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World War III by weasley_gang
Chapter 10 : Déjà vu
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Disclaimer: I wish I did, therefore I don’t own any of the Harry Potter universe.

Previously on WWIII:

Bits of water flew off Rose’s hair in rage and Autumn wiped a little out of her face. “And we’re back to where we started from.” She sighed.

Rose cackled in mirth silently as she hid behind the doors of the Great Hall expectantly. She was hidden in the dark so she made sure she couldn’t be seen. Holding onto a string tightly, she eyed the passageway that led down to the dungeons. She had been sitting there for half an hour bursting out in random cackles at her plan that would get Malfoy back.


No, she’s not crazy. Just a Weasley.


“What on Earth are you doing, Weasley?”


Rose shrieked in surprise jumping up and to her horror, letting go off the string, which in turn loosened, letting the bucket of hippogriff dung fall down unto its unsuspecting victim – Professor McGonagall.


Rose was standing there in utter shock, her jaw falling open, as McGonagall was stock-still. Rose was still frozen when McGonagall wiped a bit of dung off her and eyed Rose with utter distaste.


Rose was still frozen when McGonagall approached and the person that shocked her said, “It was her Professor, I just came over here to ask what the hell she was doing.”


Rose whirled and glared at Scorpius. “You idiot!” She snapped, breaking out of her shocked state. “This is all your fault. If you hadn’t surprised me then it wouldn’t have fallen on Professor McGonagall! If you had just ignored me and walked through the door it would have fallen on you! You would be covered in dung, and we would all be having a great laugh, you oaf!” She poked him hard with her finger, but she pulled it back and clutched it when it collided with his rock hard muscles. “Ow.”


“Both of you. My office. NOW!” Before they could see the steam come out of McGonagall’s ears they were en route to the Headmistress’ office. But they did hear it in the form of feet as people ran away from the Headmistress – in either fear, or the stench, they didn’t know.


They silently made their way up to the office, giving each other random glares. Stopping at the Phoenix, both realised that neither had the password for the staircase.


“Idiot.” Rose muttered under her breath.


“Excuse me?” Scorpius snarled.


“Why did you have to come talk to me?” She snapped. “Why couldn’t you leave me alone?”


“You were standing behind a door randomly laughing really freakily!” Scorpius said.


“In my defence, the kitchens didn’t have green cordial. I had to make do with red!” Rose said defensively.


“How does that explain the standing behind the door?!”


“Ideas!” Rose said poking him in the chest again. “I’ve been trying to get back at you for the last week!”


“So you decide to drop dung on my head?” Scorpius exclaimed.


“It was either that or make you do a strip tease for McGonagall.” She hissed going right up in his face then backing away. “Be happy!”


Scorpius was standing there shocked. “Why do you even want to get me back anyway?” He snapped out of it.


“You water bombed me so badly I wasn’t dry for a week!” She shrieked at him. “Don’t pretend you don’t know that my hair goes super frizzy when it’s wet!”


Scorpius laughed. “And that’s your evidence I did it?”


“Well, yeah!” Rose said. “I did live with you for almost two weeks!”


“So I know just how irritating you are!” Scorpius said.


I’m irritating?” Rose snarled. “You trekked dirt and grime and mud through the room and Quidditch training wasn’t even on!”


“How do you even know I’m on the team?”


“You’re the star keeper!” She shouted. “Gryffindor can’t verse you without a meeting in the common room: if you can trip up Malfoy, please do so!”


“I’ll be happy to let my captain know that!” He shouted.


“I don’t care!” Rose said poking him again. “You do that!”


“Great Gryffindor pride.”


“My dad should be proud.”


They were standing inches away from each other. Her gaze dropped to his lips, she tried to but couldn’t avert her eyes. She managed to snap her eyes to his and time stood still. His eyes somehow had green flecks in them that she just wanted to watch.


He hesitatingly bent down and his lips brushed hers. She was tingly all the way to her toes. Standing higher on her toes they brushed lips again, this time with a bit more pressure that they both enjoyed.


