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Looney and the Prince of Darkness by Megadeth_wizard
Chapter 1 : Luna's Dream
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Luna’s (POV)

I was walking in the hall to my common room. When I got to a fork in the hall I went the usual way, but when I passed another hall someone grabbed me and pushed me against the wall. He pinned me on the wall and started sucking on my neck. When he did that I started moaning, but he didn’t stop there, he got his free hand
( because the other was holding me to the wall) and starting to go up my right leg. I knew that I should have stopped him but for some strange reason..... I let him do it. I moaned some more and then when he reached my area he started caressing it. Man, the feeling was great. I wanted to see the face of the man who was doing it to me, so when I opened my eyes and looked up it was----

"MORNING SUNSHINE!!!!" Then a she threw a pillow hit my face.
"Ahhhhhh. Come on. Its morning!"
"Oh, just shut up Cho!"
"(sigh) Now.... don’t you make me summon a bucket of water to wake you up. You do know it Monday, don’t you?"
"Yes, yes I do know, but I want to sleep more."
"Come on Luna. Just get up."
"Okay, okay I’m up."

Yes I Luna Lovegood had a sex dream. But honestly, hasn’t everyone had it at my age? But still... I wanted to see his face even though it was a dream. But oh well. So I got up went to the bathroom and got ready. When I got out Cho was already done. I was really happy that Chow accidentally got held back. She and I were and still are best friends.

"Finally. I thought you died in there." Cho said sarcastically.
"Har Har Chow."
"Okay enough of making fun of you, lets go eat I’m hungry."
"Okay. Lets go."

We went out to the hall and went to the Great Hall. We sat our usual seats started eating. When I got my breakfast I saw that Chow was eyeing Harry and Hermione. Yes, even though Harry and Cho broke up she still had feelings about him. But I’m still pretty shocked at the fact that a Hufflepuff would go out with a Slytherin. I know, I know. You thought that during the thousand years that this school was open there might have been one person that would go out with the other houses mortal enemy. But there was never even one couple until Chow and Harry. And now there is a Gryffindor and Slytherin going out. Their houses really hate them for going out, but they still had their same friends, but Gryffindor and Slytherin are still hoping that they well brake up soon.

"So did you finish your essay for Potions?" I asked to get Chos mind out of the gutter.
"What? Oh yes." She said finally getting her mind off Harry.
"Great. So what do you want to do?"
"Well I was planning on finishing my breakfast and going to class. What about you?"
So we ate our breakfast and went to class.
"Well I got to go to Pot ions. See ya Luna."
"See ya."

When Cho left I went to Potions, but on my way there I saw Hermione and Harry kissing goodbye because they had different classes. After they were done kissing Harry left, and Hermione saw me.

"Oh, hey there Luna."
"Hey there Hermione. Anything new?"
"No. But is Cho mad at me?"
"I don’t think so. Why?"
"Because she was giving me like ‘I am going to kill you’ look."
"Oh that. Well she didn’t have enough sleep so she may have looked like that, but don’t worry Hermione she’s your friend right?"
"Ya, your right. I must be paranoid."
"Probably. So are you ready for the dance on Friday?"
"Ya. Are you?"
"I don’t think I well be going, well unless Cho wants me to go there too."
"Okay well I guess that we should be getting to class or else Professor McGonagall well turn us into goldfish."
"Ya, lets go."

- ~ -

We had to run to class to be on time. When we got there we took our seats and when Professor McGonagall got to class and sat on her desk and waved her wand to collect all of the essays that was assigned to us on Friday last week.

"Good morning class." McGonagall called to the rest of the class.
"Good morning Professor McGonagall." the rest of the class replied.
"Well I should guess that all of you know of the Winter Ball on Friday."

Everyone nodded.

"Well then, the dance well be in the Room of Requirements and everyone well have to bring a mask." McGonagall told the class.
"Why do we have to wear masks?" Lavender asked without raising her hand.
"Well it’s very simple Miss Brown. It adds to the mystery of your dance partner." McGonagall told her.
"But I thought that we go with our dates Professor." Hermione asked.
"Oh no Miss Granger, everyone that well be attending the dance well come alone and dance with other people at the Ball." McGonagall explained to the class
"So if we can’t see the face of our dancer, can’t we just pulled their masks off or just ask their names?" a student from the front row asked.
"Well there will be a spell in the Room of Requirements to block out the voice if your dance partner if you or they asked for you name or vis versa, and for the mask part there will be another spell to make the mask to be stuck on you until the dance if over or you leave." explained McGonagall.

Everyone groaned at the things that well be the dance.

"Now" McGonagall continued, "if you are all done we have to work on today’s lesson. It well be transfiguring non-living objects into living objects."

The rest of the class we just worked on turning a twig into a worm. Hermione got it in only the first few minutes of class then McGonagall told her that she could work on her homework for today. It was a 4 foot essay on transfiguring different non-living objects into worms. I got done with the twig and worm thing around the middle of class, then I joined Hermione on the homework. We worked on it until the end of class.

