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Polychromatic by HarryPotter is my LIFE
Chapter 50 : All That Glitters Is Gold
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Hey now you're an All Star get your game on, go play
Hey now you're a Rock Star get the show on get paid
And all that glitters is gold
Only shooting stars break the mold
-Smash Mouth

"Anna, I swear to Godric, if you don’t get up I will send a giant spider out to get you." It was the fifth time that Sirius had woken me up; I’d gone to sleep after each time. Usually Sirius didn’t resort to threats until about the seventh time, but I suppose the fact that the Quidditch championship was today got him going a little earlier.

Now, a giant spider was a pretty severe threat to throw at me, even if I was soon going to miss the match. Usually, I didn’t put much stock in Sirius’ threats, but this giant spider thing was a little too scary for me to take a chance.

I groaned and sat up, pawing the hair our of my face and rubbing my eyes, which downright refused to open. "I’m up, I’m up," I mumbled.

"You’re not up until you’ve gotten out of bed, and thrown yourself in the shower . . . And even then you fall asleep in there sometimes. So I’m not letting up until you’re dressed in your Quidditch kit and thrilled to be alive on this fine day."

I grumbled at Sirius some more as I slid out from between my sheets and stumbled my way to the bathroom. My still mostly-closed eyes made it a difficult task, and I bumped into the doorframe in my efforts.

I heard Sirius laugh behind me; he was so dead when I could see.

Once I was in the shower, though, my sour mood improved. Rather then wanting to pummel Sirius, I was dying to get out on the pitch and kick Ravenclaws’ arses. Stupid pricks.

By the time I was out of the shower, dressed, and with my hair all dried, I was downright flying.

"Come on!" I cried, bursting out of the bathroom. "Let’s go kick some Ravenclaw arse!"

I flew out of the dorm, neglecting to wait for Sirius and assuming he’d follow me. (Which he did.) I was still thrilled by the time I had gotten through the castle and down to the pitch.

Even James chastising me ("Anna! You were almost late!") couldn’t bring me down. I only swung my leg over my broom and rose up into the air beside Sirius.

"Remember the plan?" I asked him.

"Of course. I’m a bit more concerned about you forgetting it, to be honest."

I stuck my tongue out at Sirius and said, "Alright, this is it, man." He nodded resolutely and we flew over to join the rest of the team who were hovering in a semi-circle around Madam Hooch. Raven-prick made up the other half of the circle.

Sometimes, Madam Hooch’s yellow eyes scared me; I tried to avoid looking at them. As she bobbed slightly up and down, she spun, glaring at all of us. "Now, I want a nice clean game, out of all of you lot." And then, she had the nerve to stare at me. Me!

Now, why the hell would I ever play a dirty game of Quidditch against Raven-prick?! They’re so lame that we could beat them going easy on them!

I rolled my eyes at Hooch and she glared sternly back. I heaved a sigh and nodded, with my eyes cast downward - whatever it took to get the game going.

"Ready? Go!" Hooch’s whistle echoed shrilly around the pitch and the roar of the crowd went up ten-fold. The large, red Quaffle was falling quickly, and James secured it tightly in his arms.

Alright! I thought.

I watched in excitement as James twirled and swirled in and out of and in between all of the Raven-pricks. It was brilliant, to see the looks on their faces as James magically was way fucking faster than them.

It wasn’t quite magic . . . But it was Darren; he had leant his Nimbus to James. (Who had collapsed to the ground when Darren offered it up.)

Anyways . . . James had made his way to the Raven-prick goals and scored to the raucous cheering of the Gryffindors before anyone had even noticed what was going on.

A second later, the Quaffle was back in his hands. After throwing the Quaffle through the goal, James flew through right after it and caught the Quaffle on its fall to the ground. That boy was on-fucking-fire.

"What!? He can’t do that! Call that, ref!" I heard the Ravenclaw Keeper screech. "That’s against the rules."

