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A Sweet Affair by writers_passion
Chapter 14 : Breaking the News
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Hermione and Malfoy had disapparated with Christina to the flat in Paris. There was no point in performing the spell now, so with a small potion to calm her down they sent their daughter off to bed. Hermione had had tears set in her eyes long before they had left, but once Christina was out of view, all of those tears came out with full force. Malfoy tried to talk to her but she only cried harder. After she calmed down she still wouldn’t speak and only took out her wand to fix his wounds.

“Hermione stop.” Malfoy said as he tried to take hold of her wrists. She wrenched them from him and continued to heal his bruises. Despite how sore he was, Malfoy pushed himself up from the sofa and grasped her hands tightly. “Listen to me. I know you’re upset. We can fix this. We’ll erase their memories. It’ll take some work but it can be done. I’ll-”

Hermione cut him off with an out of place laugh. He stared at her strangely as she placed her hands on his cheek.

“Don’t you understand?” She asked with a small smile playing on her lips. “I’m actually happy.”

“You’re what?”

“Draco, I’m happy.”

“Forgive me, but you don’t look too happy to me.” Malfoy replied bitterly. Hermione responded by kissing him and throwing her arms around his neck.

“If I regret one thing, Draco,” She began to tell him. “It’s how I hurt them. It’s how I manipulated them and lied to them for eight years. But never you… I don’t, nor will I ever, regret you.”


Ginny, Clara, and James had to wrestle Harry’s wand away. He threatened to curse them all until his kids managed to talk him down. While the calming process was underway, Ginny took the liberty to send all of the guests away and call the parents of Christina’s friends to tell them not to come over. By the time she was finished and went back upstairs, Clara and James were leaning against the walls near Harry’s bedroom.

“What are you guys doing out here?”

“Dad wanted to be alone.” James told her.

“Fine, then that’s what we’ll let him be until he wants to talk.”

It was easier said than done. It was roughly four-thirty when Harry went into his bedroom for some alone time. When it hit six, Clara had had enough and began banging on the door.

“Sweetie, I don’t think-”

“Dad, open the door!” Clara shouted. “You don’t have to go through this alone. We just want to help! Come on, please!”

Seconds passed and there was a turn of the doorknob and Harry poked his head out. He motioned for the three of them to come in and they were relieved to know that he finally responded to them.

“I don’t understand how this could’ve happened.” Harry said as he sat down at the edge of the bed. “I thought we were happy, and now I find out that…Chris isn’t mine. Seven years of lies…”

“More like eight,” Ginny blurted out. She quickly put a hand to her mouth, but he had already heard.



“Gin, what did you say?”

“…I said more like eight years, not seven.”

“And what exactly is that supposed to mean?” He asked angrily. Ginny looked over to Clara and James for help, but they were only preteens and didn’t know what was going on.

“Hermione and Malfoy started having an affair a year before she found out that she was pregnant with Chris.”

“What?! And you never told me? What kind of friend are you?!”

“Now, don’t go getting mad at me! Hermione told me about the first time they, you know, and she was so broken up about it. But I swear to you, I thought she stopped. I didn’t know that she was still seeing him over the year. And then when she said that she was pregnant, she was sure that Chris was yours that it made no sense to tell you. I never thought that she’d sink as low as magically altering Chris.”

“Alright, fine… Over the past seven years has she and Malfoy still been sleeping together?”

“Well, I-”


“I don’t know.” She answered honestly. “I know that Hermione hasn’t stopped communicating with Malfoy with Chris being his daughter and all, but I hardly know about their intimacy.”

“Dad I’m sorry,” Clara said after a short moment. “This is all my fault.”

“How is your mother’s unfaithfulness your fault?”

“Because, mum and Mr. Malfoy were enemies until I became friends with Alex.”

“What? Clara, I don’t understand. And why are you referring to Malfoy as mister-?”

“…Mr. Malfoy is Alex’s father.”

Harry’s eyes bulged at the mention of that and stood from his seat at the edge of the bed. Clara took a step back and swallowed deeply before she continued.

“Mum didn’t know until Alex and her father came over for that first play date. After that they became friends and well, more than that. But I swear dad, I thought mum stopped when I asked her to-”

“What do you mean when you asked her to? You knew about the affair as well?”

“I found out about it when I was thirteen. I made her promise to stop but I apparently she didn’t.”

Harry took a deep breath and put his hands in his hair as an attempt to rip it out. Suddenly he turned to James in an accusing tone.

“And what about you, James..? Did you know some part of your mother’s secret?”

“I don’t know a thing, dad.” He admitted. “I’m just as surprised as you are.”

“…Harry,” Ginny piped up. “What are you going to do?”

“What do you think I’m going to do? I don’t want to do it, but I have no choice after all this.”

“No choice to do what, dad?” Clara asked him. He stared at her and frowned.

“Divorce her.”


Hermione and Malfoy spent the rest of the evening curled up in each others arms on the sofa. There were no more tears, only smiles, and a laugh here or there because they finally realized that they were free. Free from all the lies, the deceit, and the guilt of hurting the people they were close to. As the night drew on, Hermione fell asleep, and Malfoy pried himself away from her, draped his cloak around his shoulders and went deep into the house in order to disapparate and not disturb her or Christina.

