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Anything can Happen by Neville fan 37
Chapter 1 : The Begining
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It was a beautiful day in France. 24 degrees Celsius with the sun shinning in a way it just made people happy. The calm could be seen everywhere, even the streets at 7:00 in the morning. The Sun’s warm rays passed right through the windows of the east side of the Hippogryph Hotel to rest on two bodies snuggled quite close to each other. These were not any two people however. They were Mr. and Mrs. Harry Potter vacationing in France in celebration of their 15th wedding anniversary. They slept soundly for a little while more but their peaceful slumber was not fated to last.

*Knock Knock*

“Grrrrrm, I got it Ginny” as he said this Harry got out of bed to open the door to the other part of their hotel room suite. Just on the other side of the door stood his daughter Lily, beaming innocently up at her father. “Lily, what are you doing?”

“I came to wake you up so we could go to the zoo.”

“Who said anything about the zoo young lady?” At this point both James and Albus had woken up and were beginning to pester their dad to go as well.

“Please.” All the kids chimed in.

“I just have to check with your Mother.” At that Harry closed the door to the bedroom to speak with his wife. “Ginny, honey, the kids want to go to the zoo today and I told them I would have to check with you first.” he told his still groggy wife.

“If they want to go to the zoo I am going to need a hug and kiss from each of them in order to persuade me.” Ginny replied. Moments after she said this she was bombarded by her three children who had been listening at the door and were only to eager to comply with their mother’s wishes in order to go to the zoo instead of (in their opinion) boring sight seeing.

“Ok, Ok,” Ginny managed to say through the tangle of arms and legs that had engulfed her face, “we can go to the zoo today.”

“Thank you Mommy.” chorused the children who left their parents to shower and dress to enjoy a wonderful day at the zoo.

They got to the zoo at around 9:30 after Harry had gotten lost on the way there. Once there he made the kids promise to be on extra special behavior as they would be in a muggle zoo and could not mention anything having to do with magic.

“We promise dad.” said James speaking for all three.

“Alright, and no running off.” said Harry in response and bought the tickets. Once inside all the kids had a different opinion on what should be the first stop. James was all in favor of going to the reptile house to see the lizards and snakes. Albus however wanted to go see the big cats. Lily didn’t really want to go to either, instead wanting to see the penguins and other pretty birds. This led to much bickering between the kids until Ginny told them all to be quiet threatening a shortened trip if they misbehaved again.

After seeing everything the kids wanted the family had lunch at the zoo. During lunch Lily pestered Ginny to go to the gift shop. Ginny begrudgingly agreed to go with her to see what she could by Harry to commemorate the trip.

Inside the store, Ginny noticed a light flickering in the corner of the store. When Lily noticed she rushed over to see what was going on. When Ginny finally caught up to Lily she was standing next to a young boy. The boy had dirty blonde hair, green eyes, and seemed to be about Lily’s age. He was whimpering slightly and to Ginny’s eyes seemed to be causing the light to flicker.

“Mommy, he said he was crying because he cannot reach that.” Lily said pointing at a plush polar bear.

After getting the bear down Ginny bent down to the boy’s level and while holding out the bear asked “My name is Ginny Potter, what is your name?”

“Henri Demant.” the boy squeaked.

“You don’t nee to be shy, is this what you wanted?” Ginny asked him holding out the bear.

“Yes, thank you, I wanted to see how much it would cost.” Henri explained.

“Why, if I may ask?”

“I wanted to buy it for my sister as a late birthday gift.”

“Where is she now?”

“A fancy private boarding school called Beaubatons.” Henri answered without any qualms.

“You don’t say, can you do magic Henri?”

“Yes.” he replied a little hesitantly.

“It’s alright, I’m a witch myself. Where are your parents Henri?” At her last question Henri looked like he was going to cry again.

Through his chokes he managed to croak “My parents died when I was really young, I live in an orphanage now.”

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