall. She sat by her friends and minded her own business as the girls by her side sat gossiping away. Lily sat munching on her toast when James Potter decided to crash her train of thoughts. And stole her toast while he was at it.


“Potter, what is it that you want from me other than stealing my toast and breaking my patience into small bits of dust?”


“Good morning to you too Miss Evans. How do you do?”


“I mean seriously Potter, am I to suffer from Potter Disease for the rest of my life?”


“Why I’m great, thank you for asking. Mom sends her regards as well.”


“Why do you just go along and play with your friends, and leave me alone? I beg of you!”


“Dads been kind of sick lately, but of course he sends his regards as well. Padfoot on the other hand is starting to get jealous of the amount of attention the whole house gives to you than we give to him…”


“One of those days isn’t it? The days where you just ramble on and on and on… God of the heaven above, save me please.”


“You know I agree with you, green’s not my color. Why don’t we go shopping and you help me pick out what’s best for me and in the mean time you could pick your wedding dress I’m sure its ready by now.”


“Me? Marry you? What kind of an apocalypse do you speak of boy?”


“An apocalypse where life finally makes sense.”


“YOU don’t make sense Potter.”


“They say it’s because of love.”


Lily just shook her head, "Oh, never mind."

"You know mum keeps hinting that its mother's day soon."

"Mother's Day is on March 21"

"Wow thanks, I was going to have a melt down, totally forgot when the date was. So should we get something together?"

"Leave me ALONE Potter!"

"Yah I agree, the teapot tradition is kinda getting old, what do tou have in mind this time Flower?"

"Flower? FLOWER? You'd think someone as smart as you wuold come up with something more creative..."

"You know, I like that idea. Sure you pick the flowers and i'll pay for it. Dont worry love im sure mum will love it. Just like how she loves you, i mean how could she not?"

"I'm getting a head ache James, please leave me in peace, and stop stealing all my toast!"

"I love you Lily."

"I just want my toast back please."

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Mum Sends her Regards: Ramble on and on and on...


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