I flew up next to him. "Actually, Mr. Raven-prick Keeper, you’ll find that it’s not! Nothing like that is even mentioned in the rulebook, and therefore, it’s legal! So shut your trap, and start to cry, because James just scored another goal! Woo-hoooo!"

Yeah, I was pretty much the best distraction ever.

Throughout the course of the game, James really, really proved himself; it totally made me want to buy him that broom because he was fucking fantastic on it. I noticed a particularly official looking dude in the crowd with the Professors; I hoped he was hear to watch James be incredible and offer him a place on some famous Quidditch team.

It was seventy to ten (us, obviously) when James gave me and Sirius the signal. We flew around, somewhere in the vicinity of each other. I smirked as a Bludger bulleted towards me. I shifted the angle I was at a bit, and prepared for the incoming.

It neared and I pulled my bat back only a little; it didn’t have to go that far.

My arms reverberated with shock upon the Bludger’s contact with the bat, and with a little twitch of my arms, I sent it flying towards Sirius. For the next few minutes, we mostly hovered and occasionally moved around the pitch a little, playing with the Bludger, and sending it back and forth between us.

It seemed that only a few people had noticed. Not even Peter, the commentator, had noticed. (What a surprise.)

However, I saw the second Bludger in play heading towards us; it’d be pretty hard to ignore the fact that there were no longer any lethal, flying balls zooming around the pitch. Hopefully we’d get the timing right, otherwise it would be messy.

I watched the Bludger Sirius and I had bounce of my bat towards Sirius, with the second one aimed at him as well. Whoops.

I quickly livened up and sped after the Bludger I had hit. I nipped right in front of Sirius and got the second one out of his way.


With the situation back under control, Sirius and I hit the Bludgers back and forth to each other. (Trust me, did that take a lot of practice.) And finally, people were beginning to notice.

"And would you look at that!" Pete’s voices echoed throughout the pitch. "Gryffindor beaters Anna Xanthis and Sirius Black are playing with the Bludgers."

And playing we were; it was great fun.

Once Peter had called attention to our little scheme, there was no hiding it. Almost all of the crowd had scanned the pitch, trying to find the game we were playing. There were exclamations of anger and profanity (very refined profanity, of course) from the Raven-prick and their supporters. As Sirius and I travelled past the professors’ box, I caught sight Dumbledore’s smiling, thoughtful expression, and Minnie’s uncharacteristically devilish smile.

But she had all the right to be excited and devilish; this was the plan that Remus had cooked up that she had seen.


Sirius and I, in our own little game, didn’t even notice the roar from the scarlet and gold supporters. Darren flew over to us and knocked me in the shoulder. "Pay attention, you two! We won!"

"We won!?!"

Woo-hoooooo! We won! We won! We won! We won!

"By how many?" Sirius asked cautiously. Oh, crap. I had forgotten; we needed to beat Ravenclaw by one-hundred points, otherwise we took second place to Hufflepuff in the Quidditch cup.

Darren smirked. "One-hundred."

"Fuck yeah! Woo-hoo!" Sirius cried, jumping in the air and pumping his fist. McGonagall was obviously ecstatic as well; she had been right near us in the stands at the moment of Sirius’ profane outburst, and said nothing at all.

"Yeah, we’re pretty fucking awesome," I agreed. "Now, shall we take our victory lap?"

Sirius motioned Darren and I towards the middle of the pitch. "We shall!"

We all smiled and headed towards the congo line of Gryffindor Quidditch players that had formed.

"First: Hogwarts. Next: the world!"

A/N2: Well, I hope you guys
loved the new surprise; the new banner, just in case you lot are as unobservant as I am. :D And, since I love you guys so so so so much, I’m going to give you an extra surprise too! When Polychromatic is all finished, there will be a sequel. It’ll take place in the Hogwarts Era. And then, when that one is finished, there will be yet another sequel in the Next-Gen Era. Doesn’t that sound fun?

A/N4: Yaaaaay! 50 chapters!

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Polychromatic: All That Glitters Is Gold


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