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World War III by weasley_gang
Chapter 9 : Normality
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Disclaimer: I never do own anything, do I? I wonder what would make this time special. Oh, that’s right: nothing.

Previously on WWIII:

“JEEZ! FINE –” Before Scorpius could finish his sentence or bomb dive back into the lake, the tentacle he was holding onto slammed down with full force into the lake.

Scorpius was lost from eyesight amongst the giant icy waves.

“Oh Merlin.” Rose said before running into the waves that lapped the shore. “SCORPIUS! SCORPIUS!”


Ed behind her had stripped off his sweatshirt and shoes and dived into the lake ahead of her. He broke the surface and let out a silent shriek at how cold the water was.


Rose hesitated at the shore but realised she might have dared Scorpius to his death and she jumped towards the shore only to be jerked back.

“They’re both halfway to pneumonia now, I’m not letting you get the same way so I can eat Christmas dinner all by myself.” Mandy scolded Rose holding her back.

“But –” Rose tried.


“No buts.” Mandy said. “I don’t care if you’ve found a soul mate in Scorpius, you’re not getting sick too.”


Rose looked back at the lake. After a few moments she saw Ed hauling Scorpius up. Both were splashing fine. Rose released the breath she hadn’t known she was holding. When they had reached the shore Rose ran up to Scorpius and pulled him to dry (or as dry as snow can get) land. He was staggering behind her.


“I’m fine.” He said with a small smile.


Rose didn’t say anything but kept pulling him up to the castle. She pointed her wand at the boy. “You idiot!”


“What?” He said.


“Why did you have to do that?” She snarled.


“You dared me to!”


“You don’t accept you insufferable little snitch!” Rose said. “Common sense! Just say ‘are you effing mad?’ and I would have told you ‘yes, I am.’ Then you wouldn’t have had to do it! Going off bloody wrestling the damn Squid.”


“But you –”


“Yes, but I was temporarily insane! I also wanted to go ride a cow! Are you going to go get me a cow?” Rose snapped. She looked behind her to see Ed warm and dressed, walking up with Mandy.


“Where the hell would I get a cow?”


“Exactly!” Rose said.


“That doesn’t make any sense.”


“Just shut up!” She pulled him into the dungeons. They went in silence up to the boys’ dorm room. She sat him down and went into the bathroom ordering him. “Take your pants off!”


Scorpius’ eyebrows flew to his hairline.


Rose’s head popped back out of the bathroom. “Not like that you dirty minded freak. You’ll freeze to death in them.” She threw him a towel and disappeared back into the bathroom. “And dry yourself off!”


She came back out in five minutes to see him dressed again in dry clothes. “Good.”


Ed and Mandy were also there. Mandy approached Ed and kicked his leg. “Bloody idiot.”


Rose laughed. “Mandy. Want to get something to eat?”


“Sure.” They walked down to the kitchens. When they arrived back at the common room they found Scorpius and Ed wrapping themselves in blankets in front of the fire with their feet soaking in hot water.


“That’s just a little dramatic, don’t you think?” Rose said.


“No.” Scorpius said. “We just dived into a minus degree lake. Minus!”


“Then go take a bath.” Mandy said sitting down with her chicken wrap.


“Um…” Ed started but bit his lip to stop himself.


Rose froze from her seat next to Mandy, as she was about to bite into her own wrap. She saw Ed’s look and a growl rose in her throat. “What did you do?”


“We tried to take a bath, but the taps were…” Ed looked at Scorpius for help.


“The taps were, uh, kinda a bit… clogged, I guess you could say.” Scorpius visibly bit back a laugh. “Then –”


Ed cut him off. “Good news is that it’s not clogged anymore.”


“Kill me.” Rose said and moaned into Mandy’s shoulder. “Just kill me. They’ve ruined the baths haven’t they? Seventeen year old boys can’t use a bath tap!”


“Hey!” Scorpius said indignantly. “How were we meant to know they go the other way around?”


“I am actually going to kill you. Split you up into little pieces so small that rats won’t be able to distinguish you from dust particles!” Rose stood up and pointed a daintily painted finger in his face.


