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Scarlett Potter by Andi
Chapter 1 : Hogsmeade
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The sun set gently behind the houses of Hogsmeade. Children dashed around the streets, playing with wands and brooms. In the distance, a castle stood tall.

In an apartment overlooking the main street of that small village sat a young girl. She had golden brown hair that slightly curled and eyes that were a marvel. They were chocolate brown but were tinted with emerald near the utmost center. She sat cross-legged on the carpeted floor and read a small book entitled, “Hogwarts, A History”.

Her room was decorated in a bright yellow. The bedspread was blue and white striped. There was a large desk in the corner that had papers spread over it messily. In another corner was a dresser that held candles, a small thin piece of wood, and flowers that were yellow, white, and blue in a green vase.

“Scarlett?” A small knock was at her door.

Scarlett grinned. It was obviously her best friend, Cassidy Games. She was an athletic looking girl with wavy brown hair. Cass was exactly one inch taller and loved to lord that over Scarlett Potter.

“Hey Cass!” Scarlett said automatically.

“’Lo Tor. ‘Sup?” Cassie answered, sitting on a small white chair.

“Not too much today. Just getting ready for Lor’s party! I definitely can’t wait!” Scarlett replied as she went to her dresser to dig around for her pale eye shadow.

“Yeah I know what you mean.” Cassie said as she lounged.

A knock at the door announced the arrival of another good friend named Ashlyn. She went commonly as Ash. She was a tall and dark haired girl. She had red highlights in her hair and was very pretty. Her parents were the sort of people you expect to be rich, which they were. But Ash was different. She was the sort of person that wore punk and skater clothes. She was an independent.

“Ashlyn, hey hon!” Scarlett grinned.

“Hey Tor, hullo Cass!” Ash answered as she sat down on Scarlett’s bed. The three girls and another of their friend’s were best friends. They could sit in silence and not feel anything wrong. They were all different personalities but they played each of them to the best of their characters.

“Scarlett, let’s go!” Ash yelled as she turned on her heel to leave. Cassidy was behind her and laughing like crazy at Scarlett’s upset expression.

“Ashlyn Carver! We’ll make it on time! Calm down! Lor lives like one house down! ‘Sides, I have to tell Katie that I’m going.” Scarlett answered as she ran into the hall and to her sister’s room.

“Bye!” Katie called. Katie had long blonde hair and was thin. She was very pretty and sixteen.

Scarlett and her friends galloped out onto the streets of Hogsmeade. They had to pass a few streets to get to Lor’s house. Lor was their fourth and final best friend. The four attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They were on Gryffindor and were in their fifth year.

“One house my butt!” Ashlyn muttered as they went down past the third street.

“Ash! Shut up! We’ve been there a bunch of times! You know where Lor lives!” Cass answered, rolling her eyes as they neared Lor’s house.

Lor lived in a large white house with an even bigger front yard. It seemed to stretch for miles and Lor often slept in the smaller house near the street. The main house was where her parents and younger sister, Bee, lived. Behind Lor’s small house was a pool.

“Guys, where do you think Lor’s hosting it?” Scarlett, known as Tor, asked.

“Probably in the small house. I think she got some house-elves to cook up some burgers and bought some pumpkin juice.” Ash answered.

“Hey!” A voice said from behind Scarlett. It was…

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