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World War III by weasley_gang
Chapter 8 : Consequences
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Disclaimer: I OWN NOTHING! As per usual.

Previously on WWIII:

His lip barely brushed hers when a jolt of electricity rushed through him. It seemed Rose thought he was going to slow. Next thing he knew, she’d grabbed his head and…


Next thing he knew, she’d grabbed his head and angling it closer and moved faster.


Her lips were killing him. They so softly moved against his lips. He couldn’t control himself any longer. Scorpius reached out and grabbed her waist. She moved easily so that she was straddling him. Her arms went around his neck and tugged a piece of hair on the back of his head. His breath caught.


Rose was cheering inside. She knew a way to make Scorpius as breathless as he made her. Next thing she knew his tongue was running along her bottom lip and her mouth opened easily. His hand ran up her back and rummaged into her mad curls, which were drying.


The door slammed open and Rose and Scorpius flew apart. Through the deathly silence Scorpius shook himself back to Earth and saw Ed and Mandy stone still in shock.


No one knew what to say.


All of a sudden Rose stood up. Scorpius expected her to say something but she just walked out in silence, her head bowed. Mandy looked between Ed and Rose, torn. She made up her mind and gave a small smile to Ed before running after Rose.


There was minute of silence when Ed and Scorpius just looked at each other. Then –


“You hooked up with Rose Weasley? ROSE WEASLEY?” Ed shouted.


“What?” Scorpius said. “What are you going to say to me that will make me regret that?”


“That she is related to half the school!” Ed said. “If you don’t make her happy you’re not going to see the light of day for the rest of your school year! The teachers will all turn a blind eye ‘cause they all LOVE Weasley!”


“Make her happy?” Scorpius said. “What are you on about?”


“You’re not a couple?” Ed said.


“No.” Scorpius said. “That was just a very enjoyable snog.”


“Oh, Merlin.” Ed moaned and sat next to Scorpius against the bathtub. “You do realise that that’s indefinitely worse?”




“Are you an idiot?!” Ed said. “If Papa Weasley founds out that Malfoy Junior snogged his baby girl, he is going to go ballistic. Mate, he won’t care if she had gotten on her knees and begged you, he won’t care if you signed a contract in blood agreeing that she consented to it. He will pull every string he has to either make you ‘disappear’ or rot the rest of your life in Azkaban!”


“Dramatic.” Scorpius said deadpan.


“I’m thinking McGonagall should consider a drama club.” Ed said stretching his arms.


Scorpius laughed.


“But you do understand that he will do something along those lines?” Ed said becoming serious again.


“But it was just a snog.” Scorpius said. “It was never going to go beyond the bathroom… and now you and Mandy.”


“Speaking of which… what the bloody hell are you doing snogging in a bathroom?” Ed said. “And why was she wearing your shirt and Jay’s old boxers?”


“Mate…” Scorpius tried to change the subject but the look on his friends face made him re-think that. “I came in to take a whiz and accidentally walked in on Weasley in the shower. She demanded I leave then I almost left before realising that you and Mandy were getting hot and heavy in the other room. We had to stay here. We talked, Rose – I mean Weasley – was cold so I looked through the clothes that we give away and found Jay’s old boxers and no shirts fit for her to wear, so I convinced her I could go without. We talked a bit more then just started snogging.”


“And I know the rest.” Ed nodded. “You might want to get a shirt on, man. It’s a little disturbing having to see you like that.”


“Mate, you love me like this.” Scorpius joked arrogantly. “You can’t take your eyes off of me. Poor Mandy…”


“I think I’m going to be sick.” Ed joked getting up then pulling Scorpius behind him.


“Not over this, please.” Scorpius gestured at his body.


Ed just stuck his tongue out at him.




“Rose!” Mandy called running after the bushy red hair. “Rose!” She chased her all the way to the Gryffindor common room before Rose stopped.


“Porcupine.” Rose said and the portrait swung open. She walked in and held it open for Mandy.


“Sweetie, I don’t think that’s so wise.” The Fat Lady said. “She is a Slytherin.”


“She’s my friend.” Rose snapped.


Mandy smiled at her and then followed her into the common room. She stopped at the threshold and looked around in awe. The Gryffindor Common Room was so warm. Hot colours splashed everywhere and the view over the Black Lake was magical from the window. “It’s a beautiful common room.”


