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Diagnose Your Own Magical Maladies. by gocnocturna
Chapter 8 : The Revelation
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Chapter 8-the revelation

AN:Hey, I’m extremely sorry about this, I know that the wait was long and that you will be disappointed with this chapter, but read the AN after the text for an explanation. :) 

Draco was not sure what had made Hermione run off like that the night before, but he sure was not going to forget her momentary laps in intelligence. He was determined to find out what exactly was going on with her, no matter what it took. 
Hermione was searching. She had, for the last five minutes, been tapping various symptoms with her wand tip. The way Diagnose Your Own Magical Maladies was organized, the first twenty pages were a list of possible symptoms. By tapping a symptom with her wand, Hermione was able to quickly locate the diseases commonly resulting in those symptoms. 

After searching for a five more minutes, Hermione decided to try something new. She used a special spell to tap multiple symptoms at the same time and search for possible diseases that result in all of the chosen symptoms. She soon found that she had four possible diagnoses. 

     Deficio Veneficus-

       This rare magical disease is a failing in ones magic. It can be cured by           
       advanced medical care. Most doctors can correct the problem. This disease
       often results in pain of the wand hand, spasm of the wand, unintentional 
       magic and a green complexion. If you believe that you have this disease,
       please report to your nearest magical hospital immediately and seek 
       treatment. This is a contagious disease. 

    Veneficus Flabra-

       This magical malady is often described as a blast or burst of magic. It is
       relatively common and often results in unintentional magic, sparks from 
       places other than the wand, extraordinary magical ability and simple spells 
       doing much more than they are intended for. This malady is temporary and 
       will eventually go away on its own. If it does not go away for more than a 
       week and a half, seek medical attention. This malady is not contagious.

   Fluxi Magus-

      This magical disease is very serious. It is not contagious, but it is also 
      irreversible. There is, as of yet, no cure found for this disease. If you believe 
      that you suffer from this disease, please seek medical attention, they can 
      make you comfortable while you wait it out. This disease results in the 
      complete loss of one’s magic. It is extremely rare, but it does happen. 
      The symptoms are pain in the wand hand, unexplainable sparks, 
      unintentional magic, memory loss, weakness of magic and eventual 
      destruction of the wand itself from the diseased magic coursing through it. 

  Hicca Magicus-

      This malady is relatively rare. It is nicknamed a ‘hiccup’ in one’s magic. This 
      is not a very serious malady and can be easily treated. However, once 
      one has this malady it will not go away on its own. If you believe you have
      this malady please seek medical attention. Common symptoms of this 
      malady are short-term memory loss, pains, unintentional magic, sparks and 
      extreme mood swings. 

Hermione read these choices over and over again. She did not find it likely that she had Deficio Veneficus, seeing as how her hair was still its nice, warm brown color. She found it most likely that she had Veneficus Flabra or Fluxi Magus. She was really hoping for the former, but her symptoms better fit the latter. She was terrified. She decided that she needed a walk around the lake to calm her nerves. She made it down the stairs before realized that she probably should not take her nice, new, valuable book with her outside. She left it on the table in the common room and went on her walk. 

AN: Oh my gosh! I’m soooo sorry! I can’t begin to tell you all the crap that is going on in my life. Let me just say that I AM NOT abandoning this story! I will, most likely, be taking a short break from writing right now so that I can focus on my school work. I’m really really sorry about this, but my parents are very angry at me for my grades on my finals this semester and I am angry at myself. I know that writing should be my outlet, my stress release, but I really want to write this story right, I want things to happen because they are supposed to, not because I’m mad and want to make the story really sad with an unhappy ending. It would be hazardous to my story to write much currently. I will try to get my grades up and get back to writing ASAP, so please please please hang in there. Reviews really do help me with inspiration and stuff, and I really appreciate all the reviews that I have received. I apologize for doing this to you, you are such great readers! Thanks, and I’m sorry.

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