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Comatose by No_oneKnows
Chapter 2 : Of Chickens and Roads
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Chapter 2. Of Chickens and Roads

I stared at him for a moment too long and he looked away. Definitely not like James. James probably would've puckered his lips and gave me a huge sloppy kiss like he usually does to greet every other girl walking down the halls. My mouth was still hanging open but as soon as I saw other Gryffindors climbing the staircase, I regained my senses and shut it tight. It looked as though I was having some kind of weird, nervous breakdown.

“I'm- I'm going to my dorm now,” I stammered, pointing towards the back of the common room. It would've been way too weird to hang around this new breed of James.

“Oh, you're with me!” Hermione exclaimed. Yes, I was undoubtedly destined to be the prefect's best friend. It was my fate. My damned, cursed fate. Or, perhaps, I should be grateful that I am because they don't tell me off? As much, anyway.

I strained a smile. “Brilliant.”

I waved at the boys and looked at Potter again, looking him up and down before turning around and stomping away, Hermione right on my tail.

James... and Lily... were definitely together. Wow, unbelievable. Incredible. Implausible. Freaky.

“That's your bed over there.” Hermione said, pointing at the bed closest to the window.

“You don't like the sun?” I hid my smug smile.

“No, it’s just really irritating when it rains.”

My smile disappeared. Instead, I forced an innocent chuckle and concentrated on fluffing my pillow. I heard the springs of Hermione's bed creak and suddenly found myself plunged in my own memories. I had played a great prank on Lily once... Using the springs. I remember it as if it were yesterday... It kinda was yesterday, actually... In a way

“Have you done your potions essay?” I asked, staring out of the window as she walked into the dorm. I held my breath as I heard her move behind me.

Yes, I finished it last night.” Of course, it wasn't due until the day after tomorrow.

Hm.” I counted her steps and concentrated on staring at the swaying trees out in the forest. Hurry, hurry, hurry! I'm running out of breath.

You know Po-” she began. Then the springs creaked and she was immediately sent up the air. What in the wor-? HE-LP!” she screamed. I spun around, not wanting to miss out on the fun. “Let me down!” she yelped.

I burst out in laughter as she continuously bounced up and down.

Get- Me- Down!” she commanded in between mid-air moments.

I couldn't get her down. I was suffering myself; doubled over, on the floor, laughing. Muhuahahaha.

Of course, I copped a great, hour-long lecture from her. Fortunately, I was asleep for fifty minutes of it.

“Oh,” Hermione put a hand in her pockets as I pressed my hands against the bed carefully to make sure what I did to Lily wouldn't happen to me. “I've got your schedule here.”

I stopped patting the bed and stared at the piece of paper in her hand. I've forgotten all about those little cursed pieces of parchment. Bloody schedules.

I smiled graciously, “Thanks.” I took it out of her hands and placed it on my bedside table without so much a glance at it.

“I looked over it already-” Nosy body. “- and you're in almost every class with me.” Brilliant. “You really should get to sleep early. Potions first thing in the morning, you'll need to concentrate.”

Thanks for the warning kiddo, but I ace potions. It was true. As much as Sluggy loved Lily, I had him wrapped around my little finger. Mostly due to my smart remarks and perfect stirring.

 "I'll just take a shower then.”

She smiled approvingly and brought her legs up to her bed.

I thought about the whole concept of being back at Hogwarts as I let the warm water pour over my body. Being twenty years delayed isn't so bad once I thought about it, it was as though I went through a time portal into the future where my best friend's dead and I meet her son and finally get a confirmation that she had... 'done it' with her once enemy. Not that bad right?

Hermione was lying on her bed once I got out. She was reading some kind of book as she sucked on the end of a quill. A sugar quill perhaps.

I went over to my bed and pulled my overlarge grey jumper over my light green camisole. I looked towards my roommate before jumping into my own bed. She seemed extremely interested in that book of hers. Why, is it some kind of muggle novel of how they get saved by some charming prince? Psht, booooooring. Bring on the dragons and mutilated banshees.

