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The Adventures of the Next Generation: The second year by demongurl
Chapter 6 : Sophie Strikes Back
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DEDICATION:-This is for Sophie

Sophie strikes back

Dylan woke up screaming. Sophie started awake and looked around confused.

“What?” She said. Dylan looked at her breathing quickly. His forehead was sweaty and his eyes were wide. He shook slightly as he looked at Sophie trying to get his breath back.

“Where’s Piper?” Dylan asked.

“In her dorm?” Sophie asked. She picked up the magazine that she had dropped on the floor.

“Oh shit.” Dylan said pressing his palms against his face. Sophie looked at him and crawled up the bed.

“You’re sweating really badly.” Sophie said. “Are you ok?”

“I told you I shouldn’t go to sleep.” Dylan said with his eyes closed. He was trying to replay the events in his mind.

“What did you see?” Sophie asked seriously.

“Piper and a green flash of light.”

“So?” Sophie said. She didn’t know the significance of that green flash of light.

“One of the most deadly curses is Avada Kedevra. It kills instantly. It’s characteristic mark is a flash of green.” Dylan said. Sophie looked at Dylan in shock.

“You saw Piper’s death?”

“Well, I didn’t see her die but-” Dylan quickly got out of the bed. Surprisingly none of the other boys were awake. Dylan picked up his dream recorder and left the room. Sophie got out of the bed as well and followed Dylan as he ran to the common room. Piper and her friends were still up talking. They were laughing about something.

“You can’t dye your hair purple.” Hilary said to Colette.

“Why not? I think it’ll suit me.” Colette said. Dylan ran over to the sofa the girls sat on.

“Dylan, what are you doing awake?” Piper asked. Dylan hugged his sister tightly and Piper hesitantly hugged him back. “Ok.” She said slowly. She pushed Dylan away slightly. “What’s wrong?”

“I had a prophecy dream again and this time it involved you and Colette.”

“Another one?” Colette asked. “How many do I feature in now?”

“About eight I think.” Hilary said. Sophie listened curiously.

“You know-”

“We have to keep ourselves up to date. We don’t want to lose our darling Colette.” Hilary said in a baby like voice.

“It’s not Colette we’re going to lose.” Dylan said. He felt a lump in his throat. After replaying the vision in his mind he didn’t want it to come true but he knew it would. He didn’t want to lose his older sister.

“Ok, who’s going to die then? Please say it’ll be Lestrange.” Piper said. Dylan couldn’t look at Piper and Sophie thought that maybe he couldn’t say it.

“It’s you.” Sophie said quietly.

“Sorry, I think I misheard you. I’m going to die?” Piper asked. Dylan nodded his head and Piper’s face went serious. She sat up slightly straighter. “When? How?” She asked.

“In my vision you were in your uniform.” Dylan said quietly. “I can’t remember exactly the events only that Colette was there being tortured and there was a green light.” Colette had gone pale while Piper looked like she didn’t want to believe Dylan.

“You’re joking, it’s just a dream. There’s no way that I’m going to die this early.” Piper said.

“But, my dream was a prophecy-” Dylan started to say.

“No Dylan. I have too much to live for. There’s no way I’m going to die this young and Colette isn’t going to get hurt either. We’re both following the rules set down by Colette’s dad and we’re not going to get kidnapped and Colette’s not going to go crazy.” Piper snapped at Dylan.

“Piper-” Dylan started to say again.

“Detention Dylan, now get back to sleep. Sophie, you go to your own dorm or you’ll get a detention as well.”

“You can’t give your own brother a detention for dreaming.” Hilary said.

“I can and I have. Go to bed Dylan.” Piper said. Dylan glanced at Sophie.

“Night.” She said before heading to the girls dorms. Dylan headed back to his bed. He climbed in but he couldn’t sleep. How could he? He’d just seen his sister get killed. It was starting to fade now. Something inside him, the part that made more sense, told him that he hadn’t actually seen Piper fall dead but there had been a flash of green directed at Piper. Dylan turned over and looked at a photo he had by his bed. It was a family photo taken during the summer at his house. His dad wasn’t there but Piper was hugging Dylan tightly. Dylan sighed and closed his eyes to try and sleep but when sleep didn’t come he resorted to just staring aimlessly at the ceiling.

