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Torn Between Two Lovers: A Vampire's Tale by alicia and anne
Chapter 9 : Pansy’s revenge
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A/N:- we are incredibly sorry that we've left it this long, there is no excuse really life has got on top of us at the moment and we need to get our priorities right, which means that we will put more chapters up soon :-).

Lucida was walking down to potions with Ron, Harry and Hermione. Harry was just talking to them about the latest model of broom that was out.

“...They say that it’s the fastest model out, with precise direction at just a slight move of the broom…”

“Well wouldn’t that be dangerous?” Lucida asked

“Brooms? Dangerous? You’re kidding right! There the safest things in the world” Harry said

“Not forgetting the fact that you fell fifty feet from one. You also broke your arm in your second year…” Hermione said

“Yeah but they were all from bludgers or Dementor attacks, not from flying the actual broom” said Ron

“How is it dangerous?”

“What if you sneeze or something? And the ‘precise direction at just a slight move of the broom’ makes you jolt and you fall? Or fly into someone?”

“…It wouldn’t happen, the broom makers would have made sure that no accidents would of happened involving a sneeze” Harry said trying not to laugh

Ron and Harry looked at each other and rolled their eyes, Hermione grabbed Lucida’s arm and said “don’t worry you’ll soon get used to the broom and Quidditch talk”

Lucida smiled and they stopped outside the classroom. They stood in their usual place and started to talk to Dean and Seamus.

Lucida stopped talking when she heard Pansy and that whispering behind her

“…Who does she think she is Pansy? Treating you like that and getting away with it,” Millicent whispered

“...Yeah and who the hell does she think she is talking and hanging around with Draco…” another girl whispered

“…Yeah she better not think that she has a chance with my Drakie Poo?” Pansy hissed

Lucida started to get angry, ‘ignore them…ignore them’ she told herself in her head

“What’s the matter?” Dean asked Lucida

“...What? … Oh nothing it’s just some stupid cows being childish,” she said loudly

“Slytherins?” Neville asked

Lucida nodded, Ron put an arm round her and said, “Don’t worry about it” but he quickly moved his arm away when they started going into the lesson.

“Now … today we are going to be doing a very complicated potion, if you do it correctly then it should be a dull pink at the end of the lesson” Snape said he flicked his wand “instructions are on the board”

Everyone got out their cauldrons and started to make the potions.

During the lesson Lucida overheard Pansy talking to her friend

“Look what my father gave me to help enhance some of my potions” she said smirking as she pulled a small bottle of liquid out of her pocket

“What is it?” Millicent asked

“Dragon blood”

Lucida gasped and went still

“What is it?” Hermione asked concerned

“Oh my god …it’s Pansy…she’s got a bottle of …Dragon blood” Lucida whispered making sure no one heard her but Ron, Harry and Hermione.

“Oh my god” Hermione said putting her hand over her mouth “ill tell sir before she opens…” but she stopped when she saw the look on Lucida’s face.

Lucida smelt the blood as soon as Pansy opened the bottle; she felt her face start to change and started to look in horror at Ron and Harry as Hermione rushed over to Snape.

She felt her teeth get longer and her face screwed up in pain, everything seemed to have a slight tinge of yellow. She stood up straight and went for Pansy, who screamed as Lucida leapt at her growling.

Snape ran over and grabbed Lucida off Pansy who was screaming

“Oh my god she’s a vampire she’s a vampire!” Snape got Lucida off Pansy and turned her so she was facing him so no one else could see her face

Everyone started to scream and they all ran outside followed by a still screaming Pansy.

“Quick take her” Snape said, Harry and Ron rushed forward and grabbed her arms, while Hermione tried to calm her down. Snape rushed outside to find his class in hysteria.

“What the hell do you all think your doing?” Snape shouted at the class who fell deathly quiet at the sound of his voice

“She’s a vampire!” Pansy screamed pointing at the classroom

“No she’s not!” Snape said

“Then why the hell isn’t she out here with us then?” Millicent asked

“How would you feel if you were accused of being a vampire? She’s being comforted” he then rounded on Pansy “how dare you disrupt my class in such a childish manner, this vendetta you have on Lucida for punching you has got to stop! I have no choice but to give you a detention and put you on report miss Parkinson! Now all of you get inside and give Lucida an apology!”

The class all walked inside and saw Lucida sitting at her desk crying, with Ron, Hermione and Harry sitting next to her comforting her.

“Sorry Lucida” the class said as they walked past her

Lucida looked up and smiled at them to show she heard, she glanced at Snape who smiled and nodded at her.

She mouthed a ‘thank you’ to him

At the end of the lesson as they all exited Dean, Seamus and Neville all came up to Lucida, followed closely by Parvati and Lavender.

“Sorry Lucida” Neville said

“Yeah we didn’t mean anything by it … its just when someone shouts vampire you just go crazy really” Dean said smiling a small smile

“That’s ok” Lucida said

“We’re really sorry too… do you want help in beating her up?” Parvati asked

“Yeah because we hate her for what she’s done” Lavender agreed

Lucida laughed “no that’s ok”

“So you’re not a vampire then?” Seamus asked “because I was getting excited”

Hermione looked at them disapprovingly and pointed at Lucida’s teeth “do they look like vampire teeth to you?”