“When you’re done playing tonsil hockey, follow me!” A sharp cold voice broke them apart. Rose jumped away embarrassingly, looking at the ground.


The stench drifted to her nose and Rose instinctively covered her nose.


“Rosie, darling.” McGonagall said sweetly, then reached up and snatched away Rose’s hand harshly. “You made it, you live with it.”


Rose tried to hold her breath but McGonagall just waited until Rose gasped and started coughing at the smell.


“Ha.” McGonagall said deadpan. She turned to the Phoenix and stood on the step. Rose and Scorpius followed her but tried to keep as much distance as possible. “Frogs.”


The Phoenix started moving and grating up the stone tube. Once they reached the Headmistress’ office she stormed in and they followed her silently.


McGonagall ran to her desk and started sifting through it and a rushed pace. She opened a few drawers before she sigh in relief and visibly calmed. She pulled out her wand and waved it at herself.


McGonagall was now in bright clean robes and she turned to Rose and Scorpius. “You two.”


Rose swallowed and bit her lip. She glanced up at McGonagall who was glowering.


“This behaviour is disgusting. I thought last term you would have realised what this behaviour does for you! And you, Miss Weasley! You stayed in the Slytherin rooms over the Christmas holidays. I thought you’d have the decency to have at least established a civil relationship! And you, Mr Malfoy! I know you did water bomb the Gryffindor table a few…”


Scorpius lost all track of what she was saying then. He had out of the corner of his eye glanced at Rose and now he was captivated. Her tooth was chewing her lip and it was hypnotising to watch.




“It was the French kid!” He said snapping out of it.


“Excuse me…?” McGonagall said after a deathly silence.




“If you weren’t daydreaming about French children, would you mind telling me what I just said?” McGonagall said using the old teacher’s technique of getting them to repeat back what had been said.


“Excuse me?” Scorpius offered.


McGonagall scowled. “Before that.”


“Mr Malfoy.” Scorpius said confidently.


“Mr Malfoy, would you like a detention every Saturday until Easter break?” McGonagall said her voice deepening in anger.


“No.” Scorpius said meekly.


“Then tell me what I just said.”


“That our behaviour is horrible?” Scorpius asked.


“And if it continues you will end up expelled.” McGonagall said.


“Oh.” Scorpius said nodding.


“This not to be taken lightly, Mr Malfoy!” McGonagall said.


“Stop picking on me!” He said defensively. “I nodded! That’s it! Pick on her!”


McGonagall straightened up behind her desk and sat in her chair. She sighed and said, “Sit.”


They sat in silence. Rose had stopped chewing her lip and shot Scorpius a glare. “Pick on her?” She hissed furiously.


“Sit quietly!” McGonagall said, her head leaning back, and massaging her temples.


A full five minutes later McGonagall stood and said, “I don’t know what else to do. It seems I’m going to have to write to your parents again.”


Rose’s head darted up. “What? No, you really don’t need to Professor! I’m better already! We’re better already! See?” She threw herself out of her chair and sat on Scorpius hugging him with a plastered smile on her face.


“Miss Weasley, get off Mr Malfoy.”


“But we’re friends!” Rose said sharply elbowing Scorpius.


Scorpius was thrown out of his daze of Rose sitting on him with the sharp pain in his ribs. “Oh yeah!” He said and threw his arms around her hugging her close. “Almost best buddies!”


“Really?” McGonagall said.


“Really!” Rose said nodding enthusiastically. “Why would you write to parents about friends? I mean if you did that, you’d have a lot of letters to write!”


“Miss Weasley.” McGonagall said. “If you are best friends, why did you intend to drop a load of Hippogriff dung on Mr Malfoy’s head? And get me?”


“Um.” Rose swallowed.


Scorpius jumped to her rescue. “It’s an ongoing joke! You know, play pranks on each other! None of us are actually mad!”


“OK then.” McGonagall said.


