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One Word by cedric_diggorys_girl
Chapter 2 : 'Goodbye'
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A/N Now at the beggining, ask me if you get confused to where we are. Enjoy!

Edit (14th may 2009) : i have change Elodys name to Onalee, so if you see any Elodys anywhere please tell me...

Onalee walked into the library with her arms full of an assortment of books, parchment, quills and ink, her bag had broken under the weight of it all. She sighed, her bad mood now worse, all the tables were full but one, and sat at that one was a person all Gryffindors hated, the one and only Draco Malfoy, but she really needed to finish this homework. Onalee marched over to the table, trying to show Malfoy she didn’t care that she had to sit at the same table as him. She had come down to the library from Gryffindor tower to study; the common room was really noisy, even for a Saturday. Slamming the books on the table, Onalee glared at the top of Malfoy’s head as if it was his fault that she had to sit at the same table as him, if she wanted to get some work done, well it was, wasn’t it?

It had only been two weeks since everyone had been back at school after the summer holidays, and already, sixth years have had to do a 2000 word essay about the pros and cons of Veritism for Potions and a 3000 word essay for History of Magic, now Onalee was tackling one for Transfiguration, then another one for Defense Against the Dark Arts. The summer had been good for Onalee, her mother and father had took time off work, from the Ministry of Magic, for the first time in 4 years so they could go on holiday to Hawaii for her 16th birthday. Even though her mother couldn’t relax, Onalee didn’t really mind, she had always favored her father and he managed to spend time with her, he also paid for her and her mother to get a massage at the spa. On one of the last days there, her mother took her shopping, though it was hard as they had to use muggle money. It was also hard not being able to use magic while they were around the muggles.

Onalee sat down far from gracefully on the chair diagonally opposite from Malfoy, not noticing her presence, or pretending not to, he didn’t look up. She splayed her books across the table and pulled her parchment, quills and ink closer to herself, at this point Malfoy did look up, he looked at all of her books and smirked, he had obviously already finished his essay, Onalee scowled at him, to which he looked down at his book. After a few minutes of silence he looked up again opened his mouth and said something that Onalee couldn’t ignore, ‘so how’s the mudblood boyfriend?’

‘Up yours Malfoy,’

‘I’m only asking,’

‘Yeh, right, and I’m a Slytherin,’

‘Shhhhh,’ their bickering was interrupted by a very annoyed Madam Pince; they both looked down at their books and all was silent once again.

                Just as Onalee had concluded her essay with the last sentence, the subject of who they were arguing earlier, bounded over not taking notice of Madam Pince’s glare, he kissed the top of Onalee’s head and then knelt down next to the table and turned to face her, ‘hey you,’


‘You done? I have been looking all over for you!’

‘Yeh, but I have got another one to do, why? What’s wrong?’

                ‘Nothing, just missed you, that’s all,’ at this point they both heard Malfoy scoff, when Onalee looked towards Malfoy, he had his book right up to the front of his face, so close there was no way he could see the words, let alone be reading it. It was also upside down. Even with the book in front of his face, Onalee could tell the smirk was on his face, Onalee saw the window of opportunity and seized it, she got up walked over to opposite where Malfoy was sitting, and she said in a cheerful voice, ‘you look like you have really got your nose stuck in that book Malfoy, are you enjoying it?,’ as he looked up at her she put a hand on either side of the book and slammed it shut, squashing the pages, in the process Malfoy’s nose got squashed with the pages as well. Yelping he stood up holding his now very red and sore nose, ‘Miss Beaumont, I regret to take 20 points from Gryffindor, though it may be amusing to you, I am sure Mr Malfoy has some objections,’ Professor McGonagall had caught her red handed. ‘Sorry Professor,’ Onalee said with not a hint of regret or remorse, ‘yes I’m sure you are,’ Professor McGonagall replied with a hint of sarcasm in her voice. She gave Onalee a small frown, but also a small hint of a smile and walked away silently. Onalee turned to find her devoted boyfriend had already gathered her books and extras into a pile much neater and easier to carry than how she had had them piled an hour earlier. He was also picking them up, ready to carry them for her; she smiled as the both walked out of the library together. It was going to kill him.