He landed gently in the middle of the ground floor. The Manor was darker than usual, as if it knew what was about to happen in the next matter of minutes. He walked up the stairs and glanced to his left and then to his right. Alex’s bedroom door was ajar and light was pouring from it. She was home, where in the Manor Malfoy didn’t know, but that wasn’t his main concern. He turned left and headed to his bedroom. It was there that he saw Sandra by her dresser, combing her hair.

“Draco, where’ve you been?” She asked him as she put down the comb. “You’ve been gone for most of the day.”

“I was…held up.”

“Oh? Held up doing what exactly?”

Malfoy didn’t respond to her. He stuffed his hands into his pockets and walked up to her. Sandra put her hands into her lap and looked up at him, showing her slight anxiety.

“What’s wrong?” She said as she grabbed a hold of his wrist. Malfoy stared down at her gesture and then looked at her eyes. He was surprised that he felt nothing. He was about to break her heart and yet there was no remorse when he took her hand from off of his wrist.

“Sandra, I have to tell you something that you’re not going to like.”

“Well, what is it? You can tell me anything.”

“I’m going to divorce you.” Malfoy said bluntly. Sandra’s face drained of color as he slipped off his cloak and draped it over his arm.


“I want a divorce, Sandra, plain and simple. You can keep the Manor. I’ve got flats and condos galore to keep me and my love satisfied.”

You and your love..? Draco how could you do this to us? How could you do this after so many years of marriage?”

“And they were good up until eight years ago. Sorry, but you just don’t compare to Hermione-”

A mudblood..?” She half-yelled as she stood. “You’re divorcing me for a damned mudblood?”

“Don’t call her that.” Malfoy said sternly as he grasped her arm tightly and began bending it backward slightly. “You can be pissed, you can cry, you can bitch at me all you want, but you won’t criticize her, especially in front of me. Understood?”

“…Draco, you’re hurting me.” She moaned, trying to pry his hand off of her arm. Malfoy let her go roughly and put back on his cloak.

“Insult Hermione again, and I promise next time I won’t let go.”


Malfoy stormed out of the bedroom rather content with himself as he went down the stairs. He decided that he was going to Floo out so that when he got back to Hermione and Christina he wouldn’t wake them. Though, as he got down the fireplace, it alighted, and he was face to face with Alex, someone he was hoping he wouldn’t run into just yet.

“Hi, dad,” She said happily as she gave him a small hug. “Are you going somewhere?”

“Uh, yeah, I’m going out.”

“Oh, when will you be back? Clara and I found this fantastic flat and I want you to come with us to see it to makes sure its proper quality as you put it.”

“Oh well, Alex, I don’t think I’ll be coming back here for a while…” Malfoy said uneasily. She furrowed her brow and frowned.

“Why? Are you going away on business? What’s going on?”

“…I’m divorcing your mother.”

“What?” Alex nearly shouted. “How could you? Why? This doesn’t make any sense.”

It was odd how when Malfoy spoke to Sandra he felt absolutely nothing. Yet now when he talked to Alex, an enormous amount of guilt filled him, and all he wanted to do was tell his daughter that what he was saying wasn’t true, but of course, he couldn’t.

“Dad, why are you divorcing her? I mean, haven’t you been happy?”

“Of course I was, but-”

“But what...?”

Malfoy couldn’t speak anymore. Alex’s eyes were watering by this point and he didn’t have the courage to keep talking. It was at this moment his heart nearly stopped.

“Are you getting rid of mum because of Clara’s mother?”

“W-why would you say that?”

“I wasn’t completely stupid, dad. I always had an idea, some sort of inkling that something was going on. I mean, I’d go to Clara’s house, and her mum would leave. Clara would come here and you would leave: both you always with some sort of excuse and nothing to show for it. I just never fully believed it until now. Honestly, daddy, how could you do this to mum?”

“It’s…pretty hard to explain.”

“Well, I have a good reason.” Alex said angrily as she folded her arms. “It’s partly my fault.”

“Your fault..?”

“Yeah, if I hadn’t become friends with Clara, all of this could’ve been avoided.”


“Forget it. Go be with the woman you love.”


Hermione woke up on the sofa surprised that she was alone. She searched all through the house and found that it was empty save herself and Christina. Though as she went back to the living room, the fireplace came to life and Malfoy stepped out of it.

“Hey, where did you go?” She asked him. He ran a hand through his hair and said,

“The Manor,”


“I spoke to Sandra while I was there.”


“I told her that I want a divorce.”

“Is that the reason why you look so upset right now?”

“Hardly,” Malfoy said with a small chuckle. “Talking to her was easy. I felt nothing.”

“Then why do you look so hurt?”

“I saw Alex before I left.”

“I see… Didn’t take it well, did she?”

“I knew she wouldn’t, but to actually go through with it was rather nerve-wracking.”

Hermione frowned and pulled him into a hug. They held onto each other tightly as if never planning to let the other go.

“Our girls will get over it.” She whispered in his ear. Malfoy nodded and planted a kiss in the crook of her neck.

“We have each other and Chris,” He said contently. “That’s all that matters.”
Author's Note: well, tiz a lil short and not much going on, but it was necessary! please review and more will be up as soon as i can :)

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