* * * * *

Sophie glanced at Dylan nervously the next morning.

“You don’t look so good.” Sophie said as they sat in the great hall. “Do you want to stay off lessons?”

“No, I need to go.” Dylan said. He ran a hand through his hair and shook his head, trying to keep himself awake. He hadn’t slept at all last night and he had lots of time to think of how Piper and Colette had managed to get themselves captured. None of the scenarios were good in any way and it was really worrying Dylan.

“Hi guys.” Rachel said sitting down next to them. “How are you?” Sophie looked at Rachel and Dylan just glanced at her.

“Fine.” Sophie said.

“Tired, depressed, annoyed,” Dylan said. Rachel frowned.

“Great. First Harper and now you.” Rachel said. “It’s an infection isn’t it?”

“No, prophecy.” Dylan said. “I’m too young for these. I can’t take them!” He felt like tugging his hair but last time he’d done that Rachel had put him into a body bind and said that she wouldn’t let him pull out his hair.

“I’m sure you have them for a reason.” Rachel said. “It’s strange how you can’t remember any of the dreams though.” She said, “I mean, I spoke to my mum about seers and she said that they usually remember what they see. Though seeing isn’t really a very common-” Rachel went on rambling about seers and their gifts.

“Are you going to be taking Divination next year by any chance?” Dylan asked.

“What’s Divination?” Sophie asked.

“Seeing the future” Rachel said. “And yeah probably. I’m fascinated with the gift and the inner eye.” Dylan rolled his eyes and put his head on the table.

“What? I can’t help it. It’s in my blood.” Rachel said.

“How?” Dylan asked.

“My mum was very good at divination. She got an O in her divination OWL and she was predicted an E in her NEWTs but she never took her NEWTs. Neither did dad, come to think of it.”

“My parents didn’t take any NEWTs” Dylan said. “They were in St. Mungos”

“Wow, so were my parents.” Rachel said, pretending to be amazed.

“Didn’t your parents fight Voldemort together?” Sophie asked. Both Dylan and Rachel gave a slight shiver at the name though Dylan had formed a sort of immunity against it he still shivered when caught off guard.

“Yeah they did.” Rachel said. “I was just kidding. So, you guys going to Herbology?”

“Have to.” Dylan said.

“Herbolgoy, we have that with Slytherins don’t we?” Sophie asked. “god, I wish Malfoy could dig herself a hole and die.”

“That can be arranged.” Said Nick Potter behind Sophie. “So Dylan, I hear you been prophesising your sister’s death. She’s not in a good mood.” Nick said turning to Dylan.

“Yeah. She nearly had my head when I asked her how she was.” Said Holly sitting next to Nick.

“How does she die?” Nick asked eagerly.

“Can’t remember.” Dylan said closing his eyes.

“Green light.” Sophie said. “She gets killed by a killing curse.”

“How’d you know?” Nick asked looking at Sophie. He gave her a cheeky challenging look.

“Because Dylan told me” Sophie said. “Eat your toast.” Holly laughed and Nick pouted.

“But Sophie, I want Cereal.” Nick said in a fake whiny voice. Sophie passed him a bowl of cereal.

“There you are” She said. Holly laughed a bit more and got a piece of toast.

“Don’t use the loos today.” Holly said to Sophie, Dylan and Rachel.

“Why?” Rachel asked.

“Because if you do, you’ll have to re-grow your arse.” Holly said.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Dylan asked, looking at Holly.

“It means, dear prophet.” Nick said “That we’ve cursed the Loos. The third person who goes to the Loo will cause the toilets to all explode.”

“Took all night but we managed it.” Holly said happily. Charisma and Kevin came into the hall and sat next to Dylan.

“Dearest brother, please tell me how I’m going to die.” Kevin said.

“Does everyone know!” Dylan asked throwing his hands in the air.

