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What Comes Before by jazzydee23
Chapter 1 : Three Galleons, Sixteen Sickles and Two Knuts
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Three Galleons, Sixteen Sickles and Two Knuts

It was four years since the war ended and Ginny Weasley had had enough. Not a lot had changed since she was that innocent, hot-tempered sixteen year old. Her hair was longer. She was a couple pounds heavier. Her ears were pierced. She felt a little older. That was about the only difference. That and her twenty-first birthday was quickly approaching. She didn’t feel like the usual exultant, fresh and young twenty-one year old. 

No, she felt tired.

Ginny had a grand total of three hours sleep the night before, thanks to her boyfriends notoriously loud snoring. And to think once upon a time she had been delighted when Harry had offered the share of his apartment. 

Her feet felt numb and her fingers ached; her fingernails were stubbed and broken and glancing down at them, she absentmindedly tried to pick away the dirt that had managed to get caught in what little nail she had. 

Ginny waved inattentively as one of the regular customers shouted a “good morning,” feeling a strange, irritated sensation on a small part of her head, just behind the ear. Grinding her teeth together so hard that her current customer cast her a frightened look, Ginny restrained from the great temptation of itching the hell out of the patch. With a fleeting feeling of terror, Ginny hoped to Merlin that she hadn’t caught nits off the kids in the downstairs apartment.  

She would kill them. Or rather, kill their mother in whom had waved a dismissive and ignorant hand when Ginny had blatantly pointed out the strange white things in the youngest’s, Adrina, golden locks last Friday when she had babysat the four little terrors. 

Ginny blinked, her eyes were tender and swollen from staring at the screen all morning.  

As the clock ticked by ridiculously slowly, Ginny’s mind raced. She hit the “cash” button on the register and smiled widely and a little touch too ecstatically as just another faceless customer aimlessly passed on by. 
Ginny was hungry. Having missed out on breakfast because there was no milk left, despite the fact that she had purposefully asked Harry to pick some up on his way home from work the night before. And to top it off, she didn’t think she’d have time to grab a proper bite to eat after her supermarket shift ended, there was only literal seconds to spare before the harpy old Manager at the children’s store expected her to be there.

A middle-age lady with speckled greying hair and a white tailored suit rolled her trolley up, her nose lifted slightly into the air as she swiftly glanced Ginny over, her ruby lips, that were a few shades far too bright for her age, tightening into a thin line. 

“Hi, how are you?” asked Ginny automatically.

The woman, finishing packing her items onto the counter, blinked and replied slowly. “Hello.”

Silence hung awkwardly in the air. “That’s uhh, three galleons, sixteen sickles and two knuts thanks.”
The lady’s eyebrows rose. “Three galleons, sixteen sickles and two knuts?”

“Three galleons, sixteen sickles and two knuts,” repeated Ginny, more clearly and louder this time round, with a weak, bland smile artificially gracing her face. 

The customer winced, her lips twisting into a look awfully similar to disgust. “No need to shout. Are you sure it’s that much? It seems an awfully large amount for so little – ”

“Nope. That’s it. Thankyou, goodbye! Hi, how are you?”

Ginny nearly fainted with relief when the last twenty minutes of her six-hour shift crawled by. It was precisely 12’oclock and she had fifteen minutes to get the children’s shop, Hopscotch. It was a quaint and sweet store that stocked beloved and antique bits and pieces of futurniture or toys and alike. Some pieces dated all the way back to Merlin’s age. When no one was in the store, Ginny would run her fingers over all the lovely things, knowing how much she would have died for some thing from there as a little girl. Not that they would have been able to afford to any way, Hopscotch was particularly known for its luxurious prices. 

 On this specific day, there were few costumers, only the occasional dribble of an elderly pair looking for a present for their four-year-old grandson, and a crowd of stubborn and snubby children that demanded half the shop from their bewildered and susceptible mother. 

 As soon as it hit four o’clock, Ginny locked up with the wave of her wand, thankful for the shops early closing times and the lack of consumers. She had an hour to get home and get changed, and not to mention water Mrs Gully’s roses as she was on a holiday in Barcelona for six weeks, before Ginny was to trot off to Three-Leaf Clover. Three-Leaf Clover, or more commonly known as the Clover, was the local pub where Ginny worked nights.

 She mostly enjoyed working at the pub, it was in walking distance from the flat and she had regulars come in, not to mention those she recognised from days at Hogwarts. And the owners, an Irish married couple, Mr and Mrs O’Connor, were kind and simply adored Ginny (she had always had a sneaky suspicion it was due to her flaming red hair) and would always slip in remarks about pairing her up with their son – as they seemed to conveniently forget she was dating the great Harry Potter.  

