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Perilous Beauty by Accio Malfoy
Chapter 1 : Betrayed.
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I do not own anything you recognise as J K Rowling’s work. But I do own the storyline.

Luna’s POV 
I trudged up to the ravenclaw common room. Every now and then looking down at the shiny prefects badge glinting on my chest, I smile, my father was so happy when I got this badge I think part of this reason was that my late mother was a prefect as well.

My mind wonders from my Fathers happy smile to the welcome feast this evening, it had been so different as instead of Dumbledore standing in front of all of us it was Grease ball Professor Severus Snape and instead of rightful Head girl and boy (Ron and Hermione) It was Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson. UNBELIEVABLE.

And even more unbelievable is that Harry, Ron and Hermione didn’t even turn up to school, Ginny was telling me that their on a secret mission for Dumbledore to take down Voldemort. But she didn't know much as she was eavesdropping and  Harry has dumped her I mean I was like oh Ginny.But she said taking down Voldemort was more Important than hers and harry's relationship.

At the thought of his name I shiver ,this causes me to take note of my surroundings I look around I am in a dark corridor that I don’t recognise and I am my own usually I am brave but now I am not so the dark has always scared me.


I swirl around but see no one behind me my mind must be playing tricks on me. I carry on walking and then I hear footsteps again speeding up behind me.

I run. 

Draco’s POV

I am an Intimidating person I know and that is one fact that I love about my life but sometimes it annoys me as because my friends no associates are only associates with me because of my power and influence (Pansy being at the head of this ) I have no one to tell my troubles or worries. But I can escape from the world. But that is my little secret. Which you my dear readers will find out later. The only true friend of mine is Blaise Zabini but I do not want to burden such a free person with my trouble.

I glance down the corridor to my left (I am doing my head boy duties-to escape pansy in our shared dorm) and see a running blonde figure her hair wildly frames her face and her book bag swings with the rhythm of her stride. As she runs nearer I see blood staining her snow white hair and her school shirt is creased and bloodied.

I start to run towards her then realise it is loony lovegood but then my conscience took over and I carried on running reaching her just as she collapsed into my arms.

“Luna who did this to you?”

She looks up to me and gasps one word, a name …

Left a cliffy for you.Review and tell me what you think.

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