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Knowing Me, Knowing You by secret_witch
Chapter 1 : Knowing Me, Knowing You
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Disclaimer : I do not own Harry Potter or any other of the characters in the story. I also did not write or even sing 'Knowing Me, Knowing You' this was the work of Abba.

Text in italics is the song, and text in normal writing is the actual story.

The smoke in the room stung his eyes as he entered the busy pub. He'd been here a few times before and each time Remus had resigned himself to come there was something troubling him deeply. Every time, whatever it was, he had felt he needed to get out of the wizarding world and crawl back into the oblivious muggle world. Here he was a nobody and he wouldn't be bothered. Here people didn't frown upon him as a monster. That was the usual reason he ended up here, his condition frequently caused him worries. This time was different, this time it was more had become tangled up in his werewolf problems as well, and it was proving to be a difficult knot to undo.

He sat down at the bar and seized an opportunity to order and pay for a drink, it was a Friday night and the crowd was immense. He circled his hands around the strong beverage and bowed his head. Time to wallow.
The DJ's voice rang out over the loud speakers and Remus' attention was jerked towards him.
"Good evening everyone, well let's kick off tonight's merriment with an good old karaoke... my song books are here and so are the entry slips and pens. Don't be shy..."
Remus tuned him out, karaoke was something he really despised and he had already made up his mind to get drunk quickly so he could block out the punter's screeching voices.

Within minutes the first 'singer' was up and ready. Remus glanced up at her, Mandy was what the DJ had announced her name as. Remus looked at the bar again, as a light tune echoed around the pub. This seemed like it was going to be a nice song providing 'Mandy' could sing. Remus waited until she sang the first line. She wasn't bad, not fabulous but Remus could live with this song whilst sober.

As the song sounded around him Remus was unwillingly dragged back into his thoughts. Why did he have to be the one cursed with lycanthropy? He would seriously never wish this upon his worst enemy, but why did Greyback have to choose him over anybody else?

No more carefree laughter
Silence ever after

Remus cleared his throat. This song was proving to be a bad one to listen to whilst he was trying to wallow in self pity. Maybe he would finish this drink and leave quickly. He knew a club a little further down that would definitely not have any songs that made him feel both pitiful and guilty at the same time.

Walking through an empty house, tears in my eyes
Here is where the story ends, this is goodbye

Nym was probably crying now. That was what hed done to her. She had trusted him and hed let her down completely, more than ever before. There was no way she would take him back now. Such a simple test and hed failed horribly and so insensitively.

Knowing me, knowing you
There is nothing we can do
Knowing me, knowing you
We just have to face it, this time were through

Remus took a long drink from his glass, realising for the first time that hed been sat in a trance as the music filled him. He shook his head as he lowered the glass back again. He hadnt been intentionally cruel with her. Hed said exactly what he thought. His thoughts werent without good reason. What kind of man would bring a child into the world that had such a terrible curse on it?

Breaking up is never easy I know but I have to go
Knowing me, knowing you
Its the best I can do

Remus sighed hopelessly. He was kidding himself. Hed gone too far when it came to making his point. Hed practically demanded she get rid of their child. Hed only been married a few months and hed managed to mess it up already. What was wrong with him?

Memories, good days, bad days
Theyll be with me always

Remus let his mind travel back to happier times. He and Nym had been seeing each other for less than year but he knew that they were meant to be. Her face had been so joyous when hed presented her with a jelly ring from the packet of sweets hed been storing away. He hadnt said anything but shed known what hed meant. Shed kept that ring right up until the big day. But of course all of this would just be a long lost memory now.

In these old familiar rooms children would play
Now theres only emptiness, nothing to say

Remus knew that Nym would be a good mother, it would be hard to find someone better. How could he have said those terrible things to her? Asked her to kill their unborn child? Hed blamed her as well for not being more careful, how stupid was he? He smiled grimly as he remembered Sirius once saying It takes two to tango.

Knowing me, knowing you
There is nothing we can do
Knowing me, knowing you
We just have to face it, this time were through

Remus knew deep down he was as much to blame as her.
There was that word again, there was no blame here. Having a baby was a beautiful thing and hed dashed all her dreams with one fell swoop. He didnt deserve her forgiveness. He deserved to be alone forever.

Breaking up is never easy I know but I have to go
Knowing me, knowing you
Its the best I can do

Yes, what man could bring a cursed child into this world, but what man could kill an innocent child without giving it chance first? He was no better than the man whod made him what he was. Harry had realised what Remus had done even before he knew himself. It must be so obvious if a teenager can understand these things.

Knowing me, knowing you
There is nothing we can do
Knowing me, knowing you
We just have to face it, this time were through

Quite unsurprisingly Nym had thrown him out after their row. Shed looked so angry but at the same time so sad and confused. It was like she didnt understand what had made him say those things. The guilt had hit Remus full in the face as he peeped back through the door and shed been curled up on the sofa softly caressing her not yet visible bump.

Breaking up is never easy I know but I have to go
Knowing me, knowing you
Its the best I can do

Remus finished his drink off in one swig and took a deep breath. He had promised to love and cherish her forever and he was going to do just that. He didnt care what it took, he wouldnt give up. He loved her and he knew that deep down she still loved him. And no matter what happened he would love their child, curse or no curse. With that Remus stood up and walked out of the pub, determination gleaming brightly in his eyes.

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Knowing Me, Knowing You: Knowing Me, Knowing You


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