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Notion. by awishuponastar
Chapter 4 : Everything Is Average Nowadays
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everythingisavergaenowadays.png Chapter 4: Everything Is Average Nowadays picture by hplouise

thanks to dare4distance @ TDA

Disclaimer: It’s all Jo’s

‘Moony if you offer me one more piece of sodding chocolate I’m going to-’

The distant irritated voice was cut short, though I was unaware why, I was to busy focusing on Evan’s vampire attack on my neck.

‘Callie,’ He murmured against my skin and I shivered involuntary.

His hot breath was tickling me slightly as he rested his lips on my bare neck, but I resisted the urge to giggle. Evan was never one for inappropriate laughter. His hands slid further down my body from my waist to my upper thighs as he continued his attack on my neck. His body, that covered my own, pressed me further into the wall, all the while his hands were roaming my body. But finally his hot, ragged breath became too much and I could not suppress the giggle any longer.

‘Callie, must you always do that?’ He asked exasperatedly against my skin.

‘I’m sorry I can’t help it,’ I laughed.

‘Oh, what an endearing moment.’ Came a mocking voice.

I instantly looked up, already knowing who the voice belonged to, the same sodding voice who had got me into trouble not an hour before. He was, for once, at the forefront of his group, the other three surrounding him like a poor imitation of a powerful mob. He looked if more so than usual, pale and ill, if he was not such a good little, teacher’s arse-kissing, prefect I would suggest that he were on drugs. In reality he looked weedy next to his other three comrades, though it was hard not to be when he was friend with old roly-poly himself; Pettigrew.

My eyes focused on his own hazel eyes as I watched them dance with mirth at having caught us together, quite alone, and after curfew. His eyes dropped for a moment away from my own, though I was quite unsure why, surely he would want to look me in the eye as I blushed furiously for as long as possible. My eyes followed his own gaze and I saw what he was looking, and I knew he would be quite upset that he missed the bright red tinge that flushed my cheek.

He was in fact looking at Evan for once in his life, or rather Evan’s hands. They were, because never did fate like to play a fair game with me, in the most uncompromising position that they could be. Because of course, it wouldn’t be enough that the four prats had caught me pressed against a wall by my boyfriend, nor would it be enough that it was after curfew and one of said prats was a prefect. No the prefect git had to, of course, find me pressed against a wall, after curfew, with my shirt open and my boyfriends hand so far up my sodding skirt that it could not be seen. Because of course the idiot that is Evan Rosier would not possibly think to stop his exploration of my ever-so familiar body at the sound of another voice. He would of course continue to ravage my neck and creep a hand up my stomach as I had to watch the marauders slowly present a united smirk upon each of their smug little faces.

A strange flutter of an emotion other than mirth crossed Lupin’s face as he watched Evan’s continue its ascent to my bra, an emotion that I could not decipher. Not that Lupin’s fucking emotions were the major problem here. But the flicker of something quickly vanished as he caught my eye once more and that smug smirk of victory came shining back onto that loathsome face. I was evidently going to pay for my words. He shook the hair that had fallen into his left eye, so as to better his view of his prey, and let a smile grace his almost pouting lips before his fun began.

Evan still had no bloody idea who was standing behind him, he was not fortunate enough to be able to recognise each of their nasally, irritating voices by heart. He, thank fucking Merlin, stopped his attack on my body, evidently sensing that I was not responding to his touch. He pulled away and looked at me, still unaware of the sodding trouble that was behind him. Which was why he still had the agitated scowl that was so familiar to me at such moments when I could not contain my laughter. Though slowly, in his own dim-witted way, he was beginning to sense (and by sense I mean see the glower on my features and hear the curses under my breath) that we were no longer alone.

‘It feels like I haven’t seen you enough already Stebbins.’ Lupin smirked, causing the other inane fouls to titter behind him. Idiots.

At which point Evan’s eyes flashed with an unresolved understanding and I felt him move protectively closer to me, wrapping an arm around my waist as he turned to face the Gryffindor gits.

‘Really Lupin?’ He began with a growl to his tone ‘because I thought you’d seen enough of my girlfriend when I caught you flirting with her.’

‘Really let’s not get into the discrepancies of the matter Rosier, I’m having too much fun deciding how many detentions I’m going to give you and your,’ He paused for a moment, the arrogance in his voice never faltering, as he assessed me, clearly for full dramatic affect ‘girlfriend.’ He finished as his lip curled into a sneer as he looked at me, as though I were a highly amusing joke to him.

The threat muted Evan, he knew better than to argue with Lupin, he was, as he constantly liked to remind us, a prefect. And by becoming a prefect it gave him ‘great responsibility’ as he described it, as well as the entitlement to give those he hated endless amounts of detentions.

