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The Golden Game by hermioneism
Chapter 3 : Happy Trails
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Disclaimer: My passport will confirm: I am not JKR. *sigh*

Chapter 3: Happy Trails

Rose sat at her usual seat in her favorite class, transfixed on Professor Longbottom’s impassioned lecture about the possible medical benefits of Polytrichum juniperinum, otherwise known as common garden moss. Herbology had always held a special place in Rose’s heart, ever since Uncle Nevvie (she had accidentally called him that once in the greenhouse first year, and the look on his face had been priceless) had given her a copy of the Encyclopedia of Magical and Common Greenery: The Healing Edition for her 7th birthday.

Professor Longbottom brought his class to a close with a small smile, waving them out with a cheery “remember, bring your earmuffs next time!” Rose packed up her books and as she headed up to the castle for lunch she found her mind wandering to the familiar subject of her future, and another subject it did not often come upon: her family.

Rose’s own life post-Hogwarts was seemingly set in stone. With her Mum as the acting Undersecretary to the Minister of Magic and her Dad as Harry Potter's right-hand Auror, Rose would be the first in her immediate family to pursue a career outside of the Ministry walls; she was truly excited for the chance to make a name for herself.

She had chosen a Healer’s track for her NEWTS, earning “Outstanding” OWLs in all of the necessary courses: Potions, Herbology, Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Charms, Transfiguration, and Defense against the Dark Arts. Hermione hadn’t stopped beaming for a full 30 minutes when shown Rose’s examination scores. Rose secretly thought that her mother was simply thrilled to relate to at least one of her children.

Rose’s brother seemed to adhere to the Muggle “don’t worry, be happy” philosophy and as such, was not as serious of a student as Hermione would have preferred. Fifteen year old Hugo seemed determined to do exactly the opposite of what was expected of him. Of course, he was the first Weasley ever sorted into Hufflepuff. As of yet undecided as to what career to pursue (much to his professors’ and parents’ chagrin) he scraped by in the classes that were required for OWLS, and put actual effort into only those which interested him: Astronomy, Divination, Care of Magical Creatures, History of Magic and Muggle Studies.

Rose was not certain, but she felt that her happy-go-lucky little brother was content with being out of the unavoidable Weasley/Potter limelight, and therefore simply took life less seriously than the rest of the family.

As Rose continued her walk from the greenhouses, she was suddenly struck by the realization that there was one thing which all of the Weasley and Potter children had in common: a pure, passionate, unbridled love of Quidditch.

She smiled. Quidditch was surely in their blood. Rose’s own father swore his veins ran orange, in honor of his favourite team. Even her bookish thirteen year old cousin Molly (the only one in the family more studious than Rose) played for the Ravenclaw team as a chaser.

Ah. That did it.

Rose suddenly found her mind wandering to another Ravenclaw Quidditch player, one who was quite a prominent figure in her recent daydreams. Merlin’s Beard, and I thought I was doing so well, too! I have managed to avoid him nearly all day!

She felt the heat rise on her cheeks as she recalled the incident on the Quidditch pitch two weeks prior, the ghostly feel of Malfoy’s lips even now present on her palm. Of course, it had all begun when her plans for a lengthy soak in the bath had been thwarted that fated day after Malfoy had left the washroom.

Once Bree had charged in to the room to make sure her friend was alright (Rose apparently did not faint like a lady, but rather “kerplunked like a drunken hippogryff”), Rose decided to enjoy a quick (and rather cold) shower before donning her practice uniform. She had then meandered her way to the pitch in search of solitude. She had meant to distract herself from her jumbled thoughts by flying a few laps, yet… after overhearing Scorpius’ admission to Brayden Zabini, Rose was now more confused than ever.

And all those blasted flowers do not help matters, either!
Rose sighed, brought out of her reverie as she approached the Entrance Hall and the sound of chattering students met her ears.

Suddenly deciding she would rather enjoy her lunch alone in her dorm, Rose bypassed the Great Hall and made her way to the entrance of the Hogwarts Kitchen. Once there, she tickled the pear in the painting and was immediately fussed over by the house elves who handed her a bulging basket of mouth-watering delicacies.

Thanking the smiling elves profusely she set out into the halls, ducking into crevices to avoid any lingering red heads from dragging her to the Great Hall. After several near run-ins with various cousins, she finally approached the Head Dormitories and muttered her password, “Yearning,” scowling at the winking witch in the portrait.

The sight that met her eyes was even more disturbing than she remembered it from this morning – along with a large golden banner spanning the width of the ceiling proclaiming “Roses for My Rose, One for Every Thought I Have of You,” every available surface of the Common room was littered with the flower. Every few moments, another rose would pop into existence in the room. She could not quite figure out how he was managing it, but had to admit it was a rather impressive bit of magic.

There were already several vases of silk roses on the study table, dozens of delicate paper roses lined the bookshelves, rose petals covered the floor and a rather large, fresh bouquet of fragrant snow-white roses stood on the stairway leading to Rose’s room. 

Well, I must admit that he has good taste. White roses were her favorite; red roses were so bold, so common – white roses were unique, pure, a breath of fresh air.