“Thanks.” Rose said. “But I can’t really take credit for it. A couple of fourth year girls’ are practically nocturnal. So whenever they get bored, we wake up to a newly redesigned common room.”


“Cool.” Mandy smiled. She then noticed the sad look on Rose’s face, then the clothes she was wearing. “What are you wearing?”


“Oh, this.” Rose smiled. “Come up to my room, I’ll change and tell you.”


“OK.” Mandy said and followed Rose up the girls’ dormitories.


“I was taking a shower when Scorpius walked in. I told him to get out and he was and found you and Ed…” Rose said turning around and taking off Scorpius’ shirt once she was in her dorm room.


Mandy turned around and fell on one of the beds, not sure whose it was. She blushed. “Oh. How much did you see?”


“At first… just you and Ed making out.” Rose said. “So we sat and talked. I was just in a towel so that was slightly uncomfortable. Anyway. I made him see if you guys were gone then and you were getting… um… more involved.”


“Oh dear.” Mandy said.


“Yeah.” Rose said. “Anyway. It was really nice of Scorpius. He saw I was cold and insisted on giving me some clothes. He found a pair of clean boxers and since he couldn’t find a shirt he gave me his. Since I was wet and cold. Then… we kissed.”


“Was he any good?” Mandy asked.


Rose came and sat across from Mandy, fully dressed in her own clothes. “Don’t say anything to anyone. This is between us.”


Mandy nodded. “Of course.”


“He is the most magical kisser.” Rose sighed. “That was the best kiss I’ve ever had.”


“Really?” Mandy said grinning. “That’s fantastic! So are you, like, a couple now?”


Rose’s face fell. “I don’t know. If we were a couple that would mean that we both care immensely for each other. We wouldn’t care about being seen together. We’d meet each other’s families. Do you see the problem?”


“Yeah.” Mandy nodded. “What if neither of you cared?”


Rose looked up. “What?”


“If either of you really liked each other, it wouldn’t matter.” Mandy said. “You’d just hang out and be a couple, no questions.”


“I don’t even know if he want’s to be a couple!” Rose said. “That might’ve been just a bit of a fun snog for him! A fling! And I’m looking so deep into it.”


“Honey.” Mandy said. She wrapped her arms around Rose and pulled her in for a hug. “You helped me with Ed, it’s only fair I return the favour.”


“Merlin!” Rose said. “I am so vain! How was Ed? You had sex? Before your first date?”


Mandy blushed. “We didn’t have sex.”


“What?” Rose said. “But I saw you, you were ripping each other’s clothes off!”


“Yeah.” Mandy nodded. “But I stopped it before he took his pants off. I said it was going too fast, so I asked if we could just do this for now. And he said, yes, of course. I’d never push you.”


“That’s so sweet.” Rose said. “But tsk, tsk. Kisses before the first date?”


Mandy stuck her tongue out. “I couldn’t control it.”


“Who kissed who first?” Rose asked.


“I’ll say if you say.” Mandy said.


“I don’t kiss and tell.” Rose defended herself.


“Then neither do I.” Mandy grinned evilly.


“Fine.” Rose groaned. “He lightly did one first, then I grabbed his head and climbed onto him.”


Mandy laughed. “Outside the door to the dorm room he full on pushed me into the wall and started kissing me, then he apologised before I pulled him to me again.”


Rose whistled. “Nice! So when’s your date?”


“Tomorrow. Christmas dinner.” Mandy smiled.


“Aw.” Rose said. “That’s so sweet. That reminds me. I’m really sorry, but I didn’t get you a Christmas present.”


“Oh, no!” Mandy said shaking her head. “It’s OK. I didn’t get you one either. I mean how could we? The last Hogsmeade trip was before the holidays and we only met during the break.”


“Thank God.” Rose said. “I always feel guilty whenever I don’t get people presents.”




Rose was running through a forest with her nightgown in tatters. Dirt streaked her face and branches from trees and shrubs tore at her skin. She saw an opening the dark forests ahead. She stumbled towards it, her feet slipping on dagger sharp rocks.


She looked through a thin branch that held her away from the other side. There was a circle of bright sunlight streaming through onto the field. There was green grass filling up her eyes. Flowers with all different shades, colours and shapes spread across the circle. All the colour stopped dead where the sunlight stopped.