‘Now where was I?’ He smirked, clearly enjoying the rare moment when both Evan and I were in fact deadly silent. ‘Ahh yes, detentions.’ He said answering himself in sheer delight.

‘I think two months Moony, for inappropriate behaviour.’ Offered Pettigrew eyeing us.

‘And another month for being out after curfew.’ Added Black.

‘What like you four are?’ I spat, seething with rage.

‘Exactly.’ He replied smirking.

‘And another month for the fact that Stebbins still has Evans’ skirt.’ Scowled Potter.

I was caught off guard by his comment for a moment, causing me to blush furiously as I idly played with the hem of Lily’s skirt. Potter, for once in his miserable life, was in fact, right. I was in truth wearing Lily Evans’ skirt (a positive of sharing the same dress size as your best friend). I had lost my skirt, in very suspicious circumstances, at the start of term, the first day to be precise. Lily, ever reliable, had about a million spare school uniforms, maybe because she was a muggle-born, and had generously allowed me to ‘borrow’ one of her many skirts. She was ever so hesitant when handing over the skirt, I had a knack for losing things, hence the whole ‘skirt borrowing thing’, so I suppose her cause for concern was quite just.
‘Jealous Potter?’ I said, recovering quickly.

‘Why would I be?’ He asked puzzled, knotting his eyebrows together in the process.

‘Because you know you’ll never get into her skirt.’

He scowled at this remark, it was true. And boy did he know it. I was able to enjoy both the torment and embarrassment of James Potter, which caused me to produce my own smirk.

‘So that’s four months.’ Lupin said quickly, evidently trying to move on from the embarrassment of his friend.

‘I think it is Moony.’ Replied Black also recovering quickly, while eyeing a still blushing Potter.

‘As if the professors will let you give us four months.’ Argued Evan.

‘They will when I’ve told them what I found you doing.’ Lupin replied coolly.

It was my turn to scowl. The sodding injustice of it all. I get four bloody months of detentions whilst Black goes prancing round the school doing what Lupin had just caught Evan and I doing, and I’m sure much, much worse and he gets away with it.

‘Now I suggest that you toddle off to your dormitories, unless you want another month of detentions.’ Smirked Lupin leaning down towards me in a most patronising manner.

Evan, admitting defeat shoved his hands in his pockets kissed my cheek and walked of down the corridor. He is officially the worst Slytherin in the world.

‘I’m going to report you.’ I growled standing my ground as my boyfriend left me.

‘Then I’ll have to report you too.’ He smirked, looking down quickly before moving so that our faces were once again too close for comfort

‘About what you prat?’ I snapped.

‘Well,’ He began casually ‘I wasn’t going to tell Flitwick about what exactly I caught you doing, didn’t want to make him embarrassed.’ He explained.

I knew he was saying this only to embarrass me but the thought of my head of house finding out what I had been caught doing was too mortifying to fathom. But Lupin was not going to win this time; he could not bullshit me with his lies and bribery.

‘But if you weren’t going to tell him what you did in fact see, how were you going to explain giving us four months worth of detentions?’ I argued.

He faltered only for a moment, showing me he was bluffing.

‘I’d tell Flitwick you were using the most vile language.’ He smirked composing himself quickly.

‘I think you’re confusing me with yourself Lupin.’ I replied smoothly as our faces remained still far too close than I ever wished to be to him.

He let out a low chuckle looking down once again before looking back up into my face.

‘But if you want me to tell Flitwick what I really found you doing, and explain why you really have four months of detentions…’ He began.

‘What will Charlie say?’ Asked Black smugly, not looking at me directly.

I flinched without knowing it and I saw them all as one smirking with triumph. They knew the threat that Charlie and the detentions posed, Black had evidently, though not surprisingly, told them what would happen if I exceeded the number of detentions I got the previous year. And as much I hated some of the inhabitants of the school, namely the marauder’s and McGonagall, I did not want to have to leave, I loved the school far too much.

‘What do you suggest.’ I muttered in defeat, leaning against the wall so that I was at least away from Lupin’s repugnant face.

‘I suggest we make a deal.’ Offered Lupin.

I let out a small whine.

A deal with the marauders really was like signing your life away. But then again, I was dead already. My mother would surely kill me when she found out that I had collected a total of four months of detentions in one night. Though I was able to retain a little smugness, I had surely exceeded the amount of detentions the marauders had achieved in one night.

‘What sort of deal?’ I moaned, already admitting defeat, I could not afford four months of detentions.

‘One that will enable you to get out of having four months worth of detentions.’ Lupin smiled almost maniacally.

‘Enable Evan and I to get out of having four months worth of detentions.’ I corrected.

