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Unexpected madness. by mexprizoner
Chapter 1 : Burn
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She felt it pressing against her chest, closing on her throat, keeping her from screaming out. But she knew that even if she could no one would hear her, no one would know how she burned.

Truly, no one would care.

The darkness pressed on her never relenting, never forgiving, making every breath she took pierce her lungs. She sat on her bed, taking in deep, desperate breaths, she looked around; the moon was still up, it’s white light filtering through the window, everyone else slept.

No one heard her, tears burned her eyes but she blinked them away refusing to cry, knowing that is she cried now she would never be able to keep from screaming out. She still couldn’t breathe there simply wasn’t enough air in the room. She quickly got up grabbed her robe and ran out.

She ran though the castle her slippered feet hardly making any noise as she moved. She wanted to make noise to knock over a couple of suits of armor, to make a large enough racket and have someone come and save her. She knew no one would. They would simply stare down at her disappointed because she wasn’t expected to act in that way.

She was sick and tired of doing what was expected of her.

She ran up stairs through empty corridors, each breath like a cold knife in the chest. Finally the door, she pushed it open the cold night engulfing her. She crashed in to the edge on the parapet, trying to take in as much oxygen as she could. The tears came then cold and bitter from her dark eyes.

She looked down she was in the highest tower, it would be so easy to just jump, let go of everything to finally be free from this living hell. Who would miss her? They would cry she knew they would but only because it was expected. After a time they would move on. Who would remember her once she was long gone?

She was already standing atop the pallet, but even as she looked down she knew she wouldn’t do it. She didn’t know if it was because she was too much of a coward to jump or brave enough to stay, but she couldn’t do it.

Her heart was trying to beat its way out of her chest, the tears trickled lightly down her cheeks and her chest still hurt with every breath. She made to step down on to the safety of the tower floor, a shifting wind, she began to lose her balance she was going to fall, and the decision had been made for her by the fates.

A pale hand reached out of the night for her, pulling her back, she fell in his arms and held on to him.

‘’Cry’’ He whispered in her ear a gentle command.

She did.

Soul-wrenching sobs, she couldn’t control herself. She wrapped herself around him and cried until she lost track of time, until she felt empty, hollow and feather light.
Sometime later she awoke, shivering; the soft breeze caressed her face, her cheeks red and raw from the river of salty tears that had assaulted them. She was sitting on the hard stone floor of the tower a warm body next to her his arms wrapped around her.

She saw dried tears in his eyes, his blond hair falling disheveled across them. Warm puffs of air escaping his slightly parted lips. She untangled herself from him, taking off her robe and covering him with it. Her mind was strangely and peacefully blank. She knelt beside him brushing her lips lightly against his a gentle thank you left on them.

Standing up she made her way back to the prison of her mind, back to what was expected of her.

She didn’t go back to the tower after that, she stayed in her private torture of smiling when they smiled, laughing along with everyone else, wanting like always to scream, kick, claw everyone’s eyes out, as they sat comfortably chatting about useless trash. While she stood there in front of them, burning up, dying inside.

She many times saw him across the hall, studying her. But no words crossed his lips, no snide remarks, no sarcastic comments, not even that stupid smirk he wore for everyone else. Only his eyes seeing through the mask she wore.

Only his eyes watching her burn.

Days passed maybe even weeks did it really matter if time slipped away when everything else stayed exactly the same. She was in the farthest corner of the library; playing her role of the book-worm side-kick. Tonight she searched, not for knowledge but for comfort, for the words of all those staked away author’s that somehow through the ink and parchment of their books whispered up to her, ’you are not alone’.

A shadow crossed the only lamp burning that far back in the library. She didn’t turn, she didn’t care.

‘’Try this one’’ he said reaching over her head for a thick black book, it was an Allan Poe book; she was surprised that he of all people would know such a book. She turned to him about to say something sarcastic, make fun of him like expected. But he was so close to her; his face inches away from her own, his hair falling gently over the grey turmoil that where his eyes. The light was diminishing, the lamp oil running out only a flicker left.

‘’I too, burn.’’

With those words darkness engulfed them, their lips meeting in a fiery kiss. He pressed her against the book shelf, his mouth demanding on hers. She forgot who he was, she forgot who she was, forgot everything but what she saw in his eyes, her pain and frustration reflected there starring back at her. His hand on her hips pulling her to him. Hers on his shoulders a different kind of fire burning through their veins, releasing them, setting them free of it all.

The sharp click-clack off shoes on the stone floor broke them apart. He stared down at her his eyes whirlpools of emotion passing so fast that they where undetectable, with one last kiss, he pushed away and left.

A/N: I'd like to thank everyone who has read and reviewed this story which is very special to me and  one of my personal favorites, I will not be making a continuation at this moment. Trust me I've tryed but I just don't think that it works, I'm afraid that anything more will ruin this first chapter. I do have longer stories such as compromises and it's sequel Speak of the devil feel free to check them out and tell me what you think.

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Unexpected madness.: Burn


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