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The Importance of Being... by Moon Woman
Chapter 3 : Smart.
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A/N: Its all J.K's. 


Lyla sat on the four-poster by the window, her fingers running along the velvet curtains which, when drawn, surrounded the bed. She was alone for the first time that day, Lily having just left to go to her own room.

She allowed her thoughts to wash over her. She was finally here, after six years of arguments, tantrums, and grovelling; but that didn’t matter, she was here now and she would enjoy it. Standing up, she pulled her wand out of her pocket, pointed it at her trunk, and the lid flew open.

“Accio Pyjamas.” She was promptly hit in the face with six pairs of pyjamas. Lyla picked a top and a bottom then stuffed the other pairs into the middle draw of the chest of draws Lily had pointed out to her.

“Accio, University jumper.” She was ready for it this time as a grey hoodie with “Manchester University” printed on the front launched itself into her arms and she pulled it over her head, then climbed into the large warm bed; feeling Indie jump onto the end, she feel asleep almost instantly.


When Lily walked into her room after showing Lyla where her room was, her friends accosted her.

“Lily! What the hell happened?

“I had to wait behind because of what happened on the train.” Lily explained to the brunette, who stood hands on hips in front of her.

“Well yes, we’d gathered as much since we saw you walking to Dumbledore’s office with that lot, what I meant was why didn’t you sit with us at dinner?”

“Seriously, Nina? That’s what you’re bothered about? Not the fact that I could have been expelled?”

“They would never kick you out Lil’.” The mousy haired girl spoke up from her bed. “You’re little Miss Perfect. No, what I want to know is, who that girl you were sat with was and why YOU, of all people, spent an entire meal within the vicinity of James Potter.” The girl was practically shouting at the end of this statement.

“Amelia, please don’t remind me.” Making her way over to her bed by the window Lily began rooting through her trunk for her nightshirt.

“Well, explain then, why did you sit with them?” Amelia raised an eyebrow at her from her position on her own bed.

“In case you didn’t notice, I sat next to you guys but you hadn’t left me a seat on your other side so I HAD to sit there, and besides Lyla’s friends with Black, so I thought she’d want to sit near him.”

“Lyla? Oh the new girl. What’s she like?” Nina rejoined the conversation, having finished removing her makeup.

“She’s really nice, pretty funny, disturbingly like Black. I like her.”

“Well, you could have introduced us.”

“You were supposed to come and see me during the train ride, what happened there?” Lily glared at the two girls.

“We were on our way down when Corcoran and Meadows went barging past us, shouting something about a battle at the back of the train. We of course followed, but they sent us back to our compartment along with everyone else when we got to your carriage.” Amelia explained.

“Hmm, ok.” Lily pulled her school jumper, with shirt still inside, over her head.

“Lily! What is that on your arm?”

Lily looked at the scar running down her left arm. “A souvenir from this afternoon.” She traced the scar with a finger.

“Jesus Lily, I thought it was just that lot messing around again and they got a bit carried away and blew a hole in the train.” Nina gasped, staring at the scar.

“This wasn’t the Marauders, this was the Slytherins; it was them who blew the hole in the back of the train. They caught Lyla with it as well. We were lucky, really.”

“You call that lucky?”

“Yes, I do, because it could have quite easily been us two who were blown apart and not the back of the train. Fucking Marauders”

“You just said it wasn’t their fault.” Amelia smiled at her friend.

“I did not, I said it wasn’t them who did this.” She pointed to the scar running down her arm. “But it doesn’t mean that they were blameless. Anyway I’m sick of talking about them, I’m going to bed.” With that she jumped into her bed and pulled the curtains around, then two seconds later, stuck her head out from between the scarlet curtains; “Where’s Connolly?”

“Sophie’s in the bathroom.”

“Right.” And she disappeared back behind her curtain and fell asleep.


Sun broke though the window, illuminating the sixth year Gryffindor girl’s dormitory. A black Labrador laid sprawled across the bottom half of a bed, twitching slightly as he dreamt of chasing squirrels. A girl’s head was buried into a pillow, all that was visible was a mane of golden hair, which covered the pillow. The dog slowly stood up on the bed, made his way to the other end and stuck his nose in the mess of hair and let out a snort of hot air.

