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Vanilla Spice by EffyFoSho
Chapter 3 : Alright, Quasi?
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Amazing Chapter Image made by LittleMiss at TDA. ;]

For the next half hour, our compartment is frequently bombarded by curious students eager to examine the new girl.


And I hate it.


I have to repeat the same answers every time, all these;

"Why did you move?"

"What's France like?"

and "Isn't Hogwarts great?" and every time I respond the more certain I am that I am going to kill James Potter. I can see Hally , and Dom getting fed up, too, impatiently tapping their fingers and glancing boredly at each other.

They even leave at one point, and come back clad in a dark school uniform, their scarlet and sapphire ties standing out visibly. Katie, however, seems to love the attention and giggles and waggles her fingers at the guys and answers polite enquiries about her summer in long, babbling text when I'm positive, from their wide eyed expressions, all they were expecting was a 'fine.'

I excuse myself when the last batch of people have exited, gossiping among themselves, and I set out determinedly to try and find the changing rooms, hoping to bump into James, to give him a taste of his own loud-mouth, gossiping, annoying medicine.

What am I going to say?

I have no bloody idea.

I am pissed enough just to scream my guts out.


I arrive in the small, pokey toilets (which are still bigger than any normal train toilets) unscathed and quickly dress myself in a cubicle, fumbling with the tights. I pull up the pleated skirt so that it rests mid-thigh, and begin buttoning up the white school shirt, which I had got the fitted versions of. The toilets door creaks open and I can hear two girls smacking their lips together, obviously putting on make-up.

"So. New girl, huh?" I freeze, listening intently.

"Oh, Merlin, yes. She's a total geek."

God, damn it.

"And did you see her hair? Total frizzball," they cackle.

I pull the black school jumper over my head and, blushing furiously from both anger and embarrassment, shove open the cubicle door. The two girls, both of their faces caked in make-up but still quite pretty, spin round, shiny-lip glossed mouths agape. Somehow they even make surprise look slutty.

"Oh, sh-," I hear before I slam the door behind me and breath in a deep breath of un-toilety smell. I close my eyes for a second, willing my redness to fade, before I made my way back to my compartment.

"Alright, Molson?" a voice calls out, just steps behind me.

The little prat.

I pause, whip my head round and point at him accusatorily.

He takes a step back, his eyes darting around the small corridor worriedly.

"I didn't do-,"

"James Sirius Potter!" I shriek.

Okay, maybe the shrieking and full naming him was a bit much. And seeing as I'd just met him, and wouldn't know his name if he was a normal, non-famous guy, it probably wasn't the most sane, non-stalkerish thing I could've said.

But, I admit, I was pretty annoyed. Those damn toilet girls had referred to me as the 'Frizzball' like at Beauxbatons.

And James 'Molson'-ing me was completely the last straw. I guess he was mostly at the wrong place at the wrong time which sucks for him but I don't really care so much.

"Yes?" he asks tentatively.

People stick their head out of their compartments taking in the scene before them.

Nosy buggers.

"What the flipping heck was going through that teeny pea brain of yours when you announced to the whole world that there was a new girl!"

I bet he's actually smart.

Stupid Potters.

He pauses before answering, looking thoughtful. "You know what, Mollie?" His voice drops lower as he takes a slow step closer to me. I lean forward unintentionally to hear him.

But good start, Potter, you got the name right.


Oh, bullocks.

Did I just flutter my eyelashes?

"You're hot when you're angry." He grins devilishly and brushes past me, into a compartment.

I'm left standing there, gaping foolishly, like the cool person I am. I mentally shake myself and stumble into my compartment, dressed fully in the school uniform except an adorning tie.

And, then, I feel like bashing my head repeatedly against the wall. Because, you've got to be kidding me.

Peering at me is five smugly pretty girls, two of which were bitching about me earlier, in the toilets. I flash a glance at Dom and Hally who both are glaring at the girls with contempt in their eyes, their arms crossed anti-socially. Katie squirms in her seat.

"I'm Megan," says a girl from the toilets. "This is Becca." She indicates the blonde at her side. Megan; Gryffindor and Becca's a Ravenclaw.

Obviously the others aren't important enough to introduce.