Sitting in the middle of the field cross-legged sat a young man with his back to her. His white blonde hair almost blinded her with the light reflected off of it, and also attracted her to him. She pushed the measly branch out of the way and watched her grimy foot move forward and place itself amongst the lush green.


Rose looked up and saw the boy hadn’t moved. She took another step and was completely surrounded by colour. She couldn’t help but smile at the beauty surrounding her, but also felt out of place, being as filthy as she was.


She moved forward again a few steps, but once she tried to take another step she was locked into place. Becoming scared she pulled and pulled but her feet couldn’t move. She leaned down and tried to pull with her hands.


She screamed for help again and again, but the boy didn’t move. She felt a sudden weight she couldn’t explain crush her belly and then the boy turned around. She gasped as she recognised him.


“Scorpius.” Rose bolted upright. Everything was blurry around her and she blinked a few times before rubbing her eyes clear of sleep.


She wasn’t in a forest, dirty and grimy. She was in bed, spick and span clean. Not surrounded by flowers and green but by presents. That heavy presence on her belly turned out to be Mandy sitting there frozen with her eyes wide.


Mandy leaned forward. “Did you just wake up screaming ‘Scorpius’?”


Rose blushed crimson. “No.”


“You did!” Mandy jumped to her feet and jumped up and down on Rose’s bed. “You did, you did, you did!”


Rose just stuck her tongue out. “Not what you’re thinking.”


“Rose did what?” Scorpius said coming out of the bathroom in a towel.


“Ew!” Mandy said jokily, wrapping her hands over her eyes. “Cover up. Rose may love the scenery, but I don’t!”


Rose had no words to defend herself so she just kicked Mandy viciously in her shin so Mandy fell on the bed wailing. “Ow!”


“I don’t.” Rose aid to Scorpius who was still standing there. “Get dressed!”


“No!” Mandy said. “Wait! Wait.” She jumped up and down like a little girl.


“You want a photo?” Scorpius smirked.


“No.” Mandy snorted. “Christmas presents are always opened while in your jammies! So get dressed back into your jammies!”


Scorpius pulled a pair of boxers on under his towel and pulled off his towel. “I’m in my jammies!”


“Excellent!” Mandy said. Her brow then furrowed. “Where’s Ed?”


“Sleeping.” Scorpius said. “This is one of the few days he sleeps in.”


“Stupid.” Mandy shook her head before bombing onto his bed, making Ed wake up screaming.


Rose laughed and lay back in bed. “Mandy! Presents!”


Mandy turned around quickly and bolted to her bed. The next hour of presents opening was better then Rose had expected, being surrounded by Slytherins.


“I’m in the mood for a good ‘ole snowball fight!” Ed said wide-awake now.


“But I’m hungry.” Mandy and Rose said in unison. They exchanged glances.


“Great minds think alike.” Rose said tapping hers then Mandy’s heads, grinning.


“Fine.” Scorpius nodded. “Food then fight.”


The girls took their time eating while the boys rushed them. It surprised Rose that Ed and Scorpius were even waiting for them. They didn’t hang out with them, Rose wasn’t even sure Scorpius liked her all that much.


When Rose finally placed the last piece of toast in her mouth Ed scooped her up by her waist and set her on the floor and took to poking hers and Mandy’s backs to make them move.


When Ed poked her tickly spot just outside the Great Hall, near the Entrance Hall, Rose jerked and collapsed in laughter.


“OK.” She raised her hands in surrender from the floor where she was laughing. “OK! I’m moving!” She pulled herself up still laughing and ran out the door. Mandy raced after and Ed and Scorpius after them.


Knowing they could overtake them easily, the boys’ slowed down. When they reached an open space for the snowball fight, they slowed.


Rose was looking out over the Black Lake and Mandy had laid down in the snow and made a snow angel.


“Beautiful snow angel!” Ed said pulling Mandy up.


Before Mandy could say ‘thanks’, Rose interrupted. “Scorpius?”


Scorpius looked up from the snowball he had bent down to make. This was the first time she had addressed him of her own accord. “Yes?”


“Let’s make a bet, shall we?” Rose said approaching him, looking deadly.


Scorpius stood and raised an eyebrow. “Depends.”


“Wise.” Rose laughed. “OK. I bet you can’t ride the Giant Squid that resides in the Black Lake.”


