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Keys by keys_701
Chapter 4 : Hellsey's Head on a Silver Plate
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Hellsey's head on a silver plate.

That was the first thing that popped into my head when I woke up. Real nice, right?

I sat up slowly in bed, stretched, yawned and cracked my knuckles before I yanked open the curtains surrounding my bed... and had the crap scared out of me by a certain Lily Evans, and Maggie Wright, aka my two best friends. My only friends, in fact. Sure I had friends before, at Flagstone, but that was the first thing I had done after... the accident. I closed myself off from those around me, not wanting to see their sympathetic glances, not wanting to hear their "I'm sorrys". They would never understand this pain.

"Good morning sunshine!" Maggie yelled as she jumped up onto my bed, sending me flying.

"Gaah!" Was the only sound I made as I hit the floor with a dull thud.

"Get up! Get ready! Let's get going!" Lily said, or rather screamed, showing a hyper side of her that I wasn't really used to, and I had to admit, it kinda sorta maybe scared me.

"What'd you have for breakfast? Other than crack, that is?" I asked, as I grabbed my night stand to boost myself up off the floor.

"Nothing, we're waiting for you before we go to eat," Lily said.

"Why? You know I wouldn't mind if you went without me."

Lily and Maggie both looked at me like I was a flying purple hippo. Seriously. "Ummm, Hogsmeade , Lacey," Maggie said as she rolled her eyes.

"I- oh...." I had totally forgotten about the trip to the local village. I had planned to use this Saturday to send a long complaint letter to my jack-ass older brother. To tell the truth I didn't honestly want to go to Hogsmeade, it seemed like one of those pointless excursions that just distracted me from my *cough* true path in life. Time to weasel out, how evil of me. "Lily, I'm not sure I'm up to a trip today, I'm feeling sort of sick..."

"Lacey, I know you're not sick, you were perfectly fine two minutes ago. Plus there's no way in hell I'm letting you miss your first Hogsmeade trip." I really don't like Lily when she goes all ' I know you're lying you little liar', on me.

"Fine." I moved over to my trunk and began to rummage through it, looking for something to wear. I settled on a teal sweater and dark wash jeans, plain and simple.


An hour later I found myself crammed against a wall in a candy shop called Honeydukes. I couldn't believe I missed the opportunity to write a ranting letter to Biggs for this.

I quietly slipped out of the door onto the cold street. I began to walk, letting my feet carry me, not really caring where they were taking me. I pulled my cloak tighter around me as I crested a small hill, straying away from the road through a few trees that had already lost their leaves, even though it was only November. It was so strange here, in this foreign country. Nothing was similar to my urban life before. The trees were so bare, even though at home they would still be in full color change mode, reds, yellows, oranges. There were no tall city buildings, no seeing the president's motor brigade going by, no suburban houses or city parks. Whether or not this was a good thing, I didn't know. I had spent those last few, painful days at my home breaking away from everything and everyone I knew. I had figured that doing this would stop the pain. Sometimes life was so cruel when it came to being wrong.

For some unknown reason my legs stopped moving and I came to a complete halt in front of an old beaten up house. Unexpected. I looked it up and down in one critical glance and thought of how neglected it looked. So lonely, so old, so sad , standing there all alone. I just stopped and stared at that rickety old house for a good 15 minutes, before I realized that my nose had started to run, which was really gross, I must say. I began digging through my pockets, looking for a tissue.

"Lacey?" I was shocked out of my missing tissue dilemma by an all too familiar voice. I turned to find Sirius Black looking at me with one eyebrow raised above the other, his straight, white teeth bared in a stupid grin. "What are you doing here?" he asked.

"Playing hide-and-go-seek with Lily, Maggie, and Snape," I said as I dug through my pockets in a frenzy, trying to find something to wipe my nose with.

"Ha- wait. What?" Sirius asked, looking shocked and a bit confused. "I just was in Honeydukes and I saw-" He broke off looking like he was trying to figure some very complicated division problem out in his head.

"Umm.... earth to Sirius, I was just kidding." He looked up at my, smiling.

"Yes, dear Keys, I knew that."

I had been planning on make some comment about how slow he was, until I was thrown off by the nickname. I just looked up at him, a little shocked that he actually remembered it. I had been hoping he didn't. I answered with a lame, "You better have....." that dragged out a little too long.

"You need some help with your comebacks, Keys. Hey... you know, I really like that name. I think I'll tell my friends about it so they can stop calling you, 'short stuff'." Sirius said, grinning at me dumbly, yet again.

"What did you say they call me?!" I shrieked, drawing myself up to my maximum height, which really didn't do anything to lessen the height difference.

"Hahaha! Oh don't pay attention to them, they're just jealous."

"Of what?" I asked skeptically.

"How you got out of detention that first week you were here."

