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Close to Heaven by Leo072491
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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Chapter Image by the wonderful, amazing, phenomonal, sensational, Jacinta!!!
Also known at The Dark Arts as Hysteria

Disclamer: I am in no way nor have I ever been JKR

A/N: Alright so first of all let me say that I wrote this story purely because I had SO many reviews from my one shot "Seven Years" and many people were asking for a sequel. I thank you guys for every single review they meant so much to me. So this story is 100% for my readers. I will update I promise though it may take me a bit and keep in minf that reviews are always encouraging :). Alright so sit back and relax and I hope you enjoy Chapter 1 of "Close to Heaven"

Lily Evans was lying on her back staring at the creases in her red velvet curtain and watching the light from the rising sun make intriguing shadows in between the curtain’s creases. She had been like that for nearly an hour. She couldn’t sleep. She read a quote by a muggle once that said, “Love is when reality is better than your dreams.” Well she wasn’t sure rather or not she was in love, but she definitely wasn’t interested in her dreams anymore.

Three nights ago had been the beginning that would result in the most amazing night of her life. This past Thursday was when she had found out about the Marauder’s terrible secret. Three nights ago is when she almost lost James.


Just the thought of him caused a slow smile to spread across her face and her stomach to get that fluttery feeling. Two nights ago, on Friday, was when she finally admitted to James how she felt about him. She never thought it would feel this good. If anyone asked her last year whether or not she could actually enjoy kissing James Potter she would have cursed him or her senseless. But now? Now she couldn’t imagine not being able to enjoy it.

That Friday night after Sirius and Remus had both fallen asleep, James and Lily got to talk for an hour or so. Lily confessed that she had a little thing for him since the beginning of the year and James admitted to the fact that he hadn’t been very pleasant to Lily the last few years or so. On Saturday, yesterday afternoon, Madame Promphery had deemed James healthy enough to leave the hospital wing. And Lily – along with the rest of the Marauders – had walked James back to the Head’s room – though he claimed he didn’t need any help. James spent most of the day out cold on either the sofa in the common room or in his bed so Lily hadn’t had a chance to really talk with him since late Friday night and now it was early Sunday morning.

Lily glanced over at her bedside table where her watch was laying. It was 6:45 in the morning. She had been lying in that bed for nearly an hour. If sleep had evaded her for this long then it wasn’t planning on returning anytime soon. Begrudgingly she pulled the covers off and stepped on to the floor. She let out a tiny shriek as her skin connected to the freezing stone and she shuffled her way to the rug in the middle of the room to warm up her feet.

When she finally felt as though the stone would be bearable enough for her to touch, she left her bedroom and headed straight for the bathroom. Once inside and she had access to a mirror she was horrified to find her hair was knotted and tangled and there were slightly dark circles under her eyes. Those few days in the hospital wing were beginning to show on her, and despite the fact that it was most definitely worth it, the physical toll on her was most certainly not a desired after effect.

Lily reached into the shower and turned on the water. Then after pealing off her pajamas she stepped into the shower. Instantly she felt her muscles begin to relax and the knots fall out of her hair. The steaming warm water ran down her back and she could feel the stress from the last couple of days pour off her. She began running her fingers, that were laced with her strawberry shampoo, through her hair. Soon she was wrapped up in enjoying the feel of a warm shower and the smell of her shampoo. So wrapped up that she never even noticed the sounds coming from two rooms over.

The bed creaking as someone moved around in it, the sound of curtains being shoved back, the floorboards creaking as someone moved across them. By the time Lily finished with her shower she was feeling completely refreshed. She wrapped a big fluffy white towel around her as she stepped out of the shower and cleaned the fog off of the mirror. She noticed her skin, slightly pink from the warm water, and then shook her red –now stringy – hair out of her face. However when she opened the door to the bathroom she was slightly horrified to find a surprised James outside, his right hand raised in a fist ready to knock on the bathroom door.

Lily stood there in the doorway, a bit like an idiot, for nearly thirty seconds. James seemed shocked at first too, until he slowly let his eyes roam over her body and he noticed what she was wearing, or rather wasn’t wearing. A slow smile spread across his face as he took in the sight.

“Hello Lily,” James finally said grinning. “I love the wardrobe.” He ran his finger along the edge of her towel running down her side. Lily jumped back a little and she could feel her face heating up in embarrassment.

“I uh… I have to get dressed,” Lily muttered.

“So I see,” James responded, his smile getting even wider.

Lily’s face turned – if possible – even redder, and she rushed back to her room closing the door behind her. Lily waited until she heard the running of water from the shower before she allowed herself to fall face first onto her bed while she was still wrapped in her towel.

“Well that was terribly embarrassing,” she mumbled to herself, her face muffled by the pillow. And as much of the idea of spending the rest of the day lying on her bed, letting herself be consumed by embarrassment she was well aware of the fact that eventually she would have to get dressed. Begrudgingly she pulled herself off the bed and made her way to her drawers. She pulled out her undergarments and slipped them on before moving her way over to her closet. It was Sunday, which meant no uniform, and although the uniforms weren’t terrible it was nice to wear her clothes once in a while.