"So have you come here to apologise?" I ask coldly, mimicking Hally and Dom by crossing my arms. Three of the less pretty girls, not the girls in the toilet raise their eyebrows, shocked, and then glare at me. I see Dom smirk.

"We've actually come to check out the new girl," Megan replies, sighing in annoyance as if it was totally obvious and I should be standing there embarrassed with my tail between my legs.

Instead, I scowl at the girl who, even though she's a bitch, is still extremely pretty with long black and brown hair down to her waist and movie star features. However, she seems overly full of herself as she looks around like she's queen and everyone else are her slaves who would obey her every whim. Which, now I mention it, they probably would.

"What am I? Some sort of zoo exhibit?"

Oh, well done, Mollie.

They looked me up and down. "You belong in the zoo, frizzball," Becca cackles and I roll my eyes at that totally 'original' reply.

"Come on, let's go, this was such a futile attempt at replacing Annie," Megan hisses and stands, everyone following her lead. And you can totally tell Annie is trying not to cry with tears brimming in her eyes.

"Get lost, Megan, and take your sad little posse with you," Dom growls.

I turn to them with a fake smile as they leave rolling their eyes or glaring.

"See ya later, Poodlehead," sneers the sidekick of Megan herself; Becca.

Ooh, witty.

She was obviously there as she was too pretty to be anywhere else.

"Bye," Katie whispers, half-heartedly. Hally scowls at her.

"Yeah, and don't let the door hit you in the arse on the way out," I say smugly before slamming the door shut with such a force the windows shake.

"Classic 'door arse hitting' there, Mollie," Dom smirks.

"I know ," I reply, offhandedly sitting myself down on the leather cover of the bench.

"Ugh, I hate them!" Hally moans. "Those slutty, two-faced cows think they're all that. 'Specially Megan. Rebecca just plays dumb all the time."

The train begins to slow, and I can see it pulling up on an empty platform, the ground wet from the rain. Excited voices rise above the screeching of the breaks on the train wheels. The platform soon floods with dark robes and the trees around us loom over the students awkwardly.

"We're here guys ," Dom says, smiling contently.

"Thank flipping Merlin."

Hally squeals, drags me up on my feet and links arms with me, beaming happily.

I swear she is almost skipping.

"Is it normal to get this excited about school?" I ask , to no one in particular.

"That's Ravenclaws for you," Dom responds smirking, a disgruntled Katie in tow.

We clamber down the train steps and I take a sharp intake of breath.

Hogwarts is amazing. Tall, pointed rooftops grace the old bricks that somehow make the castle seem more eerie and outdated. It is already dark outside and the lights around us on the busy platform are reflected in the dark waters of the Lake. I shudder involuntarily.

Hally grins at me. "It's quite something, isn't it?" I nod as we push and shove our way through the crowd, Hally dragging me along behind her. A face pops up in front of me.

"Hey, new girl."

Oh, God.

"I'm the Head Girl. You've got to go with the first years."

"What!?" I exclaim, not bothering to keep the horror from my voice.

"Over. There," the Head Girl says patronizingly, pointing to a crowd of first years who are crowding round a short, chubby lady with permed hair.

"Well. See ya!" Hally hurries off with the others and I begrudgingly make my way over to the first years. The chubby lady looks at me and frowns.

"You're not a first year, silly." Her voice a high- pitched squeak.


"Go over there, to the carriages."

"I'm new here. The Head Girl sent me this way,"

Daft old bat.

"Mollie Pert?"

I nod.

"Wait with the first years then ."

Over my dead body.

"Sure." I inch closer to the little midgets, hunching over to make myself appear smaller so I wouldn't look out of place.

So did not work.

I just end up looking like Quasimodo.

They eye me up and down and titter. I sit down moodily on a tree log, waiting for all the dim first years to hurry up and realise we are here so I can get out of the view of prying eyes.

"Yo," a voice pipes up in front of me.

My eyes flash up, taking in the small boy before me.

"Did you just say 'yo'?" I scoff. He nods nervously, fingering the collar on his white shirt.

"Could I have your number, girl?" he asks timidly. Some boys behind him wolf whistle and I hear an exclamation of 'he actually did it,' and hand slapping going on.

