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Vanilla Spice by EffyFoSho
Chapter 4 : Scary Kisses
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A/N: Third chapter? :]  Enjoy!
Amazing and beautiful chapter image by Ayesha @ TDA =]


Hally appears wearing skinny jeans and a simple grey vest top, looking far more casual than I am. Apparently, she refused (quite violently I am told) to be made up in any more than mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss.

I, however, was given the full works. Black eyeliner, liquid and crayon, lip gloss, blusher, a thick coat of mascara, black eyeshadow and a smidgen of concealer.

Oh, yeah,

And Dominique curled my freaking eyelashes.

Hally smirks at me. “Should have done what I did.”

“And what was that, exactly?”

“Bat-bogey hex.”


“I know.” She grins evilly, shooting a quick glance at Katie who was fussing over herself in the mirror, looking extremely pissed.

“You like?” Dom asks, twirling around, dressed in a short flower printed dress, her red hair slightly curled.

“Looking good, Weasley.”

 “Why, thankyou, Hally,” Dom beams at her, then turns to the bathroom, glowering fiercely.  “Katie, get your arse out here! We’re already twenty minutes late.”

Katie waltzes into the room, her legs on full display in a short leather skirt.

“Rawr, Katie, you sexy mong,” Dominique purrs.

“Sexy mong?!”



Right, we’ve walked up and down this corridor three times.

I mean, what the hell?

“Where are we going?” I ask.

“Room of Requirement. Can’t have the teachers finding us, can we?”


I stop.

“The teachers don’t know?” I gasp.

So sue me, I don’t like being told off.

“They know something’s going on, but don’t seem to care,” replies Hally, dismissing the subject with a wave of her hands.

“Mmm. Just don’t get caught, yeah?”

“But won’t w-,”

“Aha! Found it,” Dom rushes to a door which I swear was not their earlier.  I blink.

Dom pulls it open to reveal a dingey corridor with a door at the end. We walk in when a tall guy blocks our view. “You’re fifth year, right?” He asks.

“Yeah, no need to worry, Spence,” Katie replies, batting her lashes.

No way.

They have a bouncer?

“There’s a bouncer?”

“Yeah, that’s Spencer. Seventh year.”

“Right-io.” I say lamely. I mean, what else could I say?

There was a bouncer.

As we got closer to the door, it was obvious loud music was playing. It opened to reveal a proper looking nightclub; dance floor, dark with flashing lights, drinks on a table and even an upstairs clad with sofas and chairs, obviously for ‘privacy,’ as there were a couple of settees down here. Students were either dancing, drinking or lounging on the sofas.

Dom bounds over to the middle of the dancefloor, shoving people out the way, and Katie tags behind, murmuring ‘sorrys’ at the people who are glaring at Dom. I giggle and make my way towards them. Dom grabs my hand and proceeds to spin me around while ignoring the boy who’s sidling up to her, obviously begging for a dance.

“Mollie?” Katie asks, looking around the room in confusion. “Where the hell’s Hally?”

I look around too, letting go of Dom’s hand which, truth be told, had gotten rather hot and sweaty. “I think she went to get a drink. I’ll go get her!” And then I stumble off, slightly dizzy from all the crazy spinning, ignoring the ‘steady there’ from the nicer people and the ‘watch out, boozy’ from the, well, bitches.

I spot Hally right away, seeing as she is one of the few people not moving, instead opting to sit in a chair, looking sulky. “Hally, Hally, Hally,” I call, in a sing-song voice but she ignores me, except maybe to flash a glare at a two people having a snog fest a couple of seats away from her. “Get a room- ew! Is that Geoff?!”

I think I just threw up in my mouth.

He pulls his face off a girl and looks from a disgusted me to a moody Hally, bewildered. “Sup, Mollie,” he slurs and the girl beneath him giggles. “James was looking for you.”

“He was?” I say, my face brightening, but Geoff has already returned to his previous engagement. I turn to Hally, all ready to give her the ‘what can you do’ shrug, but she’s abandoned her chair for the rather large drinks table.

