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Difference of a Daisy by peeving_peeves
Chapter 4 : Underwear
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That is Lily Potter- I know it took like two minutes to make but this is the last chance I have to update for a few days so I decided now. ahaha.

A/N- Hello all, I hope you are liking the story!  You may have noticed my new banner! My was so silly (I made it and I have never done anything graphic) so colorkiller from TDA made one, personally I love it!

Sorry about the wait I just had my first week back at school and I have state championships for rowing this weekend, so after nationals (2 weeks away) I will be updating more regulary. Hold me to that :)

well enjoy!

Remember to reveiw I scream for every review I get! Honest!

“Hi Dominique!” The seventh boy in a row chirped, and we hadn’t even made it to the great hall for breakfast yet.
“Err, hi?” She said and kept walking hurriedly. Every guy’s jaw dropped a Dominique’s flawless image; it was kind of sickening to be honest.
“Who was that?” She whispered lowly to me.
“Harry Someone in 6th year I think...”
“How many Harry’s is the in this bloody school!” She groaned.
“Too many,” I replied honestly, half the male population of Hogwarts are named Harry now! Okay a little less than that but there was a hell of a lot of them!
“Its lovely weather out, what do you think about having a picnic?” I suggested.
“A picnic! Totally boring Daisy!” She groaned.
“Not my type of picnic. Boring simply isn’t in my vocabulary!”
“Is it going to get us detention?”
Yes was the honest answer, we were definitely going to get in trouble.
“Maybe...” I said lying through my teeth.
“Sweet! I’m in matey!” She jumped.
Then there he was, simply gorgeous with his entourage of swooning girls who were constantly giggling. It was Blake of course.
“I think I like him Dom...”
“Like who Daisy?” She asked kindly.
“That’s so cute, Daisy!”
“It is not cute, Dom- how could you say that’s cute!”
“No. Cute. Ew!” I said a little too loudly.
“DAISY!” She said loudly.
“Don’t Daisy me-Dom,” I said focusing totally on her, “I really like him, like heaps-”
“Who?” I thought I heard Dom say.
“Blake Wood, you idiot,” I said.
The next thing Dom gasped and slapped her hands over her.
I turned around, Blake was there looking shocked. Very shocked. It was one of his entourage who had said it- not Dom!
I turned red- I couldn’t help it.
“April Fools?” I suggested.
“It’s September,” A tall Hufflepuff said kindly.
“Yeah, right I knew that- I think I might just disappear. Bye!” I ran out of the hall, out of the entrance and to my favourite old oak tree.

Hmm, I need some humour I thought to myself.
“Accio McGonagall’s underwear draw!”
The next thing the Headmistress’ underwear draw came flying out her window.
“Shit!” I exclaimed loudly. It actually worked- oh my dear Merlin!
The draw presented itself beside me; I almost died of laughter when I saw the possessions it held.