"Ok class the 4 foot essay on transfiguring different non-living objects into worms well be due on Thursday." McGonagall told the class as they packed up to go.
"Man that sucks."Lavender told Luna.
"About.....?" I asked.
"That we can’t bring a date, and I already got a person to bring me."
"Well that does suck, who were you bring?"
"Wow. Sucks to be you."
"Oh shut up Luna."
"Come on. Cant I use a little humor in this?"
"No. You can’t."

We both laughed, then Lavender went to Potions and I went to Herbiology.

- ~ -

On my way to Herbiology someone called my name.


I turned around to see who it was and it and it none other then the womanizing asshole Ronald Weasley.

"What do you want Ron?"
"I just wanted to walk you to your class."
"Well I don’t want you to walk me to my next class."
"Oh come on baby." then he took his hand and touched my butt.
"Holy shit!" and I slapped him across the face, "What the fuck do you think you are doing you mother fucking molester!?!?"
"What! All I did was a little touch on your butt."
"Well if you ever do that to me again I well kick you so hard that you well never have children!"
"Okay, okay. Sheesh."
"Okay good. No get out of my way. I’m going to be late for class."

Ron won’t move so I kicked him on his shin and went on my way.

- ~ -

Herbiology was boring all that everyone did was talk about the Winter Ball. And while the other students that were actually doing their work had no homework because all they had to do was plant a few plants, and the students that weren’t doing anything had to write a 2 foot essay on plant essay. Haha, losers.

Well when Herbiology was done I went to lunch. And while I was on my way I met up with Cho.

"Hey Chow." I called out.
"Oh hey there Luna." She replied.
"So anything new?"
"No, but did you hear about the dance?" Cho asked.
"Ya, and what about it?"
"Oh, well, then that means we don’t have to go with the pressure of asking a guy to the dance."
"Wait...... what do you mean by we?" I asked.
"Well aren’t you going?"
"Well I am not planning on going if that is what you mean."
"Come on Luna. Please go."
"Why should I?"
"Well if you are not going for anyone, can you at lest go with me?"
"I don’t know."
"Please, please, please, please, please, pleeeeeeeeeeeease."
"Okay, okay. If it well make you stop whinnying I’ll go."
"Yaaaaa. Okay so what are you going to wear?"
"Well since I wasn’t planning on going, I really don’t know."
"Well that’s okay. We are having a special Hogsmade visit on Thursday, for the dance."
"I have a feeling that this is going to go bad."
"Oh your just paranoid Luna."
"I don’t know."

The rest of the day went by pretty fast after that. Damn it. Every time I have a feeling the day just passes by. And the next day went by pretty fast, and the next day until it was Thursday.

- ~ -

"Come on Luna. Since tomorrow is the dance the headmaster cancelled all classes today and we can go to hogsmade early today. So get up." said Cho.
"But I don’t want to wake up." I told her.
"Well then I guess that means I well have to get the bucket again."
"You wouldn’t." I said.
"Oh yes I would." She said and I knew that she had a smirk on.
"Fine then! I’m up happy new!"
"Very." Cho said with a smile.

I got up and went to the bathroom and got ready for the Hogsmade visit. When I was out Cho was ready and told me to hurry or I’ll be late for the trip. When I got to the carriages that were taking us to Hogsmade me and Cho got on, and when we got on we both heard voices...

"Hey, is it okay if we can ride with you?" said voice that was a male.

When I turned my head I saw that it was Harry and Hermione.

"Um. Well it’s fine with me. What about you Cho?"
"Oh, um, sure." Cho said.
"Thanks." Harry and Hermione said.

They both got in the carriage and then Cho and I got on. Harry and Hermione sat on the opposite side of me and Chow. I was staring out the window and hearing the birds chirping the ride was quiet. And when we got off Harry and Hermione said thanks and then were on their way.

"So. Where do you want to go Cho?" I asked, because Cho was staring at Harry.
"......." she didn’t say anything.
"Cho!" I yelled.
"Oh, what? On well we should go to the new dress shop by the Three Broomsticks." she replied.
"Okay then, lets go."

We got to the shop, and we did some shopping. Cho got a dress that was yellow greenish and I got a dress that was dark blue and has a shade of black on it. Once we were done with the shopping( that was a few hours) we went to the Three Broomsticks and had a drink of firewhisky. Which was pretty hard for it to go down your throat. After that we just talked about stuff and went to the carriages that were waiting for everyone to pick up. This time when we got on nobody go on with us.

"(sigh) finally today is over." I told in relief.
"Haha Luna. Very funny." Cho said.
"Well once I get back to Hogwarts I am going to bed."
"Well I guess you should rest up. I don’t want to wake you up again for the dance."
"Jezz. I thought you forgot."
"After all the shopping we did. Ya right."
"Ya, I guess you are right."