I catch up with her.  “You like him,”

Hally nods slowly, even though it wasn’t a question, her hand reaching out for the nearest bottle of alcohol. “I’m going to dance. You coming?” She grunts and, without waiting for my reply, she makes her way back to Dom and Katie, vodka in hand, every so often chugging it back. I follow her. A hand touches my shoulder and I turn my head to see who it is.


Of course.

“I like your shoes.”

I look down at my scuffed, cheap, white plimsolls. James looks down, too, apparently noticing for the first time.

 He looks surprised.

“Cheers. I like your socks.”

They’re actually hidden beneath his jeans but whatever.

He said he liked my shoes.

I leave him standing there and reach the girls all dancing together, rather outrageously if I do say so myself, and Dom slides up to me.“Where have you been? Hally got back a while ago,” she shouts to be heard above the music.

“Let’s just say your cousin delivers one hell of a compliment.” I reply dryly, before a hot, sweaty hand clasps my own and pulls me through the crowd. I stare at the hand in some confusion before looking up at the owner; a seventh year guy, cool afro.

“Um... Hello?” I ask blankly, jerking my hand from his.

He faces me, a whole head and a half taller than me, and smirks. “I’m Rory. Wanna play spin the bottle?”

“What are you, twelve?” I snap, turning on my heel. Rory grabs my arm and spins me round so I’m facing him, an annoyed frown planted firmly on my face.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” he said smugly as he yanks me up the stairs ignoring my squealed protests. Rory pulls me down to sit beside him on the carpeted floor, completing a big circle of dubious faces and raised eyebrows. I blush, feeling foolish, and Megan leans forward, sneering maliciously.

“What’s she doing here?” She says loudly.

I invited her.” Rory hisses.

“Oh, come on, Ror, I bet you don’t even know her name,” a seventh year girl laughs, swishing her ebony hair behind her back.

Well, that’s true. But I’m not going to let anyone know that.

“Well he seemed to know my name when he called me over a few minutes ago,” I retort, rolling my eyes for effect at the black haired girl. “And in case none of you know, my name’s Mollie.” I add. Rory looks at me impressed and I shrug indifferently.

Whatever.” Another girl sighs impatiently. “Let’s just play, shall we?” She reaches out and places her long fingers on the neck of the green bottle and gives it a sharp twirl. I could see the excitement building within the circle as the bottle slows to a stop. I look at it uneasily before it stops on Becca who shrieks in delight and is asked “Truth or Dare.”

A dare is decided and the first spinner grins crookedly. “I dare you to kiss Tony.”

“That’s easy, Michelle,” Becca giggles as she crawls over to Tony who looks mildly interested, before starting a full on make-out session with him which lasts a long enough time to make me feel queasy and for Michelle to grow bored, ordering them to stop.

A few more kisses and a couple more flashings later, the bottle lands on an uncomfortable blonde girl in seventh year who reluctantly murmurs ‘truth.’

Megan pounces, and smirks unpleasantly. “What’s the furthest you’ve gone with a boy?”

What a cow. The blonde girl reddens and squirms before revealing the truth in a shaky whisper.

“You went all the way with Lucas!” Megan cackles wickedly.

“Shut up, Megan,” growls a boy next to the blonde girl. “Just spin the damn bottle.”

She complies, spinning the bottle easily. “Henry, truth or dare?”

“Dare, I guess,” Henry shrugs.

Megan looks thoughtful.

Which, by itself, is rather scary.

 “I dare you to kiss Mollie,” Michelle jumps in when it becomes apparent that Megan can’t think of anything.

Oh, God.

They’d been ignoring me the whole game and I had sat there wishing I was somewhere else. Boy, did I wish for that now more than ever.

