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The Adventures of the Next Generation: The second year by demongurl
Chapter 5 : Piper's Death
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Piper’s Death

“I hate Potions, I hate potions, I hate potions.” Harper said hitting her head on the table after each phrase. Sophie smiled and patted Harper’s back.

“I’m sure you’ll survive” Sophie said. “Look it’s with Ravenclaw so Amy will be there.” Harper smiled slightly.

“Yeah, well Snape still hates me” Harper said.

“I wonder why.” Dylan said casually. He received a hit in his stomach for that remark and he smiled. “Ok, I’ll be there so you have nothing to worry about” Dylan said.

“That’s reassuring.” Harper said. Sophie sighed and rolled her eyes as she finished off her toast.

“Dylan.” Said Piper from behind him. Dylan turned. “Catch.” She threw the small glass dream recorder at Dylan and he caught it.


“Mum owled it to me last night, I think she’s going to come by the school in the next week” Piper said, “See ya.” She and Coletter walked down the other end of the table where there was a group of Gryffindor seventh year boys.

“Well, lets see what Dylan’s been dreaming this summer” Harper said taking the dream recorder.

“Oh, I really wouldn’t look at it if I were you.” Dylan said but making no action to stop her. Dylan saw her eyes go out of focus as she looked at his dreams.

“She’s way too nosy.” Sophie said clicking her fingers in front of Harper’s face. “Helloooo?” She said waving a hand in front of her face.

“Oh, she’ll be like that for a while” Dylan said unconcerned.

“Ok.” Sophie said. “Where’s Hilary?” Sophie asked looking up and down the table.

“Why?” Dylan asked

“I want to talk to her about the quidditch tryouts. I want to have a go at trying to catch the snitch before I actually try out, just to know if I can do that.” Sophie said.

“Oh, well I can take you out after school, I was going to go down with Steve and a few guys from Ravenclaw.” Dylan said.

“Since when did you mix with other houses?” Sophie asked impressed.

“Since they asked me to join them in messing around, it’s only a half day today anyway.” Dylan said. Sophie smiled.

“I’ll come with you.” Sophie said, “Or, I’ll watch then we can have a go at the snitch after.” Dylan nodded.

“Makes sense.” Dylan said as Harper snapped out of the daydream like state and shakily put the dream recorder on the table.

“Damn,” She said. “You sleep through those?” she asked looking at Dylan. Dylan nodded.

“Every single night.” He said with a smile. Harper frowned and then quietly began to eat her breakfast. Sophie smirked. She had seen quite a few of the dreams that Dylan had and they were sometimes disturbing.

“Come on.” Sophie said getting up. “We said we’d meet Rachel and Fraser by the potions dungeon.” Dylan put the dream recorder into his bag and then pulled Harper to her feet.

“I don’t want to go. Snape hates me” Harper said as she reluctantly picked up her bag and followed Dylan and Sophie.

“I wonder why?” Sophie said pretending to not know what on earth could have made Snape not like Harper.

“Shut up.” Harper snapped. They were on their way to the dungeons when Amy came running up and put her arm through Harper’s arm.

“Hello Lee.” She said.

“Hello Corbet.” Harper muttered.

“What’s up?” Amy asked Harper.

“Marching to my doom.” Harper said. Sophie started singing the funeral march. Dylan and Sophie started laughing and Amy smirked.

“Again I thank you for not handing me in as well.” Amy said.

“Oh, I didn’t want to mar your perfect record” Harper said sarcastically.

“I sense you’re in a bad mood.” Amy said.

“You just sensed that did you?” Dylan said with a smile. “Come on Harper, cheer up. We’ll go and play quidditch later.”

“I’m not good.” Harper told them. Amy turned to Dylan.

“Are you playing with Cole and Jason later?” Amy asked. Dylan nodded. “cool, I’m playing as well. They’ve been trying to get together this morning to play a match later with just second years.”

“But we haven’t played quidditch before.” Sophie said.

“Oh, don’t worry. It’s just messing around really. Do you want to play?” Amy asked.

“Sure, why not.” Sophie said, “I’m thinking out of trying out for Gryffindor seeker.”

“I’m going to try out for seeker as well” Amy said. “Now we all know that Dylan will be a chaser.” She said with a smile.

