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Mistakes Worth Making by Eridanus
Chapter 1 : One.
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A/N: This is a Victoire/Teddy/Dominique fic written for thetofuu_beaver's Jane Austen challenge. It's based on Louisa Musgrove's false ideas that Frederick Wentworth likes her because he's agreeable towards her, but none of the other characters are based on Anne Eliot or anyone else in the book.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or the plot for Persuasion in any way

Chapter One

Dominique Weasley was buzzing as the Hogwarts Express pulled into the station; it had been a long term that involved a lot of cramming for her OWLs and copious amounts of caffeinated drinks just to keep her up to do the actual tests. Coming home for the summer was exactly what she needed. As she bade her friends and roommates goodbye with promises of letters and hugs all around, her mind was already on seeing her family and being back home at Shell Cottage. Despite their expanding family her parents had been loath to leave their first home together and so a few necessary additions had had to be constructed in order to house the family comfortably. Needless to say, it was growing to be more and more like The Burrow every day.

When the train screeched to a stop Dominique was one of the first passengers to bound onto the platform. In her exuberance to get to her family she weaved quickly through the throngs of people with a practiced expertise, and it wasn’t long before she was wrapped in her mother’s arms.

‘Ah, ma chérie, Eet ees wonderful to see you.’

‘And you mum,’ she said as she bounded over to her father. He enveloped her in his arms, grateful to have his little girl back.

‘How are you, my beautiful girl? Those bloody OWLs didn’t take too much out of you, did they?’

‘Nope. You know I wouldn’t let them,’ Dominique said with laughter in her voice. ‘Oh look, It’s Teddy and Victoire!’

She had turned round just in time to see her sister and their family friend disembark from the train in a more leisurely, but no less eager manner than herself. Victoire waved over at her parents excitedly and Teddy acknowledged all three of them with a nod, before parting ways with Victoire to go and say hello to his godfather. Dominique spotted where he was headed and jogged through the growing throng to join him. Teddy arrived just ahead of Dominique and soon they were both being enveloped in embraces from various family members.

‘So, how are our two workers?’ Harry questioned, because whilst Dominique had been doing her OWLs, Teddy had been completing his education with a rather testing round of NEWTs.

‘Considerably worse for wear than Victoire was this time last year, but I suppose we can’t all love the library like the Ravenclaws do,’ Dominique grinned teasingly. Teddy’s only response was to smirk and tinge his face a very ill-looking shade of green. This was received with a bout of laughter from their good-natured relatives.

‘Not unless you’re your Aunt Hermione, Dom, I’ve never seen anyone more attached to “Hogwarts a History”,’ this quip came from Uncle Harry and from what Dominique could gather it happened to be very true, although if Aunt Hermione had been here Dominique doubted that it would’ve been said. She was very touchy when it came to “Hogwarts a History”.

‘I’ll see you all tonight then at Grandma Weasley’s?’

‘Of course, Dom, you know how we all love a good Weasley-potter-lupin reunion.’ Aunt Ginny said somewhat sarcastically, because as she knew well nothing particularly wonderful ever came from a reunion involving the entire family. It was usually Uncle Percy’s fault, not that he could help it, the rubbish that came out of his mouth didn’t seem to register with his brain. To be honest he was just a bit cringey, your stereotypical dancing dad with two left feet.

‘Don’t I know it.’

‘You coming too, Teddy?’

‘Would I ever miss a chance to see you, Dom?’

‘Oh, I don’t think anyone would,’ she teased back and with that Dominique made her way back across the platform to where Louis, Victoire and her parents were waiting and chatting about the events at home and at Hogwarts.

‘Everyone’s going to be there tonight.’

‘Even Teddy?’ Bill and Fleur shared a knowing glance at Victoire’s question; she seemed to be growing particularly attached to Teddy Lupin lately. It was only a matter of time.

‘Yeah, everyone, although come to think about it I’m not so sure about Uncle Charlie, nobody mentioned anything.’