“Calm down.” Scorpius said. “It’s just a bath.”


“We were planning on taking a bath.” Rose said before pulling Mandy up the stairs. “We’re going to get ready for your date!”


Once the girls were out of earshot Ed and Scorpius broke into mad laughter.


“She’s so hyped up, over a bath?” Scorpius laughed.


“And why’s Rose helping Mandy get ready for our date?” Ed asked confused and still chuckling.


“Yeah actually.” Scorpius furrowed his eyebrows. “She said ‘we’re’. Why does she need to get ready?”


“I dunno.” Ed shrugged his shoulders. “Girls love any reason to pretty up, and I’m not going to stop them.”




“Touch me and I’ll throw you into the closest fireplace.” Rose sat next to Scorpius at dinner.


“What?” Scorpius said.


“You heard what I said.” Rose snarled and glanced over her shoulder at Mandy and Ed and smiled.


In all honesty, no, Scorpius had not heard what Rose had said. He had been still gob smacked at what she had been wearing and how she looked when she came down the stairs.


Now sitting next to him was an irritated beauty. Scorpius grinned happily as he remembered one little thing.


He leant into her ear. “You owe me a kiss.”


Rose jumped back. “Excuse me?”


“I rode the Giant Squid. You owe me a kiss.” Scorpius was happy. But you wouldn’t imagine his shock when Rose leaned forward and pecked him on the lips.


Before he could even begin to enjoy the kiss she was gone.


“What was that?”


“A kiss.” She said smartly.


“No.” He said. “A proper one. Or do you want me to lock us in the bathroom again?”


She looked at him alarmingly. “Are you serious?”


Scorpius just waggled his eyebrows suggestively.


There was silence from her.


“You agreed to it. You were so sure that I wouldn’t ride it in case you didn’t want to kiss me this bad.” Scorpius said.


“Not now.” She scowled.


“Set a time and date.” He said.


“I thought you hated me!” Rose said exasperated.


“Oh, I do. Immensely. But damn, you know how to snog.” Scorpius said, grinning.


Rose laughed. “Are you serious? That’s it?”


Scorpius nodded.


“All right. Let’s go find a corner.” Rose said. “But let it be known. I’m kissing you once. I’m not a little side plaything for you. And I keep to my word.”


Scorpius followed her eagerly.


Half an hour later Mandy tore her eyes away from Ed’s and looking to her side to look for Rose and Scorpius. They weren’t anywhere. Coincidently at that point both Rose and Scorpius walked into the hall and hurried to their seats. They were both flushed and their lips raw and red.


Mandy looked at Ed and nudged his arm. When he looked at her he followed her gaze to Rose and Scorpius sitting next to each other in silence.


Ed and Mandy burst out into laughter and continued eating and talking.




“Autumn!” Rose ran and leapt into her arms. They jumped up and down excitedly clapping their hands. “How are you? What happened?”


It was then Autumn burst into tears. “My grandma died! She actually died this time!”


Rose had not been ready for that so she was shocked still. Feeling Autumn’s tears on her shoulder Rose snapped out of it and diligently led Autumn up the stairs to their shared room in the Gryffindor house.


Autumn sat on her bed and bawled tears. “She actually died! And it wasn’t how she wanted it either. She passed in her sleep, all alone. Everyone was asleep too. No one was with her!”


“Honey.” Rose said hugging her friend to her. “Everybody dies alone. Whether you’ve got a family around you, or you’re all alone in a desert. You’re always alone when you die. No one can go with you.”


“But she… she… she wanted us there at least!”


“But she must have family wherever she went.” Rose said gently. “Her mother, father, husband.”


Autumn sniffled and nodded.


“Come on.” Rose said giving her a small smile. “Sal and Marsh should be here by now.”


Autumn nodded again and followed her down the stairs.


“My darling girl! How was Australia?” Rose said, gleefully hugging Sal.


“Magnificent, mate!” Sal said with a thick Australian accent. Laughing she talked normally again. “You must understand how disappointed I was when no one talked like that.”


