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Of Love and Dragons by _Keeper_
Chapter 19 : Falling Through Time
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‘Did you just call her…Hermione?’ Virgil’s voice broke through the settling silents.


All Charlie Weasley could do was nodded and stare blankly at the place where she had vanished.


‘Why don’t we all head back down to the Great Hall for the rest of our evening.’ Dumbledore said. Everyone stood and turned to go as he called Charlie back.


‘Yes, sir?’ Charlie said, walking back to the elderly Headmaster.


‘Take a seat Mr. Weasley.’ Dumbledore returned back to his desk as Charlie continued to stand in front of his desk, ‘Or stand – I can understand why you couldn’t sit after that.’


‘Where did she go?’ Charlie’s voice croaked.


The Headmaster gently shook his head, ‘I am not a liberty to say – but I can tell you one thing.’


Charlie’s head snapped up, out of everything that had happened over the past month he could only tell him one thing of this mysterious girl that had come into his life just to go right back out?


Just one?


‘What is that?’ Charlie replied, one was better then nothing at this point.


‘You will see young Ms. Knight again. Or as you referred to her as – Hermione.’ The twinkle in his eyes was stronger then Charlie had ever seen it before, ‘Why did you call her that Charlie?’


The boy shrugged, ‘I don’t know, it just—came out…’


Dumbledore nodded, ‘I see.’


Silents followed.


‘Ma-may I go, sir?’ Charlie asked simply.


‘Yes.’ The Headmaster nodded as Charlie rose and walked out the door.


With a smile he reached down to the bottom drawer of his desk and pulled out the golden-hourglass. Twisting the chain around his hand and letting the small turner warm his palm before he closed his fingers around it.


‘Yes, you will definitely see Ms. Granger again.’ He smiled before placing the turned back into the bottom draw of the desk.




The familiar feeling of being held under water engulfed me. My breathing grew ragged and different blues and silvers swirled around me. I had lost Vladimir’s hand and was now alone in the abyss. But there was something different this time. I could hear voices – one from the past, other’s lost in time as well.


And then it was over.


I was back in my time. Sitting by the same tree that over looked the lake. Nothing had changed. I looked back down expecting to see my dress but to find my school cloths.


‘It couldn’t have been a dream—it-it just couldn’t have been!’ My hands flew up to my face trying to remember something that felt more real then anything from my time away. Anything.


And that was when I got it – I didn’t have the time turner.


It wasn’t a dream…but wait…


‘Where’s Vladimir then?’ I turned this way and that looking for a sign of the boy with blonde hair and streaks.


‘Vladimir?’ I called, standing to my feel.


‘Hermione! Hermione! Where are you?’ My head whipped around at the sound of the voice.


‘Charlie…’ I whispered. I took off from behind the tree and ran full force towards him. His back was to me and the parchment was still in his hands.


‘Charlie!’ I yelled, he turned around just in time to see me throw my arms around him in a hug.


‘Well, um…there…you are…’ He coughed, patting my back awkwardly in a brotherly manner.


I blushed and let go – I forgot that this wasn’t the Charlie that was still my age; this was Charlie Weasley – my best friend’s older brother and my professor.


‘Sorry…’ I mumbled.


‘It’s fine…’ He took a step back to resume his authority while his hand played with the back of his neck, ‘So…Ms. Brown showed me you’re little—um—drawing…’




‘So…Ms. Brown showed me you’re little—um—drawing…’


Charlie cringed at this; he didn’t want to talk about this with one of his students. It was awkward and uncomfortable, especially considering that she was Ron’s best friend and a student of his. But since McGonagall had refused to do it, it left him with the uncomfortable situation.




And the embarrassment was back full force. Now I remember why I had left in the first place.


‘I’m sorry Professor, I-I…’ I couldn’t come up with a good lie, that’s what.


‘Yes, M-ms. Granger?’ Charlie replied.


‘I just thought it was really nice of you to take Norbert in, and I wanted to show my appreciation of it, and I know how much you love dragons so…’


Damn, I hope he buys that, I thought.


‘Sure, yeah that makes sense.’ To him, it made absolutely no sense, but it was a chance to dodge a bullet so he took it.


‘Really?’ I asked, my head tilted slightly.


‘Yeah, it ya think—’


‘HEY! COULD SOMEONE HELP ME HERE!’ A voice yelled from above us.


‘What the ‘ell—’ Charlie looked up just as I started to laugh.


I finally found Vladimir, he was tangled in the branches of the tree by his dressing-robes.


He’s not from here, of course he would have kept his cloths from back then, I thought with a small laugh.


‘It’s not funny Hermione!’ He called down, trying to free himself.


‘Hermione, do-do you know him?’ Charlie asked confusion and something else written on his face.


I had to nod because I couldn’t breath from the stitch in my side.


Charlie pulled out his wand and helped Vladimir down. The boy fell to the ground with a thunk and jumped up to brush himself off.


‘Yeah, thanks Charlie.’ He hissed, brushing himself off more so in annoyance then anything else.


I smiled; his streaks had changed to a blistering-red. His eyes went black.


‘You couldn’t have been any gentler Weasley?’ He hissed.


The sight of Vladimir hadn’t seemed to click in Charlie’s head. He just crossed his arms and pulled the authority card.


‘That’s Professor Weasley to you Mr-mr…what is your name?’ Charlie asked, his tone annoyed.


‘Um…ahh…’ He looked to me.


Should I use my real name, what if he figures it out?


I’ll take care of it.


‘This is Vladimir Knight.’ I replied.


‘Vladimir? Alright…why a parent would name a poor kid that…’ Charlie mumbled the last part more to himself than anything.


‘I like my name, thank you.’ Vladimir replied defensively.


‘Sure, sure…if you’re a vampire, why not.’ Charlie turned back to me before Vladimir could reply.


‘You shouldn’t have run off you know.’ He said – authority coated his voice.


I nodded, ‘Sorry. If I get detention or house points or what ever, I’d understand…’


Charlie laughed, ‘No – it’s not that bad of an offence Granger. I just wanted you to know that you’re safe in my classroom; you shouldn’t feel he need to run away if Ms. Brown insults you again. I’m there, you’re safe.’


I smiled – he hadn’t changed at all. He was still my Charlie.


‘Thank you.’ I smiled, and for an instant time stood still as he smiled back at me.


‘But as for Mr. Knight here.’ Vladimir gulped, ‘Go to the Headmaster’s office for skipping class.’


‘But I—’ Vladimir tired.


‘Now please.’ Charlie snapped.


Vladimir mumbled as he walked away, I caught a few words here and there about why come here if he was going to have to go through fifth year again, or now his younger brother was going to be older then him.


Once Vladimir was a safe distance away I let out a spell of laughter.


‘Hey, Hermione?’ Charlie asked.


‘Yes Professor?’ I replied through my laughs.


‘Have I ever told you that you remind me a lot of a girl from my fifth year.’ He said, turned back and started towards the castle.


‘No, no you haven’t.’ I replied, fighting some more laughs, ‘What was her name?’


‘Journey Knight.’ He said, his eyes running over the castle, as if he was lost in the past.


‘You don’t say…’ And we walked silently back to class, a shadow of a smile remained on my face for the rest of the day.




Ok, so there are about two more chapters left in Of Love and Dragons. I hope this story hasn’t been a total disappointment to you all.



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Of Love and Dragons: Falling Through Time


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