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A Yuling We Will Go by magical words
Chapter 4 : Chapter Four
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AN: So I have written this chapter...finally. I hope that it is good and that there aren't many typos or anything else like that.
I plan to have chapter five written by Valentine's Day.  Hopefully it will be.

I hope everyone enjoys this chapter! R & R please!

magical words

Chapter Four
made by .highwayheartbeat @ TDA

Chapter Four: In Which the Main Character Starts to Have a Massive Panic Attack Because Someone Misplaced a Very Lucky Vest Pin

Holy fuck. I cannot believe it. All my dreams are coming true. To start, Draco knows I’m gay. I now know that he is gay. His boyfriend Ronald Weasley is a fucking doll. (And that’s a good thing.) I’ve asked out my long-fucking-time crush, Justin Finch-Fletchley, to the Yule Ball. He has accepted. We’ve actually gone to Hogsmeade together. We’ve picked out our co-ordinating robes; we’re going to look bloody fucking fantastic.

“Hey, Zabini,” I hear behind me.

I turn around in my seat in the Great Hall to see Justin.

“Hey JFF.”

“Whatcha doing right now?” Justin said as he slips beside me.

“Eating,” I tell him as I take a bite of shepherd’s pie.

“Well, I can see that,” he laughs at me.

He puts his elbows on the table, his chin in his hands. He looks so fucking cute.

“What are you doing?” I ask him before taking another bite.

“Oh, just wondering if you wanted to go for a stroll around the castle. I’m awfully bored at the moment.”

His gaze is smoldering and seems to have captured my complete attention. His eyes are a stunning blue, incomparable to anything I have seen before.

Bloody fucking hell! I sound like a lovesick bastard.

Which I very well may be.

“Oh, a stroll, you say? Why not a walk or something equally as plain sounding?”

“Well, since you asked, it must be a stroll because nothing with you is ever plain, and I am very attached to that word. It makes me feel sophisticated.” At that, he jokingly thrusts his nose into the air.

I hold back a laugh as I push my plate of shepherd’s pie away.

“Well, I suppose that it’s now time for that stroll.”

I stand up quickly and Justin follows my lead.

“Lead the way,” I tell him.

He saunters out of the Great Hall, with me right behind him, getting a perfectly good look at his bloody amazing ass and everything else for that matter.

I can feel other people’s eyes on us as we leave.

It’s still a bit new for us to do the whole “public couple” thing. Most people are completely unaware that I am gay and only Justin’s closest mates know. All in due time.

As soon as we are out of the public’s eye, Justin reaches for my hand.

He’s so fucking cute that way.

“So, where’re we strolling to?”

“Does it matter?” he asks me slyly.

I laugh. “Not really.”

“Well, we’re going to a special spot.”

“We aren’t going to some deserted corridor broom closet, now are we?”

He squeezes my hand. “Now what kind of a guy do you think I am?”

His voice is teasing and it isn’t very nice of him. I’ve this huge fucking urge to trap him against the wall, right in this hallway, and snog the fucking hell outta him.

But I won’t. Yet.

Suddenly, I am pressed up against the wall and Justin’s lips are on mine.

Fucking hell! Justin is snogging me!

And fucking hell! He is an amazing snogger.

I can’t remember the last time I’ve actually snogged anyone. Sad, I know. Before, it was all girls, too. This is a jillion times better and more satisfying than snogging even the most experienced girl.

I feel Justin’s hand slip around my waist as he pulls me closer. Bloody fucking hell, is he good!

My hands snake up to the back of his head; his hair is soft and catches my fingers. My hand cups the back of his neck, perfect positioning so that I can take control.

His lips on mine create the most fantastic feeling I have ever felt; it’s indescribable. It’s like our lips are on fire, but there is no burning; it’s as though they are tingling as if it were an out-of-body experience and yet the sensation is incredibly realistic. Gah! Why hadn’t I kissed any boys before this? Correction: Why hadn’t I kissed Justin before this?

I pull away slightly, just to get a breath in, and find that we’ve been at it for a solid ten minutes. Our chests are heaving and Justin’s a bit flushed. His lips are red and swollen, as now doubt, mine are.

“Well, that was lovely,” I say.

“I haven’t ever kissed another boy before,” Justin tells me shyly, swinging one of my hands in his, while his other hand rubs his neck uncomfortably.

“Neither have I, though I certainly have dreamt of it before plenty of times. I think reality is much more satisfying though, don’t you?”

“Fuck yeah.”

He smiles at me and I smile back.

“So, where was this special spot you had spoken of? We got a bit side-tracked.”

“What would you say if I told you there had never been a special spot?”

I smirk. Of course there hadn’t!! I should have known that. That Hufflepoof is a bloody fucking genius, but so am I.

“Well, I suppose there is a special spot now,” I tell him just before my lips descend upon his.

He moans into the kiss. As he should. (I am an amazing snogger myself.)

