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Albus Potter and the Rebellion of Darkness by HarryB
Chapter 1 : A New Start
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Albus and Rose stepped off of the Hogwarts Express and walked out into the large crowd of students eager to start the new term. As Albus looked around, he noticed the strange boy he had seen on Platform 9¾, Scorpius Malfoy, alone but nevertheless calm, and rather unimpressed of everyone around him. Then, a familiar voice rang out over the bustling crowd.

“Firs’ years this way, please!” called Hagrid, who towered above everyone. Albus was delighted to see Hagrid, who had visited his home many times, and his nervousness had been momentarily overshadowed by seeing the warm, friendly face smiling back at him.

Rose had also noticed Hagrid and smiled at him, then pulled Albus through the mass of people to greet him.

“Rose, Albus, nice ter see yeh!” he said to the pair, who looked tiny compared to him. “Firs’ years, come on now!” he shouted once again, causing Albus and Rose to press their hands against their ears.

“Don’ forget to come and see me on Friday afternoon now, will yeh?” Hagrid said to Albus and Rose, as they he led them and the rest of the first years to the boats.

“No, we’ll be there,” said Rose, smiling up at him.

Hagrid led them down a narrow path onto the edge of a dark lake. On the other side, Albus could see a large, magnificent castle. “No more’n four to a boat!” called Hagrid, and the students began to get into groups and into the boats. Albus and Rose sat in an empty boat, and were joined by a pretty girl with dark blue eyes, and long, brown hair. “Hello, I’m Chloe Acolst, nice to meet you,” she said, and shook Rose’s, and then Albus’ hand.

“Rose Weasley,” said Rose, smiling back at her.

“Albus Potter,” said Albus, and to his surprise, Chloe looked rather shocked.

“You mean… Harry Potter’s son?” she asked, and he nodded, and she turned to Rose. “Ron and Hermione?” she asked again, and there was longing in her voice. Rose nodded, confused at how this strange girl knew their parents. “Wow…” she whispered, as she stared into Albus’s green eyes, which he had inherited from his father.

“I wonder what the hold up is,” said Rose, quickly trying to change the subject after looking at Albus giving him a look that told him that she also thought the girl was wierd, and then they noticed Scorpius lurking, obviously not quite sure what boat to get into. Chloe waved her arms at him.

“This boat’s free!” she shouted.

“No! Not him!” Rose whispered at her, and Albus groaned, as Scorpius looked around hopefully, before reluctantly joining them in their boat. Hagrid, who was in his own boat, shouted “Forwards!” and the boats all started moving in the direction of the castle.

Scorpius looked over the opposite side of the boats from Rose and Albus, who were both as uncomfortable as eachother, as Chloe stared directly at them, as if she was in a trance.

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Albus Potter and the Rebellion of Darkness: A New Start


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