The girls all laughed, even Autumn giving a small chuckle. “Merlin, what happened?” Sal saw Autumn’s red nose and the welled up eyes.


“My grandma died.” Autumn said her face muffled into Sal’s shoulder.


“You’ll be fine darling.” Sal said soothingly. “Maybe not now, maybe not for a few years, but it’s a process of life. When you’ve lived a wonderfully full life and pass away smoothly, easily, would you want you gorgeous grandchildren making a stuff out of their make-up for you?”


Autumn couldn’t help the small smile that came to her face. “No, I wouldn’t.”


“Didn’t think so.” Sal smiled and hugged Autumn again.


“You missed me that much?” Marsh said bursting in.

Smiling, Rose kicked Marsh’s ankle. “Her grandma.”


Marsh’s mouth formed an ‘O’. His usually cheerful smile returned. “Group hug!”


He tackled Sal and Autumn in his massive arms and squeezed them. They laughed and tried to squeeze free, but Rose was on the other side and she joined the group hug.


A few hours later when they had all said a bit about their holidays they walked down to dinner.


“How were your holidays Rose? With Malfoy?” Autumn said.


“Alright I suppose.” She said sitting down at the Gryffindor table.


“Really?” She asked. “Just alright?”


“Yes.” Rose said starting to get a bit snappy. “Why do you ask?”


“I’d say it went more then alright they way Malfoy is staring at you.” Rose immediately whirled around to see Malfoy smirk at her, get up and walk out of the hall.


“I think he wants you to follow him.” Sal said grinning herself. Behind Rose’s back all three of them exchanged glances.


“Alright then.” Rose said getting up. “I’ll go see what he wants.” She walked out of the hall to be met by Malfoy leaning against the wall. “What do you want, Malfoy?”


He raised an eyebrow. “Back to last name’s are we, Rose?”


“Yes.” She gritted her teeth. “Malfoy. We were civil for the sake of it during the holidays. Nothing has changed.”


“Really, Weasley?” Scorpius said walking right up to her. “I’d felt like a lot had changed.”


“Nothing.” She hissed in his face, which was so close. There was silence for a bit, but Rose broke it. “What do you want?”


“Oh nothing.” He smiled taking a step back close enough to his original spot, but not leaning against the wall. “Just catching up with old… enemies, I guess then.”


“You guessed right.”


“And enemies do what they do.” Scorpius said.


“Yes.” Rose said warily now.


“They hate each other.” He nodded.


“Profoundly.” Rose said her mind racing to wonder what he was talking about.


“I’ll take your leave then.” The light glinted off his eyes and it shook her. What she had always thought were steely grey eyes had a hint of an evil green.


When she shook herself out of it he was gone. She walked back to her seat replaying the conversation over in her head.


“What did he want?” Sal asked.


“I don’t know.” She said absentmindedly.


“Seriously.” Autumn said frustrated. “That’s a crap lie.”


“No.” Rose said paying attention now. “I actually have absolutely no idea what he was rambling on about.”


“What did he say?” Sal asked.


“He was saying stuff about confirming that we weren’t friends, and stuff about enemies and how they hate each other…” Rose furrowed her brow.


“Oh shit.” Marsh said slapping his head. “Are you serious? You don’t get it.”


“And you do?” Autumn asked.


“Yeah.” Marsh nodded. “I doubt I can do anything now, but we’re done for.”


“What is it?” Rose said frustrated.


“He wanted to make sure you guys weren’t friends anymore and aren’t now, or whatever. So he can pull –”


That second water bombs were pelted through all the windows of the Great Hall and all of them seemed to be magnetically attracted to the Gryffindor table. Not one water bomb fell off the Gryffindor table. Everyone at the end of ten minutes was dripping wet.


Marsh spat out a bit of water and finished his old sentence. “Pull a prank.”


Rose stood up and glared at the completely dry Slytherin table and noticed a missing face.




Bits of water flew off Rose’s hair in rage and Autumn wiped a little out of her face. “And we’re back to where we started from.” She sighed.


A/N: Please review like you did for the last few chapters! And my heart goes out to those whose homes and lives have been destroyed by the Victorian Bushfires.

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