“Daisy, you alright?” Blake asked as he made his way over to the old oak that I was sitting under.
“Been better,” I grinned.
“I reckon, it’s not every day you humiliate yourself,” He laughed. It was moments like this I swear he needed a halo.
“Hey, stop trying to be funny. I honestly can’t help it- trouble kind of finds me.”
“Daisy, why do you have a draw of underwear?”
“Oh right well it’s sort of McGonagall’s...”
“How on earth did you manage that?” He said with amusement spread all over his face. I relaxed.
“Secret spy business!” I said proudly, “hang on that sounded so wrong I don’t spy on McGonagall especially not her underwear, I used Accio!”
“Wow I wouldn’t have thought that would work.”
“Nor did I really- oh well I will find something to do with it!”
“I smell trouble,” He said grinning.
I sniffed myself, “Sorry that’s me...”
“You are very different Daisy- in a good way! So what was breakfast all about?” He asked genuinely.
“Oh, this morning- nothing...”
“You said you like me- heaps?”
“Did I really?” I asked stupidly, “Can’t blame myself, it’s your fault your attractive!”
“You think I am attractive?” He said shocked.
“Are you daft or a good actor?”
“Must be daft- gave up acting after a role in my primary school nativity play- I had a crush on the girl who played Mary so on opening night I punched Joseph in the face put Mary on the Donkey and ran her off the stage.” He said turning bright red after realising what he had just told me.
I laughed, “Okay you must be daft then,” I agreed.
“Come on let’s go so you can go embarrass McGonagall- got any ideas?”
“A few,” I admitted, “I had better go find James-”
“Are you dating James Potter?” He cut in sharply.
“No, why?” I asked- what a strange question.
“Last night and then I saw him off snogging Mallory Betsey this morning...”
“It’s a well known fact that James Potter is a get-around, but he is my mate- you know. Take each other for who you are et cetera et cetera,” I shrugged.
“Fair enough then, let’s go,” He offered his hand and pulled me up and then I grabbed the underwear draw and have a little snicker.
“Don’t you ever worry about getting expelled?” He asked curiously, truth be told I have been asked this plenty of times before.
“Hell no, Minnie would never expel me!” I exclaimed loudly, “I somehow or another manage to keep pretty good grades and plus she favours us Gryffindor and if she expelled me she would have to expel the whole quidditch team!”
“I think they should change Gryffindor’s motto to ‘thou shall make havoc and chaos no matter the price’!” He said shaking his head. I slapped my hand hard and to my heart and nodded in approval.
“Hear, hear!” I beamed.
“Come on you have class,” He said tugging on my arm.
I just groaned then obeyed.

I actually arrived to class on time. Professor Towler- the charms teacher looked shocked to see that I was the first person to class I started scribbling on a piece of paper-

I was sitting under the oak tree, you know the one!
Anyway I wasn’t feeling very humorous after the incident this morning, sorry about that!
Anyway I had this ludicrous idea, very original...
I used Accio on Prof. McGonagall’s underwear draw!
Then it actually happened and I was like, ‘shit I was going to bet a snog with Albus that it wouldn’t work!’ Thank Merlin I didn’t though!
So anyway we now have a drawer of McGonagall’s underwear in our dorm so we must act fast. What do you propose we do? I have a few ideas myself. Planning on telling the gang later!
From that idiot whom is sitting beside you!

Dom got to class late, like we always do and I slipped her the note. She wrote back-

To idiot that is sitting beside me,
You call the Lysander twins mad men! You are the definition of mad (But in a like totally awesome way!). We could like frame it and use a super stick charm on each one so you can’t remove it and put it all over the school! What were your ideas? We need James, Fred, Lily and Hugo and we need them fast!
Love Dom.

Hm. Her idea was good- I liked it, I liked it a lot.

“Miss James, why don’t you humour us with what you and Miss Weasley are passing notes about?” Professor Towler asked forcefully. He hated pranks- he shared a dorm when he was at Hogwarts with Fred I and Gorge Weasley whom apparently put powder in his pj’s before their owls and he burst out in warts.
“Oh, we will!” I said trying to sound mysterious.
“Go to the headmistress NOW! You too, Miss Weasley!” He bellowed.
I laughed. Nobody else did.
“Why?” I chirped.
I annoyed him very easily. His pale face turned a fuming red.
“Go! Now!”
I just shrugged as Dom and I picked up our book bags and headed out the large door to a deserted corridor. We were talking about nothing in particular- you know how when your chatting to your best friend. The next thing a screaming voice interrupted our easy chit-chat.
We stopped instantly to see who was going to join us on our trip to see the headmistress.