 Ginny rushed out the back of the Hopscotch, closing her eyes and apparating in the blink of an eye to the front door of her and Harry’s flat. Slipping the key into the lock, she entered, her bright brown eyes immediately jumping the mess and chaos of it all. Ginny sighed heavily. Neither her or Harry were the cleanly type. Hermione was sure to have a fit next time she visited. 

Peeling off her sticky and worn out blouse that was the most appropriate item of clothing she owned for the prestigious children’s store, and the pleated navy skirt, Ginny pulled the black t-shirt and shorts out of her dresser, slipping them quickly on. Kicking off her pale blue heels, her feet visibly relaxed as she slid them into a pair of comfy and scuffed pumps. 

She tossed her long fiery mane of vivid hair into a high pony, picked up her handbag from where she’d carelessly tossed into onto the kitchen bench, grabbed a handful of dried-out cereal bits and shoved them hastily into her mouth before trudging back out of the flat. Ginny checked her watch, cursing rather loudly which earned a tut from narky neighbour Mr Aston who was lurking unnoticed in the corridor. Ginny sent him a weak, apologetic smile before shooting her rude finger at him when he wasn’t looking. 
Digging through her bag, she pulled out a second key before slipping into the neighbours lock. She had to be quick, or she would be late for work. Pointing her wand at the roses that sat on Mrs Gully’s veranda water shot forth, quenching the thirsty plant that appeared to be drooping slightly. Why the old woman couldn’t put a water spell on them was beyond her. 

Then Ginny remembered that Mrs Gully was a squib and she felt sorry for her all over again.  

With another glance at her watch, Ginny was out of there in a flash, running around corners, down the stairs and through the apartment block doors. She arrived just as the clock hit five, and Mr O’Connor gave her a cheery wave and positioned herself behind the bar. Her mind slipping away as she answered to the requests of the many regulars.

Now, people often inquired as to why Ginny worked so hard, or why she needed so many jobs, but Ginny couldn’t ever truthfully provide an answer. She didn’t really know it herself. She knew she had to have variation, her mind was not unlike her brother George’s – forever leaping about – and it was often difficult to keep interest. Ginny could get bored if she stuck to one thing, over and over again.


She felt like she was waiting. What for, she wasn’t sure. But she knew it would come. All she had to do was wait patiently in the meantime.


But Molly had continuously hammered at her daughter for the whole three year’s she’d been out of school, harping on about finding a “real job” like her brothers and Harry.


As apparently, working at a supermarket, walking George’s dog, house sitting on the rare occasion, working at children’s stores, pet shops, book shops, pharmacies, nurseries, pubs, hotels, café’s, babysitting, cleaning the offices down where Bill worked in Surrey, watering Mrs. Gully’s roses… the list goes on, didn’t meet her mother’s approval.


Ron and Harry had both been recruited to be Auror’s by Shacklebolt himself, helping to seek out the remaining Death Eaters and bring order back into the Wizardry world. To win is just the simple part of wars. Its what happens afterwards that is the real battle.

Ron, however, at first declined the offer, and instead settled from helping George re-kick start the successful WWW shop. Only now was he considering joining the Aurors

Unlike Harry and Ron, Hermione had returned to Hogwarts in order to finish her schooling properly, spending her last year in the same year as Ginny. Ginny smiled at this memory, that last year was one of the best years of her life. It was the year she rekindled her relationship with Harry, and her and Hermione had become particularly and incredibly close.  A friendship sure to last a lifetime. 

After that, Hermione studied and travelled for a year after Hogwarts, before coming home and back into the arms of Ron, who was now – as of May - her fiancé. She had a done a lot within those years, and made great headway in her pursuit for a more just system within the Wizardry world. It was three years out and she had been hired by the Ministry’s Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, where she had a significant role of improving the quality of life for house-elves and creatures alike. Quite the dream-job for the ambitious and compassionate girl.

Ginny blinked.  

Time had quite literally flown by. It was twelve o’clock. Thus, it was time to mop up the glasses, wipe down the counters, bid a tired but genuine farewell to Mr and Mrs O’Connor. She would then apparate home to the warmth and security of the messy flat, crawl into bed besides a snoring Harry, who would subconsciously wrap his arms her, drawing her in close and breathing in her flowery scent, and even as Ginny would finally let sleep devour her, she would nod off… still waiting for some thing. 

A/N: Comments, criticism and alike would be much appreciated!!

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