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Ron and Hermione:It was never going to be easy by Littowitch
Chapter 12 : Return of Old friends
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“Hermione you look frozen, come in”

Hermione took his arm, and walked into the brightly lit hallway. She could smell steak, the strong aroma drifting from the kitchen; she followed him into the small front room. He gestured to the large arm chair in front of the fireplace, Hermione took her seat and he sat down across from her.

“What's going on Hermione?” he asked


“Ohh Harry how lovely it is to see you. I know it’s been about a year but that’s what happens with expeditions. Come in” said Luna, in her dreamlike voice.

Harry and Ron followed her in.

“Look Luna the reason we’re here is…”

Luna shoved a pile of moving photographs under Ron’s nose, “This is us in Africa researching the owl elephant. They are very fascinating, they look exactly like elephants but they can fly, turn their heads, behave like owls really, it’s incredible. Then we went to Mongolia, the twins loved looking for the durkle cat.” Luna beamed at them.

“Luna please stop talking, Hermione is missing have you seen her?”

Luna’s smile faded, “No we only got back yesterday I haven’t seen her, isn’t she pregnant? Ohh Ron I’m so sorry”

She turned and hit Harry, “Why didn’t you make me stop talking?”

Harry look confused, a look many got round Luna, and quickly headed for the door.

“Luna if she does come here, please tell me about it” said Ron, hugging the girl he once thought of as a freak.

“Of course I would Ron” she said kissing his cheek, “She’ll be fine, I just know it” she smiled sweetly at him.


“I’m leaving Ron” said Hermione, standing up quickly only for her to wince slightly. He rushed to her side and helped her steady her balance. She turned and kissed his chin slightly. “I should have stayed with you” she whispered.

“Yes you should have” he turned her around and held her close, slowly rocking back and forth.


“Do you know that I had been born first I wouldn’t have had to be called Freddy the reddy head” said Fred’s portrait.

George chuckled lightly, though not taking his eyes off his niece and nephews and his own kids, “How do you figure that then?”

“Dad said that you were named after Aunty Meryl’s favourite husband and that was what the first born twin would be called, hey presto your George and am Fred.”

“You have way too much time on your hands. Ohh this is lovely Rose is that your daddy” said George pointing at a green stick man with a square of red hair.

“OF COURSE I HAVE A LOT OF TIME ON MY HANDS I’M A PORTRAIT!” shouted Fred, who then left his portrait.

James looked up from his drawing, “ What’s wrong with Uncle Fred’s portrait?”

“He is just a bit cranky cos his other one is in Grandma’s house and she was singing all last night. Who wants to go have lunch?” said George counting the kids before ushering them into the back room.


“I think I should accept that me and Hermione are over” said Ron, sipping his coffee.

“What!” said Harry putting his down, “Please tell me it isn’t Chanel?”

“Of course it is Harry, I’ve been with Chanel for three months, and I think I love her”

Harry leant across the table and smacked Ron across the head, “Are you insane, you have a beautiful wife and daughter and now a son and you’re going to walk away from that? You’re not the Ron I knew.” Harry got up and began walking away from the table, where the two had sat to take a break.

“You didn’t even let me finish, she’s been in love with him ever since we broke up a few months before we got married and she went with him. She’s kept in contact with him and she knows about me and Chanel well am sure she suspects at least.”

“So what we’re going to stop looking for her?” said Harry

“Of course not, I still care for Hermione a lot; I want to make sure she’s healthy and well.”

“So who is the guy Hermione’s in love with? Anyone we know”

“Cormac Mclaggen”

“WHAT! That slime ball, are you kidding?”

“Nope, he keeps popping into our lives and every time they laugh together I see her fall in love with him even more.”

Harry stood on the pavement stunned. He noticed a few eyes watching him with curiosity to see what his next outburst would be, when his pocket started vibrating.

“What is that?” asked Ron, warily pointing at his pocket.

“My mobile, I taught Ginny how to use it now she texts me all the time”

Harry. Hermione is bck at the hospital. Aurora is in with her. So is Cormac!!!! I have gone to pick up the boys. See u at the hospital x

“She’s at the hospital. I think Cormac convinced her to go back. You two really need to talk.”

Well i'm now a trusted author and to recieve this was so unexpected. I would like to thank everyone that has read and reviewed my stories. Im dedicating this short but informative and story altering chapter to all my fans that have read this and Just by Chance. Your positive reviews inspire me to write. The next update might not be for while as i have many exams to prep for, but whenever i have time i shall write the next installments of all my stories and new ones to come. love becky x x

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