We continue our session in this very spot for another half an hour or so. Good thing that it’s Saturday, otherwise I’d be skiving off lessons. Who needs fucking lessons anyway when you can have a lovely snog with a fucking adorable Hufflepuff that goes by the name of Justin Finch-Fletchley?

We realise that although we are in a deserted corridor, and one that will undoubtedly be deserted for some time, we need to rejoin our fellow Hogwartians for our Saturday.

We walk back toward the Great Hall, holding hands.

“How about I meet you at that special spot of ours around half seven? I’ve still some Charms to finish and my mates have been bitching to me about failing to help them with their fucking work. No doubt Draco has been bothering you about some things as well.”

“A bit. He’s got his boyfriend to keep him company when I’m not there to bitch to, though.”

“So, special spot at half seven?”


I give him a quick kiss before I saunter into the Great Hall.

Life if fan-fucking-tastic.

So, the Yule Ball is tonight. I’m so fucking nervous and excited and horny and all I wanna do right now is snog my boyfriend fucking senseless.

Yeah, my fucking boyfriend!

Justin Finch-Fletchley, the hot Hufflepoof is now my boyfriend and has been for nearly two weeks. (The week before that we were just experimenting. I had just asked him to the Ball so I had my work cut out for me to learn a lot to learn about him we became “official”.)

We’ve gone a few real dates, even double dates with Draco and Weasley. I still can’t fucking call him by his first name. Draco is bloody pissed that I can’t. He thinks I’m prejudiced, but I’m really not. It’s just more fun pissing Draco off for this. (Weasley understands completely.)

Anyway, we are in the public eye and it’s surprising to see who else came out. Loony Luna Lovegood the Ravenclaw is dating Megan Jones, a Hufflepuff in the year above her. Jones even asked Loony. I was surprised to see that Jones went for girls because I vaguely remember snogging her in a broom closet second year. She was pretty good, I think.

A Gryff that goes by the name of Kenneth Towler is going with a Slytherin named Miles Bletchley. It’s fucking hilarious that Draco and Weasley made it acceptable for a Slytherin and Gryffindor to date. Hell, Neville-fucking-Longbottom asked Pansy to the Ball…and she said yes! But I always knew she had a soft spot for the bleeding dunderhead.

Yes, all is well in fair Hogwarts.

“Blaise, stop staring at yourself in the fucking mirror. And put some pants on.”

“I like being naked Draco. And don’t tell me what to do; are you my fucking mother or something?”

“No, I am not, but some of our roommates are getting unnecessarily turned on and it’s not fair to Goyle or Knott when they can’t have you.”

“Oh, fuck off Draco.”

I head to my trunk and pull a pair of pants on. Fucking Merlin, he is like my mother. He even goes for guys my mum (sometimes) goes after (redheads who associate with Muggles).

“You don’t want to keep Justin-with-the-fucking-amazing-ass waiting, now do you? Put your robes on.”

“Again, fuck off Draco. I need to find my very lucky vest pin first.”

“But you’re not even wearing a vest!”

“So, it’s supposed to go on a vest. Just because I am not going to wear a vest doesn’t mean that I can’t wear a vest pin on some other article of clothing.”

“Are you sure about that?” Draco asks me sardonically.

“Why have you done as I’ve told you and fucked off!?”

“It’s much more fun annoying the hell out of you, love.”

I groan and continue my search for my very lucky vest pin, clad in only pants.

Draco sits upon the dresser beside his bed and watches me turn the room upside-down, frantically searching for my very lucky vest pin. I never wear dress robes without it and I’m certainly not going to start now.

I’m starting to get hysterical seeing that I’ve looked fucking everywhere and I still can’t find it! Fucking very lucky vest pin, where have you gone?

“Fucking hell! Where is it!?”

I look around the room with wild eyes, observing the chaos I have created.

“It’s lost, isn’t it?” Draco sort of asks. It only sounds like he is asking, but he’s not because he knows that it is.

“No! It’s only been misplaced. I shall find it. I just need to go about the room once or thrice more and then I shall find it and all my luck will return and Justin will still want to date me and go to the Ball with me and want to snog me senseless and –”

“Blaise shut the fuck up! Your ‘very lucky vest pin’ is – and has been – pinned to your dress robes the whole time. If you had put them on like I told you to, you wouldn’t have begun to have a massive panic attack like you are.”

My forehead furrows, creating unsightly wrinkles and my eyes glare at Draco maliciously.

“You fucking wanker! I hate you!” I cry, grabbing my dress robes from Draco’s clutches.

“You are most welcome,” he tells me, smirking.

He is the biggest fucking wanker to walk on Earth.

I get dressed, ignoring him. I dab myself with some cologne after my robes and shoes are on and my very lucky vest pin is placed in the appropriate area.

I glare at him before striding out of the dorm and into the common room.

I see Weasley and give him a slight nod before heading out of the Slytherin common room and toward the Hufflepuff entrance.

I’m going to meet my fucking gorgeous boyfriend/date and I’m heading to the Yule Ball…with my very lucky vest pin which I wear on my robes!

AN: R & R lovelies!

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A Yuling We Will Go: Chapter Four


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