I propped myself against my pile of pillows, examining my nails, waiting for her to say something.


Rolling my eyes to myself, I turned off my bed light. “Good night,” I said shortly, dropping down so my head lay on the pillows.

“Mm, night,” she said distractedly.

I pulled my sheets up and closed my eyes. The red light from Hermione’s bed flashed in my eyes.

“Aren't you going to sleep?” I asked her, opening my eyes again and looking at her.

 She shook her head. My face cast her a bored expression and turned the other way, towards the window. I closed my eyes, not fully satisfied, as now there was a white light beaming into my eyes. Bloody moon. Learn to dim down, bloody cheese face.


Hermione, who had sprinkled water over my face, woke me up the next day.

“Woozz,” I groaned, jerking my legs violently around the bed as I blinked the water out of my eyes.

“You should be getting ready,” she told me as she pulled on her stockings, “We're leaving for breakfast soon.”

I groaned again and stared at the ceiling. Breakfast.

I took my time brushing my teeth and hair and was about to take my time getting changed, if not for Hermione who forced my white shirt on me and practically dressed me. I'm having a sixteen-year-old dress me... That's just maddening.

“Honestly, you wouldn't want to be late for Potions.” What was wrong with potions? It's not like the professor's a blood-sucking vampire... Or is he? Maybe he's a mummy! Yeah right, a mummy could just fix himself a potion and unwrap himself. Dwarf? Wouldn't be a dwarf anymore if he were. Hm.

The boys waved unenthusiastically at Hermione and I as we walked down the stairs. Again, I found myself studying the Potter kid. I felt compelled to just slap the back of his head with a beater’s bat. Of course I didn't do that. Pft, I'm not mad.

I could tell he knew I was observing him for he kept looking back at me, thick brows furrowed and looking almost instantly looking forward again. Awkwaaard.

The others ate their breakfasts' hastily as I took my time squirting maple syrup all over my pancakes. Mmm. They never gave me pancakes in the hospital. I wonder why. Oh yeah, because I was in a coma. Pft, great excuse. They could've put it in the blender for all I cared. I mean, I wasn't conscious. I wouldn't have cared. I wonder what that would've tasted like...

“Come on Selene, you really should eat that,” Hermione addressed me. Bossy lady. Ronald nodded quickly at me as he forced a whole, round pancake into his mouth. Cute?

The bell rung just as I'd finished my breakfast. Hermione held my wrist tightly and brought me for a run down to the dungeons, which was... definitely not a good idea. I felt my stomach churn as I entered the classroom.

Why, oh why, did Hermione have to sit at the front? A tall, thin, black haired man wearing a long black robe, back facing us, was standing at the front. Oh dear Merlin, they hired bats to teach Potions! How is that even possible?

“Sit.” His voice was droning and boring. I'd give myself ten minutes before I fall asleep.

I walked slowly towards the front, smiling simply at the students who gawked and a small pout at a bunch of Slytherins who were snickering in the corner. The sleek, blonde haired boy smirked condescendingly as he raised an eyebrow at me. 

I knew how to play the game with the Slytherins. I ignored him and continued on. I felt my stomach twirl again and I felt something rising at the back of my throat. I swallowed to force it back down. Gross. Regurgitating was never my thing... Unlike... Other people.

The professor at the front turned just as I reached Hermione's table. Right at the front. Right in front of the professor.

I stared at him, mouth hanging open. Within I seconds I felt my vomit rise again and this time I couldn't keep it in. I hurled right at his feet.

Severus Snape. I could've recognised that freakishly large nose anywhere. Dear Merlin, Severus Snape, a potions master? He was a Dark Arts kid! Not someone who played around with his mini cauldron and flasks every free period!  

Thanks to a simple Scouring Charm performed by Hermione, my robe – and Snivellus’ shoes - was clean of all spew.

His lips curled the moment he saw me and his black, hollow eyes narrowed. I couldn't help but stare at the adult Snape. Dear Merlin, six years of revenge is about to be acted upon me. NO! Daaammmnn you Karma!