‘No just you Stebbins.’ Was Lupin’s reply.

‘That’s not fair.’ I protested.

‘That’s life Stebbins.’ Lupin smirked.

‘Well how were you going to get away with giving Evan four months of detentions and not me?’ I asked wisely. I knew my brain would kick in eventually.

Lupin once again faltered. Proving that I was in fact a lot smarter than he had ever though I was, and more than he could ever hope to be.

‘I’d say I caught him after hours using the most vile language.’ He offered again.

‘And you’re going to give him four months for that?’ I responded coldly.

He looked dumbfounded by this, though this expression was not a new comer to that arrogant little face of his.

‘A week.’ I offered.

‘Two months.’

‘Two weeks.’

‘One month and two weeks.’

‘Three weeks.’

‘One month.’

‘Deal.’ I said quickly thrusting my hand out towards him before he changed his mind.

‘Deal.’ He replied slowly shaking my hand gruffly.

‘So what sort of deal is going to allow me to get out of having detentions?’ I asked slowly, I was sure if I spoke any faster, or with are more complicated vocabulary I would lose them instantly.

‘We’ll discuss it at later date.’ Lupin smirked, trying ever so hard to be the same cool character he imagined Black and Potter to be.

‘Which means you’re going to go away and think of something to exploit me with.’ I replied coolly crossing my arms over my chest.

I heard Black mutter something incoherent to Potter, and Potter returned the comment with a solemn nod. Which in my opinion was extremely strange considering they were soon to leave to plan what I presumed to be the fate of my life for the next two years of Hogwarts.

‘Which means we’ll discuss it at a later date.’ Replied Lupin trying to match my own cool façade.

‘Fine.’ I huffed, pushing myself of the wall.

‘Excellent.’ Smiled Lupin.

‘May I go now?’ I inquired testily.

‘Of course.’ Lupin smirked stepping away from me slightly to allow me to pass.

‘We’ll be seeing you then,’ Lupin smirked as I walked past him, eyeing me in a most un-Lupin way.

‘I suppose.’ I muttered in defeat.

It had not been a good day. If it hadn’t been for sodding Annie and her deranged mind I would never have left the common. It was not enough that I had practically been frozen solid to my seat in the Quidditch stands for Annie, to then find that I was to be harassed by the prefect prat himself, Lupin. Nor was it enough to then be played right into all four of their little smug hands and caught in a most uncompromising composition with Lupin by Evan.

Because fate had never chosen to be a friend of mine, it had chosen the foe side of life, where it could laugh at my misdemeanours, and place me in the most awkward and inescapable of situations. Fate would not bring me any luck; I should have realised that the first time I managed to fall out of a tree that was two feet high. I should have never gone out that night, not even for Annie, for none of this would have ever had happened, I would not have nearly been dumped by my boyfriend, nor would I have signed my soul away to the devil, or to be more precise; four devils.

I wished desperately to get to the solitude of my common room as fast as I could, this could possibly go down in Callie Stebbins history as the longest night of my life. I wanted to be able to collapse onto my bed and forget that I had in fact just agreed to a deal with the marauders. Maybe Annie wasn’t the one with the deluded mind. It looked more likely that I was the one with deranged brain.

‘See you around Stebbins?’ Called Lupin as I began to walk away.

‘And Stebbins, give Evans’ her skirt back.’ Potter called.

I turned around to face them, smirking slightly as I did so, but this only caused Potter to smirk more. I rolled my eyes at his moronic, childish behaviour and turned and began to walk towards my beloved common room.

‘Oh and Stebbins.’ Called Black’s insufferable voice.

I turned slowly, my ever-thinning patience was beginning to crack, more than five minutes with those four was deemed too much for me. Black had a playful smile on his pink lips, one that I never, ever saw directed at me, ever. His eyes met my own and, were instantly alight with amusement, his own eyes dragged mine down with his, staring un-ashamedly at me. And suddenly all the little idiotic actions made complete sense, in a most horrifying manner. The reason why Lupin had stepped closer and kept looking down at what I had supposed was the floor, the reason why Potter looked put out when I had crossed my arms over my chest, and the reason why, at that moment, Black was smirking crudely at me. The sheer embarrassment was enough to kill me, there was no point even trying to pretend to not be ashamed I was scarlet. Evan in his attack on my body and his timely departure had left me quite exposed, my white school shirt open, revealing my-

‘- Nice boobs Stebbins.’

Now you said you didn’t mean it
You threw away the book of rules
You thought that we should read it; I wouldn’t even know how to
Everything Is Average Nowadays - Kaiser Chiefs

Reader: Sorry this took so long to write. I hope it was worth reading in the end, and I will try to have the next chapter up soon! Read and review guys!

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