Henry stands making his way over to me and grabs my hand, pulling me up. My face burns hotly as Henry places his hands gently on the side of my head, leaning closer towards me. Automatically, my eyes flutter shut and I tilt my head towards his as his lips touched mine softly at first then, as he increased the pressure, catcalls around us sounded. I pull back after a minute or so and my eyes flash open to look at Henry. His smug expression was all I needed to feel slightly annoyed that Michelle chose me before I sat down heavily in my original place. No tingly sensations whatever.

I turn round to peer through the railings and my eyes met Katie’s. She looks at me, bemused, before motioning me to come down. I nod, smiling, and stand.

“I’m going back downstairs,” I announce.

“Awh, did Henry’s kissing scare you off,” Becca mocks and I ignore her, giving a small wave to Rory and a smirk to Henry who winked back, and headed over to Katie, Dom and Hally.

“Where’d you go?” Katie asks as I reach her.

“Playing spin the bottle,” I reply with a grimace. Katie looks shocked as she glances up at the balcony.

“You get a good kiss in there?”

I say nothing, eyeing her apprehensively, before turning to look at Hally swaying drunkenly as she clambers onto a big table and giggles foolishly. Hally grabs hold of my arm and yanks me up with her, onto the sturdy dining table. I blink surprised.

Hally, meanwhile, is table dancing, a crowd gathering around her, encouraging her on. I stare down at Katie and Dom frozen. Their face masks my own – a look of surprised horror.

“Hally, what are you doing?” I hiss.

“I’m dancing.” She slurs.

“Well, I see that. Get down, now!”

“Make me.”

I stamp my foot, annoyed. People start to jeer at me and I respond by swearing profusely at them which, somehow, only makes them yell harder. I mean, what prats; did it honestly look like I wanted to be standing on a table. Katie sighs and whips out her wand.

And I seriously do not wanna know where she kept that.

“Locomotor Mortis.” Katie whispers, and Hally yelps as she lands on her bum with an almighty thud, her legs locked.


‘Oof’ is right. That looked pretty darn painful. I would have screeched a couple of curses if I were her. I get down and pull Hally up, throw her arm around me and lead her to the exit. Katie and Dom follow at my shoulder.

“Why is she so tipsy?!” Katie demands, directing her question at me.

“I got trashed. Isn’t that what people were supposed to do at parties?” Hally grunts.

“If you were a slut with the brain capacity of a two year old.” Dom retorts.

I stay silent, not wanting to betray Hally when admitted one of her embarrassing secrets to a near stranger. ‘Cause then she would totally give me a glare or, more likely, kick my shin. I reach for the door, my hand fastening around the knob when James appears at my side. Dom smiles knowingly and takes Hally from me.

“Are you leaving already?” His face falls.

“Hally’s wasted,” I explain, my thumb pointing at her.

“Well, I was going to, uh... well,” James mumbles, taking great interest in the floor.

“Uh, you look pretty, do you, um.”

James Sirius Potter just called me pretty.

Oh my God.

My heart thumps hard against my chest and I get that horrible fluttery feeling in my belly just before Megan comes bounding up out of nowhere and flings herself on to James’ arm. Which, I think it’s safe to say, put a bit of a dampener on my mood.

“Come dance, Jamesie!” She trills, ignoring me totally.

Jamsie?! Ew.

James hesitates, looking from me to Megan. My pulse slows. I roll my eyes and swing the door open. “See ya, Jamesie.”

“Mollie, wait,”

James places a hand on my arm but I shrug it off and lead Hally through the doors, moaning and bitching about Megan on the way back to the Gryffindor Common Room.  Dom’s got her arm round Hally, supporting her if she collapses but Katie listens, agreeing and commenting in the right places, her lit wand leading the way. A light at the far end of the corridor stops me and the others turn, probably to see what the heck I’m doing. I point, terrified, to the light. Dom freezes.

“Crap!” Katie whispers. “Nox.”