"Look, you're as tall as me sitting down when you're standing. What the hell did you think the answer was going to be, you little twerp."

Believe it or not, that was me letting him down gently.

There was a silence for a minute as he stood awkwardly.

"So, can I have your number?" he continues. I roll my eyes and ignore him till he skulks off with his friends moaning about how he lost the bet.

Thanks for that, midget.

About 10 minutes later, I'm sitting with my knees hunched up to my chest in a tiny boat with two boys who keep splashing each other with water.

And I'm getting wet.

And cold.

So you could say I am not extremely pleased.

As one of the boys' plunges his hand into the murky waters below for the fifth time, giggling delightedly, I snap. "Splash each other again, and I'll personally see to it that you end up in that lake."

The two boys look at each other horrified and shift closer together, causing the boat to rock dangerously. I don't let out a breath I've been holding till the boat has stopped swaying and is floating along harmlessly.

Something wet hits my nose and I glance up at the stormy clouds and groan.

Oh, bloody great.


By the time we all arrive at the castle, I am soaked through and am positive my mascara is running.

Mainly because 11 year olds keep coming up to me and calling me 'Panda' before running off, laughing like maniacs.

I'm sure I was never like that at their age.

Chubby lady (apparently Miss McGarry) leads the way and we all follow, obedient as puppies. I hang back. She shoves the doors open and the hall falls silent. Four, long tables take up most of the room in the hall except for the staff table which faces the students. In front of their table, sits a stool with an old, scraggly hat placed upon it. The ceiling is a replica of the night sky, but clearer than any I've ever seen.

Miss McGarry stops and produces a long scroll from her pocket and clears her throat.

"Mollie Pert. Fifth Year. Transferred here from Beuxbatons."

Oh my God.

I was so busy staring gormlessly at the ceiling that I'd missed what we were meant to do.

Wow, I bet that looked attractive.

"MollieMollieMollie!" stupid Potter hollers.

Everyone peers expectantly at me and I cringe, not knowing what to do. Why am I always first?

I glance worriedly at Katie who seems to be sitting the closest to me. She's signalling for me to sit on the stool, which I rush up to, dodging the first years. I quickly place the hat upon my head. Thank goodness I didn't fall over.

"Hmmm, quite the bright one here," a silvery voice rasps. I squirm, uncomfortable at having a voice in my head.

Not the good one, either.

You know, the nice ones which tell you to shut up before you say something worse. This one was talking to me.

"Slytherin's definitely out for you and much too fiery for Hufflepuff. How about Gryffindor?"

The hat bellows the last bit aloud and the long wooden table at the far left erupts into applause and whoops.

A hat just called me fiery. Score.

I grin upon spying Dom there, sitting in the middle, clapping the hardest. She orders rather brutally for everyone to budge up, 'or she'll stab them with a fork,' so I can sit next to her on the uncomfortable bench where she envelops me in a big hug. Another person behind me wraps their arms around us and squeezes.

I breathe in his warm, earthy-cinnamony scent and kind of flop so that he is practically holding me up.

I am such a loser.

"We've got ourselves a Mollie sandwich," James says.

It's really sad how I can recognise his voice already, when I've known him for a couple of hours.

Stuff it.

"I'm surprised you're in, Gryffindor, Poodle." Megan leans her body round James. "I thought for sure you were gonna be in Ravenclaw. You know, with the nerds."

James frowns and shushes her firmly. As Megan is still recovering from that blow, her face covered in a look of utter shock, James covers Megan's miniscule face with the palm of his hand, causing her to emit a low gasp.

In fact, he 'covers' her face quite hard. I'd even go up to calling it a man slap.

James' hand is still on her whole face and he steers her backwards, by her face might I add, until she is hidden from my view, grunting and shrieking behind him. Students peer at her curiously.

"Nicely done, Potter," I congratulate him, sniggering. He responds by poking his pointed tongue out at me childishly. I open my mouth but my stomach interrupts me, grumbling like there's no tomorrow. Seriously; it would not shut up even with my hand clamped firmly over it.

Dom looked down at it. So did James.


"Loudest belly I've ever heard."

"Potter, Lily." Miss McGarry calls.

Ooh, this will be interesting.

James has his head craned round to look at her.

