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Draco's Story by harrylovesginnylovesharry
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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“Mum. Dad,” I called helplessly over the babble of the entrance hall, as I pushed my way through the crowd. Students, parents and members of the Order of the Phoenix jostled me on both sides, as I desperately sought out the two people I most needed to find.


Blond hair brushed against my right cheek. Wild with excitement I spun round, but it was only the Lovegood girl, with a dreamy expression on her face.


I turned on the spot, staring all around me, but no sneering face appeared in front of me, no warm, motherly smile.


Where are they?’ I thought to myself. ‘Surely they can’t be-. No,’ I shook myself mentally. ‘They aren’t.


“Draco,” I voice shouted behind me.


Spinning around, I caught a flash of long blond hair, before the crowd closed in front of me.


“Mother,” I yelled over all the noise, following the direction that her voice had been moving in.


For five minutes, I squeezed through the throng of people crowding the hall until I found my mother. She was standing over by the entrance to the Great Hall and I could tell that her eyes were frantically searching for me.


“Mum,” I called out to her.


“Draco,” her face split into a smile as she saw me and pulled my in to a bone crushing hug. “Are you alright? Are you hurt?”


“I’m fine, Mum. Where’s Dad?” I asked looking around.


“He, um, I’m sure he’s just…around somewhere,” she said, looking uncomfortable.


“Mum,” I spoke more firmly this time. “Where’s Dad?”


“He got caught by the ministry,” she whispered softly, breaking down into tears.


Sensing that she was worried, I put an arm round her shoulder. Over her head, I could see Dad and some other death eaters bound in the centre of the entrance hall, all ministry wands pointed at them, making sure no one tried to escape.


“It’ll be alright, Mum. I Promise,” I told her, reassuringly.


“It won’t, it won’t,” she wailed, burying her face in my chest. “I should really be taken in with him, but I can’t bring myself to leave you parentless.”


“It’s okay.”


I spoke the words soothingly, hoping to calm her down. She sobbed harder though, I think I knew why. Dad and the rest of the Dark Lord’s followers, well the ones who were left anyway, were being escorted out of the hall, with people staring, like it was a procession. I watched them for as long as I could, but they were soon swallowed by the darkness.


“Come on, Mum. Pull your self together,” I said straightening up. “Let’s go home.”


We walked together out of the entrance hall and down the sloping lawn to the front gate. Those destined for Azkaban were no where to be seen. As soon as we were outside of the boundaries of Hogwarts Castle, I apparated us both back to Malfoy Manor. As I turned on the spot, I took one last look at the castle silhouetted against the sky, knowing that that would probably be the last time I ever would ever see it.




When we arrived back at home, I took Mum through to the kitchen and instructed our house elf Pia to make her some hot tomato soup.


“With pleasure, Master Malfoy,” Pia beamed at me.


Sometimes I get the feeling I’m the only Malfoy she actually likes.




I slept badly that night, wondering what was going to happen to Dad. My first vain thought was; ‘What shall I wear to his trial?’, but I soon realised that there wasn’t going to be a trial. The jury wouldn’t need to hear any guilty pleading, the fact that they had been there fighting with the Dark Lord was enough proof for anyone.


When I woke in the morning, it was to be greeted by the sunshine, peeking through my thin curtains. A sun that knew nothing of misery, or defeat, but just shone in the sky, whatever was going on down below.


Heading downstairs I found Mum, shaking with fresh tears her head bent over today’s copy of the Daily Prophet. After making her a cup of very strong coffee, I pulled the paper out from under her arms. It was immediately clear what had upset her.


The front page was half filled by large photos of Father and the others in chains, hunched in separate cells. The article was short due to the pictures taking up most of the page. The headline read:




Yesterday, the remains of He Who Must Not Be Named’s once powerful followers were rounded up following the long awaited defeat of their master and taken to Azkaban for life. The group of 17 witches and wizards were taken to Azkaban without trial, immediately after the great battle at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at which, the Boy who Lived, Harry Potter, ended the cursed life of He Who Must Be Named. Temporarily reinstated Prime Minister, Cornelius Fudge had this to say: “It is unfortunate that it has taken us so long to capture these criminals, but we hope, that by imprisoning them, that they will cause no more harm to the wizarding world.”

Among the arrested, were brother and sister Alecto and Amycus Carrow, Augustus Rookwood and Rodolphus Lestrange. It has now come to light, that Rookwood was, in fact, a spy, working in the Department Of Mysteries at the Ministry of Magic. Rodolphus Lestrange who took part in the torturing of Frank and Alice Longbottom lost his wife, Bellatrix, in yesterday’s battle. Article cont. on pg. 4…


I threw the paper aside, feeling sick to my stomach and not wanting to read on.


For life,’ I thought shocked. I was never going to see my father again; never again would I be controlled by a smirking, sneering, blond face. I didn’t know whether to smile or cry. This would have such a bad effect on mother, but I couldn’t truthfully admit that I was upset. I had been brought up the way that he wanted for too long.


Going over to my Mum, I put my arms around her, and whispered the same words that I had reassured her with the night before:


“It’ll be alright, Mum. I promise.”


How wrong I was.

Heyy =]...the idea for this story just came to me one night. I hope you enjoy it. Don't forget to review...
harrylovesginnylovesharry =]

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Draco's Story: Chapter One


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