It was James and Fred- surprise, surprise!
“What are you two doing?” All four trouble makers asked in unison. Then we all laughed.
“McGonagall?” I asked.
“Yeah,” Fred said happily, “You?”
“That’s where we are heading!” Dom exclaimed.
Fred was really tall and well built- his red hair was mop like- just like James’ (Except his was jet black- like his dad’s). Boys. Fred could always make you smile- he had a knack for trouble just like the rest of us and he was a sweet quidditch player too. He gets us all the free stuff we need for our pranks from Weasley Wizard Wheeze and we got all the ‘unreleased’ products- which are always a lot of fun.
“We had better get going then!” James said as he started skipping down the hallway.
“Oh, oh, oh!”
“What is it, Daisy?” Fred asked excitedly. We were all easily excited and amused.
“Let’s switch clothes!”
“What?!” Dom yelped, “I’m not wearing boy’s clothes!”
This was when her looks suited her personality- nobody told Dominique what to wear- it was a no go zone!
“It would like totally confuse McG!” James said. McG was what James called McGonagall, it really hit a nerve.
“Fine,” Dom moaned, “When was the last time the house elves washed them?”
“What? Wash them? Never!” Fred teased.
Dom chucked him a playful punch.
“Let’s go, Marauders!” James said continuing skipping down the cold hallway.
Dominique shot me a look that said ‘what forbidden potion has he been sipping?’
I mouthed ‘later’.
We all started skipping arm in arm on our way to Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom.
“OUT!” We heard a scream from the next class room.
There was two 4th years with the biggest grins. One was Lily Potter- her auburn hair was dead straight right down her back today- next to her was Hugo Weasley who unlike his sister had brown hair and was fairly tall for his age he was always a laugh even when he didn’t want to be and was a sucker for girls- I mean any girl.
“Come on little kiddies!” James said still skipping merrily.
“I’m not little!”Hugo moaned.
“No, you’re right- cut down on the sweeties’ kiddo!”James joked.
Everyone burst into laughter except Hugo who looked upset and picked the slightest bit of fat on his body which was totally normal and looked troubled.
I put my arm around him and whispered, “He is just jealous he isn’t as good looking as you!”
Hugo instantly sprung to life- any positive attention from the opposite sex did that to him, he thrived off it. His frown flipped into a wide grinned that most often occupied his face.

By the time we made it to Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom everyone had eagerly agreed to form our own trouble making group- The Marauders (OK- so we stole the name!). James had the secret map made by the original members to help us in our pranking. We switched clothes- much to Dom’s disgust; hopefully the finishing result would be worth it. Luckily we had three boys and three girls- even swap.

It was the most hilarious thing seeing three muscular boys in skirts. We had to use a few Engorgio’s (enlarging charm) and Ruducio’s (shrinking charm) because of how the boys towered over us- and we aren’t short either, well Lily is... Then we sipped a voice changing potion that Fred got when he fetched his camera.

After we took many photos with Fred’s magical camera of us pulling faces and posing stupidly we arrived outside her office.

“Tartan print pattern!” All six voices said at the same time caused everyone to laugh. Every one of us had already been sent to McGonagall’s office a few times already in the first two days.
When we arrived at the door we didn’t even have to knock.
“Enter,” McGonagall ordered.
“McG!” James beamed while the rest of us followed in his voice a chirpy female voice.
McGonagall looked confused and looked at James as if he was a problem she was trying to solve.
“Minnie!” I boomed, my voice a hollow deep males voice.
McGonagall looked even more confused if that was possible. She started shuffling through some parchment on her large overcrowded desk.
“I don’t want to know, ALL of you. Just go, not to class though- stay out of trouble! Weeks detention for all of you!” She growled.
“But McG, you see we have quidditch try-outs for seeker and then we have to train them up, after all we do want to win the cup!” James’ girlie voice whined.
“Why on earth do you require a seeker?” She asked bewildered, I swear her grey hair got even greyer if possible I mean she is like ancient history!
“Albus is a bit of a prat and we,” We all shot him a glare, “Well I, kicked him off the team...”
She looked panicky; she started to get a sweaty upper lip. One thing was certain- McGonagall couldn’t stand anyone but Gryffindor win the quidditch cup.
“Fine, all of you go. I don’t know what you’re up to but Merlin knows it’s not good! You had better win that cup or all of you are in detention for the rest of your time at Hogwarts!” We all knew she was quite serious and we took that as our queue to leave.