She grabs all of us and pulling us to the wall. We flatten ourselves against it as much as we can, holding our breaths. Footsteps echo around us and the light shines brighter, a shadow now silhouetted in it. There’s a disappointed grunt before the light turns and the footsteps become fainter. We wait until its dark again and we’re enveloped in a welcoming silence. I can hear our simultaneous sighs of relief as we hurry on, none of us uttering a word. We hug a quick goodbye at the Gryffindor Tower and Katie carries on to her common room, struggling with Hally up the stairs.

Didn’t look like an easy thing, I tell you.

Despite her tiny height, she’s still not exactly a feather, is she?

Dom chuckles as she places her arm in mine and steps through the portrait hole. We climb the flights of stairs in a comfortable silence and reach our empty dorm. Dom collapses on her bed with a heavy sigh and she turns her head to me.

“You know why Hally got drunk,” she murmurs.

“Um... Well, you see...” I stammer foolishly, sitting on the edge of my bed.

“You don’t have to tell me. Hally should do that.”

I nod gratefully. “We should probably get changed,” I sigh after a couple of minutes, reluctant to leave something so comfy. Dom apparently agrees with me.


“Pirate’s don’t turn me on, Dom,” I grin as she growls and I get dressed in my jammies; cotton shorts and a vest top and climb into bed.

I’ve got to say, despite how many times I can embarrass myself in the space of eighteen hours, that day wasn’t half-bad. And, surprise surprise, I wasn’t even being sarcastic.

Being woken up by fifteen year old girls squealing about having ‘only’ an hour to fix their hair sucks.

“Merlin’s fuzzy beard, SHUT UP!” Groans Dominique.

Merlin’s fuzzy beard? Well, that’s a new one.

I open my eyes to see Dom with her pillow covering her entire head, save a few red strands that peep out, and two angry sluts staring her down.

Which is quite a challenge seeing as they can’t see Dom at all except maybe an inch of her pale, freckly neck.

I sit up slowly, blinking as the morning sun shines in my eyes. “People were sleeping, you know,” I inform Megan and Caroline, quietly. ‘Cause, you know, it’s too early to yell and I am way to drowsy to even think correctly.

Ha; Hally’s going to feel like she’s been trampled on by a troll a couple of hundreds of times.

“You should be up anyway trying to sort that hair out. How about shaving it off? Or maybe a wig?” Megan snickers as I glare at her.

Or try to glare.

My definition of glare means squinty eyes, pursed mouth.

I sigh sadly and swing my legs round till my feet hit the wooden floor landing with a patter and head for the bathroom, grabbing my uniform and toiletries on the way. I’m aiming to have a quick shower, get dressed, wash my face and spend the remaining time working on my hair, but somehow, I seriously can’t leave that amazing, heavenly shower and slather gel on myself repeatedly. I even take my sweet arse time shaving my legs.

Which, I see now, is rather pointless as I’ll be wearing tights for a couple of months.

“Hurry up, woman; you’re not the only one who needs a shower!” Dom bangs hard on the door and I wrap myself in a towel before casting a drying spell. I rub a quick squirt of lotion on my now silky legs and dress as quickly as I can, donning my red tie, and throw the door open.

“You took forever!” Dom complains and I smile, unperturbed by her blatant annoyance.

“Couldn’t leave the shower.”

“I had the same problem,” Dom replies fondly, her eyes glazing over for a moment, before shoving past me.

I lie on my bed, having given up with my hair, glancing at Megan and Caroline who are both applying pounds of make-up.

Seriously, how do they hold up their faces in that?

“Dom?” I yell and Megan jumps, jabbing her eyeliner into her eye.

“My eye! My eye! Crap, my eye-”

“-Yeah?” Dom hollers back.

“Can I meet you in the common room?”

“No! You blinded me! Oh, Merlin, now my mascaras’ running-”

“-Sure. You can meet me in the hall if you want.”

I would, but have no idea how to get there, and noticing the moving staircases last night I really don’t want to take my chances.

“No, no.” I say hurriedly, sitting up on my bed.  “Common rooms good.”

The common room is empty when I reach it, save a few first years who are already pouring over books and I settle myself on a plush settee, having fun freaking out the eleven year olds by staring at them for too long.

