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Fate by hermionefangrl101
Chapter 1 : Back To School
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Chapter 1

It was September 1st and Hermione couldn’t wait to go back to school for her seventh year. She had found in her envelope that she had been made Head Girl. Now she couldn’t wait to tell Harry and Ron. When her mother called her down for breakfast she practically flew downstairs. Her sister, Miranda, was still sleep so she tried to keep quite.

“Slow down kiddo, her dad teased, breakfast isn’t leaving.” She gave him a mock glare then sat down.

“I made all your favourites today,” said her mum.

“Thanks, Hermione smiled, I’m going to miss you guys so much.”

“Aww we’ll miss you too hunny you have to promise to come visit us after this war thing is over.” said her mum. Last year after Harry found out about the Horcruxes he told Hermione and Ron and they decided to go with him. So Hermione wouldn’t be returning after school this year.

While Hermione was eating her younger sister came downstairs.

“Morning”, she mumbled half sleep.

“Morning”, everyone answered.

“Holy Crow, look at the time I have to go get ready!” Hermione shouted then ran up the stairs to her room.

She showered and changed into a white short sleeves top with jeans. She put on some mascara and some light blue eye shadow. Her hair was no longer bushy but completely straight so she put it up in a ponytail. She looked into the mirror put on some lip gloss and smiled. She knew she looked good. Then Miranda came in.

“I’m going to miss you so much Mione’ she said, can’t I come with you?” she whined.

“Aww I wish you could, said Mione’ who hated to make her sister sad, but I’ll come visit as soon as I can and I’ll be here for Christmas break”

She gave her a hug then went downstairs so she could go catch her train.

As she was waiting for Harry, Ron, and Ginny to come before she boarded the train she started people watching as she was scanning the crowd her eyes fell upon none other than Draco Malfoy. God, look at him thought Hermione he’s even walking around the train station like he owns it.

Well he has definitely grown up over the summer thought Hermione looking him up and down. He no longer whore his hair jelled back but let hang carelessly into his eyes. He actually looked kind of hot. Hermione mentally slapped herself did she just call Malfoy hot?? She had no idea she was still staring at him until he sneered “Like what you see mudblood.”

Hermione sent him a death glare, if looks could kill she was sure Malfoy would have dropped dead, “Shut the hell up, Malfoy.” she said, then instinctively reached for her wand.

“Why? You can’t do anything about it your just a low life mudblood not even worth talking to” he spat at her, then walked away.

God, I hate him, if it wasn’t for the fact that there would be a lot of consequences I would Avada him right then and there. As she though of ways to kill Malfoy without consequences Ron, Harry, and Ginny arrived.

After hugging them all and finding a compartment, Hermione noticed something was different about Harry he still looked a little sad but he also looked happy and very eager to tell her something. “Is there something I don’t know about?” she asked him raising her eyebrow.

“Me and Harry are together,” Ginny all but screamed.

“Wow I’m so happy for you two, although I can’t say I’m surprised.” Hermione had seen Harry giving Ginny looks all year last year. And it was no secret that Ginny was into Harry.

“Yeah, yeah, were all happy for you,” said Ron.

“So how’s Miranda?” Harry asked

“She’s doing well,” Hermione answered.

Then she remembered something.

“Oh guys guess what? I made Head Girl!” Hermione said.

“That’s great ‘Mione we knew you would get it, said Ginny, Do you know who the head boy is?” Hermione shook her head then looked at her watch. But I’ll know in a minute because I have to go meet him and Professor McGonagall in the heads compartment.

As Hermione was making her way to the heads compartment she bumped into someone. “Oh, I am so sorry are you alri- oh it’s just you said Malfoy. Hermione glared at him and tried to push past him but he wouldn’t budge. She looked up at him only to see him checking her out in a way that made her blush.

