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The Wish of Lily Evans by Tonks the Klutz
Chapter 4 : Wish You Back To Me
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“Evans, I don’t know what your problem is, but I’m sure it can be fixed,” Sirius said gruffly once they were in the Room of Requirement.


            Lily groaned before sitting in a chair that had appeared. “Everything’s wrong,” she whispered, trying to hold back the tears. “And it’s all my fault.”


            “Tell me what happened. All of it,” Sirius replied curtly. Walking to a chair across from her.


            “How about I show you?” Lily replied. At the same time a pensieve appeared.


Fingers crossed and a four leaf clover
Too much time for me to think things over
Thoughts of losing you just linger on and on and on


With a close of her eyes she took out a memory and put it in the basin. Slowly Sirius stood up. Lily reached over and grasped his hand automatically. Grimacing, Lily quickly pulled away remembering that who he had been wasn’t him anymore. They both stuck their head in and a whirling sensation filled them both.


            “Where are we?” Sirius asked confused.


            “Instead of showing you exactly what happened, I decided to show you what you were like.”


            “Should I be scared?” he asked warily.


            “I don’t think so. At least, you shouldn’t be if you don’t like being a Slytherin.”


            He just nodded.




I'm sitting here with my luck unchanging
Knowing I'm the one you're blaming


            “Prongs what are you doing?” Gryffindor Sirius asked laughing as he saw a boy with black hair and hazel eyes slamming his head on the common room table.


            “Trying to think of a prank to pull on Snivellus,” the teenage boy replied. Slytherin Sirius had a feeling this was James Potter.


Words that keep repeating say you're gone, you're gone, you're gone
But I pray that they are wrong



            “Umm…. Have we put dungboms in his food lately?”


            “Yup. Last week,” a voice replied walking down the boys staircase. He had sandy blond hair and blue eyes.


            Slytherin Sirius felt himself breathe in a sharp breath. This was Remus Lupin. He hadn’t seen Remus since his 4th year, when he had committed suicide. Looking over at the still crying red head he asked, “What year is it?”


I wish I may, I wish I might have
Loved you a little bit more in spite of


            “7th,” she replied softly, her eyes never leaving James.


            “Damn!” Gryffindor Sirius said laughing. Slytherin Sirius felt himself laugh slightly. In this world, he had good friends.


            “We haven’t put them in the Slytherin common room in a while,” a voice squeaked. This caused Slytherin Sirius to jump. He hadn’t noticed Peter Pettigrew. He could feel himself grimace at himself. He was always terrible to him. He was terrible to all Gryffindors.


            “That’s a good idea Peter,” Remus started with a warm smile at Peter, “but maybe we should do something unique. Dungboms are a bit old.”


            “True! Very true Moony!” Gryffindor Sirius exclaimed clapping a hand on Remus’s back.


Who I was and how much I loved that girl I used to be
Star light, star brightly shine on
How we've been too far apart for too long



            “Do I even want to know what you four are planning?” a voice asked. It was Lily. She was smiling, something Slytherin Sirius never saw.


If dreams of you ever do come true, then dreams are all we need
So, I'm wishin' I could wish you back to me


            “Carrot top!” Gryffindor Sirius shouted, throwing an arm around the girl.


            “Hey Snuffles,” the girl greeted.


I got no rhyme, I got no reason
I live my life somwhere between them
I'm everything that you don't need and more and more and more


            “Why do I have that stupid name?” Gryffindor Sirius whined.


            “Because you’re always a sicky,” she said simply before laughing.


            “Hey Evans. How’s it going?”  James asked suddenly. His voice became deep and he ran a hand thru his hair.


            “Alright. How about you Potter?”


If the fairytale has ended
If I'm not the girl you once defended
Where's that knight with good intentions, 'cause you swore, you swore


            “I’m doing ok. I was,” he hesitated, running a hand thru his hair, “I was wondering if you and I could call a… truce?”


            “Alright,” she repeated. Then she smiled again. “On a few conditions.”


            “Sure! Anything!”  he said jumping up from the chair, his eyes wide.


            “Oh boy,” Gryffindor Sirius muttered before walking over and stealing the chair James had been sitting in.


You'd never loved like that before
If every night sky hands us
Another million chances


            “No asking me out. Stop pranking people. And stop with the hair thing.”


            “At least let me ask you out once a day. And I’ll only prank the Slytherins. And what hair thing?” he asked confused before running his hand thru his hair.


            “That hair thing!” Lily exclaimed laughing. “And as for the other two reasons… fine. But you can’t ask me out publicly. And you can only prank people who actually do something to you. Deal?”


            “Deal!” he agreed happily. And the memory slowly faded.


Yeah, wish you back to me
Fingers crossed and a four leaf clover
Too much time for me to think things over




            “Wow,” Sirius muttered. “But you all seemed to be getting along what happened?”


“Come on. I’ll show you.” This time when Lily grabbed his hand, neither pulled away.

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The Wish of Lily Evans: Wish You Back To Me


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