Scorpius laughed. “That’s a myth. The Giant Squid doesn’t exist.”


“Really now?” Rose had raised her eyebrows speculatively. “I have it from good sources that it does exist.”


“I’d check those sources if I were you.” Scorpius said. “I have gone swimming multiple times in the Black Lake never to be interrupted by a Giant Squid.”


“He’s getting on in age.” Rose said. “Been around since my grandparents time.”


“Uh huh.” Scorpius nodded, unsurely. “What are the other conditions in this bet, should this Giant Squid exist?”


“What other conditions?” Rose said. “I said I bet you couldn’t ride the Giant Squid.”


“Yes.” Scorpius nodded. “But if I can ride it, shouldn’t I get something?”


“Fine.” Rose nodded after thought. “What do you want?”


“Your original ‘Jaws’ DVD.” He said unhesitatingly.


“That’s a classic!” Rose said shocked. “No. No effing way. Something else.”


Rose turned around to hear laughter behind her. Ed and Mandy were enjoying themselves in the snow.


“Ugh. Fine.” Scorpius thought. He suddenly got an idea and felt adrenalin rush through him as he leant as close to Rose as he dared. “I want another one.”


“Another what?” She asked hesitantly.


“Another kiss.” Scorpius said. “Like the one in the bathroom. Nothing holding you back. And you have to want it.”


Rose was frozen stock-still.


“This is between you and me.” Scorpius said standing still closer to her. “You accept the bet?”


Rose’s mind raced at 100 kph. Chances are he won’t ride the Giant Squid, let alone find it. So she wouldn’t have to kiss him. She took a quick glance at him and her eyes landed on his lips. The softest part on that man’s body, and yes he was a man. Did she want him to win? Maybe. But hell if she was going to back out because he betted something a bit gutsy.


Rose stuck her nose into the air. “OK. But if you lose and cannot ride the Giant Squid you have to move into the girls’ dormitories until I move back to Gryffindor.”


Scorpius gave her that knee weakening 100-watt smile. “Deal.”


They shook on it. Scorpius touch sending little zings up her arm, which she didn’t exactly complain about.


Rose took her arm back before she went into a coma from all the little zings. “Go.”


“Note.” Scorpius said taking off his shoes. “If I cannot find this so called Giant Squid, it doesn’t count as me losing, since I am the one who insisted it doesn’t exist.”


“Oh all right.” Rose said. “Just do it quickly. I don’t want to be held accountable for when you get hypothermia.”


Scorpius laughed and pulled off his sweater and emptied his sweat pants pockets.


“Mate!” Ed said running over seeing me watch Scorpius undress in the snow. “What are you doing? Are you bloody mad?”


Scorpius took off his shirt. “I got a lot going on this bet.” Scorpius said throwing a wink at Rose.


The next thing they knew he was running full speed into the lake. He dove in perfectly and rose to the surface. He shouted across the lake. “This is freezing! Motherf-!”


Rose laughed and ran to the edge of the water. She watched Scorpius swim freestyle to warm up in the minus degree water. He was crazy for even accepting. She had no idea what was going through her mind when she dared him to it. She had no idea what was going through his mind when he accepted it!


Ed was standing next to Mandy who was standing next to her. Mandy looked at Rose who was watching Scorpius. Mandy raised her hand and smacked the back of Rose’s head.


“Ow!” Rose said and smacked the back of Mandy’s head.


Soon enough they were wrestling to smack the back of each other’s head.


“Stop!” Ed said and struggled in between them. “Stop!”


“What’d you do that for?” Rose said breaking away from Mandy.


“You’re going to kill him, you and your bloody dare!” Mandy said settling herself.


“GOT IT!” A roar broke over their fighting.


Rose stopped bickering to have her jaw fall open. There he was, Scorpius clinging onto the Giant Squid’s tentacle raised high into the air. He raised his arms whooping while holding onto it with his legs.




“JEEZ! FINE –” Before Scorpius could finish his sentence or bomb dive back into the lake, the tentacle he was holding onto slammed down with full force into the lake.


Scorpius was lost from eyesight amongst the giant icy waves.


A/N: I know what you’re thinking, swimming at Christmas? Well, in England anyway, that would be stupid. Luckily for us Scorpius isn’t the most ingenious person! R&R!

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