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Secrets Untold by Skylark Wings
Chapter 1 : Choices Made
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Disclaimer: Many characters in this chapter are a product of J.K. Rowling's ingenuity, not mine


Secrets Untold
Chapter 1: Choices Made 

The Hospital Wing at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry was under the strict security of Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, the former Azkaban inmate and the werewolf who were the guardians of one of the only three occupants of the wing. The Tri-Wizard Tournament champions were all recovering from their injuries inside and only a select few had been granted access to the wing. Fleur Delacour would be released in the morning to leave with the rest of her school, and Victor Krum would be staying for another few days before he was released, but Harry Potter was in a coma and his date of release couldn’t even be determined until he woke up. 

As the arguing at the door increased in volume, Fleur implemented a few silencing charms and Victor looked on with interest at the strange sight. 

“Let me by, we must find out what happened!” Cornelius Fudge said as he tried to push past the former Azkaban inmate and the protective werewolf. 

“And you will Minister,” Remus said in that all too calm voice of his. “As soon as Harry is ready I’m sure he would gladly tell you what happened, but only when he is ready and healthy enough to give it.” 

“Now get out of my sights,” Sirius growled at the shorter man. 

There was no time to respond, Fleur screeched behind them and Sirius and Remus twirled around to see the two conscious champions staring into the back corner where Harry’s bed was located. Standing over him was a young man with bronze hair; he had one hand on Harry’s forehead and the other over his heart and seemed quite distracted. At the foot of the bed was a thin girl who faced away from everyone but whose golden brown hair was braided all the way down her back to her hips. 

“Get away from him!” Sirius shouted at he ran towards them. He had barely gotten two steps before the strange young man and Harry disappeared as if they had never been, but the girl remained. She looked over her shoulder with a smile and striking pale hazel eyes that forced Sirius to stop dead in his tracks, he knew those eyes, they were so familiar, yet he couldn’t remember why. 

“No worries Padfoot, we’ll take good care of him.” Then she too was gone and the onlookers were left dumbstruck as everyone knew there was no apparating in or out of Hogwarts and they hadn’t used port keys either. 


“Sirius, we need to tell Dumbledore,” Remus urged. 

“Right, Dumbledore.” 

The two men ran from the room, the Minister completely forgotten as he stood in the doorway in confusion at the sight he had just witnessed. 


Harry groaned, he was stiff and his muscles were sore, it didn’t help that whatever he was lying on was a bit on the firm side in spots and his pillow was entirely too hard for what he preferred. He opened his eyes and tried to find his glasses, off to his left he found a table and he felt it’s surface and finally laid hands on his glasses. After sliding them on he found that he was lying on a couch, which answered a few questions, but brought up far more. He sat up and waited for the slight dizziness to leave before looking around to find he was in a living room that he didn’t recognize at all. A door off to the side opened and someone walked in carrying two large bags that appeared to be filled with food, Harry recognized the person even though they weren’t facing him, he would know that man anywhere. 

“Remus, where are we? Why are we here and not at Hogwarts or Black manner?” 

The person turned around with the bags still in his arms, there was something different about him, he wasn’t Remus, though he certainly looked like him in nearly every way, but his hair had no gray in it and his eyes were pearl grey – almost silver – in color, not amber. 

“I’m Reiji, not Remus, and I’m glad to see that you’re awake Harry.” He set the bags down on the counter and turned back to him. “Sky will be up in a minute and then we can all go out for lunch once you’re cleaned up.” 

“I don’t understand,” Harry said; his brain didn’t seem to be working at a very reliable rate.
An energetic girl came in and she bounced with every step, she was thin and had a long braid of brown hair down her back, she didn’t seem to be paying attention to anything and would have run into Reiji had he not moved out of her way. 

“Sky,” Reiji said to get the girl’s attention, “Harry is awake.” 

“What, really?” the girl asked as she whipped her head around to look at him sitting on the couch; she had amazing pale hazel eyes. She dropped her bags and Harry stared when they only dropped an inch and then floated over to the counter, it was obviously magic, but neither Reiji, nor Sky was holding a wand. 

“Hi there, I’m Sky! It’s so good to finally meet you Harry, but you had me worried there, I thought you would never wake up, it’s already been three days!” 

“Three days?” Harry asked, turning his attention to the girl beside him. 

Reiji jumped in to explain, he was so much calmer than Sky. “We brought you here from the Hogwarts Hospital Wing three days ago; you had been hurt pretty badly in your duel with Voldemort a day before that. Sky will show you to the bathroom so you can clean up, then we’ll go to lunch and talk.” 

“The bathroom is this way!” Sky said. She grabbed Harry’s hand and dragged him down a short hallway at the back of the room and they turned the corner and stopped at the only open door. “Here, you go ahead and start cleaning up; I’ll go and get some of Reiji’s clothes for you!” She pushed him into the large bathroom and ran further down the hall only to return a minute later with a stack of clothes that she shoved into his arms before running off again back to the living room. 

Harry made sure to lock the door before he set to cleaning up and was thankful that he was still accustomed to larger clothes since Reiji was taller than he was. When he returned to the living room he found both Reiji and Sky sitting on the couch talking in hushed tones as if arguing over something. 

“Harry!” Sky jumped up and ran to him as soon as she noticed he was back. “Come on, we can go to lunch now!” 

Reiji smiled apologetically at Harry as Sky pulled him over to the door. 

“Take it easy Sky,” Reiji encouraged, “Harry just woke up.” 

“Oh alright!” Sky took the lead out the door and down the stairs and Reiji and Harry followed behind her at a slightly slower pace. 