“Indie. Do one.” A muffled voice came from within the pillow. But the dog continued to stick his nose further into the pillow. “Fine! I’m up.” Lyla sat upright in bed and let out a huge yawn as Indie jumped down onto the floor, wagging his tail. Throwing the covers off her, she stood and made her way down to the common room, Indie hot at her heels. She walked through the empty common room and walked into a nest of tables.

“Oooowch.” She moaned and made her way to a squishy settee by the fireplace, where she sat rubbing her shin.

“Bet that hurt.”

“Remus? Jesus you’re quiet. There’s not many people can sneak up on me.”

Remus looked at the girl in front of him, her hair was un-brushed and she was wearing a grey hoodie, which was at least four sizes too big, with blue silk pyjama bottoms.

“Just got up?”

“Yeah, why?”

Remus smiled, “There’s not many girls who come down to the common room looking like you do; in fact none of the girls here do.

“Why’s that then?”

“I dunno, too worried about what they look like, or what other people think.”

“Wait, are you saying I look bad?” Lyla asked him with a raised eyebrow and a smile tugging at her lips, which grew when she heard him splutter and try to explain himself.

“No, no. no, I just meant it was refreshing to see a girl who wasn’t obsessed with her looks and what other guys think about them.” He looked up to see Lyla smiling at him.

“It’s fine, don’t get your boxers in a bunch.” Her stomach let out a huge growl. “Merlin I’m hungry, want to come for breakfast with me?”

“Its half 10.”

“Yeah and?”

“Breakfast’s finished, and dinner’s not until 12.”

“Fine then, if you put it like that. I’ll take Indie for a walk, want to come?”

Remus looked down at the dog who let out a low growl. “I don’t think he likes me very much.”

“Indie pack it in! He just doesn’t know you that all. Please come, I need someone to show me the entrance.” She laughed.

“Oh yeah? So that’s why you want me to go with you, purely selfish means.”

“What can I say, that’s me, selfish through and through.” She shrugged at him.

Smiling back at her, he replied “Ok, do you want to get changed first or do you want to go like that?”

“Very funny, I’ll go and get changed. Don’t worry, I wont embarrass you.” Stretching she stood up and made her way towards the girl’s staircase before turning round, “See you in half an hour?”

“Ok cool, see you in a bit.”

Lyla made her way up to her room, leaving Remus alone in the Common Room. He picked up his book, which he had been intending to read, however, just as he sat down a group of third years came running in, screaming and shouting. So instead, he made his way back up to his own dorm to see if the other Marauders were awake yet.

As he entered the fifth year boys dormitory, Remus saw a lump of bed covers that was Sirius and rolled his eyes. He looked to the bed next to Sirius’ expecting to see James, but it was empty.

“Where’s Prongs?”

“He’s havin’ a cold shower.” Peter smiled knowingly at Remus.

“Ah, the dream Lily rears her head once again.” Remus made his way through the chaos that had taken over the dormitory in less than 12 hours, towards his bed and began to look for his trainers.


No response.

“Padfoot?” Remus tried again nervously; it was always dangerous to wake a sleeping Sirius. Peter closed the curtains around his bed awaiting the onslaught.

“Padfoot?” The lump of covers stirred, “Mate, you awake?”

“Moony, I swear to Merlin if you don’t shut up; I will shut you up.” The covers said.

“Just wanted to know if you wanted to go for a walk?”

“Are you FUCKING SERIOUS?” The covers now reared up to reveal a livid fifteen year old boy. “You want me to go for a fucking walk with you? At god only knows what time in the morning it is.” With that said Sirius threw the covers over his head and disappeared once again into his pit.

“It’s 10:35, and I’m going with Lyla because she asked me to show her the way to the entrance hall, but Indie doesn’t really like me; so I was wondering if you wanted to go as well?”

“Do one Moony.” Was all the answer he received.

“Right.” Remus lay back on his bed to wait for the rest of the half hour to pass.

In Lyla’s room she had had a shower and washed her hair, by 10:45 she shot a blast of hot air from her wand it to dry it off, then she began to route through her trunk for something in particular, she smiled when she found it and pulled out a miniature record player which she then returned to its original size before looking for her records. A thought struck her.