Dom comes down ten minutes later to find me and a first year in a heavy staring contest, her sleek red hair stuck up in a high ponytail, with the shorter strands falling elegantly against her face.

Why can’t mine ever do that?

I stand, ignoring the first year with her tongue sticking out, as Dom nears and I give her a smile before exiting through the portrait hole. She catches up to me quickly, the heels on her school shoes clicking on the floor. She loops her arm through mine.

“Pleasant dreams, Pert?” Dom smirks.

“Um... Yes?” I furrow my brow, thinking hard.

What did I dream about?

“Heard you mumbling something about a dear cousin of mine.”


That’s right. He took me on a ride on his hot air balloon. And he had his shirt off. Rawr.

I open and close my mouth a couple of times, much resembling a goldfish, struggling furiously to think of an excuse.

“Ooh, they have crumpets today!” Dom squeals upon spying the breakfast table, before bolting for the table, and piling about five crumpets on her plate, and slathering them with butter.

Dominique Weasley is easily distracted.

“Steady there, Dommy,” James pops up beside her, adding scrambled egg to his plate. I settle for a bowl of weetabix.

A tall, middle-aged man cleared his throat as a signal for the hall to quieten. Everyone continues talking, their cutlery clanging, ignoring the increasingly angry professor, shaking papers in his fist. He cleared his throat again, more loudly this time, and the students take heed, noticing the purple-tinge the man has in his face.      

 “So, yeah, basically, I grabbed the essay off of him and politely informed him that essays are for dweebs,” James is talking animatedly in the silent hall, not noticing the professor glaring at him.

“James-,” I nudge him in the ribs.

Cue him to giggle girlishly and flap a hand at me.

“And, do you know what the prick did. He snatched the paper back and chucked a pen at me.” James exclaims. He looks around bewilderedly as everyone ignores him, focusing on the professor.

“He was in first year! First year!”

“James-,” I hiss, nodding in the direction of the angry man. James turns, looking curious before noticing the professor.

“Oh, bu-,” James gulps.

“Mr Potter!” The professor roars. “What part of silence don’t you understand?”

“The lence?” James suggests meekly. The students in the hall snicker.

“Potter!” A vain in the professor’s head pulses. “Detention. 8 o’ clock. My office.”

James groans and puts his face in his hands while the professor begins to read names aloud, and he hands schedules to the students, in Ravenclaw, with outstretched hands as the other Head of Houses do the same.

“Pert, Mollie.”

I look up at the short man smiling at me and take the offered schedule and scrutinise it. Double transfiguration first.

Cool. Which totally makes me sound like a nerd.

“Alright, Neville?” James grins.

“Professor Longbottom,” the professor replies giving James a stern look before shambling to the far end of the table.

James turns to me innocently. “He loves me really.”

I’m cocking my eyebrow at him when the bell rings, signalling the end of breakfast and Dom looks up from shoving food into her mouth, her face a look of shock.

“We don’t have our bags!”

Fabulous. Just fabulous

“Let’s go!” I climb off the bench and tear after Dom, who’s hurtling up the stairs.

“Myers. Hates. Lateness,” she pants on the landing, bending over. I straighten her up and drag her to our dorm. I quickly collect my satchel bag while Dom picks up a black handbag. I frown at it, disapprovingly.

“That’s not a proper school bag.”

“Whatever. My mum got it for me,” Dominique grimaces before she grabs the strap of my bag and pulls me along. I trot after her, carefully avoiding the furniture in the common room. We arrive breathless and panting at the transfiguration room and Ms Myers turns her head to us and gives us such a death glare.

Well, you know, if looks could kill.

“Lateness is not accepted in Hogwarts, Ms Pert.”

“I know, miss, I’m sorry, it’s just tha-.”

“Take a seat, Ms Pert.” She signals to the seats at the back. “I believe there’s a spare seat at the back. Ms Weasley, you come sit at the front.” The desks are placed in rows, two people at each one.