Well we had another hour before all the other students would be dismissed from class and we had time to plan our first proper prank as the marauders! We all lounged out on the sofas in the common room and Fred busily developed his photos so they would move. We took a vote to see who would be leader and who would be vice in the case of their absence. We voted James as leader and me as vice. I wasn’t really fussed as long as we made this school a bit more interesting it was all good!
Lily raised her hand eagerly, “I have an idea, is it possible we can get into Slytherin common room?”
“Everything is possible, little sister!” James said confidently.
“I think I can get us the password,” Fred offered.
“Sounds brilliant,” Dom chirped.
“But then what?” Hugo asked keenly.
“We have a picnic!” I beamed.
“A picnic?” Fred asked unenthused.
“Yeah, lets paint everything red and gold- everything even their clothes, EVERYTHING!” I emphasized.
“But picnic?” Fred asked again.
“Yeah, I want to eat all their yummies!” I said excitedly.
“Yummies?” Hugo asked bemused.
“FOOD!” I yelled.
“Oh, yeah. Don’t get in the way of Daisy and her food,” Dom warned her voice full of seriousness.
“I don’t plan on it. Ok we have a deal we do the same thing tomorrow after lunch but this time don’t go see McGonagall we go straight on with plan, ‘Slytherin’!” James briefed.
“Okay,” Lily agreed, “So you will get the password for the Slytherin Common room, Fred?”
“I am on it!” Fred beamed.
“Well Dom, Lily and I must be off, fellas. We have something to do!” I shot Dominique and Lily a look they immediately understood and raised to their feet following me up to our dorm.
“In the meantime we start with plan, ‘McGonagall’s underwear draw’!”

We spend a fair while flicking our wands about framing her undergarments and making sure they were impossible to remove and had a little plate that read, ‘Headmistress McGonagall’s underwear’ on each frame. After a very long time we hid them and waited till deep into the night. We snuck out with the help of the other Marauders and used an impossible to remove sticking spell on the frames all around Hogwarts and many in places which most people went.

We sat down at our long table in the great hall for breakfast. The hall was full of laughing students, everyone had seen the underwear. I dared to glance over to the staff table. All the teacher were holding back fits of laughter and McGonagall was as red faced as I have ever seen. I quickly stopped looking in her direction in case she saw me looking at me, she would bury me alive. I am 100% positive she thinks it was us but I am 100% positive she has no way to prove it. We had the map to make sure nobody saw us up to any good. I don’t know why they call it ‘no good’ when seriously it is good, well for us. Nobody dares to mess with the Marauders in case they become a victim of one of our genius pranks.

I zoned into the conversation my friends were having, Fred and James managed to get the Slytherin Password and it was on for prank number two of the day. I turned around to Adish who was sitting next to me.
“Hey Esmerelda!” I said kindly.
“Why are you calling me that, Homo!”
Today his fingers were not painted, no make-up and he was not wearing a long wig it was a now mo-hawk and he was wearing the boys uniform.
“Sorry, bro!” I apologised.
“I am totally gangster, dude!” He stated. I wonder how long this will last.
“Did you see McGonagall’s underwear?” I asked.
“Yeah, man. She is like totally flipping out, brother from another mother!” He said in his most convincing gangster voice. I said most convincing which doesn’t mean necessarily mean that it was convincing.

Time droned on while I stared at my watch waiting for time to pull the prank. I had managed to fall asleep in transfiguration. I looked at my legs. They were covered in bandaids- they are my trademark, but also a necessity, they saved me from bleeding to death.

I looked at the clock- it ticked slower than usual just to drive me slowly insane. Finally the clock hit my desired time and I gave Dom the code.
“Professor Dawlings?”
“Yes Miss James?”
“Why does your face look like it got squashed by a train?”
She looked very pissed off putting her hands to her face in shock. Honestly there was nothing wrong with her face.
“Yeah!” Dom joined in, “Look at the size of that wart in your neck, eww gross! I guess Professor Longbottom thinks it’s great after all he was snogging you in the rose garden last night!”
She burst into tear.
We jumped up enthusiastically; the plan was all steam ahead.

A/N- I hope that was easier to read than my last three chapters.

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Difference of a Daisy: Underwear


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