“Are you a Muggle or are you a Witch for goodness sake?” She pulled out her wand. “Accio Ziggy Stardust.” And the David Bowie album shot out from a large collection of records into her hands.

“STARMAN WAITING IN THE NIGHT.” Lyla wandered around the bedroom singing to herself while she got dressed into a pair of jeans and a plain white tank top. She grabbed a red jumper and tied it around her waist before heading back to the common room.

“Come on Indie, are you ready for a walk?” Hearing the word “Walk” Indie began to jump around Lyla’s legs, “Are you trying to trip me up dog?” Lyla scolded the dog, which immediately calmed him down. Lyla breathed deeply.

“You ready Remus?”

“How did you do that?” Remus laughed, walking up behind her.

“I could smell you.” She winked at him, “let’s go.”

The pair made their way down to the entrance hall.

“Hi Remus.” A seventh year Hufflepuff girl whispered in his ear. It was the sixth time it had happened already, and Lyla had to, yet again, pretend to have a coughing fit in order for the girls not to realise she was laughing at them.

“Will you stop it?” Remus moaned, he was practically glowing with embarrassment.

“I’m sorry, it’s just so funny, Lily was right, you are a player.” Lyla was still giggling.

“What? No I’m not.”

“Hmm, yeah ok then. So is this all that I’ve missed by not coming to school? Hormone crazed teenagers lusting after each other.”

Remus snorted. “You think that’s bad, wait till Sirius and James come down, they’ve got girls following them like a plague of locust.”

“Now that I can not wait to see, sort of.” Lyla chuckled at her own joke, her eyes roaming around the corridor; they came to rest on a group of girls all talking excitedly. “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know, I’ll go and have a look, do you want to wait here?”

“Sure.” Remus could feel Lyla’s eyes burning into the back of his head, and he heard her laugh when the group of girls, realising that Remus Lupin was heading in there direction, all began flirting with him.

“Sooooo, Remus?” A fifth year Ravenclaw spoke up, “are you planning on taking anybody?”


“Hello, there’s a Welcome Back to school party next weekend.” The girl waved a manicured hand in front of a piece of paper that was pinned onto the notice board.

“Oh.” Remus said suddenly understanding why every girl he and Lyla had walked past had greeted him with fluttering eyelashes; they had been after a date. “Why?”

“Why what?”

“Why is there a Welcome Back party next weekend?” Remus said slowly.

“Because of Clarissa.”


“The new Head Girl, Remus for god’s sake.” The girl was starting to get annoyed; she thought the Marauders were supposed to be smart. “Well anyway,” she shook her brown curly hair and gave a small giggle, “Clarissa’s organised it, it’s only for fourth year and up; for obvious reasons, but we were just wondering if you were going to ask anyone?”

“Well I dunno, I’ve only just found out about it, so I don’t know what I’m doing yet. Sorry Claire.”

“Oh,” Claire said slightly disappointed, but there were two more Marauders of interest so she perked up again quickly at the thought. “Ok then Remus, see you around.”

“Yeah, bye Claire.” He turned around to go back to Lyla -making a mental note to warn James and Sirius - when he saw her talking to Lucius Malfoy, or rather, being cornered by Lucius Malfoy. “Crap.”

“So, Lyla Capulet, long time no see.” Malfoy drawled sarcastically.

“Hi Lucius, how’s your family?” Lyla asked politely, ignoring his comment.

“They’re fine.” Malfoy answered slightly caught off guard. “So you’ve been reacquainted with old friends then? And made a few new ones?” Malfoy’s eyes flashed to Remus being surrounded by the group of girls at the notice board.

“You mean Sirius and the others, yes I have. Apparently I’m not so embarrassing any more.” Lyla spat at him.

Malfoy laughed at her, “Oh I wouldn’t say that Capulet, you still look like the same little blind girl to me, but instead of having just Black to hide behind you’ve got the rest of the ‘Marauders’.”

“I wasn’t hiding behind them yesterday when I stunned your pretty little fiancé. I also know that you dodged it but didn’t bother to warn her. I thought that was really nice.” She snarled at him, staring him directly in the eyes, her eyes seemed to change colour as she stared into his cold hard eyes. “And I know it was you who shot that curse blowing the hole in the back of the train.”