“See something you like Malfoy?” she asked repeating his words. He looked at her then smiled. A real smile, not his usual trade mark smirk, wow thought Hermione he looks really cute. That’s when she knew she was going crazy Malfoy was not hot, or cute or any other term except for rude, arrogant, and anything but cute. She shoved him aside then ran into the heads compartment she realized she was the first one there so she took out her book and read.

Wow, thought Draco, who was waiting for Professor McGonagall to introduce him to the head girl, Granger looked hot she definitely changed over the summer. And he apparently wasn’t the only person who noticed boys were looking her up and down and girls were rolling there eyes in jealousy.

He couldn’t believe he made head boy, he expected It to be Potter or Weasley not the son of a death eater, a death eater to be.

“Ah Mr. Malfoy if you would be so kind as to follow me so I may introduce you to the head girl.” said Professor McGonagall. He followed her to the compartment. She opened the door and there inside was Granger. She was curled up sleeping with a book in her hand. She looked so beautiful sleeping thought Draco that he almost didn’t want to wake her up. Whoa, he thought did I just call her beautiful?? Hot yeah you would be blind if you thought she was ugly but beautiful is crossing the line.

Professor McGonagall gently woke her up. She looked around obviously still sleeping then she jumped up and started apologizing for falling a sleep. After Professor McGonagall calmed her down she said, “Miss. Granger the head boy this year is Draco Malfoy.” He watched with amusement as her mouth formed an O shape.

“So said McGonagall ignoring Hermione, you two will share a common room, after the feast I shall show you where it is so you two can come up with a password together. Also I would like to warn you that if there are any problems between you two, your badges will be stripped away and you will have detention for the remainder of the school year. Now even though you two al ready know each other it is a tradition that you two will spend the rest of the ride in here getting to know each other. Who knows you two might learn a thing or two about each other.” And with one last look at both of them she was off.

Draco sighed and sat down. Hermione did the same, Draco saw her pick up her book and continue to read. Since he left his book in his compartment he looked out the window for a few minutes then soon became bored. “So Granger, what did you do this summer?” he asked not really caring just trying to make conversation.

Hermione sat down her book then glared, “it’s none of your business what I did this summer.” Draco looked at then said, “Listen I was just trying to be nice I don’t know about you but I’m not trying to lose my badge.”

Hermione sighed then realized he was right and all he was being civil she could tell how hard it was for him to not call her a mudblood.

“My summer was pretty good, I visited my grandparents and me and my little sister got to travel in France for International Studies.” she said.

“I didn’t know you had a sister, Granger.” He remarked then looked at her.

“Yeah, she answered, not many people do she isn’t a witch but she is smart, and funny. Here’s a picture of us in France, I use it as my bookmark.” She couldn’t believe she was having a civil conversation with Draco Malfoy, it freaked her out and what freaked her out more was that she was actually enjoying it.

Draco looked at the picture it had Granger and another girl who looked a lot like Hermione except she was shorter and had blonde hair instead of brown. “How old is she?’ he asked. “She’ll be 16 on December 8th.” Hermione answered him. He nodded.

“So umm how was your summer?” she asked him.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you, Granger.” He said so low he wasn’t even sure he heard it. Then even lower she said try me. He looked up into her brown eyes and he just felt like he could tell her anything and she would understand. They sat gazing into each others eyes for a few immeasurable moments. Then Ginny knocked on the door to tell them they had to get ready.

“Well we umm better get dressed and direct every body so they can um get where they need to be.” She said failing miserably at trying to ease the tension. “Yeah, um I’ll just leave so you can change.” Draco said. She nodded then closed the door behind him. That was weird thought Hermione then she proceeded to get dressed.

After she finished dressing and her and Malfoy leaded the first years to Hagrid. She caught up with Ginny who was waiting for her; the boys were up ahead talking with Neville.

“So, said Ginny, I see you and Malfoy were having a moment before I interrupted.”

Hermione snorted, “Please Gin, we were just trying to be civil towards each other McGonagall said she strip us of our badges if we don’t at least act civil.”