Now the question was what to wear. She could wear a skirt. James would love her in a skirt, but then her legs would get too cold. And then there was the matter of what top to wear. What style would look best on her? And what was James favorite color on her? Had he ever mentioned it before? Lily was about to retrieve her towel and go bang on the bathroom door and just ask him herself, when she stopped. This is ridiculous she thought to herself. Since when does my wardrobe revolve around James!

She was getting too wrapped up in what he wanted too soon. Lily stormed back over to her closet, determined to throw on the next few pieces of clothing she found. She pulled out a pair of jeans and found a nice fitting dark blue sweater that looked good with her pale complexion.

This will be fine she told herself as she made her way over to her mirror to do something with her hair and apply the little make up that she usually wore. Lily sat there running a brush repeatedly through her hair until it was laying in fluffy waves down her back. She was stalling and she knew it. Once she left this room – or rather the common area downstairs – she would have to face the rest of the school. Everyone was bound to know what happened. Not about the whole Remus being a werewolf and the Marauders secretly being animagus thing, more so about the fact the infamous James Potter finally got Lily Evans. Lily had spent seven years avoiding James and now it was all over.
Not that she minded in the slightest. But that didn’t stop her nerves from bouncing all around her body.

Lily took another glance at her watch. She had been stalling long enough and, even though it was Sunday, if she wanted to get down to breakfast before the big rush came then she needed to hurry up. Running to her closet, she opened the doors and threw on a pair of shoes before leaving her room. The sound from the shower had ended nearly forty – five minutes ago meaning that by now James should be long gone. That is why she was pleasantly surprised to find James waiting patiently at the bottom of the stairs staring off into space.

He looked back to normal. He was standing at a tall six foot and two and a half inches (he had told her repeatedly in the past just how tall he was), and he had decided to put on a pair of dark denim jeans and a nice fitting dark green sweater. He was leaning against the wall at the bottom of the stairs with his arms folded until he heard Lily on the stairway as she began to walk down. When he turned around Lily could see his hair sticking up in every direction and a small scratch still on the side of his left cheek but aside from that he looked perfect. The moment James saw her his whole face light up in a smile.

That beautiful, wonderful smile. The reaction was instantaneous. Her heart started beating and her palms were sweating, and the swooping feeling that felt like she had missed a stair on the steps was back.

Oh wait… that wasn’t a feeling.

She had actually missed a step. True it was only the third to last stair, but still it wasn’t one of her most coordinated moments. Right before her body hit the ground, a set of strong arms reached out and wound themselves around her waist, snapping her into an upward position. Lily felt James’s chest pressed against her back and she turned around to find James staring down at her. Unfortunately he was now grinning even wider. Before Lily had a chance to express her annoyance with James for laughing at her little… spill, she felt one of James’s hands leave her waist and travel up the length of her body until he was cupping her face.

James leaned down and placed a long lingering kiss on her lips and Lily felt her eyes flutter shut against her will – considering her earlier annoyance with him. Before she could have a chance to reach up and wrap her arms around James’s neck she felt him pull his face away from hers.
“Hey,” James said smiling at the dazed, yet happy look on Lily’s face.

“Hi,” Lily breathed. Damn Potter and his ability to make me breathless.

James finally released Lily long enough for him to glance at her up and down. “You look nice,” he commented. “Blue looks good on you.”

“Oh,” Lily said tugging slightly at her sweater, her cheeks turning a faint pink. “Thank you.”

There was a long agonizing silence before James finally made a gesture towards the portrait hole. “Do you plan on staying here all day or would you like leave for breakfast.”

“Oh! Um… yes…sure, of course.” She could have just slapped herself right then and there. He was making her nervous! Of all things! What is wrong with me! I mean its James. He’s never made me nervous before! Why the heck now!

Her mind kept going through possible reasons why she kept making a fool of herself while James threaded his fingers through hers and led her out of the common room. Apparently she had been quietly thinking for quite some time because James came to a sudden halt and Lily nearly jerked forward. Confused, she turned around to look up at James. He was looking down at her with a worried crease in his forehead, before he finally closed his eyes and gave a deep sigh.

“Lily, what’s wrong?” He asked, the worry wrinkle was back in his forehead.

“Wrong?” she answered. “Nothing is wrong.”

“Lily,” he said, “You haven’t said anything in almost ” – he glanced at his watch – “fifteen minutes. I don’t ever remember you being that quiet for that long, unless you were studying.” He cracked a small smile before it dropped from his face and he looked worried again. “So why are you all quiet now?”

Lily paused. Had she really been quiet for that long? Well of course he noticed something was wrong. Lily chewed on her bottom lip and looked down at the floor. After a moment she let out a deep sigh and ran her hand through her hair.

“You make me nervous, ok!” she blurted out.

“I make you… nervous?”