I sat myself down, shaking slightly as I took my potions books out.

“Are you alright?” Hermione asked me, patting my shoulder as I opened my textbook with a trembling hand.

I smiled, genuinely gracious for her. “Don't take me for a run next time,” I managed to say.

“Miss Roster, you might be another... addition to this school, but that does not excuse you from talking. Five points from Gryffindor.”

I could've smacked him on the head with a beater's bat and tossed him into the lake when I was in school. When he was in school.

I sneered at him with loathing as he smirked. Oh, how I hated him. Actually, I didn't really have a problem with him... It was more of a 'Marauders' thing although I did bully him... a teensy wee bit. Well, that was until he insulted Lily, anyway. After that, it'd been worse hell for him, acted by me.

“So sorry... Professor.” I observed how he moved around the class, power and authority hovering his every move. His looks hadn't changed for the better at all. If anything, he'd become paler, his hair darker and his nose larger – if that were even possible.

Then, he started rambling on about some kind of potion. I don't know, I wasn't listening. I tuned out the first seven minutes he started talking. Merlin, he's probably more boring than Binns at History.

No, I was proven wrong. Binns was much more boring. I tuned out maybe, three, four minutes into the lesson? I watched as Hermione's quill moved quickly across the parchment, not envying her the slightest.

And of course, I wasn't mentioned in his lesson. Hellooo, I was here twenty years ago. That's a bit of history isn't it?

Just like back in my day, no one paid attention. No one apart from Hermione. Ronald – Ron – had his head on top of his book, his tongue lolling out of the corner of his mouth. Harry was staring down at his quill, twirling it around with his fingers. I was looking around the classroom, noting everybody in my class. That was much more entertaining; looking at the backs of people's heads. Super.

Bloody stodgy Professor. Even I could probably teach the class about how a table works or why the chicken crossed the not-yet bloody road. That'd be more amusing than this load of goblin rubbish.

After break was Transfiguration - that damning subject. I hated it back then, and I was hating it now. Although Professor McGonagall did seem a bit... nicer to me, that didn't excuse the deranged things we were supposed to do. Turn our ears into daisies. What was the bloody point of that? Who in the universe invited such a spell? An idiot, I tell you.

By the end of the class, I had to endure the moving, bobbing, singing daisies that Hermione had managed to sprout over my ears. I've got to admit, that girl has brains.

Professor Flitwick was much more enthused to see me again compared to the other professors who'd acted as though they didn't know me at all. His gasp when he saw me enter the room was enough for my peers to suspect something.

“My great uncle'snephew'sson'scousin's... uncle or something, everyone.” I announced loudly, smiling broadly as Flitwick ran up to me and shook my hand fiercely.

He called me back after class as we were all packing up. He hasn't grown much has he? He shook my hand again fervently, squeaked his greetings and confessed his concerns when I was carted off in a motionless manner.

I chuckled at the old Flitty, “Come here you.” I ruffled his white, cotton candy-like hair and pinched his little nose.

Flitwick merely giggled along and shooed me out as he assured me my friends were waiting.

I skipped out of the room, happy that someone finally was glad to see me again. I wasn't all that bad... Okay, maybe I was. I wasn't as bad as the Marauders though. They were always a step above me. Damned things.

Of course they were smart too. Thus, teachers just loved their charm, wit and 'dazzling smiles'. Hrmp. If I were a boy, I'd have the teachers groveling at my feet too.

I walked up to the Gryffindor table, Hermione waving at me at the opposite end of the table as she beckoned me towards her. I smiled pleasantly at her and sat down besides Ron.

“How was your first day?” Hermione's eyes were enthusiastic and hopeful that I'd liked it.

“Hermione, she gagged her whole breakfast in front of the Slytherins. Do you think she would've enjoyed that?” Ron mumbled, digging into his steak and kidney pie.

I forced myself to laugh it off, “It was alright I guess. Real welcoming.” Of course the teachers weren't welcoming, with the exception of Flitwick. “What was that potions master's name again?” I needed to confirm it.