Lucida showed them her ‘normal teeth’

“Yeah guess not then…oh well” Seamus shrugged

Lucida smiled thankfully at Hermione, who said

“Let’s get some lunch”

After lunch they were sitting in Defence against the dark arts; this was the first time Lucida had been near Umbridge since she had that run in with her in the corridor.

Umbridge walked into the classroom and said “wands away” no one had moved, as they hadn’t bothered to get their wands out.

“Today we will be having a discussion,” Umbridge said as she sat behind her desk

The class looked at each other and started to whisper

“A discussion?” Hermione said slowly “but we normally write from the book”

“Don’t complain about it” Ron hissed, “I’m glad at least we don’t have to write”

“The topic of our discussion will be on page 304 in your books” Umbridge turned and smiled at Lucida, who was flicking through her book, when she got to the page she looked horror-struck at it, she looked up and saw Umbridge smiling at her, she changed the expression on her face as fast as she could and glanced at Ron who was staring at her to see her reaction.

“Can anyone tell me the definition of a Vampire?” Umbridge asked

Hermione’s hand shot up and Umbridge nodded towards her

“A Vampire is said to be a ghost or reanimated corpse supposed to suck blood of sleeping persons; person who preys ruthlessly on others; biting animals and persons and lapping their blood. Vampires are a being that must consume blood to live, instead of protein like a human may. They evolved as hunters, yet loners, so they became adapted to fit such needs. To hunt they evolved fangs and the ability to be silent and swift, and to do so alone they must also have more strength than a human may”

Umbridge looked at her and smiled sweetly “miss Granger what have I said about reading straight from the textbook? Five points from Gryffindor”

Hermione sat up straighter in her seat and glared at Umbridge.

“Now…” Umbridge walked around the classroom “…the appearance of a vampire. As you will read from the textbook, vampires are said to have long hair just like Parvati’s, and Lavender’s and very much like Lucida’s”

Lucida’s hands started to shake; she quickly moved them under the table.

“They are also said to have a very pale complexion much like Lavender, Hermione and Lucida”

Lucida’s hands shook more violently, she felt someone hold onto her hand and squeeze it she turned to look and saw Ron he gave her a look as though to say ‘it’ll be ok’, she smiled at him.

“Characteristics of a vampire” Umbridge read aloud from the textbook she was holding.

“Speed, Enhanced Senses, Inhuman Strength, Jumping High or Long, they can also shutdown their heart and lungs at random” she read from the list on the page “they also have no reflection so if you come across someone you think is a vampire then hold a mirror in front of them”

“Miss do Vampires sleep in coffins?” Seamus asked

“Only if they want to”

“Are they affected by garlic?” Dean asked

“No. Unless they are allergic and have an allergy related response. Crosses don’t affect them and neither does running water, sunlight has no affect on them and If after years and years of coming out only to hunt at night, a vampire should one day find him self up and about during the day it is very likely that his skin will quickly and painfully become sunburned, causing the flesh to become enflamed in both appearance and feeling. This is not caused because vampires are affected by the sun, but because said vampire’s skin was no longer producing the needed material to protect it from the sun”

“So vampires can walk around in the daylight?” Pansy asked

Umbridge nodded

“That’s disgusting” Pansy screwed her face up “I hope the ministry locks them all up”

“Now what would you all do if you were faced with a vampire? Or told that there was a vampire amongst you all?”

“I'll be scared, what if the person goes to bite you?” Neville said loudly

“Miss is it true that vampires have no emotion?” Blaise Zabini asked

“I don’t know, what do you think Lucida? Do you think that vampires have emotion?”

“Erm… I dunno … I haven’t met any recently” she said sarcastically

“How funny Miss Valentine” Umbridge laughed

Lucida looked at her

“In my opinion Vampires are vicious creatures who should be killed” Umbridge said walking around the room

“Vampires are widely known to be vicious and there have been no cases of a friendly one, even the half vampires are dangerous … they should be avoided at all costs”

“Miss!” a Slytherin said putting their hand up


“Is there a vampire in this school?”

Umbridge smiled and glanced at Lucida whose hands started to shake more

“I don’t know … that is something which you should take up with Dumbledore”

"I’ve heard that he who must not be named is using Vampires to add to his army" someone piped up from the back of the classroom, to which someone else replied

"Well in that case Dumbledore definitely wouldn't allow one in the school, no matter what"

"How many times do I need to tell you?" Umbridge yelled causing the class to quiet down in their mumbling "he-who-must-not-be-named has not come back!"

The class all turned to look at Harry, but it was Lucida that had stood up

"Do you have something to say on the subject miss Valenteen?" Umbridge asked and everyone turned to look at her instead

"He has come back!"

"Lucida sit down" Ron whispered quietly grabbing her hand to try and pull her back to her seat.

Umbridge smiled and took a step towards her...

A/N:- dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. so what do you think? what will Umbridge do!!!!! leave us a review to tell us what you think

Alicia and Anne

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