Rose sighed. Wow, McGonagall was easy to dupe.


“Then prove to me.” McGonagall continued.


“What?” They said in unison.


“Prove to me you are friends! I don’t want to see any fighting, no arguments, and no pranks! Act like friends and I’ll reconsider owling your parents!”


“We don’t even need to act like friends, we’re that close!” Rose said, crossing her legs, but then realised she was still on Malfoy. “Oops.” She said and moved off him onto her own chair.


“Alright.” McGonagall said. “Let’s see you act civil. And remember, I’ll be watching!”


Rose and Scorpius exchanged glances and left McGonagall in peace. She sighed and sifted through some paperwork before getting up and going to the staff common room.


She walked in and grinned at the teachers there. “You have every right to love me!” She announced raising her arms in the air.


“What did you do?” Neville asked.


“I have gotten us peace for the next at least month!” McGonagall said sighing and falling into a chair. “Weasley and Malfoy are pretending to be friends so I don’t write their parents.”


“Wow.” Neville said. “Are you still going to write to Draco and Ron?”


“Oh, yes of course.” McGonagall nodded. “I’ll just ask them to keep hush, hush about it. Tell them what’s going on of course.”


Neville chuckled.




“If you value your life, we’re going over there.” Rose said.


“As valuable as my life is,” Scorpius said. “You can’t afford it. So we’re going to sit over there, with my friends.”


“Your friends are idiots.” Rose hissed, ignoring the jibe he’d sent. “At least you can carry a conversation with mine.”


“Yes a conversation that goes like, ‘Merlin, that boys hair is cute! You think he likes me?’” Scorpius said pitching his voice higher.


“And your boys conversations are like, ‘Ugh. That’s a babe.’ ‘Ugh, your so right.” Rose said deepening her voice. She brought it back to normal adding, “Sorry if I forgot a few grunts.”


“Fine,” Scorpius said snarling. “Why don’t we both sit at a different table.”


“Fine.” Rose said. “With neither of our friends.”


“Alright.” Scorpius said sitting down at the Hufflepuff table and Rose sat next to him. Hufflepuff’s gave them weird looks but they both ignored them and just sat there eating.


“Eat more civilly.” Rose said disgust etched across her face, as Scorpius ripped into food. After a few more minutes of silence Rose sighed again. “You know this is the second time McGonagall has stuck us together?”


Scorpius just grunted and chewed some more salad.


“Um, what are you doing?” A blonde boy had sat across from them.


“Eating.” Rose said.


“I can see that! What are you doing here?”


“Eating.” Scorpius replied glaring at the boy.




“What is this?” Scorpius said. “20 questions?”


The blond boy scowled. “This is our table. Why don’t you go back to another table?”


“Because.” Rose said. “We’re being neutral. Neither Slytherin or Gryffindor and this was the closest table.”


“We’re not the reject house, taking in any losers. Go sit at Ravenclaw.”


“No.” Scorpius said suddenly aggravated. “We can sit wherever we want!”


“No you can’t.” The boy said harshly.


“Yes we can.” Scorpius said.


Before the blond boy could snap back, Rose tried to keep the peace. “Why do you want us gone anyway? We’re sitting quietly, not disturbing you.”


“The first years are getting freaked out. My brother is a first year.” Blondie said.


“That’s ridi-” Before Rose could finish Scorpius interrupted.


“Do them some good.” He scoffed. “They’re tiny. Gotta get some guts, let them be scared.”


“I don’t like my brother scared.” Blondie said, getting angry.


“He’ll live.” Scorpius said with a scary edge to his voice.


“You won’t.”


“You want to bet?”


“Guys! Guys!” Rose said, getting a little freaked out. “We’ll move. No need to get into a fight!”


“No, Rose, we’re not moving.” Scorpius aid.


Rose was a little stunned. That was the first time Scorpius had called her Rose since… a while. She shook herself out of it.


