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World War III by weasley_gang
Chapter 11 : Drama
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Disclaimer: I never have and never will own the Harry Potter universe. If you don’t know who owns it leave this site, now. (It’s J.K. Rowling!)

Previously on WWIII:

“Maybe we should.” Scorpius swallowed and hesitatingly continued. “Be together. If the fates want us to be, that much.”

Rose’s eyes widened. Her mouth fell a little open. Scorpius was now shuffling uncomfortably.


Rose snapped out of it and swallowed. “Scorpius, we –” Her throat constricted and she didn’t know what to do. She heard the grating of stone behind her and she whirled around running up the stairs. She said the password and ran into the common room leaving Scorpius standing there lost for words.


Rose’s eyes wandered the Common Room quickly looking for a face to be able to confide in. The first familiar one she saw was Sal. Rose wrestled through the crowd of the unnaturally full common room and grasped Sal’s hand pulling her rudely away from her conversation and up the stairs.


“What – what’s going on Rose?” Sal asked.


“I need to talk to you.” Rose said her voice shaking. She pushed open their dormitory door to see the roommate she wasn’t close with sitting on her bed flipping through a magazine with another roommate. Rose didn’t hesitate pulling Sal into the bathroom. She found a clean corner and sat there pushing Sal down.


“Rose what the hell?” Sal asked, always gently.


“He said he wanted to be with me. I think.” Rose said.


“You think?” Sal asked, catching on quickly. “Either he did or he didn’t.”


“He said he think fate wants us to be together so we should.” Rose said. She bit her lip. She felt like girls in movies and books would cry now so maybe she should. But what was there to cry about? A guy just said that they should be together and she was scared, worried. Not a crybaby.


“Do you want to?”


“I’m not a cry-baby!” Rose said quickly.


Sal was confused for a moment before letting this little outburst go. “Rose, sweetheart. Do you want to go out with him? And – wait a minute. He said you should be together… then what happened?”


Rose bit her lip. “Oops.”


“Oh no.” Sal’s face dropped.


Rose swallowed. “I tried to say something but I just couldn’t talk – I just couldn’t. So I ran.”


“And you left him?” Sal asked. “What? You just left Scorpius standing there in the middle of the… where?”


“The platform from the seventh floor across from the Gryffindor tower.”


“Rose.” Sal moaned her head falling into Rose’s shoulder. “The poor guy!”

“Guy?” Rose said incredulously. “What about me?”


“What about you, Rose?” Sal said. “The guy just told the girl that he’s been taught to hate since he was born that he reckons they should go out! All she did was run away! It’s not like he can go back to his friends and talk it out like we can! If he told his friends they’d just take the Mickey out of him. And now he thinks you hate him and he’s going to feel like an idiot.”


“So?” Rose said. “What about me?”


Sal sighed frustrated. She stood up dusting off her robes. “I’m too nice to make you see sense. Unless you understand that Scorpius is worse off I’ll get Autumn over here to yell and scream at you.”


“OK, OK!” Rose said. “He’s worse off then I am!”


“Thank you.” Sal sighed again and sat back down.


“But what do I do?”


Sal thought for a moment and leaned her head back against the stonewall. She turned her gaze to Rose and said, “I don’t know.”




Rose smiled at the three people in front of her. “Wish me good luck.”


“Good luck.” Marsh, Sal and Autumn wished her.


Rose got up and started walking away before darting back. “Autumn and Marsh belong together.” She then ran away before either could give her a death glare.


Rose gulped and put on a cheery face. She skipped to the Slytherin table and sat down next to Mandy, which she hadn’t seen in ages. “Hey, Mandy!”


“Hey, Rose.” Mandy said, smile lighting up her face. “How are you?”


“I’m alright.” Rose said, giving a quick glance at Scorpius to see if he was watching. He was, along with Ed, Jay and Bill. “You?”


“I’m good.” She leaned into Rose and away from the boys. “I’m going strong with Ed.”


“That’s so good.” Rose said, truly happy for her. “We don’t hang out anymore, we should, sometime soon.”


“Of course.” Mandy said, nodding.


Rose turned to the boys. “How are you guys?”


“We’re good.” Bill nodded.


Ed and Jay started nodding as well abruptly, saying, “Good,” and “Great.”


Rose noticed Scorpius was avoiding her gaze. “Scorpius.”


Scorpius looked at her. A small smile on his face and no signs of hurt.


“Can I talk to you? Privately?” Rose asked. She knew that if his friends starting suggesting things he hadn’t told them, like Sal had said. If they didn’t he had told them.


Bill started chuckling and Ed winked at Scorpius. Jay snorted into his food.


“Sure.” Scorpius said, acting like his old self. He waggled his eyebrows at her.


Rose’s face grew hard as they walked out of the Hall.


“What’s up?” Scorpius asked.


“You can drop the act.” Rose said.


“Excuse me?” Scorpius said. “This ain’t an act. And those who do act break under the pressure of being me. It’s not an act, you can’t teach it.”


“Scorpius!” Rose said, stamping her foot.


“Whoa. OK.” Scorpius said, leaning back against a wall, non-chalant.


“I just wanted to say, I’m sorry.” Rose looked down.


“For what?” Scorpius asked.


“What?” Rose looked up sharply.


“For what?” Scorpius repeated. “What are you apologizing for?”


“Scorpius, why are you acting as if it never happened?” Rose said so confused.