“Yeah, but I don’t know if I’m going to be on the team.” Dylan said.

“Of course you will, you’re better then most of the team chaser.” Amy said. “Come on, lets go to Potions.”

* * * * *

“Ok, Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors team up and you can play us.” Cole Broderick said. He had sandy blond hair and a serious face. He looked clever as well as strong. Dylan looked at Sophie who stood leaning against her broomstick.

“Fine, As long as I’m not captain.” Said Michael Hutchinson from Hufflepuff.

“Dylan can be captain” Sophie said.

“We’re not having a Gryffindor as captain.” Said Theo smith.

“Oh grow up.” Amy said walking between the teams. “Ok, Cole is captain and Sophie” Amy said. “Happy?” A few people murmured but Amy smiled happily and turned to Cole.

“Thanks, ok. Lets go.” He mounted his broom. The second years all flew into the air.

“Dylan.” Sophie said, flying next to him. “What if I can’t actually catch the snitch.”

“Amy won’t be that harsh.” Dylan said, “Ask her to help you out, she won’t mind…I think”

“Thanks.” Sophie said, “That’s reassuring” Dylan smiled and flew over to join Rachel, who was playing chaser as well.

“Come on!” shouted Kristina Jason of Hufflepuff, “I want to play, it the first time we’ve been able to bring our brooms to school” She said impatiently.

“Hang on.” Cole said as he went to the chest that held the balls. “do we have Beaters?” he asked.

“Yeah.” Said a Chinese girl with black hair that fell to her waist. She reminded Dylan of One of his parent’s old friends that had died.

“Oh hurry up Cole” said one Ravenclaw girl impatiently. Everyone seemed rather impatient, Dylan thought. He looked over to where Amy was explaining to Sophie the concept of being the seeker.

“Hang on Cerise.” Cole said. “Here’s the bats” He threw the bats in the air and the beaters caught them.

“Ok, charmed quaffles.” Kristina said pointing her wand at the spare quaffles. Cole nodded and picked up the proper quaffle and flew into the air.

“Ready?” He asked. He looked at Sophie who nodded. Cole looked at Dylan. Rachel and Kristina flew over by his side as Cerise and the Chinese girl joined Cole.

“Ready Weasley?” Cole asked in a sportsmanship way.

“When you are” Dylan said.

“Who’s the ref?” Rachel managed to ask before Hilary Silverstone flew onto the pitch.

“Hi kids” She said. “Hey Cole, how’s your brother?” Cole raised an eyebrow. Hilary rolled her eyes and took the quaffle.

“What are you doing with my brother?” Cole asked. Hilary gave him a smile and threw the quaffle into the air.

“GO!” She shouted. It was strange playing a small quidditch match with just second years and students who were bored of hanging around the castle soon came and watched them. Hilary seemed to have fun refereeing and soon Piper and Colette came down to have a look.

“Dylan!” Rachel said throwing the quaffle over. Dylan caught it and zipped down the field. Dylan had quickly noticed he had the fastest broom on the pitch, well Hilary also had a fast broom but she wasn’t playing so Dylan was the fastest one there.

“Crap!” shouted Juan Cortez, who was playing as a beater as he hit a charmed quaffle at Dylan. Dylan dropped the quaffle to Kristina who threw it through the goal posts.

“Oh yeah!” She shouted as the keeper missed it.

“I’m bored” Rachel muttered. “When’s Sophie going to see the snitch?” she said.

“You’re bored?” Dylan asked her. Rachel nodded.

“Only because the Ravenclaws are easy. The only good player is Cerise.” Rachel said. “I play against Danni and she’s difficult.”

“Well, you know. The Ravenclaws are-” Dylan had to suddenly stop as Amy and Sophie shot past him and Rachel.

“Go Amy! Go Sophie!” Harper shouted from the stands. Dylan had to watch. He wanted to see whether Sophie could catch the snitch or not. Rachel and Dylan hovered in the air watching as Sophie reached out for the snitch. She missed it by millimetres and Amy caught it.

“WOOO!!!” Harper shouted. Everyone could hear her. Sophie stopped next to Harper and Fraser and got off her broom.

“Good game.” Hilary said loudly before flying over to Sophie. She turned and summoned Dylan over. Dylan and Rachel flew to her and landed gently on the grass.

“Hey Hill.” Dylan said.

