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Broken Dreams by Tom_DracosGirl
Chapter 7 : Destroyed
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A/N: Well, here's the last chapter. A huge thank you to everyone who has been so good in following this fic, and a special thank you to those who have taken the time to review!! 
I have entered a challenge that would be good for a prequel to how this all began. If anyone would be interested in reading that pleae let me know so I can plan my story out. Also this chapter hasn't been to my beta yet, so please ignore all the horrible mistakes I've made lol.
Hope you enjoy it! 

Chapter 7


“Blaise? Blaise? Are you listening to me?” Theo demanded, shoving him in the shoulder.

Jerking slightly Blaise looked up from the report he was supposed to be reading. “What’s the matter, Theo?”

Theo sighed heavily and shook his head. “I’ve been watching you, Blaise. Since Luna went visiting friends and family you haven’t been the same. You’ve been all distant and you don’t even concentrate in our meetings.”

“Other things on my mind that’s all,” he replied, rubbing a hand over his forehead.

“For Merln’s sake, Blaise!” Theo yelled, throwing a pile of documents on the table in front of his friend. “For the last four months you’ve been walking around here like a zombie. You’ve been sod all use to anyone, least of all the business; and my wife has since discovered that Luna isn’t visiting anyone, but living with Harry Potter! What the hell is going on?”

Blaise looked up at Theo a look of horrified surprise written on his face. He knew very well that Luna was living with Potter. He had expected her to come home, to at least try to contact him; but she hadn’t. His wife had gone running to Potter and of course he had welcomed her back with open arms.

But he hadn’t expected Theo to find out about it. There had been nothing in the papers thank goodness, and his dismissive explanation that his wife was doing a bit of travelling while visiting some friends and relatives abroad had been accepted without question.

At least Luna had kept a low profile, that was something for him to be thankful for, that she hadn’t gone around flaunting her betrayal in his face. He’d waited for two days and when he had heard nothing from her Blaise had sent a house elf out to find her. Somehow he’d known that Luna would be with Potter.

“I don’t wish to discuss it,” he said sharply.

“I really don’t understand, Blaise,” Theo admitted, leaning his elbows on his partner’s desk. “Why won’t you talk to me? I’m your best friend. Maybe I can help?”

Blaise snorted, “Got a time turner handy have you?”

Shaking his head and letting loose a long sigh Theo eyed Blaise for a few silent minutes. “Whatever has happened you can fix it, Blaise. She’s not far away, she’s only staying at Potter’s. You’ve got a baby arriving soon, you’ve got to do what’s right for the child.”

Irritation coursed through him, slamming his fist hard on the table Blaise yelled, “Don’t tell me what to do, Theo. You know nothing about it!”

Pushing himself off the desk Theodore scowled down at the irritated face of Blaise. He softened a little when he saw the flicker of fright in the other man’s eyes. “You know what you have to do to make it better, Blaise. Whatever it is just do it. It’ll be worth swallowing your pride to get Luna back.” Picking up his files Theo strode to the door, pausing he turned back to his friend. “Just sort it, Blaise. You’re miserable as sin without her.”

The door closed quietly behind Theo and Blaise sighed heavily. His friend was right of course, which just annoyed him all the more. He missed Luna like he hadn’t thought possible; it felt sometimes as though one of his arms were missing.

Blaise no longer slept in the room he had previously shared with Luna, he couldn’t stand it. Instead he now lived in one of the spare bedrooms, a photograph of his estranged wife beside his bed. He dreamt about her at night, thought about her all day. Not seeing her was killing him; but Blaise couldn’t face turning up at Potter’s door and demanding she return home, he couldn’t stand the rejection.

The fluttering of wings above him caused Blaise to look up, an unidentified owl swooped through the air around his head before landing carefully beside him. Plucking the letter from the owl’s leg Blaise watched it take off and float out of the window before cracking the official looking seal with shaking fingers, noting it was from St Mungo’s.

As his eyes scanned the brief standard letter Blaise felt as though his stomach had dropped out of him; he felt hollow and numb. St Mungo’s had written to alert him that his wife had gone into labour and he was to attend the hospital straight away.