I shuffle over to the spare seat at the back, while Dom slinks off to the table at the front, next to a greasy haired boy. Ms Myers resumes her speech about O.W.L’s, and I drift off, sucking thoughtfully on my pen. I feel eyes bore into the side of my head and I turn so I was facing the boy sitting next to me. I blink, startled.

Now Hogwarts is just popping up cute guys everywhere, is it? I take in his dark brown almost black hair, with dark red highlights, and light brown skintone.

Cute guys at the worst times as well.

I yank the pen out of my mouth, checking with the back of my hand for drool.

“What?” I whisper. He smiles at me and casts a wary glance at my pen. I hide it under my book.

“I’m Freddie,” he murmurs back, shifting slightly in his wooden seat.

“Mollie,” I reply, squinting my eyes at his chin. He rubs it absentmindedly.

Why is there a tiny, red beard thingy?

Surely that can’t be real at 15 and such a weird colour.

Can it?

Can it?

Myers claps her hands, signalling for us to begin. I look at the small snail on my desk and shudder. James rests a hand on my desk and I look at him.

Woah, he got here fast.

“I hate snails,” he grimaces.

“That’s why you’re meant to vanish it, genius.” Freddie replies, smirking, interrupting my ‘me, too.’ “Stop looking at my chin, Mollie.”

I look away hurriedly. I totally forgot I was still doing that.

“Why is there a miniscule red ferret at the end of your chin?” I ask, my eyes awkwardly fixed on the globe in the corner of the room.

I had to know.

“Over the summer, James hexed me while I was asleep,” he sighs while James cackles. “Woke up one morning and it was there.”

“Also had my blusher and lipstick on,” Dominique pipes up, apparently also having abandoned her desk, where the greasy hair boy sits looking forlornly at her. James doubles up, holding his sides, his laugh bouncing around the room. I grin at him.

“Yeah, well, that came off,” Freddie says dryly.

“Ah, stop. My sides, my sides.” James gasps between laughter.

“Why do boys draw on each other? I don’t get it,” I’m still gazing at James, with a huge smile on my face. Dom nods in agreement as James straightens up, looking confused.


“It’s comedy genius, Mollie,” Freddie informs me, matter-of-factly.

“Unless, of course, someone does it to us. That’s not funny,” James says. “In fact, it’s pretty childish.”

I stare at them blankly.

“Boys,” Dom mutters rolling her eyes. She flicks her wand and picks up a snail.

“Ew, Dom! Get it away from me,” James shrieks, backing away. His ankle gets caught up on the table leg and he ends up sprawled on the floor. I lean over the table edge and smile fondly at him as he lies on the floor, dazed. “Why are you on the floor, Mr Potter? And why are you two both not at your own tables?” Myers calls, hearing the commotion. James gets up quickly. “Have you done any work at all!?” She heads our way, looking cross.

We all stare at each other, panicked.

“Quick, Mollie, put the snails in your bag!” James hisses.

“Ugh, I’m not putting snails in my bag,” I hiss shrilly.

‘Hissing shrilly’ doesn’t sound possible.

But I managed it.

“But if she catches us with snails, she’ll put us in detention,” Freddie reasons.

So when Ms Myers asks where our snails are they smile innocently at her and tell her that we’ve already transfigured them.

I sit there, slumped down in my seat with my arms crossed, scowling.

Ms Myers eyes us disbelievingly but, never the less, continues on to the next table.

“High five, Mollie!” Freddie whoops, holding his palm up for me.

“Don’t high five her! It’s lethal,” James smirks.

He looks so good smirking I almost forget why I’m so angry.


“Agh!” I scream. “Get the snails out of my bag!”

“No way. I’m not touching them!”

“Merlin, James, you’re such a baby. I’ll do it,” Dom rushes to my aid and pulls the four snails out of my bag before placing them on the table. I look at them.

“Snail races, anyone?” I suggest and everyone grins and nods.

A/N: Review, anyone? What does everybody think of Freddie? :D

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