“C’mon.” She took his arm and tugged a little, knowing she wouldn’t actually be able to move him unless he let her. “Let’s just leave it.”


“You want to fight?” Scorpius said, ignoring Rose and her tugging. “Let’s fight.”


“This is ridic-” Rose tried again.


“Bring it.” Blondie said. “The Room of Requirement 10:00 tonight. Wizard’s Duel. My second will be Jared.”


“My second will be Bill.” Scorpius jerked his thumb at the Slytherin table.


“Excuse me?” Rose said absolutely furious. “I’m sitting right here! What about me? You think I can’t duel?”


Scorpius glanced at her and didn’t amend his words.


Blondie held out his hand and Scorpius shook it. Rose was so furious her nose was flaring and she grabbed Scorpius and pulled him up, to both their surprise. She looked at Blondie and said, “Excuse us. We’ll see you there.”


Rose pulled Scorpius out of the Great Hall and kept pulling him under the stairs into a secret passageway. It was there she whirled around.


“You idiot! We could have just moved! You went and made a duel? Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!” Rose said angrily. “And you couldn’t have had at least the decency to choose me? Do you hate me that much I can’t even fight? Or is it because I’m a girl? Or Gryffindor? Take your pick!”


“You could’ve gotten hurt.” Scorpius said simply.


Rose was surprised for a moment before covering it up. “You – we – I’m going to be there! And you can’t stop me! You do realise that to be a second is for you to die? So there is no way I could get hurt unless you’re stupid enough to die!”


Scorpius furrowed his eyebrows wondering if she had just paid him a compliment.




“Quiet.” Rose said and kicked Scorpius’ shin.


He held back a squeal of pain and glared daggers at Rose. They were almost at the seventh floor corridor, which lead to the Room. Once they were there Rose pushed ahead and walked by three times.


I want a place to fight. I want a place to fight. I want a place to fight.


A door materialised and Rose grinned and walked in, Scorpius following her. Nobody was there yet as far as they could see.


It was a long dark room with stonewalls. As soon as Rose thought it was a bit too dark and dank fire lamps glowed and the dank feeling disappeared. She smiled and looked at Scorpius who was glancing around suspiciously.


“What are you doing?” Rose asked, watching him.


“Something’s not right…” He said slowly walking to the other end of the room his wand out.


Rose made to say something but suddenly got pushed in the back so she fell over. She screamed as she fell and landed on her palms. She rolled over and threw her hair out of her face and saw a wisp of blond hair escape through the door, as it slammed shut. Her jaw fell open.


Rose looked behind her and saw Scorpius standing there dumbfounded.




Rose stood up and tried to open the door to find it locked. She looked at Scorpius. “Is that possible? To lock the door? I mean this room gives you everything you want. Can’t we just think I want to leave?”


“I don’t know!” He said. He walked and tried the door pushing and pulling violently. At her questioning look, Scorpius said, “I’m not being stuck in a room with you again. We all know what happened last time.”


“Yeah.” Rose nodded. “I told you one of my most humiliating moments.”


Scorpius laughed. “Yeah, that.”


“Wait.” Rose said. “I’ll just try thinking to be let out.”


“It’s not going to –” Scorpius tried to say but Rose held a hand to his face and silenced him, squinting her eyes shut.


I want to leave. I want to leave. I want to leave.


Rose peeked open one eye to see Scorpius watching her unhappily. “Try the door.”


He tried it. “Not working.”


“Ugh!” Rose said. “Let me.”


“You’re definitely not stronger then me, you know?”


“Yes I know, Mr Muscles.” Rose scowled. “I want to see what’s blocking it. If it’s done in a muggle way we might not be able to magic our way out of it. Some thing’s done the muggle way can’t be undone by magic and vice versa.”


“I know. I have gone to the same school for the same amount as you.” Scorpius said.


“Well, your body might have been present, I’m just not so sure about your mind.” Rose said and pulled on the door.


Scorpius was about to say something but stopped himself.