“Yes, you make me nervous! When you…when you wait for me, and hold my hand. And when you kiss me… and this morning with the whole bathroom thing…” her voice trailed off as she felt her face fill up with heat, thinking of this morning. Already mortified she looked up James.

He was grinning! Why that cheeky little…! He looked as if he was going start laughing at any moment! Lily crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes. “It’s not funny!”

James pressed his lips together. “I wasn’t laughing,” he denied, though as he was saying it the corners of his lips turned upward again.

“I just find it interesting,” he continued walking a little closer to her, “that after all these years, I make you nervous.” He was standing right in front of her so Lily had to raise her head higher. She crossed her arms tighter and stood her ground.

“Its not just that,” she insisted. “What about when we go to The Great Hall for breakfast. Everyone is going to be staring at us.”

James’s worried look came back. “So what, who cares.”

Lily bit her lip again. He was right to an extent. Not that she’d admit it. She finally uncrossed her arms and moved them down to her sides.

“I just don’t want people talking about me.”

Lily looked up to see a look of understanding cross James’s features. He placed his hand on her waist and pulled her closer. “They’re going to find out eventually,” he said. “I mean, Sirius knows.”

Lily gave a deep sigh and placed her forehead on James’s chest. “Yes I know. But I’d much rather avoid it for as long as possible.”

“You have to go to breakfast.”

Lily looked up. “No I don’t. I’ll be fine.”

“Yes you do, that’s not healthy. And besides you might as well get it over with.”

Lily took a step back and placed her hands on her hips. “James I am not going down there where all those superficial, gossipy girls can talk about me.”

James walked right up to her and bent down till he was at eye level with her then, before she could realize what he was doing, he gave her a huge smile, wrapped his arm around the back of her knees, and stood straight upward causing Lily to turn upside down, her face next to his back.

“James Potter!” She shrieked. “You put me down this instant!” She began beating her hands against his back as he started walking down the hallway.

“No need to be difficult,” he chided. James gave a little laugh and bounce as he went down the last set of stairs leading to The Great Hall.

“James!” Lily moaned. “Please! You’re going to make me sick.”

“You haven’t eaten yet, remember,” he jeered, though he did slow his pace a little.

Now Lily’s arms were hanging limply, she gave up beating his back somewhere around the last staircase. “Really James,” she groaned. “I get motion sick.”

“Ok, ok I’ll put you down. We’re in front of The Great Hall’s doors anyway.”

With one swift movement James pulled Lily from the back to the front, but before Lily could be placed on the ground she wrapped her legs around his waist in a cobra like grip, threw his arms around his neck, and pressed her forehead into his shoulder.

“Just” – she took a few huge gulps of air – “just don’t move for a moment ok. The room is spinning.” James looked over at his shoulder and was worried to find the side of Lily’s face, her complexion nearly two shades paler.

“Oh Merlin Lily, I’m sorry,” he moved to put her back on the ground.

“Don’t move,” she mumbled. James stayed in place for a few moments until Lily’s breathing slowed and she lifted her head so that she and James were a few inches from each other. “I’m fine now.”

James ran a hand up to her cheek, which was just beginning to get its color back. “I’m really sorry,” he said quietly rubbing the pad of his thumb up and down her cheek. James was close enough where Lily could count the little flecks of gold in his eyes, and getting closer. She instantly felt her heartbeat speed up and her breath quicken.

He leaned in and slowly placed his lips on hers and her mind went into a complete euphoric frenzy. The same feeling she felt back in the hospital wing with their first kiss came rushing back. That same hazy, dizzying, heat that she had never felt with anyone else. Lily hitched herself higher and ran her fingers in through his hair. James ran his hand down to her neck while his other hand rested lightly on her knee and Lily felt shivers shoot up her spine.

They were so distracted that neither noticed the great double doors leading to The Great Hall opening next to them. They did however notice a loud cough coming from that same direction. James tore his lips away. “Oh you have got to be kidding me,” he murmured. “Again?”

Professor McGongall was standing in the middle of the double doors, her arms crossed, her glasses sliding down her nose as she peered over the rims. The once happy couple stood stock still in complete shock. It wasn’t until Professor McGongall coughed again that James realized that Lily was still wrapped around his waist and the two sprang apart from each other like a spring-loaded trap. Lily’s face was now matching the color of her hair and even James had the decency to look down at the floor, slightly embarrassed.

“Mr. Potter, Miss Evans,” McGongall lectured. “I am sure that being Head Boy and Head Girl you both are well aware of the rules regarding public displays of affection and though the rest of the student body may have appreciated your little… display, that does not change the fact that it is against the rules.  Lets not let it happen again.”

With that Professor McGongall swept from the hallway, but not before Lily could notice a small smile tugging on her lips. However when she and James turned around she was mortified to find the entire Great Hall silent. No one moved, no one spoke; every student at every table was staring slack jawed at the two of them, their eyes nearly falling out of their heads.

“Oh damn,” Lily murmured.

A/N: I hope you guys enjoyed it. Please review, I respond to and appreciate everyone :)


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