“Whatever Mione’ just know I’m here for you, and even of you did for some strange reason talk to him I’ll defiantly back you up besides he is like the hottest guy at this school.”

Hermione laughed, “What about Harry?” she asked teasingly.

“Oh I’m all for Harry but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t look or notice.” Ginny laughed.

While they were laughing Ron and Harry came up beside them. Ginny and Harry started whispering to each other and giggling. Hermione rolled her eyes and looked at Ron. At a time she once had this huge crush on Ron, and it was no secret he liked her, but they tried it in fifth year end it didn’t work so they just decide to keep their relationship platonic and see other people. Besides she loved Ron she just him the same we she loved Harry, only as a brother.

Eventually there carriage came and they all climbed on. In the Great Hall they went to go sit with their fellow Gryffindors. Dumbledore gave a great speech and when he announced Hermione as the Head Girl the Hall exploded with applauses from every table except the slytherins. When Draco was announced all the Slytherins cheered. After the feast Hermione bade her friends goodnight then stood outside the Great Hall waiting for Professor McGonagall and Draco.

Malfoy got there first, mumbling something about having to share a common room with the likes of a mudblood. Before Hermione could remark Professor McGonagall came and asked them to follow her.

“Now as a tradition you two get to choose your own password for the common room, so before I leave I must know for if there are any emergencies we cannot have a two students unsupervised in a room especially if their from Slytherin and Gryffindor. This is one reason why I need you two to act civil towards each other we are in the middle of a war it would help if you two could unite the two houses.” Hermione and Draco shared a look both knowing that was never going to happen. If they every agreed on anything it would be that Slytherin and Gryffindor would never unite they just completely loathed each other. Salazar and Godric hated each other and that was just the way it was supposed to be.

“Now anyways a password would be nice, because you two have rounds to go too and it would be a pity if you were late.” McGonagall said.

“Right, said Hermione, hmm what about Louvre?” My sister and I visited there this summer it was really amazing I would love to go there again someday.”

McGonagall nodded, “Mr. Malfoy, are you fine what this password?”

He kept his face impassive as he nodded. Then it’s settled now I need you two to say it a the same time then your in. You rooms have your names on the door and you do have to share a bathroom but it’s a bathroom fit for a King so you two should be fine. And with that said she left.

“OK ready?” Hermione asked.

Draco nodded.

“Louvre” they said simultaneously.

The portrait opened and Hermione saw a beautiful room with blue walls and brown couches. There were two desks a sofa, and a love seat. A grand fire place was in the middle of it all. It was simply beautiful along the walls were pictures of all the head girls and boys from previous years. And there were two doors which Hermione assumed were their rooms. She didn’t have to guess which one was hers; on the door were name plates. Hermione opened the door and was completely shocked inside was lavender everywhere. Lavender was her all time favorite color anyone who knew her knew that. She noticed all her things were put away as she looked around the room she noticed she had bookshelf filled with all her favorite books she had a few from her Jane Austen collection. (A/N huge Jane Austen Fan so I had to add that =D)

She went outside to see more when she saw Draco. “What do you think Malfoy?” she asked.

He shrugged, “it’s alright I guess, it’s must be perfect for you you probably lived in a rat hole.” He sneered.

“Why you insignificant, little prat how dare you insult me like that!?, she asked outraged already reaching for her wand, I can Avada you any moment don’t forget that. You’re still a death eater McGonagall might get mad but I’d be doing most people a favor by killing the Malfoy heir.”

She saw a quick look of hurt flash through his eyes but it went away so fast that she wasn’t sure it actually happened. Then he was yelling at her
“You don’t know anything about me Granger, so just shut the hell up!” And with that he stormed into his room.

“Well fine then”, Hermione muttered, she decided she would go run her rounds. She thought about reminding Dace about his but then decided against it he should get in trouble for a change. 

A/N please tell me what you think this is my second story so feedback would be appriciated. I take good and bad reviews because they both help me!

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