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Above the Clouds by cathyyy
Chapter 5 : Friends
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[I own nothing Harry Potter, everything but the plot belongs to JK Rowling.]

My mind was spinning, as Draco pressed his lips against mine. His lips were soft, yet the need in the kiss was brutal. His tongue asked for permission to enter, by licking at my lower lip, and I opened slowly, still surprised. He tasted sweet, like the sweetest candy, and I found myself press closer to him, to taste him more, to feel him closer. It’s Malfoy, Hermione…

I knew that the person was Draco, I was very aware of that but it didn’t matter, for no one had ever kissed me like that.

His hand came up to my face and caressed it softly, before grasping my hair to press me even closer. I had brought my hands up to his shirt, and forced him closer to me.

The soft, gentle kiss had turned bruising and almost brutal, there was a strong passion between us.

Draco bit my lower lip, earning a muffled moan from me, it was a pleasurable pain.

His lips traced kisses down my jaw and to my neck, where he nibbled, and kissed. Then he looked at me, we were both panting slightly, from the lack of air.

“Sorry,” He said, and sighed. “I couldn’t help myself.”

“Neither could I…” I assured him. It was wrong, but yet  it felt so right. “Not too bad for former enemies, huh?”

“Not too bad.” He smiled. “But should we be doing this?”

“Absolutely not.”


Draco remained silent for a while, then his lips crashed down on mine again, if only for a couple of seconds, then he rested his forehead against mine.

“I know” He whispered and looked down. “We would go to hell if we did this again, you do know that right?”

“Yeah, I know…” I said sadly. “Well, if we do go to hell, we’ll have good company, huh?”

“Each other.” He whispered, then he looked up again, his silver orbs burning their way into my soul. “What are you doing to me, Hermione?”

I laid down on the grass, I needed to get away from his gaze, and he followed my moves. When he looked at me like that, it made it impossible for me to think straight.

What are you doing to me, Draco?  I didn’t say it out loud, just thought it. Truth to be told, I didn’t even understand what he was doing, did he even want this? Were we going to do it again? Forget it had ever happened? Everything was very confusing, and I found myself biting my lip, way lost in my thoughts. Draco Malfoy had kissed me, and I had enjoyed it. Was there something wrong with me? Perhaps, but I couldn’t help but to want him to kiss me again.

Had he overcome his pure hate of Mudbloods? It didn’t seem likely, but he was different. That much I knew.

“Something is troubling you…” He mumbled, and made me look at him, in the soft sunlight, his skin was almost glowing. His pale skin was perfect as the sun danced across his face, making him look more beautiful than he had ever done. “Well? Are you going to tell me or do I need to force it out of you?”

His words reminded me of the old Draco, and I couldn’t help but to take a shaky breath.

I remained silent, for a while, and he suddenly moved closer, a quick movement made me think that he was reaching for his wand, and I closed my eyes shut.

“Oh, for crying out loud, Granger. I wasn’t going to curse you into telling me.”

“How was I supposed to know that?” I snapped, and opened my eyes to find his face disturbingly close. Too close for comfort, but still not close enough. I could still feel his previous kiss tingling on my lips, and it made me want to kiss him. But I behaved myself.

“Tell me what’s bothering you.” His voice was soft, tender, and it didn’t have any of the arrogant Malfoy tone in it.

“You don’t want this, do you? Doesn’t it just repulse you, being this close to me?” I spoke fast, or else I wouldn’t have been able to say it. His grey eyes hardened.

“I…” He couldn’t finish the sentence. He looked away from me, and I felt a sting in my heart. He was disgusted.

“Why did you do it then? Why?”

“I don’t know. There is a tension between us, like... a need, I don’t know... I’m so disappointed at myself, we had just started to become friends, and I do something like that.”

“We are still… Friends, don’t worry about that.”

“What if…” He trailed off and still didn’t look at me.

“Go on”

“Never mind. Friends?” He asked, and held his hand out, I shook it.



A silence hung in the air, it was deafning, but I didn’t want to be the one to break it. Call me a stubborn Gryffindor, if you will, but I waited for Draco to speak. It took a long time before he said anything.

“So, you hungry yet? We could to Hog’s Head? It’s a bit more private.”

