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The Hope Of Many. by The Black Rose
Chapter 5 : Hide And Seek Isnt Just A Game For Children.
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Thanks again, to the ever faithful and amazing Anna_Black!

Salazar rode on, the wind whistling in an annoying manner as he rode but he wasn’t going to risk taking his wand out, in case the force of the wind managed to blow it out of his hand. His horse snorted loudly and began to pant which was not surprising as they had been galloping at a high speed for quite some time now.

Sighing impatiently, he removed the charms and finally stopped dismounting his horse and looking around, his eyes scrutinising the area, looking for any familiar signs – he knew that he had been heading in the right direction, however he needed to know how far away or how near he was. Finally, he spot something he recognised and nodded, pleased. Salazar was around an hour and a half away from Hogwarts now. Squinting and straining his eyes, he could just about see the mountains that surrounded Hogwarts and a longing to see the castle and its surroundings washed over him. Shaking his head slightly, he sighed. Admittedly he missed being at the castle but when the other three founders turned on him, rejected his way of thinking and his suggestions he couldn’t take it and he left.

That was when he was approached by many races who believed in what he thought; who had heard of what he had happened with the Founders and decided to follow him. It was then that he had decided to create a group who thought they way he did and was surprised by the mixed reactions to it. People welcomed it, stepped forward and joined; others shied away from it, pretended, when people brought the subject up, that they had never heard of it whereas others, including the Founders and the likes of Freya, Scarlet and Edward banded together and rebelled against it.

It was at that time, that a group that had grown into hundreds and its rebellers had also grown, turned into a full-blown war. Unlike most wars, which are fought straight out on a battle field this war was sneaky and used many tactics. Many people were double agents for both sides – apart from those who were neutral and many of those people were tortured by those on both sides who wanted more people to come to their side and fight – but they were always discovered and disposed of.

So, unlike many people thought, Salazar did not leave Hogwarts wanting to create war, he actually left to promote his ideas in other places, places that were more likely to accept them but the idea of war and overthrowing their opponents washed over him and he greeted the idea of a war with open arms. He changed and the Founders knew this but knew that bringing that up if they ever faced off in a duel, would not be wise as it would anger him immensely and they did not like the idea of duelling Salazar, as he was a very powerful Wizard and the idea of him using his powers of Parseltongue to bring snakes to his side was not at all comforting.


It wasn’t long before the village of Hogsmeade reached his eyes and he once again slowed to a stop. If he was seen, his presence would be reported to the castle and the Founders would most certainly come out and see him, which was, of course, not what he wanted.

He tied his horse to a near-by tree before placing a disillusionment charm on himself. This way, he would be able to pass through Hogsmeade and enter the grounds of Hogwarts undected.

“So, I just need to get myself pregnant and married to a man I do not know nor love?” Freya asked, for what seemed to the the umpteenth time.


“I’m afraid so, My Lady.” Scarlet said quietly, as they walked along the edge of the Forbidden Forest, wearing dresses of deep blue and bright red, with deep black robes.


“And how I am to…-“ Freya stopped talking, it was too hard for her to say. She sighed quietly to herself at this thought. If it is too hard for me to say, what on earth will happen when the time comes for me to actually do it?


Scarlet sighed also, knowing what Freya was thinking. “I’m so sorry, My Lady, for this. I know it is not what you wish.”


A small smile crept onto Freya’s face at Scarlet’s words. The words of a true friend, the words from someone who did care for her as a person not just because she was royalty.  “Thank you, Scarlet. But I knew that as soon as I was born, that I would need to sacrifice things for my people and I am more than willing to do that, as you can see.”


Scarlet smiled gently at her words, she had guessed what Freya was thinking and a wave of guilt washed over her once again. It was becoming unbareable but, she thought, that when everything is done and everything is fixed, it would be alright. She had decided that, one day, she would explain everything to Freya, no matter what outcome telling her may bring. Although she knew that telling her would probably make Freya hate her forever.


Salazar had made it into the grounds sucessfully undected and was now walking through the Forbidden Forest, his wand held out infront of him, defensive and offensive spells running through his mind, incase he may need to use them.

He had been walking through the Forest now, for a few good hours and had become immensely bored with his surrondings. The same dark, dense, misty forest had begun to get on his nerves and he longed to see the greenery that was the grounds nearer to Hogwarts castle.


He walked further and further in the direction that he hoped was forward; near the edge, near to green and fresh, clear, air. Finally, long thin strips of light could be seen ahead and, in his excitement, he ran forwards, not carrying that the boots he wore on his feet made loud but dull thudding sounds. No one could see him, so why should he care? If anyone did happen to be near-by they would assume it was some kind of creature that could easily kill them and they would flee.


Soon enough, he reached the edge and, even though he could not be seen, he hovered behind the tree’s at the very edge, peeking round them as if he were a child playing hide-and-seek and did not wish to be caught but would be rather left hiding for a long time.

As he peeked round one of the tree’s, he spotted two girls before he realised they were elves. One with bright red hair, like a flame, the other with dense black hair, the kind of black you would find only in a raven.


His eye’s lit up as he inspected them. Red and blue, he thought. The colours of the Elvish Royal’s and their servants. Red, he thought, as he looked to the Elf in the red; the Royal. The Lady of the Night. Freya.

He quickly hid back behind the tree as Freya turned and looked in his direction, with a frown etched upon her face. Beautiful, he thought with a short, low, almost inaudible sigh. If only I did not convince others, that people like her are outsiders. Unwanted. Unvalued. Different. 


Freya, who had felt the sensation of being watched, looked over to the edge of the forest as there was no way anyone else could hide out in the green grounds. She had has this feeling for a while now but usually when she looked around, she could see whoever was looking at her. But this time was different and it unnerved her.


Suddenly, there was a nearby neighing and the galloping of a horse and both Scarlet and Freya turned around, their faces cautious and prepared for the worst. They were glad, like any other Elf, that they did not need wands to use their magic, sometimes they did not even need phrases but it was comforting to them to know they did not need to wave about what they called ‘a silly bit of wood’.


It turned out to be Edward riding towards them and the Elves instantly relaxed, he would do nothing to hurt them.

He had a bright smile on his face when he finally reached them both and he dismounted his horse, quickly before he bowed low to both Scarlet and Freya.


“Sorry to startle you, My Ladies, but luncheon is ready and I was told to fetch you.” He said as he straightened up. Freya and Scarlet glanced to each other at his words, small, amused smiles on both of their faces.


“I’ll be up soon, Freya.” Scarlet said as she gave a subtle nod towards Edward and his horse.


As Scarlet’s words and actions fell into place Freya’s mouth fell into an ‘o’ shape before she smiled and nodded. “May I?” She asked, directing her question to Edward before nodding towards his horse, in case he didn’t understand what she meant.


“Of course.” Edward answered with a smile as he helped Freya up onto his horse before he hopped on behind, making sure Freya was secure. “Ready, My Lady?”


With one quick glance in Scarlet’s direction, who smiled encouragingly, Freya nodded. “Yes, thank you. I shall see you soon, Scarlet.”


At her word, Edward nodded at Scarlet and said, “My Lady,” before he gently kicked the sides of his horse, causing it to gallop towards the castle.

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The Hope Of Many.: Hide And Seek Isnt Just A Game For Children.


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