He glared at her, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Fuck off Lucius, you’ve always been bad at blocking your mind when you’re angry, you really should work on that, ‘cause I can read you like a book whenever I want to.” She drew close to him to whisper the last few words into his ear. “And I doubt your master will want someone who is that easy to read.” She stepped away from him as Remus made his way over to them, wand in hand.

“Well here comes one of my protectors now.” She flicked her hair so it hit Malfoy hard in the face and turned to meet Remus.

“Everything ok?” Remus asked, eyeing Malfoy suspiciously.

“Yes, everything is fine, we were just catching up.”

“Malfoy smirked, “Say hello to Edward for me.”

Before either of the boys knew what was happening, Malfoy was pinned to wall with Lyla’s elbow blocking his airway and her wand digging into his ribs.

“What the fuck did you say?” Lyla hissed at him, her usually serene eyes flashing dangerously.

“Did I hit a nerve, Capulet?” Malfoy managed to choke out, as Lyla applied more pressure to his Adam’s apple.

“Lyla, let him go.” Remus placed a nervous hand on her shoulder, but she just shrugged him off, Indie was stood beside her, letting out a continuous deep growl at the blond haired boy.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about.” She withdrew her arm slightly allowing him to breathe properly.

“No? I know more than you do and I know that your new friends won’t like you very much in a few days, not when they find out about…”


“Lyla, what the fuck!” Remus grabbed her arm and dragged her out of the entrance and down the stairs, through the staring crowd, turning round to transfigure Malfoy back to his original form, before continuing to drag the furious girl across the grounds.

“What, in Merlin’s name was that about? Do you know how much trouble you could get into for that?”

Lyla shook herself loose of Remus’ grip and bent to release Indie from his lead, who, as soon as he was free, ran full tilt towards the lake.

“Please, Malfoy won’t tell anyone, he’d be too ashamed.”

“No, he won’t, but every other person who was there will.”

Lyla let out a whistle calling Indie back to her. “Whatever.”

“No, not whatever!” Remus span her round to face him, he stared into her expressionless eyes.
“Please, just tell me what is going on.”

“I’m not being funny, but I hardly know you. Why would I tell you anything like that? And if you’re only wound up about it because you’re a prefect, just take some house points off me and be done with it.”

“Done. 30 house points from Gryffindor.” He growled at her. She just turned and walked away from him, he of course followed her.

“Watch that rabbit hole.” She called back to him as he stepped into it and almost fell. “Oops, sorry.”

“How did you know that was there?”


“He’s by the lake with…oh fuck” Remus let out a frustrated sigh, because Indie was not alone, he was playing with a large black dog which Remus was all too familiar with.

“What? Indie, COME HERE!” They heard the dog running towards them, but he wasn’t alone.

“Hello, and who’s this?” Lyla knelt down and scratch the dog behind his ears.

“It’s a stray, we see it in the village sometimes.” Remus was glaring at Sirius, who just barked happily at him.

“Right, well I’m going inside. Come on Indie.”

“Wait Lyla, I’m sorry for having a go at you and everything but you can’t do things like that.”

“Forget about it.” She stood and made her way back to the castle with Indie. “You’ve bigger things to worry about.” She whispered to herself. Once she was out of earshot, leaving Remus alone with a dog shaped Sirius.

“She turned Malfoy into a weasel.” He frowned at Sirius when he started wagging his tail. “Don’t, she put me in a really difficult position, I took points from Gryffindor for Christ sake.”

Sirius let out a small growl.

“Because I had to do something that’s why, and at least now when McGonagall finds out, and she will find out, she’s already been punished so she shouldn’t get another detention.” Sirius just looked at him. “It had to be that many because otherwise it wouldn’t seem like a proper disciplinary action. It was impressive though,” Remus looked at the dog, who jumped on his chest. “She warned me about a rabbit hole.” Remus pushed the dog off his chest. “How did she know that was there?” Sirius ignored him and jumped on him again.

“Fuck off Sirius.” And he did. 


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Probably nothing, but you never know. ;-]

This Chapter has been Beta'd by the wonderful Jill, who I am completely indebted to!

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