‘I’d put money on it that nobody will have any idea what Charlie’s doing until he apparates into the middle of the living room,’ Bill Weasley spoke fondly of his favourite brother.

‘We must be going, everyone ees leaving now and you three have to get unpacked before this evening.’ This was the unfortunate reality of having a mother who was a stickler for keeping the house tidy; sometimes you just had to be jealous of the organised chaos that was Grandma Weasley’s house.

Dominique sat downstairs waiting alongside Louis and her mum and dad for Victoire to appear. Merlin knows why the only one of Bill and Fleur’s children who seemed to have inherited any trace of Veela blood needed so long to get ready. Dominique on the other hand, who insisted that her lack of the Veela gene was evident due to her Weasley red hair and freckles, was always on time, as were the Bill and Louis, which was probably what led to Louis’ outburst.

‘Victoire! If you don’t hurry up we’re apparating without you!’

‘I think you’re forgetting that Victoire can legally apparate herself now; that’s not much of a threat Louis,’ Dominique laughed at her brother’s attempt to get them going. A few minutes later Victoire entered the living room with all the grace and fluidity that Dom swore had to be another one of those flipping Veela traits.

‘I do love parties,’ Victoire said, sighing as she did so.

‘We all do, but if it was down to you we’d never get to any. You’re so slow.’

‘You always were a moaner, Louis,’ Victoire remarked sticking her tongue out at him playfully, ‘but I’m ready to go now, so don’t hold us back any longer.’

‘Eef you are finished,’ Fleur said glaring at her warring children, ‘Victoire can apparate to the Burrow herself and I will take Dominique. Louis you can go with your father.’

‘But mum I wanted to take Dom, she hasn't apparated with me at all yet. Can't Dom and I go together?’

Fleur looked over at Dominique who was already making her way towards her sister,’ Well, eef either of you end up getting splinched, do not come crying to me.’

And with that they were off. Dominique held her breath, apparating always made her feel queasy, although she would be surprised if Victoire’s apparition skills were anything less than perfect. The journey went faultlessly and the family soon found themselves scurrying up the higgledy-piggledy path that led to the back garden of the Burrow.

‘Look who it is, the French Weasley clan.’ This was what they were greeted with as they rounded the corner to the unusually tidy back garden; Uncle Percy was still guffawing at his own “joke” as Bill greeted him. He truly was a hopeless case Dominique thought, shaking her head.

Dominique looked on at the scene in front of her, it may have been an end of term party, but Teddy Lupin was the man of the hour. He was sitting jauntily at the table wearing a ridiculous party hat and enjoying himself immensely. At least he was still showing some Gryffindor pride with his hair colour, not that the maroon and gold stripes he was sporting were in any way attractive. Victoire swanned off to join Teddy, and Dominique decided it was time to track down her favourite cousin Molly, who despite having been raised by Uncle Percy had managed to avoid turning out like him and found him even more embarrassing than the rest of the family, as is often the case with daughters and their fathers.

‘Merlin save me! My dad needs to be committed to Saint Mungo’s.’ It looked like Molly had found Dominique first.

‘All I’m saying is at least you had Aunt Audrey.’ This reduced the two girls to giggles. Even though Molly was two years Dominique’s junior and Uncle Percy’s daughter the two of them were great friends. She was the relative closest in age to Dom apart from her sister and although she loved Victoire, well what could you say, she was Victoire.

‘Victoire looks like she’s getting a bit carried away with herself over there,’ Molly said gesturing over towards the other side of the garden.

Dom looked over in the direction Molly was indicating only to see her sister literally draped over Teddy and he looked to be a little more than uncomfortable. Whether this was because Victoire was throwing herself at him in front of the whole family or because she was doing it at all had yet to be determined, but either way Dominique had to say it was practically incestuous.

‘Oh my word, she's sitting on him! Why in the name of Godric is she sitting on him?’ Molly said just when Victoire didn’t think it could get any worse.