                They walked out into the grounds together and down to the lake, she found a place to sit away from all the others who were sunbathing outside in the September sun. She sat down and he placed her books on the ground and sat down and placed his arm around her shoulders, trying to pull her close. Onalee shrugged off his hand and turned to look at him, to look into his now concerned and confused eyes.

                 Daniel Jenkins was a guy any girl would love to go out with if they got the chance, he was a brown haired, green eyed God, with a chiselled face and body. He was probably the sexiest boy in Ravenclaw, and now she was going to break his heart. They got to know each other on the platform 9/3 to Hogsmead, their first Hogwarts express train ride; they had sat in the same compartment. He had asked her to the Halloween ball in 2nd year and from that day they had gone to every Hogwarts Halloween ball together. They had had their arguments and the problems, partly because of his jealousy. Times when boys had taken interest in her and she had talked to them, or when she talked to any random guy spontaneously or vice versa, it got on her nerves, but she had really liked him, Onalee managed to see through the jealousy and see the sensitivity and love underneath, but now it had gone too far. Just before the summer Onalee began to have feelings for someone else and these feeling grew stronger over the summer. On the second day back of this term, some had told her that he liked her back, Daniel found out and had gone over to him the next day and punched him, and he didn’t even use his wand. Onalee was furious when she heard the news and refused to speak to Daniel, but he managed to win her over again, as he usually managed to. But when he said that she was not allowed to be in the same room as her admirer, that was the last straw and she had decided to end it with Daniel.

                Onalee smiled an awkward smile at him then turned away to take a deep breath. As she went to speak, Daniel beat her to it, ‘you should have let me deal with the ferret, ha!’ Onalee sighed; it was going to be easier to break it to him than she thought. ‘No, I shouldn’t have, you would have punched him, just like you did Ron!

‘Oh! You’re not bringing that up again are you? I said I’m sorry; I just don’t want you to see him! You haven’t been have you?’

‘Daniel, I’m in the same house as him, I can’t help but see him every single day, and yes! I do speak to him!’

‘What? You promised!’ Daniel was standing up now. ‘No! I didn’t! she shouted in reply, 'I reluctantly agreed but didn’t promise, and you knew it would be hard to do!’

‘Yes, but...!’

‘No! No more buts, this is it Daniel! I can’t take it anymore! It’s over, once and for all! No winning me back this time Daniel! This is over! Ok?’

‘No Onalee you can’t!’

‘No, no more, goodbye Daniel!’ and with that she got up picked up her books and walked away with Daniel calling after her but staying rooted on the spot.

                When Onalee reached the Gryffindor common, tears were threatening to fall from hers eyes, but she composed herself, walked towards Hermione sat at a table, plonked her books on the table and said, ‘Hermione? Fancy helping me do my DADA essay?’ Hermione smiled, ‘sure, sit down and let’s take a look.’ Onalee smiled back and sat gratefully down on the chair next to Hermione. After 5 minutes of working, Hermione looked straight at Onalee and asked, ‘what’s up?’

‘Nothing... well ok theres something,' Onalee confesed when she saw the disbelieving look on Hermione's face, 'I have just split up with Daniel,’

‘Oh, any particular reason?’

                ‘Yeh, the Ron incident,’ Onalee giggled, Hermione first looked shocked but started laughing too, understanding why Onalee was laughing, then Ron walked down the stairs of the boys dormitories, when both of the girls saw him, they both exploded into a fit of giggles again, the image of Ron dodging Daniels punch, but banging his head on a branch instead was too much for them. Ron guessed the two girls hysteria was because of him and turned as red as a beetroot, but only causing the girls to laugh even harder.

A/N so what did you think, up to standards? hehe, hoped you liked it! please review son i know what you think!

edit (14th may 2009) : i just changed elodys name to Onalee so if you saw an eldody anywhere just say!

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