Just talked about the dance until we got back to Hogwarts. And it was already night when we got there too. Exactly how long were we at Hogsmade? Well once we got back I went to my common room and went to my room and slept. Dreading what well be in stored for me tomorrow.

- ~ -

I had a dreamless night. When I woke up it was pretty early. The sun just started to rose. I just stayed in my bed for a few minutes and got up to go to the bathroom. I got ready and went to the Great Hall to eat my breakfast. I sat in my seat and when I got there I saw Ron flirting with Lavender Brown. Despicable. Well I got my breakfast and eat. While I was eating I saw Cho.

"Hey, good morning Cho." I said.
"Hey, I finally see you before I get here. Wow. This must be a miracle."
"Oh shut up, and eat."
"Oh okay."

Cho sat down and ate. After she was done( I was done before her) we went to our class. We said good bye and went to class. When I got to transfiguration I took my seat and pulled out my essay. Professor McGonagall went to her desk and took out her wand and collected all the essays.

"Well I guess that you are all very fortunate in having an extra day to do your homework. I well have no excuses on not having your homework done." McGonagall told the class.

We worked on transfiguring cups into rats and owls all class. And after that I went to my next class and then the next class until it was the end of the day and I had to get ready and wait for Cho to get ready too, then we would go to the dance. All that took about 2 hours because Cho had to get the perfect shoes to fit her dress. After that we went to the Room of Requirements and went in. Everyone had masks on, and you couldn’t tell anyone from anyone. Me and Cho went to take seats on a table and just sat there until a few minutes passes by and a boy asked Cho to dance, and she happily accepted. I waited there alone until a person asked to sit by me.

"Excuse me. Is it ok if I sit by you?" the stranger asked.
"Oh, um...... sure I guess."
We sat there for a while in silence until he asked....

"So why are you here?"
"Oh you know being force here against my free will. You?"
"Pretty much the same thing."

We both laughed and then after that we talked for a while and then something happened out of nowhere. A mistletoe appeared above us.

"Did you do this?" I asked him.
"No. I thought you did this." he told me.
"Well I didn’t do this." I told him.

I looked into his emerald eyes and I saw that he wasn’t lying.

"Well you do know it is tradition to kiss while under the mistletoe." I said while blushing.
"Well I guess since it is tradition, it wouldn’t hurt. Right?" he said.

I was about to say "right" but before I could say it he pressed his lips on my own. My eyes were opened when he did it but when he did that I closed my eyes and then out of nowhere, he opened his mouth and gently rubbed his tongue on my lower lip. He wanted in, and I wasn’t going to stop him. I opened my mouth and his tongue intertwined together. When we were kissing I was moaning every now and then, but he just kept at it. We went who knows how long, but we only stopped to catch our breath and then we were back at it. After a few minutes I was yanked apart from the masked boy. After we were yanked apart we opened our eyes and saw that our masks were off. How could that be? I thought there was a spell to keep the mask on until the dance was over? But that really didn’t matter, we both saw each other faces. I saw that the person that I kissed was Harry. Oh my fucking god. Harry Potter. Harry Potter the Slytherin. Harry Potter the boy that is going out with Hermione Granger, and the one that Cho Chang still had feelings for. Oh god. I am going to be killed.

I was dragged away from Harry, and I bet that I could see Harry was trying to catch up to me ( clearly he didn’t see me). But I was dragged faster and Harry was blocked by people in a crowd. When I was out of the Room of Requirements I saw the person that was dragging me. It was Cho. Oh shit. I’m screwed. Well I was dragged to our common room. And we sat by the fire that was always on and sat on the chairs that were by the fire.

We didn’t talked for a while. It was every a awkward moment. After what seemed like an eternity Cho finally talked.

"Why did you kiss him?" she asked.
"Well we were talking and then there was a mistletoe and the we kissed." I told her truthfully.

She looked straight at me. And then she finally accepted that I told the truth.

"Okay. I believe you." she said.
"Thank you Cho." I told her.
"But promise me that you well not do that again, promise?" she asked.
"Why, I thought you didn’t like him anymore?" I asked her.

Cho was silent again. Damn it. I did it again.

"Well I thought you knew that I still had feelings about him." she was on the verge of tears.
"Oh. Sorry. I didn’t know." and right after I said that she bursted into tears. "Okay, okay. Please stop crying. I promise that I well never do that again."
"You promise?" she asked.
"Yes I promise. Just stop crying, please."
"Okay(sniff). Thank you Luna."
"No problem Cho."

Cho smiled and then I smiled to comfort her.

"Well"– I went on "I guess it is getting late. I’m going to bed, so good night Cho." I said.
"Ok. Night Luna.

We both went to our room and got dressed to go to sleep, but I couldn’t sleep. I was thinking about Harry and that kiss.
Hello everybody. well i got some very hurtful emails saying that this sucks, well let me tell you people something. you are right. this is my first story and i basically suck at it. so i edited this story and the 2nd chapter may be out soon i really have no idea. but if i missed anything just tell me. thank you and have a nice day. 

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