Rose pushed and pulled at the door for about 5 minutes before coming to a conclusion. “He’s tied rope around the door handles.”


Scorpius sighed and sat down against a wall. It was hard so he asked for a cushion, but a couch materialized with a fire in the wall. He shrugged. “That’ll do.”


“Don’t relax!” Rose said. “Help me!”


“What do you want me to do to help?” He asked not moving from his position on the couch. He thought for a drink and a bottle of firewhisky appeared on the table. He perked up and tasted it. “Yum.”


“For one, stop getting wasted.” She scowled. “We’re going to work our way out of this.”


Half an hour later Rose was lying down on the couch, her feet in Scorpius’ lap and she was holding onto a bottle of firewhisky.


“And then she pulled his pants down in front of the whole family!” Scorpius hiccuped with laughter.


Rose threw her head back and laughed. Suddenly she stopped and her face grew serious. “Merlin!”


“What?” Scorpius said.


“Bill!” Rose said.


“What about him?”


“You said he was your second! So he should be here, shouldn’t he?” Rose asked nervously, sitting up.


“Yeah.” Scorpius said confused. “He should. He said he was going to meet me here.”


“But he’s not here!” Rose whined and put her head in her hands. She suddenly stood up. “I’m not going to stay in here forever.”


She put her fingers up to her temples and massaged them thinking I want an axe. I want an axe. I want an axe.


She looked around and saw one lying on top of the fireplace shelf. Rose grinned evilly and picked it up.


Scorpius gulped. “You look oddly terrifying with that.”


Rose laughed. She put on an evil face and posed with the axe. “Yes, I’m the Hogwarts Axe Murderer.”


Scorpius laughed. “What are you going to do? Break down the door?”


“Oh yeah.” Rose said advancing menacingly towards the door. She raised it and swung back to throw it forward, but it loosened out of her grip.


She twisted to see Scorpius duck as the axe flew over his head and landed in the wall behind him.


Scorpius was giving her a shocked look. Rose bit her lip and said, “Oops.”


When Rose reached for it Scorpius held his hand in front of her. “Um, I think not. I’ll do it.”


“I can!” Rose said reaching to take it from Scorpius.


“NO!” Scorpius held it out of her reach. “For all of our safety. No.”


Rose scowled. “All right then. Go.”


Scorpius took the axe and swung it at the door. A large dent was made in the door and Scorpius pulled it out again. He attacked the door again and again.


“Goddamn it!” He swore. “It’s not working.”


“I can see that!” Rose said snatching the axe away from him. She had a few goes making a couple more dents. “Oh Merlin!”


Rose got the axe and aimed at the tiny gap between the doors. She slid the axe down and sawed at the rope. “I got it!” She shrieked.


“What?” Scorpius said. He pulled at the door and it opened to the hallway.


Rose jumped up and down happily squealing. The axe clattered to the floor. She ran out of the room hugging the wall outside the Room.


“How fantastic is this?” She said jumping happily. She hugged Scorpius. “It’s so déjà vu!”


“I know.” He nodded, hugging her back.


Rose started rambling and walking towards the Great Staircase, overjoyed. “What was that an hour? 45 minutes? So much better then last time! We were stuck there for like 2 hours! I’m actually hungry now and sleepy. Actually we could have stayed in there. The accommodation is much better then the Slytherin 7th year’s boy’s bathroom. Poor Mandy! Locking us in the bathroom like that! How are she and Ed? I hope they’re happy together. It’s like the fates want us to be together, so bad!”


“Maybe we should.” Scorpius said as he followed her.


“… Three eyed fate from Herc-” Rose froze, just hearing what Scorpius had said while she’d been rambling. She turned around with her foot still on the first step to the Gryffindor common room. “What?” She asked softly.


“Maybe we should.” Scorpius swallowed and hesitatingly continued. “Be together. If the fates want us to be, that much.”


A/N: What do you think? Please do tell your thoughts in a review! I reply to all reviews!

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World War III: Déjà vu


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