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Who's that girl? by ravenclaw_princess
Chapter 4 : An Icy Dinner
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Ron was staring intently at the doors of the Great Hall waiting for Harry and Hermione to arrive. He finally spotted them and he watched as they made their way to the Gryffindor table but Ron never gave them a chance to sit down.


“Well you two are looking incredibly windswept” Ron remarked with a certain curiosity in his voice which immediately got Ginny's attention.


“You most definitely are”, Ginny piqued in. “If I didn't know better, I would say that you guys have been flying.”


“Rubbish” Ron remarked, “Hermione doesn't fly.” Ginny just gave Ron a look that said something along the lines of 'are you stupid', then glanced back at Harry and Hermione with a demand for answers in her eyes.


“It was a spontaneous thing. Hermione needed cheering up so I thought a flight would be nice”. Harry said, shrugging his shoulders like it was no big deal. Ginny though was not so easily swayed.


“No big deal! When, Harry James Potter, did you ever take me for a flight on your Firebolt...aye!” Ginny retorted, standing up and poking him in the ribs.


Harry jumped back in alarm, shocked at Ginny's obvious displeasure at him flying with Hermione. “But you already know how to fly, and you have a broom. Hermione doesn't”, Harry replied, hoping to alleviate the baffling situation, however his words achieve the opposite effect.


“And why should that matter. Don't you think that sometime in the weeks that we were together the two of us could have gone for a flight together. But oh no...you were too busy off with Hermione planning to save the world, and there I was, sitting alone, worried sick and forgotten again!” Ginny fumed, her face turning a shade to rival her hair.


“Ron was with us too” Harry added feebly, knowing that the chance of saying anything to reduce Ginny's random outburst was minimal.


“Boys” Ginny said in exasperation, before storming off out of the Great Hall.


“I have absolutely no idea what that was all about” Harry said utterly confused, but without further thought, he sat down and piled up his plate with a mountain of food before the house elves managed to whisk it all away.


Hermione was no longer quite so interesting in dinner. She had a fairly good idea what this was all about. Ginny still liked Harry and the thought of him spending time with any other girl was an upsetting event. 'Hopefully,' Hermione thought, 'she wont be too mad if that girl is me'. Getting on the bad side of Ginny was not the best place to be.



Ginny fled the Great Hall as fast as she possibly could without drawing the attention of the entire student body. She could feel the warm tears starting to pool behind her eyes and quickly wiped them away before anyone could notice. Once out of the Great Hall and into the deserted corridor beyond, Ginny broke into a run, trying to get away from Harry as fast as she could. With tired legs and laboured breathing, Ginny stopped running and found herself outside her charms classroom. She looked both ways, but no one was around, so she silently slipped inside and collapsed on the pile of pillows that created a huge mountain in the corner of the classroom.


Ginny sighed to herself and buried her head in her hands. She was sad, angry, happy, frustrated and confused. A cacophony of contrasting emotions were running wild through her head and all she wanted was for them to cease, to go away and never return. Every one of them stemmed from one person...Harry. The one person that could cause so much pain and so much happiness. Ginny had always thought that when the war was over, her and Harry would finally be together without a care in the world. But that was not how everything had turned out. Ginny did not fully understand Harry's choice but she accepted it and had moved on...mostly anyway.


It was surprising how the littlest things brought such a downhill spiral. She had never thought of going flying with Harry when they were together, but that wasn't what had caused the onset of her emotions. Ginny sighed and hung her head in her hands, feeling guilty about her thoughts, but how ever much she tried, she knew that it was the truth. She was jealous, jealous that he was spending time with another girl, even if it was Hermione. 'He should be with me', Ginny whispered to herself, once again feeling warm tears track themselves down her cheeks.


Ginny sobbed to herself for an unknown amount of time. She stayed in the charms classroom until all the emotions that had overwhelmed her were out of her system. With the circulation returning to her limbs, Ginny managed to emerge from the pile of pillows and started to walk slowly back to the dormitory, knowing with certainty that the moment she walked through the portrait hole, Hermione would immediately be dragging her to a quiet place to talk.