‘How am I supposed to know, Molly? To draw attention to herself?’

‘Maybe, she's high. Yes, Dom, that's probably it! Your sister is a druggie! Thank Merlin for that, I thought she was a man eater, but I was wrong. She's just high. All you need to do is send her to rehab.’

‘Somehow, I don't think that's the problem Molly...’

‘How do you explain it then?’ Molly asked sullenly. She had been quite set on her own explanation.

‘Maybe, just maybe, she fancies Teddy.’

‘No! She can't! Victoire and Teddy. Teddy and Victoire. It doesn't even sound right!’

‘Well, if it doesn't sound right then there's no chance she fancies him. That must be a hallucination sitting on top of Teddy and whispering in his ear as he tries to nudge her off. It's very nice of Teddy to play along.’ Dominique once again pointed over in the direction of Teddy and Victoire.

‘Ok, you've made your point! What should we do?’

‘Don't ask me!’

‘But you're her sister, it's your duty to save her from total public humiliation.’

‘She won't listen to me!’

‘Then we could just pour a bucket of water over her and solve the problem immediately. She needs a bit of cooling off.’

‘If we did that that would be our death warrant signed, sealed and delivered.’

‘That's a chance we'll have to take, Dom. If you aren't prepared to do it for Vic, then think of Teddy. Look at him, the poor bloke! He's just sitting there rigid as a board as your sister strokes his arm. He's flipping terrified.’

‘Go on then, we're going to have to do something, she's managed to attract the whole family's attention and she'll be more embarrassed if it's mum wrenching her off Teddy than us.’

‘Exactly, at least this way she'll be able to stay in a state of blissful ignorance. We'll just be two conniving little bitches after her man, not doing anything so far fetched as looking out for her welfare.’

‘God forbid we did that. Well hurry up Molly, the sooner we do it the better.’

It was a delicate situation, at this point everyone was trying desperately to avert their eyes from what was going on at the dining table. Sadly most were failing and the last thing that was needed was Victoire making a scene whilst Molly and Dom tried to salvage what was left of her dignity. Teddy looked like he was trying to coax Victoire off him gently, but this girl needed a firm hand. Somebody with ambition like hers really belonged in Slytherin. Scratch that, nobody deserved to be in Slytherin, that lot had a terrible reputation.

‘You can do the talking, because you know if I do it I’ll end up being the worst thing since Voldemort.’ Molly laughed at this declaration; she completely understood sisterly affection, or rivalry, depending on what way you looked at it.

Victoire didn’t notice Molly and Dom approaching her from across the garden, and so when they arrived she was sitting on the edge of Teddy’s garden chair and running her fingers through his newly stripy hair.

‘Alright, Victoire? Teddy?’ At Molly’s words Victoire jumped up from where she had been perched, evidently she had thought she was being subtle. This was getting worse by the second.

‘Oh, right, yep, I’m fine Molly… Did you want something?’

‘Lily’s been asking after you for ages, do you want to come and see her with me?’ Victoire's embarrassment was working to their advantage and everything was going smoother than expected.

‘I suppose I could, I haven’t seen her in ages.’ Victoire was obviously mortified at being caught out and left swiftly with Molly when she suggested it, leaving Dom to try and get the story out of Teddy.

‘Merlin,’ Teddy ran his fingers through his own hair to fix the mess Victoire had made, ‘what brought that on?’

A/N: Alright, so I've taken a few liberties with ages and such just to make the story run a bit smoother and I though this would be a good opportunity to give you a run-down of everyone's ages;
Teddy has just finished Hogwarts age 19, Victoire is 18 and the year below and Dominique is 16 and the year below that - her birthday is on the way this summer.
Molly is 15 and just finished her third year along with Louis.
Lucy and Fred completed first year in June, James has just finished his second year and Albus, Scorpius and Rose will start Hogwarts this September.

Again, I know that my ages aren't exactly right for the age groups I've put them in, but it's what I need for the story ^_^.

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