Setting the basket down on top of a navy blue footstool, Rose sighed and slumped to the petal-strewn floor. Her emotions were going haywire. He’s a Malfoy! You’re a Weasley, Rose! It would never work, our fathers would Avada each other and come back as ghosts to torment us... and then we would be sent off to St. Mungo's and join that horrid Lockhart!

Yup. It was quite unfortunate, but they were destined to hate eachother from the start.

Grabbing an apple from the basket and absentmindedly taking a bite, Rose realized something. Though it was obvious she had her mother’s study habits, she had inherited something (in addition to the Weasley appetite) from her father as well: his general laziness. Hating Scorpius simply took too much effort!

The problem was, Rose was not all too certain whether she hated him anymore, or even if she ever truly had.

In fact, she was convinced that what she felt for the handsome blonde Ravenclaw seeker was far from hatred.

And that thought nearly scared Rose to death.

*** Head Boy Dormitory, several hours later ***

Scorpius was rather pleased with himself. He had just returned from the best Quidditch practice of his life, and it was all thanks to his newfound good luck charm: Rose.

I cannot believe how often I thought of Rose today! There must be hundreds of flowers down there!
He smiled as he lay sprawled across his four poster. He glanced around his room, absentmindedly taking in all of the Ravenclaw decor as he contemplated the past several hours.

At the beginning of practice, he had tried to focus solely on the game, determined not to let anything distract him from his brilliant captaining and claiming the snitch. This had been a fairly important practice, after all, because he had two new beaters to train. I still cannot believe both Corner and Goldstein managed to injure themselves during the last match. Thank Merlin Zabini and Nott are more than adequate replacements.

And thank Merlin they owed me a favor so they happily "volunteered" for the team. Otherwise, I would have been forced to hold more sodding "tryouts,"
Scorpius thought with a smirk.

He had, of course, been hoping to catch a glimpse of Rose all day, to see whether or not she appreciated his latest brilliant attempt to woo her.

Merlin. I am so embarrassed that I even thought the word “woo.” Must. Not. Lose. Malfoy. Cool.

When he had no longer been able to keep himself from thinking of Rose while circling the pitch (after all, the sunset complimented her beautiful hair brilliantly…), he had simply imagined that she was there, cheering him on in his pursuit of the small golden-winged ball.

Of course, that would never really happen. Rose was a rival Seeker, after all, and would forever support the Gryffindor team.

However, catch the snitch he had – and in record time. More surprising: though Scorpius had not been aware of it until he was freshly showered and walking back to his dorm after practice, he had somehow neglected to bring along his lucky snitch. It was currently buried somewhere deep in his top desk drawer amongst a handful of old quills.

That made Rose his new good luck charm. He allowed his mind to roam awhile…

Yup. He would never lose a Quidditch game again. He would lead Ravenclaw to win the Quidditch cup. Inevitably, some famous scout from the IAQ would see the final match of his Hogwarts’ career and offer him thousands of Galleons to play for the team of his choice. Of course, he would take pity and choose to play for the Cannons, and during his first game as the Cannon’s Seeker he would single-handedly earn more points than the team had ever won. In its history. After a successful career with Chudley, he would of course buy the team and he and Rose would raise up their sons – seven strapping young lads, of course, so they could form Team Malfoy and take Hogwarts by storm – on the actual Quidditch pitch where he had once proposed to their mum on a fateful August evening…


Malfoy was startled out of his daydream when he heard a familiar frustrated voice from the other side of his door.

“Malfoy, you git! Please! Make them stop! I am trying to study Arithmancy! One appeared in my mouth, for Merlin’s sake! And it had thorns!”


As he heard her footsteps travel away from his door, he sighed.

There was only one thing holding him back from his glorious future.

And without her, it just wasn’t worth it.

A/N: I appreciate all of your thoughts on either of my stories, so please take a moment if you would be so kind and leave a review? Thank you. :)  Happy reading! Oh - and if anyone is interested on my thoughts on the Quidditch teams, here is what I have come up with so far. I know, I spend entirely too much time thinking about Quidditch when I should just WRITE THE NEXT CHAPTER, lol, however... here you go anyway, just for kicks and giggles.


Teddy had been GRYFF beater and CAPTAIN
Victoire had been GRYFF chaser
James had been GRYFF keeper and CAPTAIN
Fred had been GRYFF beater
Dominique had been GRYFF beater

Rose is GRYFF seeker (7)
Roxanne is GRYFF beater (6)
Lily is GRYFF chaser (5)
Lucy is GRYFF chaser (3)
Francis Longbottom is GRYFF keeper (5)
Alicia Longbottom is GRYFF chaser (4)
Patrick Finnegan is GRYFF beater and CAPTAIN (7)

Albus is SLYTH seeker and CAPTAIN (7)
Brianna is SLYTH chaser (7)

Louis Weasley is RAVE chaser (6)
Scorpius is RAVE seeker and CAPTAIN (7)
James Patil-Thomas is RAVE keeper (6)
Brayden Zabini is RAVE beater (7)
Vince Nott is RAVE beater (7)
Molly Weasley is RAVE chaser (3)
Lysander Scamander is RAVE chaser (2)

Hugo is HUFF keeper (5)
Lorcan Scamander is HUFF chaser (2)

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