Hermione was sitting with Ron and Harry in the common room in their favourite seats by the fire. Ron and Harry were busy finishing their homework, but in usual form, Hermione had already completed hers and she instead had an old fat library book in her hands. However, today she was not interested at all in learning about the effects of temperature and acidity on flaxweed flowers . Any small movement would send her eyes darting to the portrait hole in the hope that she would glimpse the mien of red hair, and finally, Hermione was rewarded. Immediately the book was closed and Hermione rose to her feet and followed Ginny up the stairs to her dormitory.


Ginny was sitting cross legged on her bed, her head in her hands. Hermione crossed the threshold and went and sat by Ginny, putting a gentle arm around her shoulders.


“Want to talk about it?” Hermione asked.


“I knew you would follow me”, Ginny said, with the faint hint of a smile. “I'm sorry Hermione, I'm not mad at you, and I'm not jealous or anything, I just got a bit emotional. I still like Harry, and sometimes it hurts when he's off with other girls. I feel really stupid now too, you and Harry are best friends, I guess I just wish I was flying with him”.


“Does Harry know how you feel?” Hermione questioned, trying to hide the blush that was heating up her cheeks.


“I told him that I still liked him when we broke up, or more when he told me he didn't want to get back together. He said he was sorry that it had to be this way, and that he still cared for me deeply. He said that the Harry I dated belonged to the past, a past that he wanted to remember, but not relive. He needed to find himself and he needed to heal, because now, for the first time in his life, no one was trying to kill him.”


Ginny looked at Hermione and smiled sadly. “I kind of understand, but only kind of. Which is why sometimes I get a little teary. But with time, I will be okay. I have to heal as well, and maybe Harry's right. To heal we have to move on, not just jump back to how things were, because, they never will be that way again. It's hard at times but generally I'm doing okay. It's just that with everything else that happened during the war, having to mend a broken heart as well is a little much.”


“I know the last thing that he would want is to hurt you Ginny. He cares for you a lot.” Hermione said, trying to cheer Ginny up.


“I know he cares, but that is all...he only cares for me. It doesn't matter from which angle I analyse this situation, they all draw the same conclusion, Harry has moved on from the past that we shared together and I am doing the same. I just had a little set back today, but tomorrow, I will be right back on track.” Ginny looked down at her fingers surprised to find that they were playing with a loose thread on her duvet cover. 'Right' Ginny told herself sharply, 'enough moping, there is a life to live'.


The soft patter of rain drops sounded against the cool dormitory window, looking just like Ginny's tear stained face. But with a quick wipe of her hand, the tears were gone and Ginny went through a complete one eighty degree turn of emotions. She glared at Hermione suspiciously and coed “So what about you and Harry then? Do tell.”


Hermione was slightly taken about by the sudden direction this conversation had taken, and at first was lost for words, but quickly gained her composure and replied, “I was upset, he was trying to cheer me up”.


“And it seemed to have worked rather well” Ginny said with a twinkle in her eye. “I know you are not going to admit to me that you have feelings for Harry, but just so you know, that when you start dating, you have my blessing”. However, this was only half true. Ginny really wanted to be the only girl Harry ever dated, but if he didn't want her, Hermione was the next best thing.


“When I start dating Harry”, Hermione echoed with slight incredulity in her voice. “If I start dating Harry is more likely, and the possibility of that is minuscule”. Hermione held up two fingers, millimetres apart to add emphasis to her adamant refusal that she would ever date Harry. Ginny just laughed.


“Yeah, keep telling yourself that Hermione. Now I'm going to bed, Good night,” and with that Ginny wiggled herself under the covers of her bed and pushed Hermione towards the door, still laughing to herself.


Hermione, shocked with the abrupt end to the conversation, but also slightly relieved, walked into the corridor beyond and to her own bed, under absolutely no illusion that Ginny had believed a single word that she had said. The more important thing though, was what Ginny would do with the information.

A/N Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave a review.

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Who's that girl?: An Icy Dinner


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