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Insignificance by marinahill
Chapter 1 : Insignificance
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I see them there, their fingers entwined and their smiles shared and decide that life isn’t as rosy as it seems. Their eyes meeting, they have no thoughts of anyone else but each other. I shrink into insignificance, becoming part of the background.

 Hasn’t that always been the story? I, Dominique Weasley, do not share the spotlight; Victoire holds it all, her cheeks lighting up at just the right moment, her eyes sparkling for all eternity. How I hate those eyes. The eyes that have unlimited access to the one thing in life I never can have; Teddy. My eyes only light up when he is in the room, my heartbeat increases when he looks at me and I only ever dream of him. How sad it seems that my dreams never come true.

 I am not one to steal my sister’s boyfriend. I know that he is forbidden to me, yet I can’t help hoping for the day he realises what he is missing. Victoire is beautiful, of course. Her plump lips, her almond eyes and fresh perfume are alluring to most men. I do not blame Teddy for falling for her, but I wonder why she has to pick him when she can choose between any other man she meets. Her confidence and charm can lure any man into her bed, no problem. I, however, do not share this talent. Having been overshadowed by my gorgeous older sister for all of my life, I am shy and introverted. I never wish it to be otherwise, yet my eyes fill with sadness when I see that chances I have missed.

 Cruelly, I am forced to bear my secret in silence, my heart’s woes untold. While I watch from the sidelines, bursting with jealousy, my sister has her dreams fulfilled. Teddy leans over, his head resting on her shoulder. She smiles, her hand snaking around his waist. She has him wrapped around her little finger. I can’t believe he puts up with it; he must really be in love. It is a harsh blow to my emotions; Teddy looks wonderful in love. My eyes sting because he will never be in love with me. 

 Are we close? If close is spending time with each other every night, then yes. If close is being the one he wants to spend time with, then no. You see, it is not me he comes to visit, it is always Victoire. I welcome him inside our home, take his coat and tell Victoire he is here. Later, I stand beside my sister, waving goodbye.

  Now, in the midst of all of our family, we appear to be two happy sisters. Best friends, almost. Why wouldn’t we be happy? Victoire has the boyfriend of our dreams, I have the set of Outstanding grades from my last year at Hogwarts. Perfect, don’t you think? Laughter surrounds me, for Victoire has told a joke. Who can resist responding to her laughter, her smile, when she looks so radiant. My bitter sarcasm doesn’t usually get the same response. I smile weakly, not wanting to seem out of place. The Victoire Effect has never worked on me, and usually I don’t bother pretending. Teddy catches my eye, and my smile broadens. I sicken myself; I really am desperate, and I’m sure he can see it on my face. I am sure that he pities me, his girlfriend’s younger sister. I am too young for him, I know that. I have just turned eighteen years old, and at twenty-two he is not likely to even look at me the way he looks at my sister. Again, I am shoved roughly aside, out of the spotlight and into the darkness. It’s a bitter pill to swallow.

 The thing is, I know that I can love Teddy more than she does. I can feel it. Yes, she likes the eye-candy, and for that I can’t blame her. He is a work of art, a masterpiece. His dark hair looks light melted chocolate in the light, his eyes pools of grey. I wish more than anything that I can run my hand through his soft locks, to cup his face and tell him how I feel. Maybe if he knows how my heart feels then he might love me in return. Life without Victoire would be a lot less complicated, a lot more free. I am not a person of malicious intent, I wish her no harm. But my sisterly love dwindles with every passing day that they are together.

 The people around me shift slightly, the dynamics change. Teddy is no longer in my line of sight, and I can breath again. An uncle sits beside me, inquiring about my love life. I tell him it’s insignificant. Affronted, he takes the hint and turns to his left, ready to tease a younger cousin. How simple my life is. Family gatherings, unfortunately, irk me. How can I rejoice in the opportunity to look lonely and unloved in front of all those who supposedly care about me? If they care that much then they would leave me alone to fester. I don’t need to be happy. I don’t expect to be happy.

 I was not happy when I was told that finally Victoire and Teddy got together. I had not been waiting months or even years for it to happen. It was the one thing I had been dreading since I fell in love. I am not happy now, as Teddy stands up, his arm around Victoire. Don’t they look happy. So obviously besotted with each other, it is making me nauseous. I want to block out his words, I want to shut out the joyous, expectant faces around me. It is all some kind of conspiracy, I see that now. They slowly plot my increasing misery. I am, certainly, the only unhappy person in the room. My eyes flicker between my many cousins, my relatives and my parents before finally resting back on Teddy. He only has eyes for my sister, so he does not see my longing gaze. Her world is filled only with him, and so she doesn’t see how tears gather in my eyes.

 He gets down on one knee, as my family expect him to; as I expect him to. Victoire grins, her lips spreading and showing off her white teeth. Oh, what a blushing bride she will make. I will spend the day pretending to be over the moon that she has found The One, commenting how pretty she looks and how lucky Teddy is to have her. My parents will cry, my grandparents will cry and I will cry, though for different reasons. They will lose their daughter, their granddaughter, and I will lose my last chance of love. I see it now, in their eyes; this is for ever.

 Teddy sees me, for once, and smiles. My heart aches as I return his smile, pretending to be happy for him. I try, I really do. But as she says yes, I know that he is lost. They kiss, basking in their mutual adoration. I smile ruefully to myself, promising not to pretend anymore. For what does it matter what I think? My love is insignificant.

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