“Oh, Merlin,” he hissed, closing his eyes and resting his head back on the chair. Obviously Luna hadn’t thought to change the details on her medical records, what was he meant to do now?

Blaise knew without a shadow of a doubt what he wanted to do. It was the same thing he’d always wanted; to give her a life, a family of her own. He’d hated marrying her and keeping his infertility a secret from her; but he had been scared that she wouldn’t want to be with him knowing that he couldn’t give her the one thing she really wanted; a baby.

He could still have exactly what he wanted if he moved quickly. He could go and see Luna, he could explain everything to her and see what she said. As Theo had said, what did he have to lose expect his stubborn male pride?

History was filled with people who had lost everything because of their pride. Blaise Zabini wouldn’t be one of them.

Jumping out of his seat Blaise tripped over his brief case that was sticking out from under the table and fell flat on his face. Groaning irritably he clambered to his knees touching delicate fingers to his throbbing nose.

“Just bloody great,” he muttered when he felt the warmth of blood on his skin. Lucky for him his secretary knew lots of useful healing spell. “Judy! Judy I need your help.”

Judy, a middle aged woman with a riotous mass of red curls and more lipstick on her teeth than on her lips hurried through the door at his shouts. “Merlin, Mr Zabini. What in the world did you do?”

“Never mind that, just fix me up will you? Then cancel all appointments for the rest of the day and send a memo to Mr Nott telling him I’ve taken his advice.”

“Yes, Mr Zabini,” she agreed, twirling her wand over his nose, stopping the bleeding and cleaning him up.

Blaise shoved passed her as soon as his nose was put to rights and ran from the office down the hallway, ignoring the curious, fascinated stares of his employees who had never seen him anything other than precise and controlled before.

Reaching the apperation point down in the large, over crowded foyer Blaise left his office with a crack and arrived in St Mungo’s. The hospital was always busy, and the welcome witch looked extremely harassed today; good thing he still had his letter clutched in his hand telling him where he needed to go.

“I’m expected, I have a letter,” Blaise informed the welcome witch as he hurried by her, waving his letter in the air.

Taking the lift Blaise tapped his foot impatiently as it moaned and creaked it’s way up to the maternity ward. The damn thing stopped at nearly every floor and there was always someone getting in or out. Blaise grit his teeth with annoyance, musing that it was always when you were in a hurry that everyone else in the world got in your way.

After what seemed like an age the lift finally pinged and the female voice came over the speaker loud and clear telling him that they had reached the maternity ward. Stepping out of the enclosed space Blaise stalked over to the reception desk.

“I’m Mr Blaise Zabini, I had a letter to say my wife is in labour.” He informed the young witch behind the desk.

She smiled and nodded, “I’m afraid you’re a little late, Mr Zabini. Your son has already come into the world. You’ll find you wife just down the corridor, second door on the left.”

“Thanks.” Blaise headed for Luna’s room. A boy, she’d had a boy. Perhaps he wouldn’t look like Potter, perhaps the child would resemble his mother? Either way, Blaise was sure they could work something out, he could pay Potter off if need be. Something told him that Ginny Potter didn’t know the truth behind Luna’s pregnancy.

Knocking lightly on the door Blaise popped his head around the crack. Luna was alone sitting up in bed with a tiny blue bundle in her arms. Her eyes widened in shock at seeing Blaise stood in the door way, an awkward look on his face.

Panic lit up inside her and Luna wished she could just banish Blaise to the ends of the earth so that she could avoid the pain that was about to hit him. She wished that Harry hadn’t gone to get something to eat, but had stayed right by her side as he had throughout the labour.

But Harry had felt it was best to make himself scarce, stating that having him around wouldn’t do the situation much good. He would still be close by, he had promised; just not in the room with her. Luna knew that Harry was right, as the only other person who knew about her secret, she had relied on him heavily over the last few months.

Once again Harry had been there for her and Luna loved him for it.

Harry hadn’t judged, he had understood and become angry with himself for not seeing what was going on, for not being the friend he felt he should be. Harry had talked to her, he had listened to her, offering advice and opinions; but never pushing.