“Don’t call me that.” Hilary said quickly. “Look, I’m captain this year and I was wondering whether you two would like to be on the house team?” She asked Dylan and Sophie.

“Didn’t Ali already say I was her replacement?” Dylan asked, Hilary smiled.

“Yeah, but we need a seeker and after seeing the people in trials last year I’d rather not go through it again. Sophie, you’re pretty good. All you need is a little more practice and you’ll be brilliant.” Hilary said in a business like tone. “What do you say? Do you want to be seeker?” Sophie looked at Dylan.

“Go for it.” Dylan said with a smile. Sophie smirked and shrugged.

“If no one else is going to try out.” Sophie said. Hilary grinned.

“Thanks.” Hilary said, “Saved me a lot of trouble.”

“Heya.” Piper said as she came up and put an arm around Hilary’s shoulders. “What you bugging my little brother for?” she asked.

“He’s the new Gryffindor Chaser.” Hilary said proudly.


“Hey, Piper, can I see your tattoo?” Harper asked. Piper looked at her amused and smiled.

“I don’t know.” Piper said turning around. “Are there any teachers around? I’m not supposed to have one.”

“Dylan says it looks really cool. Please please please?” Harper asked. Piper and Hilary laughed and Piper took off her jumper and turned around. She pulled on her blouse and lifted the back up so that they could see a bit of colour.

“Can’t see it very well.” Sophie said.

“Dylan.” Piper said. Dylan lifted Piper’s shirt up slightly for her and reluctantly pulled the top of her skirt down slightly so the whole tattoo was visible.

“Oh cool” Fraser said.

“I can’t believe you did that.” Colette said walking over. “You’re a bad influence Weasley. And you’re head girl! I knew I should have got head girl instead of you.” Colette said sticking her tongue out at Piper.

“Shut up.” Piper said with a grin. “I’m really pleased with it.”

“And it pissed off dad. I’d be surprised if he let you home for Christmas” Dylan said.

“Ah, who cares about dad?” Piper said waving a hand in the air then tucking her blouse into her skirt. “Not like he has any control over me anyway.” Hilary sniggered slightly.

“James has been a bad influence on you.” Hilary said. Piper looked at her innocently.

“Come on girls. I feel like going into Hogsmeade.”

“But we’re not allowed to-” Hilary started to say. Piper put her finger up.

“Yes we can. I know how to get out and we’re going to go.” Piper said. She turned to Dylan. “You guys want to come?” Dylan looked at Rachel and they both shook their heads.

“Ok.” Harper said.

“I’ll go.” Sophie said, “I’ve never been.”

“We’ll skip it.” Dylan said. “Rachel and I have had enough of Hogsmeade for a while.” Piper smiled.

“I’ll get you a butterbeer.” Piper said. “What about you Longbottom?”

“Um, I don’t want to get into trouble.” Fraser said. “I thought you were supposed to be good and-”

“Still a lot to learn about the Weasleys.” Piper said shaking her head and cutting Fraser off.

“And the Potters.” Colette said. “Come on. I need to get the latest issue of Witch weekly.” The three seventh years left.

“Take my broom back Dylan.” Sophie said putting her broom into Dylan’s hands then running after the seventh year students with Harper.

“Your sister has really…changed.” Fraser said.

“No, not really.” Dylan said. “She’s been waiting for an excuse to rebel for ages and without James here to keep her on her leash and with dad annoyed with her-” Dylan said fading off.

“Come on, I’m hungry.” Fraser said. “Lets get to the great hall quickly.” Rachel looked at him amused.

“Ok, let us take the brooms back first.” Rachel said. “Come on Dylan. Fraser, we’ll meet you outside the changing rooms.” Fraser nodded as Rachel and Dylan walked to the changing rooms to lock their brooms in the Gryffindor team changing room.

“Can you believe you’re on the team now?” Rachel asked. “You’re going to be so popular.”

“I don’t really care.” Dylan said. He opened a locker that had his name on it and put his broom into it. “Come on, lets go. We can’t have Fraser’s stomach waiting that long.” Rachel smirked and Sophie’s broom into a Locker that had S.PAPAGEORGIS written on it then put her own broom into a locker that had D.THOMAS written on the locker before leaving with Dylan.

“What do you think we’ll get up to this year then?” Rachel asked.