" That ? that was 2 whole months ago! What's their problem?" I said hotly.

"Let's just say... that their slates aren't exactly.... clean ," Sirius said.

"Well, yeah. I already realized that..." He had to be kidding. If I had learned anything from these 2 months at school it was that the "Marauders" were anything BUT innocent.

"Do you want to get a drink with me?" Well that was random.

Did I?

I didn't know.

He'd thrown me off guard. I wasn't expecting that.

My palms began to sweat grossly and I tried to subtly wipe them on my jeans. "I- uh- sure... I guess. Yeah." Lame.

"Good. Lets go then."

Wait a minute. He meant now ?

Of course you idiot. When else would he have meant it? Two weeks from now? I doubted it.

"Uhhh. Okay."

There was an air of awkward silence as I walked next to Sirius, headed towards the town. I expected him to turn left as we walked back on the the main road, to the Three Broomsticks, but to my surprise, he turned right, heading out to what appeared to be the middle of no-wheres-ville in the ramshackle end of town. Oh, and yeah, when he went to turn right, I happened to turn left, causing me to get a face full of Sirius chest. And let me tell you, he smelled pretty damn good. Not to mention the fact that I could tell that he must be pretty ripped, cause my head hurt like hell from where I hit him... head on. Smooth, Lacey, real smooth. "You walk like a drunk, and we haven't even had anything to drink yet!" He's so nice.

"You're the one that turned the wrong way! What are you doing, leading me to the hood end of this town? Are you, like, gonna kill me or something?" I asked as I stopped in the middle of the cobblestone street, placing my hands on my hips.

"Yes, dear Keys. I really intended to go find you by the Shrieking Shack, chat you up, then ask you to come with me to get a drink, so I could walk you down this deserted street, drag you into an alley and kill you. What do you think I am? A gang banger?"

"Yes, dear Sirius. That is exactly what I thought. I wouldn't put it past you," I grumbled.

By this time we had started walking again, going further and further down a side street that I didn't know the name of.

"You really don't like me do you?" He blatantly asked.

Did I dislike him? I didn't know for sure.

"I- I don't know...." He cocked an eyebrow at this.

"You don't know if you hate me or not?" He asked, a bit of something that sounded like bitterness in his voice.

Why did he sound bitter? Had I done something to make him feel that way? "I never said I hated you. Why would I hate you?" I asked, unable to think of something I did to make him feel that way. "....... I'm sorry" I said sincerely.

"I worded that wrong... I didn't mean hate, just.... dislike, I guess. And why are you apologizing?" Why indeed.... that was a good question.

I was left wondering as we walked into a dimly lit, dreary, and mildly gross looking bar. "This, is the Hogs Head, Lacey. Possibly the most disgusting drinks ever, but so much less crowded and annoying as the Three Broomsticks," Sirius said as we went to sit at a table in the corner. "Are you 17 yet?" Random.

"Er yes......" I was taken aback by the sudden change of conversation, I wasn't ready to drop it quite yet.

Sirius smiled, "well then I'll have a fire whiskey."

"Umm...?" Was all I could think of.

"I'm not 17 yet, can't legally order a drink... Though it doesn't seem like they would care much here." He smirked as he said this.

I rolled my eyes and made my way up to the bar. "Two fire whiskeys please." He handed them to me without protest, but eyed me oddly for a second.

"Not from around here, eh? New to Hogwarts?" Um... can I say creeper? The man just chuckled as I took our drinks and slowly backed away. I backed up all the way to the table where Sirius was clutching his stomach, trying not to burst out laughing. I had no idea why though, I was honestly scared.

Between his silent convulsions he was able to choke out, "the look on your face, Keys, was priceless!" He was still laughing as I just stared at him with a dumbstruck expression. I had I feeling Sirius didn't like me all too much, but there was no way he disliked me enough to let some creeper old guy stalk me. But then again, you could never really know with Sirius.

I brought my voice down to a harsh whisper, "um incase you didn't notice, he practically said he stalks me, thank you very much!"

Sirius just kept laughing.

I could feel my face getting redder and redder.

Sirius took a break from laughing and looked up at me. "You look like a tomato!" He just kept on laughing.

And I got even more red.

I think that scared him.

"Whoa, whoa. Keys, don't burst a vein on me. Calm yourself," he said, looking worried. "Is that normal ?" I asumed he was referring to my redness.

I shrugged, for me I guess, it was. "Yup." I was still mad.

"Keys, you know he only said that because of your accent."

Well I'll be. I'd forgotten I sounded like a foreigner. "Oh." Was all I could say. Well didn't I feel dumb.

"It's okay, Keys, we all make those mistakes," Sirius said.

It didn't make me feel any less dumb. I quietly sipped my drink, embarrassed, for ten whole minutes before Sirius started conversation again.