Luna’s initial fear over Harry knowing the complete truth had faded instantly, he had become the man she had once shared a life with; kind, considerate, and understanding.

Ginny had wanted the gossip, she had asked all sorts of personal questions, causing Harry to lose his temper on more than one occasion; and just like her husband, Ginny had wanted to go striding around to see Blaise and give him a peace of her mind.

Ginny blamed Blaise, which had shocked Luna, she had believed that Blaise would have been seen as the injured party; but he hadn’t been. Ginny had always been opinionated and had a lot to say when it came to Blaise; what she had said had surprised Luna. Even though they were friends, Ginny didn’t hold back when it came to Blaise, she said what she thought, and not one bit of it was good.

Of course, Luna and Harry had allowed Ginny to know only bits and pieces. Ginny did not know the whole truth, Harry had been insistent upon that. Harry had wanted to be the one to tell her, and also Ron and Hermione; but only if the need arose. “Perhaps we won’t have to say anything?” Harry had suggested. “Maybe the baby will look like you and we can be saved the necessity of telling them at all. You know they’ll all want details, especially Ginny, she and Ron are not going to accept this quietly.”

Luna had agreed, she would have agreed to anything Harry had suggested. He was the only one she could talk to.

Things had not worked out as Harry had hoped they would, it was impossible not to name the father of her baby. Her child’s parentage was undeniable and now she would have to face the consequences of her actions; Harry had gone to send messages home, it was time for Ginny, Ron and Hermione to know the truth.

“Hello, Luna,” Blaise greeted her quietly.

“Hello, Blaise,” she responded warily.

Smiling slightly he moved closer to her. “How are you? Feeling ok?”

“Yes, I’m fine thank you. How have you been?” It felt surreal to Luna, to be sitting there creating this ridiculous small talk with her own husband.

“I’m alright, been better though,” he admitted. “Look, Luna, I think it’s important that we talk. There’s a lot of things I need to say to you. I’ve been thinking, wondering if you….” Blaise stopped speaking immediately his eyes rested on the mewling bundle Luna held in her arms.

Pain like nothing he had ever felt before ripped through his system, shattering his heart into tiny fragments. A loud, disbelieving gasp left his lips and his hand shot out, gripping the small bedside cabinet to stop himself keeling over.

He stared at the baby boy with a sort of horrified fascination for a full three minutes before finally lifting his eyes to Luna’s face. Her large blue eyes gazed at him sorrowfully, her guilt evident in every line of her face.

Closing his eyes briefly to still the swirling of his stomach and calm the urge to vomit Blaise breathed deeply before twisting on his heel and stalking from the room. He knew as well as Luna did that this was the last time they would see each other. There was no going back for them; they had both deceived each other too much.

What was hardest for Blaise to bear, was the knowledge that his actions towards her had ultimately led to his own downfall. He had pushed her towards temptation and Luna had fell; after all, she was only human. There was only so much abuse one person could take before breaking down in someone else’s arms.

Luna he didn’t blame, not really. It was him! Blaise knew it was all down to that bastard!

Arriving at the lift he jabbed at the button impatiently. A glance upwards informed him that the lift was way up on the top floor, it would take ages to come back to him and he couldn’t wait that long. Better if he took the stairs, it would be quicker.

Picking up his pace he headed for the stair well, his eyes lowered to the floor not wishing to make contact with anyone at all. Blaise shuddered, a cold chill sweeping over his body; Luna’s little boy looked exactly like his father, right down to the arch of the eyebrows.

Just as he passed by the gift shop and reached the top of the stairs a low familiar voice struck his ears, causing his hands to ball into fists at his side.

“You tried to ruin me didn’t you, Zabini? But it was I who ended up destroying you in the end. I enjoyed bedding your wife, and I’ll enjoy her being the mother of my son even more.” There came an amused pause and a small snigger. “I don’t know why you bother to fight me, you never win. You’ll always be second rate to me, Zabini.”

Anger curled through Blaise’s body, a white hot anger that consumed him; but still a fraction of rational thought speared his brain and he managed to keep control, to keep his face devoid of expression when he turned to face the man who had taken his life away. “Go to Hell, Malfoy.”

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