Well, who's doesn't?

Lily marches boldly up to the stool and after a short time the hat bellows Gryffindor. Our table shrieks and claps, a group of people chanting 'three Potters, three Potters.'

I grin and raise an eyebrow at James, whose looking extremely pleased as Lily settles herself near the front, around a group of first years. A couple of minutes later, Miss McGarry calls out "Weasley, Hugo" and I contently watch James looking expectant at the sorting taking place.

"Gryffindorrrrr," The hat trills and James whoops and holds his hand up to me. I examine it curiously.

"High five?"


I fumble, and quickly slap James' hand. He winces and shakes his hand. "Remind me not to high five you again," he grumbles as I blush at my embarrassing attempt at high fiving.

As the last student is sorted into Hufflepuff, a middle-aged, balding Professor rises, his round cheeks flushed red. He grins at us, announcing that he is the headmaster, before quickly going over the basic rules of Hogwarts and short announcements before eagerly sitting down and tucking into some food.

Everyone in the hall follows his example perfectly.

And, oh dear Lord, this is the scrummiest food ever.

I shuffle along slowly, due to severe overeating, with Dominique who's babbling away excitedly, talking nine to the dozen. The halls of Hogwarts are entirely made from stone and the walls are covered with talking portraits, who comment on us as we walk past, not caring if we hear or not.

They are way too rude, seeing as they're pictures.

We reach a giant portrait of a larger than life lady and Dom pulls me to it as soon as I turn the corner to walk past it. The portrait sneers at us, perturbed.


"Giddlegee," says Dom and the portrait sighs and swings open revealing a huge room.

Scarlet armchairs, wooden chairs and couches are situated in circles, around coffee tables, desks and one group around a big, open fire. The wooden floor is covered with a bold red rug and chandeliers hang from the ceiling.


The room is bustling, students seem to fill every corner talking loudly, and Dom drags me to the far end of the room, up one of two narrow, stone staircases, each on the either side of the room, and leads me further up, passing the landings that have corridors leading off them, until we reach a door that has a sign saying 'Fifth Years' at the end of the corridor.

"Well, I'm dizzy."

"You get used to it," Dom giggles.

Our dormitory has six four -poster beds, each with curtains that can be drawn for privacy and there is a wooden trunk at each bed, as well as a bedside table.

One of the beds has two girls sitting on it, and they freeze as I walk in.

"Um. Hi. I'm Mollie," I stammer nervously.

"I'm Nessa and this is Tracy," a girl with amazingly clear, dark skin and glasses says, indicating herself and the blonde girl sitting on the bed next to her, who looked as if she should be in a younger year as she still has a baby face and her thin, blonde hair is done up in a plait.

"Hey guys," Dom greets them and flops down on the bed next to them and asks politely about their summer.

I find my bag in the corner of the room and haul it over to the bed nearest the window, which is right next to Dom's, and tip the contents of my bag in the trunk at the foot of my bed. My clothes get all jumbled up and I sigh half-heartedly, before I begin arranging them in category of jeans, top, dresses and undies.

I smile proudly once it's done and turn round to find Nessa and Tracy staring at me like I'm some weirdo.

"I like my stuff to be neat," I defend myself, shrugging.

"You're a freak, Mollie," Dom jokes.

I reply by getting my soft, feathered pillow and hurling it at her head.


"Are you two going to the party tonight then?" Nessa gently takes the pillow off of Dom who was about to throw it at me.

"Party? What party?" I ask.

"The back to school party. Everybody fourth year and up can go," Tracy explains, in a much quieter voice compared to my own loud booming one.

"Sure, if Mollie's up for it," Dom says.

"Okay, when is it?"

"In about an hour."

I look at the clock, it's half seven now, and I'm rummaging frantically through my trunk for a decent outfit when a door behind me opens and Megan comes out with a short girl in tow, chatting.

They stop when they see me and Megan narrows her eyes.

"Well, well, well. Look who it is. It's the poodle-headed boyfriend stealer," Megan says waspishly and her little minion giggles.

Boyfriend stealer? Well, that's a new one.

I turn to her and notice she's wearing a miniature rara skirt, showing off her bare legs, high heels, and a pink, low cut stop. Overall it gives the impression that she's trashy.

