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Verità by i_forgot_my_name
Chapter 5 : Chapter 5
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Tittle: Verità
Disclaimer: no way in hell am I good enough to own Harry Potter, it all belongs to J.K. Rowling, but the plot and a select few character are mine. Cheers!

Summary: Ginny has been hiding the truth for most of her life. When she is drawn to a certain blonde haired Slytherin she realises she is not alone, but is it true, or just another well spun lie?

Chapter Five

Ginny sat in Potions the next day, contemplating what Blaise had told her the day before. It had been all she could think about. Even Harry and Ron’s conversation about the Quidditch game on Saturday had not sparked her interest. Blaise seemed to understand Ginny’s need to grasp what he had said, what was happening, because he didn’t flatten her with his normal endless chatter.

The class finished and Ginny was not surprised to find herself being one of the last students leaving the classroom. She crossed the threshold of the door and instantly felt someone gently take hold of her arm and wordlessly lead her in the same direction that Blaise had the day before. He took her into the same room that Blaise had the day before. Ginny had no idea what she thought about everything, she was no where near ready to talk to anyone about it, let alone the boy who was causing her such confusion.

“What is it with you Slytherins?” Ginny asked angrily as Draco started to close the door. “Can’t you just go up to a girl and ask her to talk to you, why do you all have to be so bloody secretive?” she asked him as she attempted to get out of the room.

“Ginny,” Draco said, his eyes begging her to stay, but Ginny didn’t know how or what to say to him.

“No,” she told him angrily. “You want to talk, you find me like a civilised person and ask to-” she started to tell him but was cut off by his lips on hers.

His kiss was so gentle and soft, but Ginny could feel the passion and want from Draco through the kiss. Draco cupped her cheek gently with one hand while the other arm was wrapped around her waist. Ginny reached up, wrapping one arm around his neck while her other hand intwined into his hair. The kiss became more intense as Draco turned them and leant Ginny against the door that was now behind her. Draco finally pulled back, looking at Ginny intensely as he stroked her cheek lovingly.

“I...I have to get to class,” Ginny told him hurriedly, reaching behind herself and opening the door, this time Draco didn’t stop her.


After his last class Draco knew he had to find Ginny. All he could think about all day was her and that kiss. No girl had ever affected him as much as Ginny had in just one kiss, in those few seconds Ginny had become all he could fathom thinking about. Draco searched the Library, a place he knew Ginny spent a lot of her time, then he went to the Gryffindor common room and bribed a fourth year to see if she was there. He checked the kitchen, out the front of the castle, and finally the Quidditch pitch and change rooms. It was like Ginny had disappeared from the castle.

Draco decided to find her at dinner later that night as he headed back to the Slytherin common room. As he walked through the dungeon hallway he noticed the lights in the Potions classroom were still on,  the doorway open slightly. Draco would have kept walking, if it weren’t for the fact that he recognised a certain voice from within the room, and it wasn’t Snape’s.

“Wouldn’t it be best to add half the bat wings, stir it three times clockwise before adding the rest and stirring twice anticlockwise?” he heard Ginny ask Snape from behind the cauldron.

“Very good Ginevra,” Snape told her proudly. Ginny smiled happily as she added half the bat wings that were in front of her.

From what Draco could say the potion she was brewing was not an easy one, he wasn’t even sure if he could have made it without Snape’s constant guidance, and yet, here was this girl, not only making it with ease, but suggesting ways of improving it.

Draco stood by the door, waiting for Ginny, but also listening to what was being said. Ginny and the Potions Professor discussed everything from the Potion they were making to how Ginny was feeling that day. Draco was shocked at how the Professor acted around the girl, Draco had only seen him at such ease with only a select few, himself being one of them.


Ginny packed up the remnants of the ingredients she had used to make the potion, having just placed it in a vial that was at the end of the bench. Snape walked up to the bench and picked up the vial, holding it up at eye level as he inspected the colour of it. He nodded before opening it to smell the contents, he close the vial and nodded again at Ginny.

“Very good Ginevra, I could not have done better myself,” he told her as he took the vial and put it in his stores.

“Thank you,” Ginny said proudly as she packed up the last of her bench. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” she called as she picked up her bag and exited to room. She was swept with Déjà Vu as she felt someone gently take her arm and lead her in the opposite direction that she had been heading and further into the Dungeons. She did not have to look up to realise who were captor, of sorts, was, the gentle hold on her arm and his unmistakable scent told Ginny that Draco Malfoy was leading her somewhere.

What worried her the most was that she had no idea what to say to him, she had still not managed to get her head wrapped around what was happening. He led her down the hallway and stopped in front of a portrait of three almost naked women feeding each other fruit. They smiled at him as he told them the password and the portrait swung open to reveal his bedroom. The walked in the Draco gently let go of her arm as the door swung shut behind them.

Draco reached forward and relieved Ginny of her bag, placing it on a hook by the door. Ginny stood looking at him, hands on hips as Draco turned to look at her. She looked at the very irresistible boy before her, his hair was half up, held by a thin black band, in a way that he usually wore, his school uniform, which looked geeky on everyone else, made him look like a male model, and his eyes just continued to draw her in.