"So, if you don't mind me asking, what brought you here?" Sirius asked as he placed his glass on the table.

Damn questions. Of course I minded.

"Well, it's a very long story."

"I've still got my drink, and seeing as we have nothing better to do...." I sure did hate it when people managed to get around that question.

I sighed. "I don't really know where to start. Well.... I moved here to live with my brother, until I can get a place of my own after school, well more like until I can afford one. Haha." I laughed without enthusiasm.

"Your parents aren't going to help pay?"

A dagger. That's what felt like it was going through my heart. An icy, sharp dagger. I looked down. Sirius noticed.

"Oh. Parent troubles? I shouldn't have brought it up, sorry."

I looked up, out of the grimy window. Now or never I thought. "My parents are dead."

A look of shock passed over Sirius face, but he quickly hid it. "I'm sorry to hear that. It must have been terrible for you."

How was I supposed to answer that? I merely grunted.

There was a period of awkward silence as I rolled over the memories, and Sirius tried to think of another conversation starter.

"So your brother, what does he do here?" Less painful topic, I guess, but I still felt betrayed by the howler.

"He works for Gringotts mainly, but a few jobs on the side here and there," I said.

"Well that sounds interesting. Does he live in London?"

"Yes," I paused for a minute, "with his bitch girlfriend."

"Oh. You don't like her? Why?" He sounded honestly interested.

"Well, I guess it's just a control thing, she doesn't like sharing him, not even with his own sister." I shrugged, I'd long gotten over the fact she hated me.

"Well that really stinks." He seemed to be holding back other comments, but I didn't really care, because I could feel myself beginning to go into rant mode.

"You know, for a long time I calmly accepted the fact that she's a bitch, and we've been able to live in a mutual tolerance. But no. She had to go and break that unsaid agreement by making Biggs send that howler! She can't just let me live can she? I mean, it's not enough that my parents are dead to her! She couldn't possibly care less! But all she does is try to make me hurt even more. Why would she tell him to do that? And why would he? I'm his sister! His only sister! And he doesn't care!" I was breathing heavy by the time I was done.

Sirius looked at me calmly. "I think it's time for you to send an angry letter."

Before I knew what was happening he had thrown money down on the table, grabbed me by the arm, and dragged me out of the door. We flew down the street, both running abreast. I had no idea where we were going, or why, but it felt marvelous to be running. I'd forgotten how amazing it could feel. By the time we reached the school gates we were both panting and I was clasping my side, as I tried to stop the cramp from hurting. "Damn. Keys can run!" Sirius panted.

"Not... much..... more..." I was holding onto the stone pillar trying to keep from falling over as I tried to catch my breath.

Sirius grabbed my arm and started dragging me up the hill. I was going to have to hurt him... As soon as I could breathe again.

Ten minutes, one large cramp, and a couple million heart beats later, Sirius and I stood at the door to the owlery.

"THIS is where you dragged me to? Couldn't we have just walked?" I asked, leaning against the wall outside.

"Running... seemed to give.... it a better.... effect."

I rolled my eyes and opened the doors. At the same moment I was attacked by my effed up owl, Fubar. How appropriate a name.

"Whoa. Dude, is your owl the flying version of Lassie?"

I couldn't help but laugh at the sheer dumbness of the comment. "I don't know, he's never saved me from a burning bridge... But I guess there's always a first for everything..."

"Well, go on."

I took a deep breath as he handed me a piece of parchment and a quill from his bag. I began to write.


I have no idea who you think you are. You had no right to send me that howler. You didn't even stop to hear my side of the story. It's so unlike you.
You have no idea how embarrassing that was for me. And I haven't gotten a single letter from you since then. It's been TWO WHOLE MONTHS. So why don't you get your big head out of you fat ass and act like I exist.

Nobody's Bitch Lacey

Before I could stop myself I rolled the parchment up and tied it to Fubar's leg.

Sirius and I stood at the window, watching Fubar disappear into the sky. "Shit."

"Literally," Sirius said as he wiped his hand that he had just set on the poo covered window sill on his pants.

AN: hey! sorry for the super long wait and the shortness of this chapter, but high school is just so hectic! i'll try to update more frequently now that i don't have any classes this semester that require writing. ok. so special thanks to my dearest lexi, or Hermione_Potter452 (read her story. now. do it. you won't be disappointed trust me!) she's my bestest buddy and part of my inspiration for this story. so yeah, sorry again for the long wait and shortness, but tis life sometimes! [= thanks for the reviews, and please keep em comin, i lovee them soo much! just like i love all the people who review my story!

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing but the plot, Lacey, Biggs, and Fubar (the owl not the saying, unfortunately ]= lol). everything else belongs to the marvelous J.K. Rowling!

p.s. my computer doesn't let me leave responses to reviews (i have no idea why.....) so i DO read them i just cant always answer them right away [=

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