“Ah, shoot! I forgot my wallet at the castle, you think we can fly by and pick it up, before we go there? Oh, how could I forget it?” I was annoyed at myself, and rolled my eyes as my own stupidity.  When he had started to speak, the words just rolled off my tongue to answer him.

Draco laughed at me, and I looked at him quizzically. “I’ve got my wallet with me, don’t you worry. I’ll pay.”

“No, No Draco… I can’t ask for that, we’ll just fly by and…”

“I want too, and I insist. Now, shut up.”

My lips pressed together, he wasn’t going to let me pay for me. It was annoying and sweet at the same time. He got up, and held his hand out to pull me up, but I ignored it and got up myself.

His hand awkwardly fell to his side, not used to being rejected like that, obviously.

“Come on, Gr-Hermione. Don’t get all upset for it, as a gentleman of course I am going to pay for you. I’m taking you out for dinner, for fuck sakes, did you think I was going to let you pay, then?”

I still didn’t say anything, and he spun me around and looked at me. “Hermione?”

Not a word. He was getting annoyed, I could tell, and his grip on my shoulder hardened.

“What is wrong with you?”

“I’m shutting up.” I muttered coldly. To my surprise, he started laughing. “What?” I snapped.

“I didn’t mean it literally”

“I know.”

He shook his head, and smiled. Friends, just friends.  I reminded myself, even though his lips looked very kissable at that moment. He didn’t make any sign of movement, he seemed to be frozen at the spot. His eyes showed me that he was lost in a memory.

“What are you thinking about?”


His eyes got back their focus, and he smiled again. “Yule ball, fourth year.”

“Why?” I asked bewildered. Where had that come from?

“You reminded me of it right now, all upset, you were very upset with Weasley that night, if I’m not mistaken. You looked… Beautiful”

His compliment made me blush. “Thank you.”

“Let’s go. Up on the broom, bookworm.”

“Whatever you say, Blondie.”

His eyebrows raised, and he looked both annoyed and amused. “Did you seriously just call me ‘Blondie’?”

We both fell into laughter. 



Hog’s Head wasn’t as awful as I had remembered it, maybe Aberforth had cleaned it up a lot after the war, it was actually rather nice. I stepped in as Draco held the door open for me, and thanked him.

Ab stood behind the small bar, and gave me short nod as I walked in. His eyes darkened a bit at the sight of a Malfoy.

“Hey there, Hermione. How are you doing?”

“Aberforth, oh, everything is great, how’s life?”

“Can’t complain.” He shrugged. “What are you doing out of school, now?”

“Eh… I…” I didn’t know what to say, and looked pleadingly at Draco, who stepped to stand beside me.

“I took her out for dinner, instead of being in the castle, a little change, you know.” He smiled, and held his hand out. “I’m Draco Malfoy.”

“Aberforth Dumbledore.” The older man said, and shook the hand of Draco, eyeing him suspiciously, with his blue eyes, so similar to his brothers.

“Nice to meet you Mr. Dumbledore.”

That must have been quite hard for Draco, I suspected, after having almost killed the mans brother to stand there and shake his hand.

“Your boyfriend?” Ab asked me with twinkling eyes.

“No!” We said in unison, and he bit back a smile. Draco and I looked at each other, and I remembered the feeling of his lips pressed against mine.


We took a table in a corner, and I found the lit candles on the table disturbing, too romantic, they were old, I could tell by the melted wax that was gathered at the end. But as I sat there a while, I realized that they were charmed to look that way, and they probably weren’t even real candles, for they stayed the same, the flame only moving slightly. Ab came with the food we had ordered, and two butterbeers, I drank greedily, I hadn’t  realized how thirsty I was.

We talked about nothing special for the first fifthteen minutes, before we accidentally came in on the subject ‘Potions’.

“Did you ever know, or suspect, that Snape never left your side, before the war, I mean?” Draco asked, and I shook my head.

“I feel ashamed to admit that I believed him to be a true deatheater. He was brave, probably braver than any Gryffindor I have ever met.”