“Yep.” Charisma said simply. “Piper’s ranting is soo loud. I thought she loved you, obviously not.” Charisma stole Nick’s bowl of cereal and ate it herself.

“Hey!” Nick said, his spoon half to his mouth.

“Thanks darling.” Charisma said with a smile. Sophie laughed gently and Nick looked at her again.

“Sophie!” He said.

“I’m not your mum.” Sophie said. “Go and get your own food.” Nick smiled and picked up a piece of toast, “Hey, I though-oh never mind. I’m going to go outside.” Sophie said.

“I’ll come. I need to get some fresh air.” Dylan said.

“What? It’s freezing outside. Why do you want to go earlier then you need to?” Rachel asked them.

“Tired.” Dylan said, “Not thinking straight. Need air.” Rachel rolled her eyes and picked up her bag and followed Sophie and Dylan. “Are you sure you want to go to lessons?” Rachel asked Dylan. “You really don’t look that good.” Dylan looked at her. “Well you do look good, it’s just that you don’t look very healthy.”

“I’m tired, that’s why.” Dylan said. They left the castle and stepped into the cold and windy October morning. Sophie shivered and crossed her arms and they all headed for the greenhouses.

“You know, I think you should talk to someone about your dreams.” Rachel said. “You can’t keep going to Piper.”

“Why not? She’s my sister and I trust her.” Dylan said.

“But if your prophecy is right then she won’t be around for long.” Rachel said seriously

“I wish April was still teaching here.” Dylan said, “I could always go to her.”

“Unfortunately Professor Grout is back.” Sophie said.

“Isn’t your mum coming to check up on you in a few days time?” Rachel asked.

“Yeah but I want someone here that will be here all the time.” Dylan said.

“Oh, look Weasley, mudblood and reject.” Came Harrietta Malfoy’s voice.

“Reject?” Rachel whispered slightly confused “She can’t come up with anything better?” Sophie chuckled and Dylan rolled his eyes.

“Get lost Malfoy!” Dylan said.

“How is it that two talentless geeks like you get onto House teams?” Harrietta asked them.

“What, Jealous that we made it and you didn’t?” Sophie asked. “Why don’t you go and complain to Daddy or even your big scary brother Seth.”

“Very funny Mudblood. Where’d you get the broom? You must have sold everything you owned to get a broom like that.”

“No, it was a present.” Sophie said.

“No one likes you that much.” Harrietta said. Harrietta’s cronies, Pat and Justin sniggered slightly.

“Some of us do actually form meaningful friendships.” Rachel said to Harrietta.

“Yeah, whatever, what’s your opinion on this Weasley, can’t have everyone being excluded.” Harrietta asked.

“Get lost Malfoy.” Dylan said, “We’ve got to get to classes.”

“Really hate people that much. I suppose you’ll be prophesising the deaths of those you don’t like now.” Harrietta said with a smirk. Dylan got his wand out.

“Who told you that?” Dylan asked. Harrietta batted the wand away.

“Please, my father works for the ministry. He gets told things.” Harrietta said.

“I don’t think he’d tell you though.” Sophie said with narrowed eyes.

“True, I pick thins up around my house. Well be seeing you talentless freaks later. I feel sorry for you. Gryffindor are definitely going to lose the cup now.” She said, pushing past Dylan and walking to the greenhouses. Sophie turned and got her wand out at the same time. A jet of light shot out of the end of her wand and Harrietta fell to the floor.

“Ow!” Harrietta said. Justin pulled her to her feet. Harrietta turned to Sophie. “You are going to pay for that mudblood.” She said getting her wand out she opened her mouth to say something when Harrietta keeled over and retched. A large slimy slug came out of her mouth and dropped on the floor. Dylan and Rachel started laughing.

“You were saying?” Sophie said smugly. Harrietta threw up another slug and looked at the floor horrified. She put a hand over her mouth and ran towards the castle. Justin and Pat following her closely.

“Nice one.” Dylan said holding his hand up. Sophie gave him a high five and the three Gryffindors continued to their Herbology lesson

* * * * *

“Well that was entertaining” Fraser said as they came back from Herbology. The girls all started giggling.