“Excuse Sky, she’s excited that you’re awake and I’m afraid there is no way to calm her,” the Remus look alike said as they started to descend the stairs a few steps outside the door. “Normally her energy is high, but not this bad, you’ll get used to it.” 

“Why would I need to get used to it? I don’t even know how I got here; I should be with Sirius and Remus at Hogwarts and not going out to lunch with you two. I have to tell everyone about Cedric and Voldemort, if I don’t send word then we’ll be far behind when it comes to trying to stop him.” 

“I agree there could have been a better way to bring you here, and yeah, word does need to be sent, but Sky insisted upon it. She kidnapped you in a sense from the hospital wing at Hogwarts and your two guardians are terrified for you, but there are things that we must discuss with you and should you decide afterwards that you wish to return to your guardians, then we will take you back to them.” 

“What do you want to talk about with me?” 

“Several things, but we shall discuss them over lunch.” 

“How many sets of stairs are there until we reach the bottom?” 

“There are exactly one hundred and fifty six steps, we live on the seventh floor and when you get a little stronger, we’ll start running the steps as we have in the past, but for now you will walk.” 

“Who are you two anyway, I mean, I know you’re names, but who are you? Those grocery bags, they were floating but no one had a wand.” 

“I was going to explain over lunch, either way, yes, Sky and I are both magic, but we were raised in the muggle world, our mother home schooled us along with our other two brothers, Tarragon, who’s seventeen and a year younger than me, and Conan, who’s a few months younger than you are. Our mother was strict, she taught us far more than anyone would ever learn at Hogwarts starting from when we were each old enough to talk and by the time each of us turned thirteen, we were more than capable and considered to be of age by the ministry. You may think it’s a little strange I’m sure, but after our mother pulled a few strings and we were tested, it was perfectly alright.” 

“Why don’t you live with your mother now?” 

“It’s Sky,” Reiji said as they reached the bottom and followed Sky out the building door. “We left home so that she could see the world. I was fifteen at the time and our mother provided us with money back then and still will if we ask for it, though we’ve become independent of our mother. You see, Sky is what we refer to as a wind spirit; she’s restless and can’t stand to stay in the same place for too long. I myself am an earth spirit and would much rather prefer one place as opposed to so many, but she is my responsibility, always has been, and she still needs me around so I stay with her.” They reached the bottom of the steps and walked out the door of the building. 

“What spirit am I?” 

Reiji looked down at Harry for a while as they walked along the street and finally came to a conclusion. “I believe you are a fire spirit, to recite it from the book you’re very strong and you’re passionate and willing to do whatever it takes to protect those closest to you. I can’t believe I remember that, it’s been a long time since I looked in that old tomb. Our mother made us read a lot when were at home.” 

Reiji seemed surprised at himself for the recollection and Harry couldn’t help but give a weak smile. 

“Hurry up you two!” Sky shouted back at them before she ran up the street a bit more and sat in the chair at a small table out in front of a small restaurant. 

“Her favorite place to eat,” Reiji explained. 

They joined Sky at the table and took a look at the menu just in time before a waiter came over to them. They placed their orders quickly and Harry almost fell out of his seat when he caught sight of Sky’s intense stare. 

“You wanted to become stronger, right?” she asked, her energy level seeming to have taken a nose dive. 

“How did you know that?” 

“It doesn’t matter, I know and I want to help and my brother here agreed to help as well. We’re not your normal witch and wizard you know, we’re mages, we don’t use wands like others do and if you want, we’ll teach you and turn you into a mage like us.” 


“Because I think I need to help you get stronger, you’ve got a harder future than the rest of us and so becoming a mage will only help you. If learning wandless magic isn’t enough to convince you, I also want to teach you physical defense, martial arts in other words, it’s how muggles fight and we’ve had to use it a few times out here in this world.” 

“Just how long to you plan on keeping me here if I agree to this?” 

“Until the new school year starts at Hogwarts, so two months. I’m also going to take that time and teach you how to control your empathy since it has only just manifested and untrained empaths can be a danger to those around them.” 

“I’m sorry, my what?” 

“Empathy, it’s the ability to sense the emotions of those living beings around you, the sensation comes like a soft breeze from each person and carries their emotions, but only empaths like you and me can feel the breeze that everyone emits. I’d like to teach you how to control this gift so that it won’t harm you or others around you because we can be dangerous to others if our own emotions become too powerful.” 

Harry seemed to have withdrawn into his own thoughts and there was silence throughout the meal even while everyone ate but when the plates were taken away after they had all finished, he finally spoke. “I want to learn what you have to teach me, I really do, I don’t want to be weak anymore and I don’t want to be a danger to those I care about. But I can’t stand knowing that Sirius and Remus are going to go two months worrying about me, is it possible to send word to them?” 

“No, if you want to do this, then no one can be contacted until it’s time for you to return, I’m sorry but that is one of our conditions. The other is that you not speak of us to anyone; we’re pushing it with our mother by just introducing ourselves to you, if everyone knew then she’d be fit to kill them all. You also have to agree not to teach anyone else wandless magic, it’s not something that many people are meant to know.” 

“I understand.” He thought on it more and finally lifted his head, his jaw set. “I’ll do it, I want to be stronger… but, what about my Trace, won’t the Ministry be able to find me?” Harry’s Trace was an afterthought, he only just now remembered it. 

“The Ministry can’t even find their own rear ends, besides, we deactivated your Trace back at the Hospital Wing in Hogwarts to avoid them finding you, it’s really not that hard to deactivate when you know how. I hope you enjoyed your lunch, you should rest up for the rest of the day because we start training in the morning.” 

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