Draco nodded his agreement. “He helped me with the Dumbledore thing, well, he wanted to help me. I guess, I should have accepted his help, maybe things would have been a bit easier.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, almost regretted it afterwards as I saw how stiff he got. He looked around the room before he spoke again, so reassure himself that no one was eavesdropping, perhaps.

“I was a wreck two years ago. I thought I was going to be killed whenever, constantly looking over my shoulder, never daring to sleep. He haunted me everywhere, or so it felt. It was living hell. If I had accepted Snapes help, then maybe I would have been able to relax, not being too paranoid. Maybe, I wouldn’t have run into the bathroom, and got my chest fucking ripped open.”


A memory of Harry telling me about the incident in the bathroom, when he had almost killed Draco, by using a spell he didn’t know, flashed before my eyes.

“Sectumsempra…” I whispered. His eyes closed as he nodded. “I’m sorry on the behalf of Harry, he wouldn’t have used that spell if he had known what would happen.”

“Or would he have?” Draco muttered.

“Merlin! I  hate Voldemort, he has screwed us all up, hasn’t he?” I hissed, and he chuckled. “What?” I snapped.

“You are hot when you’re furious.”

 He realized what he had said the same time I did, and I blushed deeply, and looked away. Friends, only friends.

“Thanks, I guess.”

“Awkward.” Draco said in a sort of singing voice. I giggled. “Hey, look, its Friday, we don’t have any classed tomorrow, do you want some Firewhiskey?”

“Yes, please” I said, without thinking, when I thought about it, it was exactly what I wanted. He walked over to the bar, and came back with two glasses. He gave me one, and took the other for himself. He raised it towards me.

“To new times.”

“New times.” I agreed, and then I poured it all down my throat, as Draco just took a small sip of his. It burned delicately as it made its way down, but I didn’t complain. I loved the burning sensation, the taste of it as it lingered in my mouth.

Draco looked at me, smirking as he did. “Take it easy there, tough girl.”

“I'm twenty years old, I have been drinking before.” I suddenly said, as he almost started laughing at my expression.

“Care for another, then?” He raised an eyebrow, and I met his stare. I nodded, and he motioned for Ab to bring us another. It was levitated to me, and I drank that one slower, taking my time to enjoy it. I took just a small sip to really taste it.

“Are you trying to get me drunk, Draco?” He looked amused, as he shook his head.

“Maybe I am. That would certainly be entertaining.”

Once again, I stuck my tongue out, and his eyes got a weird look in them. I eyed him curiously.

“Now, that’s hot.” He said suddenly, without thinking, I guessed, because his eyes went wide seconds later, as if he realized that he had spoken out loud.

“What’s hot?”

He repeated my action, by sticking his tongue out, but he did it much more elegant, and all I could think of was how that tongue felt against my skin, against my own tongue. I inhaled quickly. “That is hot.”

I hurried my glass to my mouth, and swallowed it all, to get some sort of distraction.

“Aw, man. If you keep that up, I’ll have to carry you back to Hogwarts, do you think it would be fun for me to explain why I have a passed out Granger on my shoulders?”

“Hermione.” I corrected him automatically. “I’ve just had one butterbeer and two firewhiskey’s, it’s not the end of the world.”

He decided to change the subject.

“What are you doing tomorrow?”

“I… I was hoping to spend some time with you.”

“Correction: What are we doing tomorrow?”

I smiled at his words, and couldn’t help the images that surfaced in my mind; Draco was kissing my neck, violating my mouth, grasping my hair to pull me closer.


“What are you up for?” I tried to sound casual. But I think my blush gave me away.

“What did you have in mind, Hermione?”

The way my name sounded coming from him was almost too much, it was so tempting to just forget the friends part, and kiss him right there, and I wouldn’t have cared if Ab was watching.

“I… It was nothing.” I stuttered out, and blushed deeper. It was definitely not something that friends did, that was for sure.

He grinned wickedly, and I strongly suspected that he knew.

“We’ll meet in the library, early. What time to you wake up?”

“Around ten, probably.”

“Ten thirty, in the library.”

It was settled, I didn’t have a say in it, by the sound of his tone, and I nodded agreeing.


We stayed at the Hog’s Head for a long time, and the place was full of people by the time we left, everyone looking at us like we had some kind of disease. When we got out of there, it was rather chilly outside, you could really tell that the summer was dying out, fall was definitely coming closer. The thought to bring some sort of coat with me hadn’t even crossed my mind.