Harry answered before anyone else could, “Snape. Severus Snape.”

I nodded slowly and leaned in so no one else could overhear, “He's kinda scary, don't you think? With the whole black hair and black robes thing.” I pushed my fringe as to copy Snape's hairstyle and pushed my nose down to display his warped large nose. “Five points from Slytherin,” I imitated him, quite well if I dare say so, “For having a nose too large for the classroom.”

The others laughed and I felt myself warm up to them... Slightly.

“That's Snape for you though. That's not him at his worst though,” Ron said, helping himself to another serving.

“No... No it wasn't,” I shuddered, recalling a memory where Snape was at his worse. He was chucking a frightful spaz, throwing flasks and knocking hissing cauldrons to the floor. Dreadful. Just dreadful. Of course Sluggy didn't get what his problem was. All this just because Lily and James were potion partners for that particular period. Much to her discontent.

Again, I looked to Harry. He still had a smile on his face, a smile that only James could pull off. Merlin, he's more and more resembling James.

 It was unusual. Seeing the mini James around Hogwarts without his mates. More particularly, Sirius. They had always been together. There was never a time where they hadn't been together. I was actually quite convinced they were once conjoined twins... Back in my first year. Then I understood that conjoined twins were... well, joined. They might as well be conjoined twins who weren't actually joined together but were always together.

Harry chewed on his food slowly.

“Hey, Roster,” Wayne jogged down the table, slowing down when he reached a few seats before me. I smiled widely and waved before he went on and asked exactly the same question Hermione had asked: “How was your first day?”

“It was fantastic,” I told him, exaggerating a tad.

“What do you want?” Ron msaid to him loudly, turning to look at his face.

Wayne ignored him and continued on, “There's a Hogsmeade visit coming up next week, I think. Do you want to join me?”

The other three looked at me, a look that seemed to say ‘NO!’ apparent on their faces.

“Thanks but I'm busy,” I murmured, looking away from him.

Wayne looked taken aback. “What are you doing?”

“I'm busy,” I told him flatly.

He persisted, “But you can call it off or something.”

I turned my back on him and rolled my eyes at Hermione. She gave me a small smile.

“Listen, she said she's busy. Lay off her,” Ron said loudly, turning to glower at him.

Wayne looked as though he was about to retort. Thinking it was wiser not to, he cast me another short look and turned away. Storming away like a little pansy with a silver tiara on his head. I even managed to put a tutu on him in my imagination. 

Drama queenical guys. Horrible, horrible. The worse kind. Even worse than a cross between a Horntail and a mutilated donkey's butt.

“Thanks guys.” I told them. They were surprisingly defensive, even though I've only met them.

“He's like that to a lot of girls.” Harry said.

“What, Ron?” Their smiles widened and Harry shook his head.


“He’s a complete git,” Ron muttered, “you’d expect it from him, if he’s hanging around other gits like Zacharias Smith.”

I had no idea who Zacharias Smith was, but I looked back to the Hufflepuff table and watched as Wayne ignored the jeers of his friends, his face humiliated and angry. Lucky for you buddy, I wasn't on my periods today.

“Are you actually busy on Sunday?” Hermione asked, pushing her plate forward.

“Heck no. I don’t have anything to be busy with,” I muttered, smiling a lopsided grin.

“Then you're coming with us?” she asked. I could tell from one look at her face that she was desperately in need for a girl friend.

“Yeah, definitely,” I warmed up to her. To them. They weren't so bad.

She beamed.

I looked up at the staff table; most of them were in light conversations with the person beside them. All but Snape. I caught him looking and I must say, I was delighted that he'd caught my gesture at outlining an extremely large thing on my face.

His face portrayed an outrage of nothing more than wanting to murder me and I'm pleased to say, that went without a moments hesitation. 


A/N: Hello again!

Feel free to read the next few chapters if you'd like, I haven't gotten around to revising them just yet but they will be revised soon! :) Again, please tell me what you thought of this chapter!


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