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Changes by Hermioneboffin
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1: An Introduction and Unexpected Visitors
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An Introduction and Unexpected visitors.

Hello, my name is Petunia Evans, and do you know what? I’m a witch, apparently. That’s what that Snape boy said anyway. Lily, that’s my younger sister to you, is a witch too. I don’t really know how that happened considering the fact that my parents are normal. Maybe the world has gone mad, or maybe there is some giant conspiracy. Either way, For the sake of argument, I’m a witch. Deal with it. I have.


We were playing in the park. We had been for some time actually. We were probably late, although it didn’t matter. Lily, my red head sister was going higher and higher on the swing next to me, I watched her jump, hover and land. Again.

“Come on Tunie! It’s fun!”

I swung harder, swinging higher, and jumped. I hovered, and landed as lightly as if I had just walked. I could do it! I picked up a flower that had fallen from the bush and watched as its petals opened and closed as if by Magic. Lily was doing exactly the same thing beside me, and I wondered what would happen if we were caught. I peered around to make sure no-one was looking. Seeing no-one, I turned back to my sister.

“We had better stop now Lily, Someone might see, how do we do it?”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

I jumped as a boy jumped out of the bushes, but both Lily and I remained where we were.

“What’s obvious?”

My sister asked the boy standing awkwardly in front of us, nevertheless, he seemed exited.

“I know what you both are”

I sniffed at him

“What are we then?”


“That’s not very nice!”

We turned and walked away, to hover by the swings and watch as he ran after us, his long coat flapping behind him.

“No, wait! You are witches! There’s nothing wrong with that, my mums one, I’m a wizard”

Our laughs were loud as we heard what he had to say, but we didn’t realise how completely ignorant we were…


It all started about 2 months after that, I turned 11 soon, soon to start secondary school, with Lily joining the year after, I was looking forward to it, to finally be that one step closer to freedom. Lily was slightly resentful, but she was happy for me, and listened by my side faithfully as I prattled on and on about how great it was going to be. I was doing just that on the afternoon of the 20th of August, sitting in the front room in front of the window by my sister, discussing my new school, St. Mary’s all girls school. As this subject was so enthralling, we didn’t notice the tight lipped woman dressed in emerald robes and the silver haired man with a beard down to his waist walk up the pathway towards the house.

The doorbell rang, and we heard our mum rush to answer it. A surprised yelp followed by a high, strict sounding voice alerted lily to a problem, and we trudged through to the hall to be met with the sight of our mother standing speechless in the doorway facing two strange looking people in robes. Mum found her voice.

“Um…Hello…Pleased to meet you?”

The silver haired man smiled at her.

“Ah, Good afternoon Mrs. Evans, Is your husband in? It will make this easier on all of us”

I ran to fetch my dad from the garden and he ran back through.

He wasted no time.

“Ah, erm, good afternoon, and you are?”

“My name is Albus Dumbledore, and this is my colleague, Minerva McGonagall. We work at a school and we are pleased to tell you that your children are being offered places there”

We all gaped at the man, what school? We had only applied to St Mary’s and Goldstone Park, and Lily hadn’t applied anywhere yet.

Mum found her voice first.

“Well…I don’t have the faintest idea what you’re talking about…but we cant all be standing about in the blistering sun now can we? Come in and have a seat and we’ll talk”.

The strange people smiled politely at us as they made their way through to the living room and sat down on a couple of armchairs, our parents sat on the sofa and Lily and I sat on the floor, making a kind on triangle.

“Well, as I’m sure you have noticed, Petunia and Lily are gifted-“

“Get to the point. How do you know my daughters names, our names, where we live, and what they can do?”

Dumbledore smiled and his eyes twinkled, his gaze flashed to his companion and I noticed her roll her eyes and pass him a gold coin unnoticed by my parents. They had obviously bet on something, probably my dad’s reaction.

“I know your daughters names because their names have been down on the schools register from birth…this is what I’m trying to explain, your daughters are magical-“

“We know that! Don’t come in here and assume we don’t know how lovely and amazing our girls are!”

We smiled at our mum and turned to Dumbledore.

“No, my dear lady, we are merely trying to explain a few things..have you ever noticed Petunia and Lily can do things other children can’t? Like, for example, swinging high on swings and hovering in the air”

I shared a shocked glance with my sister, how could he know that? My mum and dad were sharing the same look, they had done their best to keep us from doing that when people were around.

“I see you have noticed, well, in which case, this should be easy enough to explain. Sir, Madame, your daughters are witches, not, before you interrupt me, the evil sort, but the magical sort, like Minerva here..Minerva, care to explain?”

The thin lipped women stood up and took a piece of wood from her pocket. Pointing it at a bunch of flowers on the coffee table, she muttered something, and they turned into 7 small gerbils that lily and I rushed over to and picked up, stammering at 3 words a millisecond, asking if we could keep them. Dumbledore smiled at my parents.

Mum found her voice for the third time that day.

“…Witches? Is..Is this a Joke of some kind?”

“No, I assure you it’s perfectly real”

My parents shared alarmed looks, and my father walked out the room. I heard him pick up the phone and speak quietly into it.


“I wouldn’t advise calling the police sir, it would be a waste of time” called Dumbledore, and McGonagall flicked the piece of wood again at his look. Dad stormed back into the room.


“What the hell have you done to the phone-line!?”


“Nothing dear sir, just let us explain”


“Explain what? You’re both off your heads on something obviously… I want nothing to do with you! Out!”


The two strange people picked themselves up, lifting their pieces of wood they muttered something and the door slammed shut, the windows locked themselves and the curtains flew shut.


“Sir, your daughters are witches, they are magical, they can do things muggles (non-magical people like you) couldn’t even imagine, hence calling the police would be a waste of time, we can confuse them, if we wished, we could confuse you too, into believing everything we say”


They sat back down and waited for McGonagall’s words to sink in.


“Oh.” Was all mum said.


“It’s true?”


“Perfectly, although sometimes I wish otherwise” smiled Dumbledore

My dad looked at us and smiled.

“Girls, you can keep the gerbils…but I’ll wager they don’t let you have pets in this new school of yours do they Mr…Dunderbero was it?”

“Dumbledore Sir, and that’s Professor Dumbledore girls. And, we do let pupils have pets sir, but only of the owl, rat, toad or cat variety I’m afraid. I recommend an Owl, so useful for communication”

“Oh…and how do we get an owl?”

“I suggest you read this sir, it will tell you everything you need to know, and Minerva will be over in a week to help Petunia pick up her new school things. Do you need assistance with money sir?”

“No, thank you, my new job has us excellently covered in that department”

“Good, we’ll, Petunia, I’ll see you In September, Lily, see you next year”

“See you next week at 10.30 Mr. Evans, Mrs. Evans, Petunia, Lily”

The two unexpected visitors left, and we were left sitting in the living room staring blankly at each other, until Lily broke the silence.

“Hey, Tunie…this means that Snape boy was right…”

“Who’s this?”

Oops...we forgot to tell them about Severus...

“Well...Erm...he’s just...”

Lily rolled her eyes at me.

“He’s a boy we met down the park one time, he’s the same age as me and he saw us hovering one time and said we were witches, we just ignored him”

They just stared at us like we were weirdo’s. Come to think of it...we probably are.


Heres the updated version!





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Changes: Chapter 1: An Introduction and Unexpected Visitors


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