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A Deadly Attraction by DracoMuggleLuver_01
Chapter 1 : Body in the Alley
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So this is my first try at a Dramione fic. Please be gentle as, in a way, this is the beginning for me.

“Ok Mrs. Kennedy, you can step down now,” Hermione Granger said sweetly, pulling her stethoscope out of her ears and hanging it around her neck. She reached forward, gently touching the elderly witch’s shoulder to help her off the table and to her feet. “That was a pretty nasty break,” Hermione added gingerly. “What actually happened to let your arm snap like that?”

The old-looking witch gazed up at Hermione, looking ashamed. “Well Dear, I really just had a bad fall. Getting old you know. It happens.”

Hermione still had her doubts but did not persist. Not because she didn’t care, but because Mrs. Kennedy was very stubborn and refused to let people think badly of her, even if her visits only involved a fall and a broken collarbone.

Hermione turned back to her records. “One moment Mrs. Kennedy!” she called as something on it caught her eye. “Mrs. Kennedy turned away from the door of the exam room, not with a hint of irritation in her features. Hermione smiled apologetically at her. “I’m sorry, but it says here you may have a bit of a concussion. I just thought I would let you know that the potion I gave to you helps with that too.”

“Thank you,” Mrs. Kennedy replied. She turned, her cloak swishing, and headed out the door.

Hermione sighed and followed the patient out the door at a smaller pace. She’d been working for thirteen straight hours and was exhausted. That morning, when she was eating breakfast at her loft, her friend and fellow healer Morgan Jenkins had shown up to quickly tell her about a problem that was flooding St. Mungo’s with patients. One of the few remaining Death Eaters had blasted a shop in muggle London. The event had everyone on call, healing muggles and magic-folk alike. All the muggles had had their memories modified and were Apparated home after given a sleeping draught.

Now as Hermione walked through the waiting room, she saw that the only occupants were a mother and her child. These were Morgan’s patients, and Hermione knew that they were only in for check-ups.

“Busy day Hermione?”

She turned when she heard her name, finding her tired-looking boss standing behind the counter, his white Healer’s cloak halfway off his shoulders. His short red hair was messy, and his gray eyes matched his expression. When Hermione had Apparated to the hospital that morning, he had been helping several patients into the OR.

“Very busy Jay,” Hermione replied, sighing in empahsization of her mood. “I’m glad to be going home to be honest.”

He smiled at her admiringly and Hermione flinched slightly. “So no dinner tonight huh?”

She shook her head. “I don’t think so. I’m going home and going to sleep.”

“Well,” Jay sighed, sliding the cloak all the way off. “Perhaps another time.”

“I’m not making any promises.”

Jay smiled sadly then walked to the wall that had a rod hanging on the wall. He placed the healers clock there and the rod jerked in, disappearing, taking the cloak with it. A moment later it reappeared with Jay’s green traveling cloak. He waved to Hermione as he swung it around him, attaching the clasp. “See you tomorrow Hermione.”

Hermione waved at him. Not if I take the day off, she thought. Jay disappeared around the corner. A moment later she heard a faint pop as he Apparated home.

After that pop, Hermione went to the wall, removing her own Healer’s cloak. She’d only been out of Hogwarts a year but she was a full-fledged Healer after deciding to take classes at the Wizard University halfway through 7th year. It had only taken her a year to get her license.

Hermione swung her cloak on and began to walk away. She waved her wand and a little bell on the wall dinged in a machine, clocking her out. Instead of Apparating home like she normally would, Hermione walked right up to the door that led into muggle London. She gazed out of the class for a moment, and then stepped through, coming out in the dead of night in front of the hospital entrance.

Muggles would never know that there was a hospital here. In fact, even wizards would not be able to tell at first , This section only looked like a long row of shops that were not in use. When Hermione had come here in her fifth year with the Weasley’s after Mr. Weasley had been attacked by Nagini, she had only seen what she was walking by now.

Usually after a very long day, Hermione would immediately go home and soak. Tonight, Hermione had a lot on her mind so she decided to walk instead. She thought about the attack, wondering how the former followers of Voldemort could be so idiotic after the Dark Lord’s death. The Death Eater who had caused the accident had been the last remaining one. He was now locked up in a cell in Azkaban, awaiting trial. Hermione was sure he would get the Dementor’s Kiss as his punishment. Still, she shivered at the thought.

Hermione was aware that she was absolutely alone on these streets tonight. Her footsteps and breathing were the only sounds she heard. She turned a corner onto an alley she took as a shortcut that was behind a pub she sometimes went to when she met up with Harry, Ron, and Ginny, that had nothing but trash cans and dull lighting. She had only taken a few steps down the alley, when her eyes adjusted on something ahead and she stopped cold.

The silhouette of a body lay on the hard black asphalt. She rushed forward after a moment’s hesitation, when she noticed how still this person was. When she was only a few feet away she had time to register that it was a male with pale white-blonde hair, and light skin. She could see cuts, bruises and blood all over his skin and black robes. Hermione ran around him, kneeling in front of his body.

She saw his face and jerked her hand away in astonishment.

Under the many cuts and bruises, including a black eye and broken nose, there was no mistaking that face.

It was Draco Malfoy.

so did you all like it?
Is there a possiblity of feeding my review box. I'm away a lot so she doesn't tend to get fed too much. Please feed Rini for me. She loves reviews. She could eat them all day

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A Deadly Attraction: Body in the Alley


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