“It wasn’t my fault.” Harper said. “That Steve fumbled around like an idiot.”

“Yes it is!” Dylan said, “Didn’t you see that he was staring at you the entire lesson.” Harper merely shrugged.

“Well then it’s not my fault his earmuffs weren’t on properly.” Harper said. “Even I heard Professor Sprout when she said that the Mandrake’s cry can be very dangerous.”

“That’s because you were listening for a change.” Rachel pointed out.

“True.” Harper said. “You know, I think I actually rather like Herbology. Last year was poo fights, this year boys fall at the sight of me”

“Because you’re so ugly.” Sophie muttered. Harper hadn’t heard but the others did and they all started laughing.

“What?” Harper asked cluelessly.

“Nothing, come on, Charms is next” Dylan said quickly, trying to control his laughter. They had just come to the entrance of the castle when there were several large explosions coming from inside.

“What the-” Fraser started to say.

“Toilets.” Rachel remembered as she clicked her fingers.

“Oh yeah.” Dylan said. They were about to step into the castle when a torrent of water came out of the castle.

“AH!” Harper shouted as she and the others moved away. Sophie, Dylan and Fraser on one side and Rachel and Harper on the other. Once the flood of water had subsided the cautiously peered into the castle. Everything was wet, the stairs, the bottom of the walls and a couple of portraits had been smudged slightly. Rachel took her first step into the castle and the others followed.


“Mum is going to kill them.” Dylan said

“Are you the only one in your family that doesn’t get into trouble with your parents?” Harper asked Dylan.

“No, I get into trouble, it’s just that my parents over look it because I’m the youngest” Dylan said.

“Or Piper takes the blame.” Sophie said.

“Yeah, but that’s only if I do something really serious.” Dylan said. “Oh and there was Forbidden forest thing”

“and the Hogsmeade thing” Rachel said.

“And the dreams” Sophie told him,

“I don’t need you two to dictate everything for me.” Dylan said with a smirk. Sophie and Rachel both smiled.

“Come on, no lessons. What are we going to do in the common room?” Harper asked as they came to the Fat Lady.

“Goat Hopping” Dylan said.

“What!” Harper asked. The portrait swung open and Harper nodded. “Oh right, I was wondering where we were going to get goats from.”

“Well, we could always get one of the older students to transfigure one for us.” Dylan said. “I want to get the Herbology out of the way. The proper way of treating a Mandrake.”

“Oo, I know this!” Harper said.

“Great, you can get that out of the way and then for once you won’t have to copy me.” Dylan said in a child like voice.

“Shut up.” Harper said hitting him on the arm.

“Well I thought it was a good suggestion.” Dylan said looking at Sophie.

“Yeah, me to.” Sophie said with a nod. The portrait hole opened and Catherine Ainsley, a fellow second year Gryffindor came running in with Joanne Budden.

“Guess what we just heard.” They said running up to Dylan and his friends.

“What?” Rachel asked.

“The Slytherin and Hufflepuff dormitories were completely flooded. They have to sleep in the Great hall.” Catherine said quickly and excitedly.

“What?” Rachel asked amused.

“You’re joking?” Sophie said.

“No. We just heard Professor Snape and Professor McGonagall talking about it on the way back from Herbology. They said that it’s going to take some time to fix the common rooms.”

“That’s going to be interesting. Kind of heart against wicked and cold.” Fraser said.

“Oh, I hope Harrietta Malfoy drowned” Sophie said viciously.

“No, she was in the hospital wing. Coughing up slugs” Joanne said.

“Still?” Rachel asked laughing. “Go Sophie.” Sophie and Rachel gave each other a high five and they headed towards a sofa in the common room. Harper, Fraser and Dylan joined them.

“Well I guess even if my family is expelled they did something good.” Dylan said.

“Yeah, but we’re going to get hell from the Slytherins.” Sophie said.

A/N:-don't have much time, Charmed is on in 3 minutes. Please review.

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