“Why do all girls just want to talk everything out?” Scorpius said, suddenly irritated. “Can’t you just leave it alone? I asked you out, you freaked and ran. What’s there to talk about?”




“There is no us!” Scorpius said. “And you were right to run. We can’t ever be seen even talking like this… Weasley.”


“But Scorpius.” Rose tried.


“No need to say anything, Weasley.” Scorpius gave a small smile. “I know.”


“No you don’t know!” Rose stomped her foot and grabbed Scorpius’ arm as he turned away. She pulled him into the same passageway under the stairs where she had yelled at him for getting into a duel.


“Rose –”


“I was saying.” Rose said. Her eyes locked onto his and didn’t move while she spoke. “You don’t know. I was just scared because I never thought that maybe, just maybe I could like my worst enemy. Then it struck me; you’re not my enemy. You never have been! Ever since our parents grew up they were too civilised to have a go at each other so they built that mechanism into us.”


“Rose –”


“No!” Rose stopped him again. “I don’t want to fight my parents battles anymore. I want to fight my own. And right now my biggest battle is what to say next, so I was kinda hoping you’d help me out there.” Rose looked at him expectantly.


“I don’t know what I’m meant to say either.” Scorpius broke eye contact with her and shuffled his feet.


“Scorpius.” She mumbled, stepping closer. He looked at her. “Maybe we don’t have to say anything.”


He leant down and she leaned up on her toes, their lips brushed, sending shivers down both their spines. Rose’s hands travelled up his body, around his neck and clasped tightly there. Their lips touched again, with more dizzying force.


Scorpius’ hands were splayed out across her back, seeping warmth into her already flame hot skin through the fabric. Her hands moved from the back of his neck to his head, where she played with his cool blonde hair that sleeked through her fingers.


Her lips pushed against his, moving lazily. With her tongue she caressed his lips and pushed on. She found herself being pushed and her back met cold stone. She moaned into him. He hoisted her up and she wrapped her legs around him bringing him back close to her.


Rose broke away for air, throwing her head back and letting Scorpius roam down her neck. He was back up to her face but leant past her lips and grazed her cheek, whispering into her ear.


“Let out your hair.”


“Huh?” Rose asked, not completely coherent.


“I love your hair. Let it out.”


Rose reached up and let out the bundle of messy red hair fall across her shoulders. A small smile creased Scorpius’ face and Rose’s heart thudded in her ears. She reached forward and pulled his lips to hers again.


It was an antagonising; wonderful wrestling match and neither really cared who won. Straining against each other, their bodies aflame it was only a clicking of sharp heels, which broke them apart.


Exchanging glances they broke apart and quickly straightened themselves should those heels enter their secret passageway. They stopped, after a heart stopping moment they clicked determinedly away.


Rose let out a sigh. “That was close.”


They both chuckled. “Yeah,” Scorpius nodded. Who do you reckon that was?”


“Did you hear that?” Rose said. “4 inch stilettos. One woman in this school wears 4 inch stiletto’s.”


They looked at each other and said in unison, “Maryfinch.”


They both burst out laughing. “I never knew divination to be such a stylish subject!” Scorpius said, chuckling.


A silence fell around them.


After a few moments of avoiding each other’s eyes Rose sighed. “I should go. I think we’ve got class in a bit.”


“I’ve got a free.” Scorpius said.


Rose nodded and scuffed her foot a little. “Alright then.” She looked up and caught his eye. “Bye.”


Scorpius gave a small smile.


Rose sighed almost inaudibly as she was walking away. Almost.


That little sigh gave Scorpius a huge wave of confidence. “Rose!” He called out.


Rose turned around eagerly; she was close to the entrance. “Yeah?”


“You never answered me.” He said, that wave crashing down slowly on him.


“You never asked me a question.” Rose, bit her lip grinning.


“Do you want me to ask?”


“Well,” Rose said switching her weight to one foot and daintily pointing the other into the ground and swivelling it. “That’s a question. So I’ll say, yeah, I do want you to ask.” She watched her foot.


“What would you say if I asked?” Scorpius said, his wave now having disintegrated into fear.


“I won’t know until you ask.” Rose looked up and their eyes met. “So why don’t you ask?”


“Fine,” Scorpius said, not being able to break their gaze. “I will.”


“I’m glad.” Rose said taking a step forward. They seemed too far away. “I wanted you to.”


“OK.” He said, nodding. “I’m going to, right now.”


“I’m waiting.” Rose took a few more steps forward till she was right in front of him.


“Will you go out with me?” He said, almost breathing it out. He felt light headed.


Rose took another step forward. She looked down at her eye level and her gaze fell on one of the buttons on his school shirt. “Sure.”


He smiled. “Awesome.”


She looked up and smiled. “So we’re officially going out?”


“Yeah, I guess so.” Scorpius chuckled.


“So then this weekends Hogsmeade…” Rose trailed off, looking at him questioningly.


“Will be our first date.” Scorpius kept a smile on his face but looking into his eyes she saw excitement, or that was hers reflecting off his.


“I’ll see you there then.” Rose nodded, and stepped away from him. “Be at the Entrance Hall at 11.”


She turned and ran out of the passageway, glancing back once before turning the corner. Scorpius was left with a giddy smile on his face.


A/N: Love it? Hate it? Give your reviews in now because ‘World War III’ is coming to an end! This is not the last chapter but we are nearing the end, so let your thoughts be known!

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