“Well, as long as we don’t go into Hogsmeade then I think we’ll be ok.” Dylan said with a smirk. Rachel laughed and Dylan put his hands into his pockets. Fraser was standing outside kicking at a stone in the grass.

“Hey, stud.” Rachel joked. Fraser’s head shot up. He wasn’t really used to being called things like that. Dylan knew he felt slightly insecure because he was slightly overweight.

“Um-” Fraser said. Rachel laughed.

“Come on. Your stomach can only take so much waiting” Rachel said.

* * * * *

Dylan sat at a table in the common room. It was already the middle of September and he had many quidditch practices, a bit of homework which he had finished and now he had decided to read a book called Hogwarts: A history that his mum had recommended last time she had come. Hermione had come a few times during the past few weeks to talk to him about the prophecy he had made during the holidays. Apparently Africa was hunting down Jessica Lowe and the Ministry was on full alert for the Lestranges.

Dylan felt his eyes closing and he felt so tired. He hadn’t gotten much sleep recently and he felt so tired. Harper had somehow managed to steal his potions homework and was currently copying the contents of his essay into hers. Rachel and Fraser were playing chess and Sophie was no where to be seen.

“Boo!” she shouted behind him. Making Dylan jump slightly.

“Wha-Sophie!” Dylan snapped annoyed. Sophie grinned and sat down opposite Dylan.

“You look tired, you ever thought about a thing called sleep?” Sophie asked.

“You remember something about being a dream prophet?” Dylan asked. Sophie frowned.

“Bad dreams again?” She asked.

“Yeah. I swear they get really bad at certain times.” Dylan said. Sophie sighed.

“What are they about?” Sophie asked.

“I don’t know but I know something really bad is going to happen. Well I do know. I look into the dream recorder and all I can see is Colette screaming in pain.” Dylan said. Sophie frowned.

“That’s not good.” She said.

“I know.” Dylan said. He rubbed his eyes with the palms of his hands. Sophie looked at him sympathetically.

“Do you want me to keep watch over you while you get some sleep?” Sophie asked.

“No it’s fine. I just won’t go to-”

“Dylan, you need sleep” Sophie said sternly. “Come on.” She grabbed his hand ad pulled him to his feet. Dylan just followed her to his dorm room. “Sleep!” She said pointing to his bed. Dylan sighed.

“Fine.” He flicked his wand and he changed into his sleeping clothes.

“I’ll sit here reading a magazine, I’ll make sure nothing bad happens.” Sophie said sitting on the end of Dylan’s bed.

“Thanks.” Dylan said getting into his bed. He was asleep before his head hit the pillow.

“Come on Potter. You know what happens in those meetings, where your father is, tell me.” Said a female in a dark cloak and long dark hair. Colette Potter lay on the floor breathing heavily with her eyes closed. Other then her chest rising she wasn’t moving.

“She’s not going to say anything.” Said a man.

“She will. If she wants to see her friends and family again she will.” The woman said. “Crucio!” Colette screamed with pain as the curse course through her body. As pain made her body convulse and twitch.

“Stop!” She managed to scream. The curse was lifted.

“So?” The woman said.

“I’m sorry.” She said. “I don’t want to tell you. I can’t-”

“Crucio” The woman said.

“Stop it!” screamed another teenage girl. The woman turned to see Piper Weasley being dragged into the room with two deatheaters holding her tightly. She was still in her Hogwarts uniform and it looked a bit torn and frayed.

“Ah, miss Weasley.” The woman said with an evil smirk. “Nice of you to join us.” Piper looked a bit worse for wear and she was staring at Colette in fear.

“Don’t hurt her.” Piper said,

“I’m afraid that’s not possible. Now do you want to go the same way was your friend here or not?” The woman asked. Piper looked at the woman then at Colette. Piper shook her head quickly.

“Then tell me. What is James and Harry Potter up to?” She asked Piper.

“I’m not telling you.” Piper said.

“What is it with you good people. Never giving away your friends!” shouted the man frustrated. “Can’t you see you’ll come out on top?”

“I’m not losing my fiancé over you” Piper said nervously. The woman gave an annoyed sigh and pointed her wand at Piper.

“You don’t have any choice Weasley. I don’t have any use for you.” She said. There was a flash of green light


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