It had darkened fast, and I wondered how long we had been in there, when we had walked in there had been sunlight, right? I couldn’t remember. I had been totally oblivious to my surroundings to notice, but it was dark now, and the stars were shining clearly above us.

It was beautiful. I put my arms around my body as to keep myself warm against the much too cold night.

“Are you cold?” Draco asked me, and I looked over at him. His hair was messy, the wind swirled it around his face, and in the soft moonlight, his pale skin was paler than ever.

“Yeah... Didn’t bring a coat...” I rolled my eyes at myself, and he nodded, and pulled something out of the bag he had with him. It was extended, ofcourse.

It was his green robe, I wanted to protest, but another cold shill ran down my back. He handed me it, and I put it on. It was much too big, but I didn’t mind.

“Thank you”

“Thought those firewhiskey’s would have warmed you up, but it doesn’t look like it.”


We walked for some time, in silence, before he mounted the broom and told me to get up.


His hand came around my waist yet again, and I felt perfectly safe.

We flew high, much more higher than we had ever, and it seemed as if the stars came closer.

“Can you go higher?” I asked in awe, and he chuckled and obliged. “Wow...”

Draco didn’t say anything, but his grip tightened. “Do you like it?” He whispered against my ear, his breath warmed my ear, it tickled. “Hmm?”

“Y...Yes – It’s beautiful, Draco.” I was distracted by the way he breathed against my neck, it felt good, too good.

I saw the castle then, it looked like something from a fairytale. It had never looked that magical.

“Do you want me to fly you to the window of your tower? You won’t be caught.”

“Yes, please.”

He made a turn with the broom, and I gasped. He leaned his head at my neck. “Don’t be scared.”

“I’m not, just surprised.”

He shook his head, and I bet he was smiling. We was just by the castle, and I saw a dim light from the Gryffindor tower as we flew just by the window.

“C-Can you fly closer?” I said shakily, and he nodded in silence. “Oh... Fuck. You better hold me fucking tight now.”

“Thought you said you weren’t scared?” Amusement was all I heard in his voice. But his grip got very tight.

I swung one of my legs over the broom, and let one foot stand on the edge by the window. He flew just a tiny bit closer, and I was able to stand just outside the window. I turned shakily around when he let me go.

“Goodnight, Hermione.” He said, and then he was gone.

“Goodnight, Draco.” I whispered out in the silent, lonely night.



I landed at the floor with a thud, and moaned at the pain that throbbed in my foot from the quite hard fall. The light had been on for a reason I realized. Ron was sitting on the couch with Lavender. They were kissing, Lavender looked like she wasn’t really enjoying it, and I understood her. By the looks of it, Ron had his tongue forced town her throat.

I tried to walk as silent as I could, so that they wouldn’t hear me.

Everything was going good, until... I tripped over my own feet. I didn’t fall, but only just. I cursed loudly.

“Hermione?” Ron gasped annoyed. Lavender’s head snapped up to look at me, with a furious glare.

“I’m just going to the dorm, don’t let me interrupt anything!” I started walking again when I heard Lavender snort.

“Is she wearing Slytherin robes?”

I glanced down, how could I have forgotten to give them back to him? Oh, just perfect.

“You’ve been with Malfoy?!” Ron was furious, obviously, and rose from his seat, I turned around.

“Yes, I have, Ronald. What is it to you?” I glanced between him and Lavender, and he looked even more upset.

“You have lost your mind, you’re mental!”

“Whatever, I’m not going to interrupt you anymore. I’m going to bed.”

I hurried up to my bed and didn’t even bother taking Draco’s robe off as I got into bed. It was still cold, and I loved the way it smelled of him.

It was not good for me to like how he smelled, or his touch, of the way his lips felt against my skin...


It wasn’t good, but it was better than to think of the war. A lot better. I fell asleep while thinking of his lips pressed against my neck ...

 [I changed this chapter MANY times, I hope you like it this way. I love reviews, thank you all. Please keep reviewing, it makes me want to give you the best chapters I can. So keep it up, and thank you again:) ]

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