Which, you know, she totally is.

"You don't have a boyfriend, Johnson," Dominique says, rolling her eyes at her.

“What’s James, then, Weasley?” Megan growls back.

“They guy who would never look twice at you. You’re just jealous that he’s more interested in Mollie, who he’s known for five minutes, than he could ever be in you.”

I blush as Dom speaks, before Megan and Caroline (as I later found out what her name is) flounce out the room, shooting dirty looks at me and Dom.

“Don’t listen to them, Mollie,” Nessa says.

“I love putting that girl in her place,” Dom grins evilly, baring her shiny teeth.

I give them all a small smile and gather my clothes before going to change in the bathroom.

Woah, and what a bathroom.

It was massive, bigger than my room at home and the floor were shiny, white tiles while the walls were red. In the corner there was the shower that was a big tinted glass box, and there was a square bath, which looked like a hot tub opposite it. There were three cubicled toilets and a row of three sinks in front of it. The best bit was the huge mirror, which was the height of the wall and as wide as two people, that was on the wall in the middle.

Such heaven.

I got dressed slowly, folding my uniform as I took it off, and finally emerged dressed in a denim mini skirt and black tights with a Blondie tee which I loved.

Dom wolf-whistles and waggles her eyebrows. “Phwoar, you look hot.”

“I appreciate that comment, Dom, but I don’t swing that way.” I smirk before she punches me in my arm.

I rub it.


“So violent,” I mutter under my breath.

“Don’t make me hit you again,” Dom says sweetly, smiling at me.

 “We need to retrieve Hally and Katie.”

“What?” I say.

“There outside the common room. Kind of tradition to go together.”

“But I just got changed.” I whine.

She rolls her eyes. “I’ll be right back, then.”

Dom leaves the room, still dressed in her uniform, and I’m stuck left trying to make conversation with Nessa and Tracy.

“So...” I rack my mind to think of something to say, but come up blank. They stay silent, too, glancing at each other

Wow, this is one awkward silence.

“What’s the quidditch like here?”

I played chaser at Beuxbaton’s and was pretty damn good.

If I do say so myself.

Which I so do.

“S’great. Gryffindor hasn’t won in ages, since the great Teddy Lupin left,” Nessa replied, giggling girlishly on ‘Teddy.’

“Wow. That’s bad.”

“Nah, we always come second,” Tracy says.

“Oh,” I say lamely.

“What position do you play?”

“Chaser, normally.”

“There’s tryouts soon, and I’m sure James would put you on the team. He seems to like you,” Nessa says, once she has gotten over the whole Teddy-mentioning.

“Huh,” I huff, thinking that Nessa thinks I won’t be good enough to get on the team without James liking me.

“We better get ready, Nessa.” Tracy says, noting my pissy-off ness. Nessa nods and follows Tracy to the bathroom.

I lie down on my bed.

Oh wow, it’s comfy.

The door bursts open and Katie, Dom and Hally enter, giggling madly.

“Bonjour, my lovieee!” Hally calls before she and Katie give me a double hug.

"Congrats on getting in to Gryffindor!” Katie says.

“You look good, girl.” Hally winks.

“Guys!” Katie screeches. “We need to get ready!”

Hally groans loudly.

“Ooh, I’ll put some make-up on Mollie, then get changed” Dom grins.

 “You and Hally go get changed now and then put make-up on.”


 Hally whimpers while Katie advances towards her and tightens a hand around her wrist, dragging her into the bathroom, greeting Nessa and Tracy on the way. They laugh and raise their eyebrows, both looking really pretty; Nessa in a floaty, gypsy skirt, down to her ankles and Tracy in a strapless top and bell-bottoms.

“What’s wrong with the make-up I’ve got on now?” Mascara, eyeliner, concealer.

“Nothing. It’s just not very party-ish,” Dom soothes and begins by applying blusher to my pale cheeks.

“Close your eyes,” Dom orders and as soon as I do she slathers liquid eyeliner on my upper lid.

A/N: Wow, that was long. Well, for me anyway.
Party next chapter. =]  And then the half of the first day of classes.
Let me know what you think. I love reading reviews.
And I might give you a cookie. And not just any cookie. A blue cookie.

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