“Again with the secretive manoeuvre, still haven’t mastered the art of being polite and asking them to talk?” Ginny asked. She really had no idea why she was angry, she had wanted to see him all day after the kiss that morning, but also hadn’t wanted to see him for fear of making a total fool of herself or not knowing what to say to him.

Draco smirked as he walked towards her, cupping her cheek as he got close enough. “Do you mind if we talk?” he asked softly, as his thumb stroked her skin.

Ginny was breathless, she struggled to remember how to talk or even how to breathe as he continued to stare down at her. She just nodded dumbly, unable to take her eyes off of his lips.

“Good,” he said before kissing her forehead softly and stepping back, and offering Ginny the chair by the desk to sit on. Ginny just nodded and sat down, hoping her intelligence would return when she sat and was further from the blonde boy.

“I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you all day,” he told her as he stood a few feet in front of her, hands in pockets, head down as if he was confessing his deepest darkest secret. He looked up at Ginny, who just stared at him, intrigued by what he had just said. “No one has ever made me feel that way before, and the girl who does is...” he stopped himself and turned from Ginny.

“What? What am I Draco that makes it so horrible?” she asked, as she stood up and stepped closer to him.

She saw Draco’s shoulder’s rise slowly and fall, showing him taking a deep breath before speaking. “You’re a Weasley,” he said softly, sounding as though he was in pain.

Ginny was dumbstruck, he had bought her in here to insult her. She could not believe how wrong she had been, she had started to believe what Blaise had said, started to believe what she truly wanted to, but now it was all shattered by those three words. Tears began to form in Ginny’s eyes as her typical Weasley temper emerged.

“And what’s wrong with that? At least we are who we say we are. At least I’m not the child of a Death Eater!” she yelled at him as he turned to look at her in a pained expression.

Draco stepped forward and attempted to place his hands on either side of Ginny but she fought him to get free.

“Don’t you understand?” he asked in a tone that was much lower that Ginny’s but still loud enough for her to stop her struggle. “I don’t care that you’re a Weasley,” he told her softly. “But my Death Eater father does,” he told her as she stopped to struggle so he could get closer to her. “If I...if he finds out that I so much as have feelings for you...for a Weasley, then it isn’t just my safety that I will be worried about,” he told her softly as he got close enough to her to cup her cheek. Ginny leaned into the touch unconsciously. He looked at her sadly as he stroked her cheek. “If anything happened to you...I would be to blame,” he told her softly. “And I can’t lose you after I only just found you,” he told her painfully as he looked down at her in a way that made Ginny’s heart break in two.

Ginny stood on her toes so that she was closer to him before lifting both her hands to frame his beautiful face. “I’m right here,” she told him, smiling up at him as she leant her forehead against his.

Draco gently pulled Ginny’s face closer to his and kissed her. The kiss was similar to the one they had had that morning, it was soft and gentle but communicated more feelings than could have been expressed through words. Draco moved Ginny backwards to the desk as lifted her up so that she was sitting on it with him between her legs. Draco waited for Ginny to stop him, to slow him down, but was surprised by the feeling of Ginny’s hands at the hem of his shirt, tugging it up.


They lay later in Draco’s bed, Ginny halfway over Draco as he stroked her back. What had surprised Draco the most had not been Ginny not stopping him, it had been the fact that she was not a virgin. She was inexperienced, that Draco could tell easily, but it had been obvious that it had not been her first experience. Draco lay there wondering whether it had been done by one of the boys she had briefly dated, or by someone else a little longer ago. Draco shuddered at the latter thought, part of him not wanting to know the answer to his question.

Draco looked over at Ginny and smiled slightly at the sight of her. He did not miss that on her wrist she had a thin black band that she had pulled out of his hair, which now hung over his face as a result.

Eventually they both got up and dressed, Draco did not miss the way that Ginny refused to look at him as they did. This only confirmed Draco’s suspicions of her inexperience. Before Draco could say anything Ginny was dressed and out the door, heading to dinner in the Great Hall. He slowly followed, deciding that she needed some space, and he would give it to her.


Ginny had been shocked, angry at herself for what she had let herself do. She wished that for once in her life she had been able to show some self control. But she had been so caught up in the moment as she kissed Draco, as she felt how he felt right up against her.

The act itself had left Ginny the most out of place. It had been wonderful, unknown, sublime, and yet left her so confused. She didn’t know whether to talk to Draco about it, or whether he would laugh at her insecurities.

Ginny did not miss that Draco had started to keep his distance. At dinner after, she kept feeling his eyes on her, but every time she would look up at him they were gone. Even in Potions he didn’t stare at her in that intrigued way as he had before, didn’t smirk at her, nothing.

Ginny resumed to live as though nothing had happened, she ignored him just as he ignored her, but still at the back of her mind she continued to wonder what he was doing at that moment, was he thinking about her?

Ginny hoped that she had not just imagined the words that Draco had said to her, that they had been real.

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